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  1. We have nearly 1 metre of head and the flow never stops.
  2. Thanks I have looked at the existing thread but they all talk about using a turbine. We are thinking of different ways as the water flow is about 1 litre per second so we were told by a visiting Anglian Water bod.
  3. What about hydro power? We have a spring running through our property that is fed by a leaking bore hole to the North of us. It is quite fast flowing and we are thinking that it might make a good source of hydro power.
  4. Friends moved into a house with ASHP fitted. They called out an engineer for some problems they were having and it was he who recommended running the immersion heater on a fortnightly basis.
  5. We have been looking into ASHP. Should the domestic hot water temperature not be raised to 60 deg at least once per fortnight? This is what we have been told as it is to prevent legionnaires disease.
  6. This way may work? 3607 BR01E - PLAN & ELEVATIONS (1).pdf
  7. file:///C:/Users/patpr/Downloads/3607%20BR01E%20-%20PLAN%20&%20ELEVATIONS%20(1).pdf Thank you @SteamyTea I just tried right clicking in the bottom right corner, as shown on your link, and it has worked! I would have trouble even going in and finding "settings" to be honest Let's hope the link works now!
  8. If anyone is desperately interested in seeing the plans I can forward them as an attachment in an email
  9. Have no idea if it has a snipping tool or not I should, however be able to right click on things I want to copy. It is one of those sliding pads where I am used to have two distinct buttons. It all works fine except when I try to right click for any reason when it just does nothing. I have a techy friend who might come look at the weekend to see if it is me or not. I am finding my around all the other little changes such as rolling the screen around etc but just cannot get anything to happen when I right click.
  10. We are still struggling with the title of this thread. I decided to go for the idea of a dressing room as a buffer between the en suite and the bedroom. There have been lots of plans flying back and forth and we are not there yet. Because the shower now has to be against an outside wall, to accommodate the dressing room, there is a problem with the window in the en suite. On one plan he removed it and put in a velux roof light. Now he has put it back but it is wooden and I do not want a shower next to a wooden window. I am close to giving up and not having an ensuite at all which was my first thought. So many people have shown surprise at the omission of an en suite that I got into discussion with the AT again. My thoughts are that removing the window means we have to have a velux window on an otherwise pristine roof (though we are not having thoughts of solar panels so that might change my perception). Should I go for the practicalities of the best configuration of the ensuite and dressing room to make sleeping better or for the aesthetic value of the window in the right place (to me ) and no velux window? I have tried to copy plans but am struggling with a new laptop that does not do a "right click" to copy and paste !
  11. It is not just the big boys. We have just heard that one of the houses on a small development near us is going on the market. The owner's reason for selling is the poor quality of finish inside. This build was managed by the builder himself so he cannot blame anyone buy himself. How the house owner is going to sell now that the cat is out of the bag I do not know. I don't suppose the other owners are impressed at his whistle blowing!
  12. But then if it is only 1989 here I might have to hitch the horse and cart up
  13. Of course we need to be sensible when we get older. Like you @JSHarris we have considered moving to where the health care etc is. Before the surprise planning permission was granted we looked long and hard at moving from the edge of a smallish village to a larger, better serviced, one. It looks like our village is now going to be so large that the services should, eventually, come to us. In an ideal world, of course, care should be easier to arrange no matter where you choose to live.
  14. Bob Flowerdew, of gardening fame, had the right idea. Every farmer should be allowed to build a cottage on unproductive land . Each cottage would have a 1 acre plot for self sufficiency. I think by "unproductive" he meant odd shaped corners of fields etc. I assume that the land would be surveyed and that there would be a limit to the numbers each farmer could build but it seems sensible enough to me.
  15. We live not far from Norwich. If @joe90 gets a sensible reply then we could go look at them.