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  1. Putting cost considerations aside, what are the benefits of having a tank to store HW? Two I can think of are having HW in a power cut (assuming electricity is in some used to generate the HW) and having the HW quicker (probably) at a tap/outlet.
  2. Would need clear but can’t seem to find the BT1 in that? Otherwise will try the Forever. And thanks.
  3. Thanks for the continued replies and debate. Additions in bold. Yes: UFH (inc upstairs bathroom e.g. here), ASHP, hot water tap, insulation, airtight, mvhr, triple glazing, Posi joists, external blinds/shading, active cooling, horizontal wiring, accessible services/utilities, timber frame, Sunamp (probably), shower recess, oak staircase, level threshold from in to out, trim around base of house. Preference/Debatable: Bi-folds/sliders, upstairs heating (non-bathroom), external render, balconies, bath in ensuite, multiple ensuites, larch cladding, French drain.
  4. Hmmm, avoids sealant! We have a fixed panel, with a hinge at the end.
  5. Interested in people's experience of shower enclosures. Do you swear by a shower tray? If you have tiles do you have UFH? Do you squeegee or wipe dry? Are there any mold-free alternatives to sealant? Etc, etc. Thanks.
  6. Sorry, was meaning it more in relation to the planning, as you see quite a lot that say it has to be 1.5. Wondered if they said 1.5 on yours and then were happy with your plans.
  7. Does that turn it into a 1.75, if you have vertical windows in those gable ends?
  8. Suppose the downside is that the roof windows would be too high for a view! (if wall is 1.8m)
  9. Thank you, very useful. Good to know that a near full height upstairs room is possible without having to add a lot more width to the footprint. i.e. 5m width downstairs can give a decent size room upstairs.
  10. Hi, we’re maybe looking at the Highlands. Is there any hard rule of what 1.5 storey actually is? i.e. is there a max internal upstairs room wall height, say 1m or so.
  11. Not ruling them out totally, just a preference. What about an air2air heat pump style for heating and cooling. Latter, or not overheating, will be top priority. Maybe we’ll just have all the windows on the north side! Re cylinder - didn’t want stores of heat (summer) but maybe modern ones are well insulated.
  12. Ok, maths was wrong! 1950W at -10.
  13. Will look at the calcs again. But, the floor area in the xls is only used to calc the ground floor loss. So 84 would be 6x14 footprint, say. Total volume is 302 m cubed. I mentioned -20 in another thread (as the xls uses this in the first section) but someone said to use the monthly table to work out the costs. Based on -10 its 1491W, on -20 its 1951W, so, yes, max requirement would be higher.
  14. Will add more later but 850W is based on MVHR 85%, ACH 0.6, 0.11 U-values, 0.7 windows, 1.2 doors, 84 sqm floor area, 16 degree temp diff, 1.5 storey.
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