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  1. You’d realistically need irrigation for a green wall, hardly sustainable, though there are lots of different climbing plants to suit shade/sun (planted in ground below that can give this affect & don’t worry they won’t structurally damage your building). Green roofs however go for it! In our area if you’ve got a flat or near flat roof it must be a green roof anyway, better for all the bugs, as well as preventing small rainfall events straight going down the drain (which by virtue always carry more particles helping to ruin our rivers with too many suspended particles)! https://greenrooforganisation.org/gro-information-videos/ You might find some useful resources here as a start point as they probably have the best industry guidance so far.
  2. I can report back that everything has been resolved without cutting? just took the twin wall adaptor off slid the stand and stove along the glass contructed all the bits & slid it back in using the extending part to lift it into position, luckily the adaptor was the thinner part and gave the clearance to do this and I decided a scratch on the glass was the least risky option. Now the next issue, it’s not burning amazingly not sure if that’s the weird weather or our place isn’t drafty enough or the conifer of unknown moisture content I’m using!
  3. @Nkoru yes that’s the one we used, it does have to be the builder who claims it though so it’s not like self build, that worked for our circumstances though as didn’t want it to drag on. Our house is basically like a new build though because we removed so much of it and added a first floor.
  4. Hmm weird, I bought the twin wall from the same place as you… (I read your old post a long time ago when putting in the twin wall and it was cheaper there still), but oddly if the vitreous pipe went inside the twin wall that would surely mean any flue pipe liquid could run out of it, the sections I have means that the vitreous pipe is always on the outside even where it connects onto the twin wall. And yes I think I will see if I can loose any male end but it seems to slide quite far down into the stove body so might not work.
  5. And just checking @ProDave are you saying you cut the twin wall? Or the vitreous flue? I’m just wondering if there’s another way I can bodge this so you can’t see our bad efforts. I just know we can’t cut male ends which is always the bottom end of the pipe (the section that’s always hidden) and supplier of the last section of flue stressed this too which makes sense based on the meccano I’ve just done.
  6. So anyway just so it’s clear I need to cut 10mm off the top of the long vitreous pipe you can see in the photo to get it installed. Now I’ll start with 10mm because it will probably need 15 attempts but I’ve got an extra 220mm of error to play with as the adjustable pipe can extend this much
  7. So yeah the most painful thing of this whole saga is the black pipe you can see in the photo of the gap had been 10mm further away we could of got the adjustable section of pipe in and then slide it up onto the twin wall!
  8. @ProDaveI have an adjustable piece which goes in between the gap and the twin wall you can see, I couldn’t buy the right size, 500mm was too short 1000mm too long, twin wall was installed ages ago and is not moveable now. The adjustable pipe slides down into the longer section of pipe you can see as far as the end where it widens to connect onto the twin wall, I can’t cut the hidden male end on the long pipe going into the stove because it needs to be the end which reduces that goes in the stove according to the manufacturer which also means I couldn’t buy a brand of pipe that has more different lengths as it doesn’t have the right reducing end detail at the end of the pipe for the stove.
  9. Issue is in the title we need to cut our black wood burner flue so it can fit and it will be on show, damn. I’ve got an angle grinder with some kind of diamond blade in that I can’t get off (neighbour said they used this to cut their aluminium door letterbox so I’m hoping it’s sufficient), is this really going to work to get a straight clean finish on a black pipe 😬?? Any Other ideas?
  10. You are mere miles from us by the way! We did try finding a st Neots builders as thought they’d be cheaper than Cambridge but ultimately got fobbed off. Honestly it’s an expensive business round here if you can only get an estimate from a builder, be warned! Just to add we didn’t see any new build estimates come in under 300k for 160sqm for block/brick, so we refurbed the existing place which is 220sqm for a lot less, but we made compromises too & still had a VAT exemption for that refurb route.
  11. Hmm builders are pretty expensive right now there’s COVID & inflation but also tonnes of demand they can pick & choose, especially the ones who package up the work leaving less to you in terms of sourcing sub contractors. But if you have found a cheaper one that can ACTUALLY deliver at that price giving you a saving and making it within budget then go for it. There may be no easy answer or just downgrading spec, its a lot luck as to how time consuming the sub contractor route can be right now and thus how long it takes to get the job done.
  12. Ok I’ve checked our electric meter readings in exactly the same duration (5months pretty much exactly since heat pump went in) we have used 1102kwh in electric. This figure is after I have deducted 417kwh for ASHP & immersion. So I don’t think the electric usage figure sounds too weird maybe a little high but possibly explained by the multiple dishwashers microwaves & ovens, bathroom electric underfloor & that we both worked from home entirely over this period & have a toddler!? The heat pump has used 1kwh this evening since I messaged at 3.5C outside. Inside around 19.5C. So maybe the wall and roof insulation has been the big thing as we have no floor insulation & 50sqm of double glazing almost certainly not helping heat loss & about 20 other cold bridges I can think of, and as I mentioned our new radiator pipe system is totally old school. So yes I am rather pro heat pumps now!
  13. @SteamyTea interesting to be fair if I’d of known how to turn off this stupid setting I would of done anyway as I don’t worry about such things nor do i worry about reheating rice 3 times. I do hope though the other meter is correct but I am now going to monitor our overall electric usage too.
  14. We also only heat the 300l water tank once a day to 45C same as radiators and keep the house temp to 19.5C so I don’t think we are exactly generous though this seems comfortable.
  15. So what about the weird immersion reading. This is also since may obviously only comes on once a week or so I was told.