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  1. not quite as narrow as you want but not bad https://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/groups/ALUCONVE__Aluminium_Fencing_Convex_Slats
  2. This is about the best stuff for mares tail https://www.progreen.co.uk/kurtail-evo-mares-tail-weed-killer
  3. New series just started and it was enjoyable to watch, its a big house! https://www.channel4.com/programmes/grand-designs-australia
  4. Kingspan also do this, perfect for a zinc roof, no idea of price though https://www.kingspan.com/gb/en-gb/products/insulated-panel-systems/roof-panel-systems/quadcore-roofliner
  5. We didn't have any certificates when we moved in and got our building and contents insurance through Direct LIne who were quite happy with our situation.
  6. Although we did something completely different in the end. Construction: BTC 0580 Tiles on battens on Tyvek Supro installed draped over counter battens. 100mm PIR insulation is installed on a 9mmOSB board that sits atop the rafters. 230mm Knauf Earthwool 032 is installed between rafters. Internal lining is a DuPont Airguard Reflective AVCL and a 12.5mm plasterboard. Condensation: No condensation is predicted U-value: 0.09 W/m2K We hope this information helps to resolve all queries. If you require further assistance please contact us again on the details below.
  7. A good pair of secateurs would be much better, Niwaki which are expensive but beautifully made and will outlast you or Felco
  8. Only one way to find out, send them your window and door schedule and I'm sure they will get back to you.
  9. Have you considered grp windows https://www.lumiwindows.com Architects are great until they start demanding things, its your house at the end of the day have what you want.
  10. bublshop sell them http://www.bublshop.co.uk/sunamp-heat-batteries-series-3/c326
  11. How about using a water trough, we've had our's for years https://mcveighparker.com/farming/drinking-troughs/steel-water-troughs
  12. Is the element in the Sunamp UniQ replaceable?
  13. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/8824009/inside-350million-mansions-abandoned-billionaires-row-london/ Just shows how wasteful the wealthy can be, I'm sure they will be demolished eventually and owner will still make a huge profit
  14. Found an article in Passive House magazine looking for people to send in parts of there mvhr intake filter to sample air quality. https://phi-architecture.com/mvhr-air-intake-filter-analysis/
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