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  1. So are you saying that you can put the mini consumer unit in the meter box if there is room? Western Power will provide our connection part way to the new house and rather than having the meter box stuck on the side of the house, we were planning to have a freestanding one in the base of a hedge part way up the drive. We'd then needs feeds to the garage and house CUs. We'd need power in the meter box to power an energy monitoring device to drive PV diversion, so I was hoping we could install a large enough meter box that could also house a mini CU. Simon
  2. You need an expert on that - have you tried Gavin Williamson?! 😎
  3. Take a look at the naked solar site -> There's a table lower down the page with installed costs as well as cost per kWh - Tesla come out surprisingly competitively priced as well as having better specs. They have a similar pricing table for PV as well. Simon
  4. Take a look at the open energy monitor site -> You could do this with an emonTH -> and DS18B20 one wire sensors which connects to an emonBase -> if you have a Pi, then you can just buy the RFM69Pi add on board which is cheaper than the base station which is a Pi with the RF card. Not sure how many DS18B20s the s/w in the emonTH supports but there are plenty of instructions on how to reprogram the emonTH to support more sensors. Simon
  5. We have vaulted ceiling and a balcony designed on our master bedroom - but have definitely not gone for triangular windows. These might look great from the outside - but - just take a look around at some that are in your neighbourhood - it's almost impossible to find a good solution to making the room dark at night. You'll see curtains drawn to the side and all sorts of weird stuff...... Simon
  6. and seeing as you're a s/w person I use these on a Pi that takes line input from a deck - having said that I haven't the faintest how to really get them working - I just followed some home brew instructions.... Simon
  7. It's better and worse in other countries. Holland is great at proper town planning - we used to live there. Belgium is weird, you can do a lot without permission but on some sites you must leave the sides of your house blank (no windows) in case someone wants to build alongside you, if you look, you'll see these houses with nothing either side but they have blank walls.... Odd Simon
  8. I should add, we've done 2 requests for pre-application advice. The first officer got it wrong and we had to go to appeal and they completely dissed the LPA as not knowing what they were doing. And the officer came to different conclusions about infill in the Green Belt on ours and another application at the same time in a different village. For ours, 32m frontage was too large to be infill (there's no size regulation of course). For the other a frontage of 100m was fine.... Their application was fronted by a local architect, ours was from us - go figure. The 2nd was on the actual application after we'd won the appeal. They'd brought in a contractor and she really screwed us over, it's too tall, it's too deep, couldn't you flip it side to side, which caused many iterations of the plan and resulted in something sub optimal in terms of space.... and on top of that, the original outline application and appeal are invalid because they don't show the red line all the way to the public highway!!!!!! In the end we thought screw this pre-app business for a lark, put in the application and it was granted permission - I wonder if we'd just not wasted the money and 6 months of time on the pre-app if we'd have got what we really wanted by just submitting the plans we wanted. And through all these pre-apps, the best we got were curt emails with their decisions about our plans - absolutely NO discussion. Simon
  9. Yes it's in the NPPF - although it's not exactly in the form of LPA's shall.... Amusingly the decision making section starts off: 38. Local planning authorities should approach decisions on proposed development in a positive and creative way..... It then continues under the heading 'Pre-application engagement and front-loading' 39. Early engagement has significant potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning application system for all parties. Good quality preapplication discussion enables better coordination between public and private resources and improved outcomes for the community. You might like to send a copy of that to your local councillor and the leader of the council and ask the questions you've posed here. You can read the rest of the decision making section of the NPPF at Simon
  10. Off topic but not true - we have 3 semis in our village and a city flat. They all turn a decent profit and they are all well maintained with all the relevant certificates, gas, electric etc. It's still a great way to invest for the future/pension. The recent rise in values is also nice 😄 Simon
  11. Fan!!!! in a soil pipe - yikes......
  12. As I understand it that's 'earth' to you and me. The plot was allotments at the time of the war and since the sixties has had an occasional pony on it and few 'lawn mower' sheep borrowed from a local famer - who used to thank my father in law with some of the proceeds - a lamb, once a year. We're sort of in the hands of our timber frame people who are contracted to do the insulated slab - the bit at issue is the bit we have to do under that. We're expecting their foundation engineer to send through the plans any day now based on the SE's input on line and point loads. I've sent them the info on Tenax and Tensor - will be interesting to see if they poo poo it, or hopefully can reduce the depth of we have to excavate, get rid of and fill with hardcore. Simon Note to self, must update the thread once we've got a final plan....
  13. Fortunately we're about 30m from the nearest trees. One thing less to worry about! Simon
  14. @IanR and @ToughButterCup thanks for the links. More research!! 😄