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  1. Thanks for the info. Can that clause be appealed/challenged in any way or can you apply to have it removed? Also, does it apply forever or only for the duration of the initial build? 10 years into the future, for example, could you then do permitted development?
  2. Good afternoon everyone Complete newcomer here who has no experience with planning applications or dealing with the council so will appreciate even the most obvious of advice. I'm negotiating purchase of some land that has planning permission. It's at the end of a terrace and the current owner is splitting his garden (which currently has a garage on it). In the surrounding roads, most similar plots have already had massive extensions built on them or new homes (but nothing very recently). Currently, the permission is for a 2 bed, similar to the standard, mid-terrace homes on the street. That, however, leave 2-3 metres of empty space on the side of the plot which others have included in their construction. Others in the area have also build further back on the first floor. None of this was put in the application by the current owner, but I would like to do that at the time of construction as well as add a basement and/or living space in the loft. I'm attaching an arial picture of another house which was build on an almost identical plot where they have extended out to the side on ground floor and backwards on first floor, compared to the other houses mid-terrace house (one of which is in the picture). An added complication is that the permission has the following clause and I'm trying to understanding if that means we can't do anything ender "Permitted Development" now or in the future. "16 - Notwithstanding the provisions of Classes A, B,D &E of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 or any amending Order, no buildings or extensions to buildings shall be erected without the written permission the Local Planning Authority. Reason: in the interests of safeguard the residential amenities of neighbouring properties and the appearance of the property in the wider street scene." Please advise what you make of the above. Also, in general, what would be the best way of going about things to try to make sure I get permission for what I want to do? Would it be, for example, to begin construction and apply for some sort of amendment? Would it be to arrange a meeting with the planning officer to see what they say? Would it be to submit an entirely new planning application, and if so, what would be the risks or benefits in that?
  3. At the moment, I'm at the stage of investigating whether the cost will be worthwhile. Based on what I am hearing so far, it seems more likely that it won't be, but I still want to explore it thoroughly before I make that decision and that includes getting a soil survey done. Regarding the VAT, to my knowledge, it will be a new build. At the moment, it's someone's garden with a garage on it. Is there anything that disqualifies it from VAT exemption?
  4. Can anyone recommend any basement experts, structural engineers with basement experience, etc., who serve the North London area. I want to perhaps try to speak to at least 3 before committing to anything with one of them. Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone so far. Some clarifications and some more questions: Yes, the existing landlord is splitting his garden and has also agreed to any party wall requirements, etc. The Thames Water report shows a 150mm waste pipe running through the middle of where the basement would be so I'm investigating costs and implications on that. I made a separate thread about that: Are there any other checks that you can think of which I should get done (e.g., for other underground services)? Is this the correct website for doing some background research and finding data from other boreholes? I haven't come across anyone else locally who has a basement so can't think of where to get a ballpark figure. @Ferdinand did you have anyone particular in mind from Milton Keynes or was there a reason you were suggesting looking there? Also, can anyone recommend any companies and companies for getting the survey done whom they have used themselves, heard good things about or would just be good yardstick for prices, etc.?
  6. Morning everyone, I have made an offer on a piece of land subject to satisfactory sub-soil survey which I need to get done. I am keen on exploring the idea of adding a basement to the build and need to get a survey done that gives me sufficient information. Naturally, I want to save as much money as possible as well. I also want to have all the information I need to them get quotes, work out costs, etc., to then decide whether or not I want to build a basement. I've read posts where people have had to get a second survey and I want to avoid such costs. This is all new territory for me so any advice and information will be very helpful, including recommendations for good companies who serve the North London area. Questions that come to mind: To what depth do the samples need to be taken from? How many holes need to be dug and where? What details do I need to have included in the report? I'm sure there's more. The plot is at the end of a terrace so there's a pavement and then a road next to it. My goal is to include a basement under the main footprint of the house which is about 11 metres long and 6 metres wide. There will be a further 2.5 metres between that and the border of the property/pavement where I will try to get permission for a single story side extension separately. I'm attaching a picture of the outline of the property. Any other general advice for this stage will be helpful. Thanks
  7. Evening everyone I didn't have the whole document to hand previously and I do now. I'm attaching a larger picture and the key. The pip in questions doesn't have the diameter written next to it but a similar pipe in another part of the drawing is labelled 150mm. I don't have access to the land right now to check. Our current plan is to build a basement were the pipe currently runs, so we would need to reroute it closer to the boundary of the property, but it would still (according to our eventual plans) be underneath a singe story side extension. Does that sound like something Thames Water would likely be happy with and doesn't anyone have any rough idea of the costs involved with such a chance? If that's hard to visualise, I can try to do a rough sketch.
  8. Morning everyone Are there any standard or recommended ways of ascertaining the market value of a plot of land? I'm sure the list of variables is infinite but are there any paid services that can do a valuation or any general rules for working things out? To provide some specific context, the land I'm looking in to is in London (TFL Zone 5). The plot is about 200sqm with planning permission to build a small 3 bed with a footprint of roughly 50sqm. The land has come up because the owner of the end of terrace house has got permission to knock his garage down and build the house after splitting the title. I haven't come across any similar sites for sale in the areas so any pointers on how to work out the value will be helpful.
  9. The placation says "New family dwelling". Is that likely to mean more or less cost. Will have a read of the above link in due course. By the way, what exactly is a sewer survey, how much does one cost and what are the benefits?
  10. Good evening everyone, I've just got hold of a drain map for the land I am considering purchasing. It shows there's a pipe running almost straight through the middle of the would be building. It's an end-of-terrace plot of land where the owners of the existing house is splitting the title and selling it after having obtained planning permission. We plan to explore the option of modifying the permission and including a basement and perhaps taking the ground floor out as close to the perimeter as possible . At the moment, there is a garage on top of where the drain is, which is to be demolished and replaced with the house. Based on this drain map, what problems and costs are now likely to arise as a result. For example, does that rule out a basement entirely, or mean we couldn't have one for the entire house footprint? Would the drain need to be re-routed and if so, what kind of figures are we looking at? Regardless of what we build, are we going to need to get some sort of clearances and permissions from Thames Water and what kind of costs is that likely to cause? I'm attaching a picture of the block plan from the planning application to show the current planing permission and then the drain map. Ball park figures or anecdotal examples will be fine if more precise estimates are no possible, or at least pointers for where I need to be looking for further details.
  11. I'm not entirely sure. Ideally, I would love to do without and if there really is sufficient advice and experience here that would be wonderful. I guess a part of me thinks since I came across these services, I should at least explore it and ask others' advice so I don't regret it later if it transpired that I should have gone down that route and I didn't pay any attention to it. Do you mean the type of expert I linked or do you have another type of expert, and if so, what type or perhaps do you even have any recommendations? Thanks all again
  12. Good morning everyone Was hoping I could get some detailed opinions on the pros and cons of employing the services of someone who specialises in basements (especially for a first time builder who only had moderate DIY skills). I came across this particular service and I assume there may be more out there: Any comments generally on the topic or the particular service above will be greatly appreciated. Primarily I'm talking about this type of professional services as opposed to basement contractors who do everything end to end.
  13. Thanks Is this the East London one you mentioned?
  14. Thanks again everyone. I'm keenly taking note of aIl the suggestions so far and will look into them in due course. On the topic of basements, can anyone recommend a documented build or blog for a house with a basement that includes a decent breakdown of the costs, etc., so I can understand the processes and costs a bit better? Thanks.
  15. By the way, in the past 24 hours I've come across the possible exemption from CIL and VAT on goods and labour. Are there any other key, general money saving schemes (that can perhaps save you 4 of 5 digit sums) that I should be aware of from the outset? I'll be looking for the smaller details later but just general ones to begin with.