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  1. Thanks @AliG so this cost is for a totally new garage. 12.5k Estimate from builder was just to add a pitch to existing basic flat roof garage, so build up gables off existing single skin & piers, standard trusses, new guttering/fascias, add a few metres of connecting roof water drains, redo the lintels over the garage doors/windows & one replacement window pane not even a window, patch floor, rewire very existing basic electrics. Obviously some demolition of roof and central wall & resulting waste. Nothing else included so no base or doors or internal finishing and just an estimate from the main contractor... I did do a materials estimate and around 4.5k in materials as maybe the tiles were more costly than expected. Labour is hard to get at a reasonable price round here so I’m not sure the cost will come in much better unless we do a lot ourselves but does make me think it will still be a crap structure that maybe we should redo it properly at some point and the double garage was originally a single garage extended that they couldn’t be bothered to even set at the same floor height..
  2. This is an interesting post, we have been quoted 12.5k from our builder renovating house to add a pitch roof to an existing detached double garage, it will need new lintels over the two windows and two single garage doors, additional bricks to gables,new guttering, anthracite down pipes and fascias, gables built in brick, upgrade of existing sockets, we’re going to try and reuse electric garage doors, new pane in window, composite slate tiles and trusses. Removing roof and central wall plus patching the floor. Oh and it’s only an estimate... @AliG sounds a bit steep given there’s nothing for any internal finishes it’s going to be built up from existing piers and no insulation! Surely the materials alone wont even come to 2k...
  3. @DevilDamoJust on this we are adding a pitched roof to a 26sqm existing flat roof garage within 1m of boundary we have planning permission. New section of gables will be made of masonry detached building with tiled roof. Does this need building control, they will take your money for any application round here even if it’s genuinely not needed so need something legit to reference if it comes up. Thanks very much if you know where this is referenced without grey areas!
  4. Here’s our bungalow conversion no increase in footprint (we took down the conservatory), same foundations using timber frame above, we still destroyed a lot of it. Hardly groundbreaking design but we are happy. The planners are conservative round here & even outside a conservation area they tried to get us to use ugly brick slips (fortunately the NMA worked). By all means it’s not perfect probably would of only got that if we’d have rebuilt & done everything ourselves and spent ALOT more time thinking everything through but ok for a first go. Timeframes worked for us this route & we lucked out when we accidentally bought something known as an empty property so wasn’t an obvious route for rebuild on VAT. The footprint is 110sqm so was an expensive foundation to replace round here. FYI these photos are 1 year apart before we’d got planning or even spoken to builders.
  5. Hmm will think about it at the weekend it was actually a parent that did the tiling (a professional), so this could of all turned out better if we had just discussed it more about everything that’s involved in planning, just bad at comms with said parent too 😂. Does also mean we can go to the struggle of correcting without so much extra cost but I think we will have to live with the alignments as that may well be taking it too far and will mean attempting to get two tiles up in conjunction with trying to save the trim (taking the one below up not likely as much damaging). Thanks for all the thoughts. Anyway it’s a learning curve we certainly have learnt how so many things could be improved along the way, first time doing anything other than replacing a boiler we’ve been that lucky with previous houses!
  6. @ProDave to be honest I am not calling out the tiles.. we know we messed up that one though I noticed the low water pipes issue first because it feels like the bottle trap detail is completely lost! It’s just a culmination, we hadn’t considered the complexity of using a larger tile for a small complicated space. Got similar on the other bathroom, thank god you just walk in towards a bare shower wall with just large tiles on and that is basically the end of wall tiles in that room! Can’t return tiles it seems already asked that one 🤣 Totally agree this is a first world problem & it only serves one purpose just don’t like it if an element looks DIY...
  7. Just wondering if we can get a cabinet to fit with the sink. I mean made to measure means we might as well just correct the work!
  8. @PeterW 600mm wide, 380mm tall, 430mm deep. You probably can get some not so appealing pedestal, but I’m not sure with the expensive bottle trap whether it would be better to rectify. The builder told us it was meant to be like that, I just laughed and said but the sink manual shows the water tails above the waste pipe outlet... why would you buy a chrome bottle trap?
  9. Also trying to find tiles in lockdown has been a pain that kind of process just doesn’t work with everything shut so we just gave up without thinking things through. Wish we’d gone with the initial white walls and wood effect floor & normal sinks with cabinets, easy and very neutral less likely for screw ups & cheaper!
  10. @ToughButterCup thanks for the support, hindsight’s wonderful, I’d have ditched porcelain tiles and the overall style in a second if Id realised what we were getting into with the complexity of grout lines and not to mention the pain to install. Obviously the bathroom is also just way too big but we just went with the architect who looking back probably rushed lots of things & you know what I guess there was only so much we could manage and correct as we didn’t have the luxury of time and just wanted a house ready to live in without it taking 5years.
  11. No idea went to some cheap online porcelain store, hardly likely to find a compatible piece given the heights set now 😂
  12. You haven’t seen what’s behind the wall, a tonne of jointed clipped together plastic pipes with loads of joints for the entire house. We just wanted it done literally even though maybe long term it’s not the best plumbing arrangements throughout. We just don’t want visible screw ups now.
  13. @joe90 are you saying it’s our mistake then? Even though they had all these bits before they started? Why would you buy a chrome bottle trap and a sink without a cabinet otherwise?
  14. I agree it does feel like no one considered the height of the floor would end at, even though I raised it as we have a 2m tall person in the house. Anyway nothings ever perfect the tails are the only really irritating detail. I wasn’t happy that the flush plate was set higher than I would of liked which adds to the effect of things looking the wrong height, but hey to me the tails actually look like a diy job & we paid a professional...
  15. @ToughButterCup am I being too fussy???The sink manual didn’t show the water pipe placements to such effect but rather set above the water outlet..