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  1. Completion certificate

    Was this buildings/contents insurance issued without completion or site insurance with permission to live in the property offering buildings and contents cover? Could you PM me your insurers details?
  2. Completion certificate

    So moving in would be at the discretion of the site insurance provider? So it is illegal to occupy a building until a completion certificate has been issued?
  3. Hi all We are very close to having the house finished and have booked movers for 1st February. Some elements of the house remain incomplete and will be finished by end of February and others such as hard landscaping, patios etc will be addressed in early spring. What are the implications of moving into a house without a completion certificate? Are insurers happy to insure houses that havent got completion certifcates? Does a typical insurance policy assume that the house has been built and certificated as suitable for habitation? What happens with council tax etc which currently stands suspended? We will have relatively minor jobs ongoing and my site insurance expires on 15th February. Is there a requirement to extend it? Thanks Amol
  4. VAT on boiling water tap

    It has to be a device to heat water for running the heating system or for showering/washing consumption. An integrated (as long as it dispenses hot/cold water) boiling/chilled/sparkling water tap classifies as a tap and can be zero rated for VAT.
  5. A Gutmann setup similar to the most popular Bora option will be similar money to Bora. Measured on a like for like basis, the Gutmann extractor should provide better performance. I like the build quality on the Gutmann and the fact that they are set in a single frame.
  6. I have a bespoke version comprising of 2 * 2 zone induction hobs , 2 extractors and 1 induction wok zone all for recirculation. The most popular version is that 2 x 2 zone induction hobs and extractor. Unlike Bora they are set in a frame so easier to install and look like a single unit. The zone diameters only matter on circular zones and I dont think there is much lost if the zone isnt large enough. We havent started using the hob yet, but on a previous hob, a slightly under sized zone didnt make any difference. Once the base was up to temperature it worked normally. With most flex zone hobs, cold spots cannot be avoided unless you go to the top end ones where they use a honeycomb shaped inductor rather than a circular one. Gutmann is a more speciiaist product and they wont like to saturate the market so select their dealers very carefully.
  7. @lizzie - Which version of Bora hob did you go for? Gutmann requivalent isnt much more than Bora.
  8. Ballerina

    What kitchens have you had quotes on?
  9. AEG is hugely underrated for laundry. The fact that they share a lot of product with Zanussi, which is a mid-low brand is even more remarkable. Siemens refrigeration is ok but when compared to the build quality on Liebherr, it is clearly not as good. More importantly Liebherr isnt really much dearer than Siemens. Miele refrigeration is made by Liebherr with a huge markup for the label. Not worth the markup IMO. VZUG isnt cheap. Sits somewhere between Siemens and Miele. Fantastic value for money.
  10. My comment was more in regard to the Siemens induction air hobs with built in extraction. A huge part of performance delivered by an induction hob is down to the quality of pans so this might be worth checking. I have found on Le Crueset, Ittala, and pans supplied by Siemens to be really good. And the final comment about all BSH products generally is that they are very much in the mainstream market so while good, they arent brilliant at anything. In my own house I have the following- Miele laundry and dishwashing. AEG used to be good, but not sure any more Liebherr refrigeration. Nothing comes close. Gutmann extraction with built in hob. Simply the best in the business, though Bora are good on their hob ventilation products. Not many products come close. Gutmann hobs - are made by a specialist manufacturer who also make them for Gutmann, VZUG, Miele etc. VZUG ovens - probably the best ones I have seen, thought I think Miele and BSH products are generally quite good.
  11. Narrow Upright Freezer

    Steer clear of the Beko's, White Knights, Hotpoints etc. Fire risk comes free with these products but the price to pay may be too high.
  12. This would work with corian worktops generally as slab width isnt an issue. Becomes more of an issue with stone tops where slab widths can be restrictive and access harder. I dont really rate the Siemens hobs. They are trying to jump onto this popular trend but the product is nowhere as good as some of the others out there and sales I believe are struggling.
  13. Ballerina

    Ballerina have been in the UK market for about 7-8 years now. Heard of lots of supply issues - incomplete orders, damages etc.
  14. We had some cosmetic damage to our windows caused by renderers. They got Magicman to sort out the issues and it was a good job well done.
  15. German Kitchens

    Its very simple to service. 20 minutes max.