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  1. Thanks guy's. That will really help me, I didn't have a clue who to contact.
  2. Hi. I am digging at the back of my plot to put in a land drain and have hit two underground water pipes (I’ve connected them back up). I’ve spoken with the neighbour behind me and he has informed me that they used a mole to put in gas and water for his property. My issue with this is that they have cut across ground that doesn’t belong to him instead of keeping it close to the edge of my boundary until they enter his land. I’m now concerned with continuing in case I hit the gas line. Is there some type of detector for gas, so I can get an idea of where it is? Should I speak with somebody about this, is it there responsibility as they are on my property? Thanks.
  3. I haven't started the build yet, Ive just been trying to clear and tidy the site a bit. I'll definitely get insurance. Thanks all.
  4. I haven't got a mortgage and I'm planning to do it without one, so there's no problem there. People getting injured could be a problem and also damage to the property via an accident. I'll call a few companies and check what it includes. Thanks.
  5. I built a house about 10 years ago and didn't have insurance. For what main reason do people get self build insurance?
  6. Hi. I am living in a caravan on my plot, but have not yet started any works. I own an excavator that is currently uninsured and I have yet to get self build insurance. I'm wondering whether to get a self build insurance that covers plant or a separate plant insurance. I only really want the plant insurance to cover theft. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I'll dig out the trench and see what the earth is like before I decide which way to go. Thanks.
  8. How long has that been fitted?
  9. I'm not to bothered about the finish after as it will be under a raised deck, It is more about how it is constructed. What I don't want is to have to be digging it up in a few years because it's blocked. It seems logical to put the pipe at the very bottom rather than raising it on stone and also to put a barrier between the stone and earth. However, I have no experience with this and it may not work as long as he states. What would you use instead of the non woven fabric then?
  10. Just watched this for anyone interested. It sounds logical how he explains to do it, but then states how others are explaining it is wrong and will fail.
  11. I was thinking of digging it 600mm wide and deep, but have been told to do it 300 wide, 500 deep and use around 100mm P/pipe. I've been digging some of the ground on the site and it is just turning to sludge, I'm not really sure if using the sock and membrane will cause more problems.
  12. Thanks. I'll check it all out before making a start.
  13. Thanks Temp. I'll have a look through.
  14. Ok, but that process is right? This is what I'm thinking. 600mm wide/deep trench Fabric 100mm chippings P/pipe inside sock 200mm+ chippings over the top Envelope with fabric Topsoil.
  15. Just watched this and it worked great. Is this what would be recommended or is it overkill? Thanks.