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  1. Thanks. I have two areas of my property that needs cladding with timber. How much was it and where did you buy it from?
  2. I've spoken with STS (which specialise in slip cladding). They have advised to fix battens to the ICF, then a render board to the battens. I can then use a brick slip mortar for bonding the slate. I'll try that Titebond adhesive first, directly to the polystyrene on a small section and see how that holds up. What timber cladding is that on your house?
  3. Hi. I want to put a 500mm high plinth of split faced slate around the bottom of my ICF property. I have been told that the correct way for this, is to fit a cement board first and then an adhesive to the board to bond the slate. Has anyone done this or knows what adhesive is best. Thanks.
  4. Yes, I would be interested. I haven't spoken with anybody doing cellulose insulation, so would like to get a price, before I start framing the roof. Thanks.
  5. I would do all the insulation myself. I agree that it's a nightmare and have done it many times in the past, I'm not looking forward to it at all. I've never fitted PIR on top before, only in between. I've had a search for cellulose installers near me, but can't find anybody.
  6. Thanks Iceverge. I have given up on searching for alternative ideas now, I'm fed up with all the misleading information. I'll probably go back to my original idea of 200mm wool in between and 150mm PIR on top, this gives a value below 0.11. I'll have a look for some cellulose installers near me and compare the costs.
  7. The thickness is 75mm. I'll ask them today what the lambda value is. I'll be fitting all the insulation myself. I've been on many jobs and seen what a lot of people do when insulating, it's like a jigsaw puzzle. I won't trust anybody to do it properly. If it's not going to cost a lot more and it makes it easier for me, id prefer to use materials that are straight forward to install.
  8. I know, I can't get my head around it all. I'm finding that there's a lot of misleading info on a lot of things and it seems like everybody is just trying to promote there own product, whether it's right or wrong. I asked if BC would be happy with this and they said, "if they're not tell them to call us and we'll give them all the information they require. Surely, if this is correct, BC wouldn't even question it. They only give you an R value, which is 3.67.
  9. So, Ive just been speaking with a developer who is building multiple properties and he suggested that I speak with Superfoil as he has used this product on all of his properties. They have given me the following solution. SF60 below rafters, 25mm PIR in between rafters and SF40 above rafters. They have stated that this achieves 0.11. I have just spoken to them again and told them that I don't want to have the hassle of fitting PIR if I'm going down the foil route and asked if I could fill in between with wool (whether glass, mineral or natural). He stated that I only need to double the thickness of the wool to achieve the same U value of a PIR insulation, but will still need to have the 2 layers of foil. They have also sent through an alternative, which is 200mm wool in between and SF40 on top. This method seems a lot less hassle than having to cut and gapotape PIR, but I'm still unsure, as so many people say foils are not good enough. I've input these materials into the Ubakus calculator and it doesn't come near 0.11. Does this seem correct.
  10. From the diagram it states 0.18 for pitched roofs at rafter level. My own logic says that what he's been told is incorrect, as I had to do more than this with 2002 regs. I can't understand why they've told him this and are they treating the quilt foil as if it is some type of super insulated material. I'll be putting the last floor of ICF on soon and then ready for the roof. I'm trying to work out the most efficient way of insulating it. Thanks for the link, but where do I go once i'm in ProDave's profile?
  11. Hi. I'm trying to understand exactly how building control calculate insulation requirements. A friend is currently refurbing a property in South Wales and has been told to put 75mm PIR in between the rafters and a foil quilt underneath. The rafters are only 4x2s and so he's had to add a batten underneath to get a 50mm air gap. I've put this into the calculator and the U value is 0.39. I refurbed my own property from 2002 regs some time ago and had to put 100mm in between and 50mm underneath. I'm currently doing a self build and to achieve the 0.11 that I need, I am putting 200mm of mineral wool in between and 150mm on top. Are these foil quilts that good and why doesn't the calculator recognise the U value of them? Thanks.
  12. So, I'm guessing these were out prior to MVHR systems and they don't work, nowhere near as good? Do they only need fitting in bathrooms and is there a benefit to add them to other rooms? I'm assuming that these are what has been specified by the SAPS company. Why would they not specify a MVHR system, considering it's an ICF property?
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