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  1. They all immediately got up and left 🙂 They had it all mixed. We were first there and sat on the front row, they came in and sat on the front row other side. I didn't glance over there once throughout the entire meeting - it was pretty awkward to say the least!
  2. To be fair, I think our planning officer and the department have been pretty good. They have been hard to get hold of and did cause a frustrating delay after our nitrates information was approved by NE but their report was very thorough and they did multiple site visits (neighbours, our plot). They were very supportive last night. The house that were doing the complaining about the ridge height recently demolished the 5m tall chalet bungalow on their site and built a HUGE 9m tall house - and during the speakers and debate the planning officer left the slide up which showed the before and after for their house. The irony of him standing there with that in the background complaining about our ridge height going up was amusing. Not sure if that was the planner cleverly trying to undermine what he was saying or just a co-incidence. I do think our attendance and statements helped, whether they were crucial I will never know. One of the councillors in particular kept referring to what we had said in our speech in her supporting statements - especially around us making compromising amendments and the sustainability aspect, which the planning officer didn't touch on so she only knew that from what we said. The parish council and ward councillor both said that we should build the house as per previous permission, but then went on to say that the drainage / parking on the site wouldn't support any new dwelling. There were a lot of contradictions in their objections. Luckily the planning councillors picked them up on that. I do actually think the planning committee did a good job. Obviously I am biased on our proposal, but we did stay and listen to the other two application discussions and they made a good call, including overturning a officers recommendation of refusal on one of them.
  3. Just wanted to extend my profound thanks for all the replies and useful info. Both my partner and I spoke at committee last night - jointly. We spoke about our motivations, how we had made efforts to integrate the proposal into the neighbourhood and the compromises we had made. We also included some brief information about the sustainability of the house we are proposing. Neighbours, parish council and local ward councillor all rallied together and spoke against the proposal. At times their behaviour felt like playground bullies ganging up on us - the 'newbies' to the village, not helped by the fact we are a good 10-20 years younger than them and trying to do something a bit different. They told lies and waffled on about drainage for a while which isn't even a planning matter. The local councillor, which I assume does this a lot, was actually very poor at speaking and did talk about a lot of non planning matters, which was a surprise. Even said the only reason the original planning permission was granted was because the old owner was disabled. That was quickly shot down by the officer. The most obvious and upsetting lie they told was that we hadn't even consulted them about the proposal, when we took round the plans, stood in their kitchen and went through them - with no adverse comments received. I guess they must have developed selective amnesia 🙄 One of the committee members was very negative about the proposal, but luckily the rest of them all spoke up in support and on the vote we had 1 abstain and the rest support for permission. All in all, a incredibly stressful process that I do not ever wish to repeat. I think I read a little nugget on here a while back 'you only find out how unhinged your neighbours are when you apply for planning permission'. i can sure say I 100% agree with that now! Onwards and upwards with our project now!
  4. After a nearly 5 month wait for Natural England to agree our nitrate mitigation solution the planning officer has finally concluded his report. Although we have known since October he intended to recommend permission. Despite showing the immediate neighbors all our plans and them raising no issues, several of them of course, vehemently objected. Even had some objections from people who live the other end of the village. Therefore due to number of objections (6 initial and then 3 re-objections post adjustments) we are headed to committee with a planning officer recommendation for approval. Our architect has suggested that there would be little benefit in us speaking at the meeting as the planning officer is supporting our application, but we are really not sure whether having that personal touch would help? The architect suggested if we opted to speak it might open us up to questions, but we are not really sure what type of questions they might ask (the build / relationship with neighbours / intentions, etc)? Any recommendations for those who have been involved in committee meetings? What should we expect, and what can/ should we do to give ourselves the best chance of this being voted through for permission? For anyone that is interested this is our app. The meeting is on the 15th March.
  5. We got a mortgage offer with Ecology in January, made the first drawdown in April and permission expired in October. (We have since locked it in). So, not all of them stick to 12m
  6. Hi We are looking for a company to carry out a soil survey in the Hampshire area in preparation for an insulated raft foundation. Has anyone got any recommendations?
  7. Just want to express my thanks for the recommendations. I have contacted a couple of companies and also, started looking into whether it's feasible for us to do the work ourselves, then just get a company in to pour and power float the concrete. @BotusBuild how long would you say it took you start to finish, and did you strip the site and lay the drainage pipes too?
  8. I am really struggling so far to get anywhere in my search for a contractor who can supply + install an insulated raft foundation for our project in Hampshire. I had a contact from Isoquick for a groundworker who uses their product but after a couple of promises for a quote he has now stopped responding to me. Any recommendations?
  9. I already have a quote from Scotframe, but am looking to get a few more SIPS quotes for comparison. I thought they had it in the bag but they have shocked us with a recent huge price increase so we are casting the net wider now. Companies who do the engineering, supply and installation preferably. We are based in Hampshire. 280m2 build Thanks in advance
  10. V2 back from the architects. Much better and we are pretty much there. We are still debating the vaulted ceiling / triangular windows at the back (I personally don't love them) so I think they might go, plus we may tinker with a couple of the other windows too. Balcony is a non negotiable point - the views are stunning and it's one aspect of the house I am really looking forward to.
  11. Thanks all for your input - lots of valuable points and very much appreciated. We had a meeting with the Architects yesterday and lots of points raised were discussed. The twin roof design I do like, and with planning constraints I am not sure there's much else that would fit the bill, but I take on board the points re gulley. We already had on the list to add a couple of Velux windows in that gulley, to let in light to the roof space and allow access for inspection and maintenance. I don't think anyone will be able to see them from the ground so they shouldn't cause an issue for planning. Other points discussed were, reduce balcony size, move en suite to right of bedroom, change larder access along with add plant room with space taken from downstairs shower (not needed). We are also removing the chimney (never in our brief and they guessed we wanted one). I also have asked them to move the stairs more centrally and move the coat / shoe storage to next to the front door. So we are hoping the second draft will remove some of the design issues in the above. I imagine it won't be final but much closer! The solar gain on that stairwell window is a valid point, but we aim to mitigate that by having deep set windows (internal opening) and external shading. The top will be opening so we can use it to vent the house in summer.
  12. Below are the first draft back from the architects. Background - there is already PP for a detached house on the plot. This design follows the same footprint but has been amended and modified internally and externally. It's a 0.4 acre site with good views over the South side. Overall, we are really happy with what they have done. And instead of Zinc/ Timber I am leaning towards charred larch / brick with slate roof. There are a few adjustments internally we are pondering on but I guess the question is to the more experienced folk out there, what would you suggest as improvements?
  13. Thanks all. You've confirmed my concerns. To further complicate matters, the old owner of the site (who got the PP) has already done the self build exemption for the site, so now I need to work out how to transfer it over to me. I can't do the transfer form as it needs signing by him, so will have to try and assume liability from scratch myself and then re-apply for the exemption - hopefully that will work.
  14. Hi all, We completed on a plot with full PP a few weeks back. We are in the process of getting the services to site and need to dig a narrow trench to lay the pipework before the water board will connect us. We are also going back to planning to amend the design of the house, and hope to put a new PP application in within the next month. My question is, should I be applying for the self build exemption based on the current planning, in order to dig these trenches and get the pipes installed? Will these work trigger the CIL liability? I had hoped to wait and apply for the CIL exemption when we had the new PP, but I don't obviously want to breach the conditions now.
  15. We submitted costings from Estimators Online, think it cost £150 from memory. Ecology's appointed valuer didn't question it and they accepted it with no questions.
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