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  1. ryder72

    Sealing Around A Hob

    I wouldnt silicone it simply because if that bead needed cutting out to get the hob back out on wood or laminate worktops, there is a good chance you'd damage the worktops in the process.
  2. White Knight = path to Grenfell. Avoid like the plague. Its poorly designed. Ask yourself this question - If it retails for £225 inc VAT, what does it cost to make inc materials and labour and you will find that anything made for £100 isnt going to very good.
  3. ryder72

    Dishwasher repair

    Frankly I would be asking the kitchen fitter to just replace the dishwasher. You shouldnt have to live with this hassle for the fitters negligence.
  4. ryder72

    Dishwasher repair

    BSH customer service is not what it used to be. They are in the middle of a suicidal efficiency campaign and the accompanying and inevitable disaster it brings with it. In terms of your experience with the service technician, I dont think you are going to be covered by their warranty for the repair so I assume you will be paying for the repair? If so, get it done yourself. You can buy their spares cheaper online, there is a large body of knowledge of these product and most decent technicians can repair them.
  5. Avoid the basic ones (Sigma 10 etc). They feel a bit cheap.
  6. ryder72

    Kuhlmann kitchens

    Kuhlmann (RWK) is a basic German kitchen. It will cost more thn Howdens and its a much better product. Not bad for the money. Look for Nobilia, Bauformat in the same sort of price range.
  7. Siemens spares are more reasonably priced. I had a client get a price for nearly £400 for a Miele 90c, hob whereas SIemens for half that. For what is essentially the same thing.
  8. I never recommend using glass hobs without trims around them. Seen this far too often. Please be careful when you use the hob and avoid taking the ring closest to this chip to very high temperature for long durations as the stresses in the ceramic might cause it to crack. You may get a good few months or more out of it if you are careful but in generally its a new glass top. If its Miele its going to hurt. What is the model number?
  9. ryder72

    Miele 5 Year Warranty

    Miele in general are too arrogant to care. Their wet products are good. Others are better than average but not by much. Good luck getting a resolution on this. I would advise you to keep your expectations low.
  10. BEtween a cheap frame and the pan you have a potential recipe for a disaster. If you are putting in a frame always go Geberit. They look like very simple products on the face of it but somehow Geberit get it right much more often than others. Its worth the extra money. Any remedial work will cost several times the saving. I am not always going to recommend branded toilets, but I do think for wall hung pans, its again worth going branded to get better dimensional accuracy and smoother junctions where it matters. Ceramic is not cheaper for nothing. Its all made the same way till you find out that the rejection rate on some of the top brands is as high as 30% whereas the lesser brands and unbranded stuff will allow more rubbish to go through. I have visited a factory where they make this and I was astonished at the level of investment and automation.
  11. ryder72

    diy-kitchens.com any experience?

    I agree with you. Nothing about DIY looks like its not a good product.
  12. ryder72

    diy-kitchens.com any experience?

    DIY Kitchens mainly use PWS doors and make their carcasses. I havent seen their carcasses so I cant comment but I expect its fairly standard stuff - 18mm egger board with PVC edging. While I dont rate this spec as particularly high, for the prices they are charging, its not bad value, as a lot of high street retailers will sell the same stuff and charge a lot more. There is a perception out there that Blum drawer boxes are the gold standard. They are perfectly fine, but there are better products out there. English manufacturers use them mainly because of low cost and a very good distribution networks and ready availability. Unfortunately Blum's competitor products are not that readily available in the UK so which very popular on ready built European kitchens, very thin on the ground in the UK. Its largely down to the quirky nature of British kitchen manufacturing vis-a-vis the European manufacturers. Blum however have an excellent range of mechanisms for wall units. Coming back to DIY kitchens, the weakness there in my mind is the doors. PWS have had loads of issues in the past and the end result to the consumer is a complete mixed bag, mostly down to how good the retailer was at resolving the problem. I suppose the best way to look at DIY is this - If you are confident of the measuring up, confident enough to plan and get the kitchen install, DIY offers a very credible offering. Much better quality than what the sheds would sell you. Atleast comparable to what most high street independents selling British made kitchens would offer for very good prices. I still maintain that an entry level product from say Nobilia is a more refined offering, but DIY is very likely to have the price advantage.
  13. @Alphonsox you may be right. I was referring to this from memory and fixated on the ventilation aspect.
  14. There is no clear guidance on this to date. By the letter of the guidance an extractor hood installed for the purpose of ventilation to comply with building regulations is allowable. By that same guidance, a recirculation hood doesnt fulfil this criteria so it shouldnt be allowed, but inevitably it appears that HMRC hasnt latched onto this yet so you may get away with it. If guidance is issued in the future, its very likely going to go only one way.
  15. Even the extractor is on dodgy ground as an increasing number of them are now recirculation mode on account of MVHR systems. I havent heard any guidance from HMRC to the contrary though. Is it worth trying to sneak in a claim for a £300 warming drawer and bring the rest of the claim into unnecessary scrutiny? Appliances are not eligible with the above exceptions. Period.