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  1. Thanks all for the help and advice. I've now got a better idea of how to work out a way for me to do it.
  2. Ok, thanks. What is the minimum U value that you need for roofs. I'm looking at these 2 sites and they differ massively. The first site states 0.11 for new builds in Wales and the second site states 0.25 for 2010, 2013 and 2016 regs in the table at the bottom of the page.
  3. I have been told and experienced the exact opposite. In the last property, I had the ridges cemented on and the condensation build up in cold weather was terrible. It also used to freeze in very cold weather and you could here the cracking as it was thawing out during the day. It then caused damp stains on the plaster underneath. I then replaced the ridges with the vented system and cured it. I like the idea of not having to insulate underneath as it does reduce the head height. I've just been looking at the U value tables and it states that you need to achieve 0.11 for roofs.
  4. No. I didn't know that this was an option. The last property I had was a bungalow and I refurbished it, so that I had vaulted ceilings. I was told by the BCO then, that to achieve the U vales that I needed, that I had to put 100mm in between and 40mm under the timbers. I'm not 100% sure how U or R values work, but I'm sure it's more than that now. What is the exact detail that you are doing to achieve the values? How do you vent it. I'm using a vented ridge system. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. What U or R value have you achieved with this detail? Is there a reason you used PIR insulation over the foil quilt for the thermal bridging? What depth are those I beams, What thickness of Omni fit have you got? What ductwork are you talking about? Have you got any knowledge about spray foam insulation? A friend used it on his self build, but had to pay to have it installed. He said it is the number 1 way to insulate a property. He also used it on the floors and star walls for sound proofing. I would use it, but would prefer to do it myself, rather than pay a company.
  6. Hi. I am looking for some advice on the different insulations options that can be used. I'm building an ICF property, so I've already got wall insulation. It's mainly for the floors and vaulted roof, in between the timbers. I'm insulating the roof of the garage now, with 150mm of Celotex and then I'm thinking of using a foil quilt for the thermal bridging. PIR insulation is the worst material to work with and I don't want to use it again for the house roof, which will also be a vaulted roof. I've been looking at an open cell spray foam and it looks a lot easier and quicker to do. What have other done here? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all your help. I've got some things to think about.
  8. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm guessing he's chosen 203mm steels, so that it doesn't create a bulkhead and because they're only 203mm, they're not strong enough on their own, that's why there's 2 together. The ground floor is not open plan. I have attached an image of the layout. Would I have to dig out foundations for the walls to be supporting or could they just rest on top of a 150mm slab? Would 4x2 walls, strengthened with OSB be strong enough to take the weight of the floor joists above? Why do you point out that they are still 4m long joists? I've just fitted 9x3 floor joists to my garage, which are just over 5m and they are fine. What length joists would you want to be using? What would you use instead of UC beams? Thanks.
  9. Hi. I have attached an image of what the structural engineer has come up with for the design of the floor for both the first and second floor. I'm racking my brain to try and come up with another way without having to use all that steel. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Dave. I'll take a look through the brands you've mentioned. I just did a quick look and it seems like I'll need an 8 person one.
  11. Hi. I am looking for some advice on which treatment plant to buy. The property is 6 bedrooms and the drainage company I was planning to use quoted for a 6 person Klargester. Anybody installed a treatment plant? Thanks.
  12. That wouldn't be a problem. Who exactly do I need to look for, for the fire report? Thanks.
  13. I did think they were from another country Ali G. I'm not going to keep the same lay out now, I'd like to continue the staircase from the ground floor to the 1st and 2nd floor and rearrange the 2nd floor. I'd like to keep the stairs open and I don't want to alter the first floor. Are sprinkler systems not enough?
  14. I'll look into that Conor thanks. The top floor is in the loft space, so the wall is only going to be about 1300mm high. Is there another way to get access out through the roof onto an outside fire escape? Thanks.