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  1. ryder72

    Pull-Down shelving: recommendations?

    There are pull down options available. HOWEVER they all come with a price tag and offer severely limited storage, much less than what you would get with regular shelves. My recommendation is not to fall into the quantity of wall unit storage trap and think more about the quality, amount, accessibility and efficiency of storage in tall and floor units.
  2. Gutmann is available to Blanco dealers but they only really push it with a select few dealers (maybe 30-50) out of their 2000 odd accounts so expect your dealer to do no more than act like a sales agent. Your Gutmann hood can be connected to underfloor ducting and then brought back out but use Naber 220mm ducting ONLY or you will suffer with the consequences of excessive noise and loss of efficiency. With the type of ducting length and bends you are planning there is going to be an inevitable loss of efficiency. As regards the load bearing capacity of the ducting, you will find this information with loads of caveats from any hood supplier. Is there any reason you wont consider one of these hoods in a recirculation format. The recirculation options from both Bora and Novy are good with Novy having the advantage of operating at a muuch greater air pressure, quieter in operation and a 7-8 year service life of the filters.
  3. ryder72

    Bora BIU or Siemens EX875LX34E

    Actually Bora is the one thats jumped onto the bandwagon and is a fantastic marketing engine. Gaggenau, Gutmann and Novy have been making these for atleast 20 years. Gutmann and Gaggenau in the inline format and Novy in a hybrid inline downdraft format. Bora Basic I believe is made for them by Gutmann. I would rate a hood by any of the above over the Neff/Siemens versions.
  4. ryder72

    Paint or Replace?

    Its a foil wrap door so no matter what you do you wont get it looking nice with a paint job. Either sell it as it and accept that you havent got the bother of carrying out the work but accept that you will take a hit on the price or do a full up to date replacement job with an inexpensive likeable kitchen with up to date worktops, appliances etc. At the very least you will get your money back and it will make the house more sellable.
  5. ryder72

    Leicht Kichens

    You have PM
  6. ryder72

    Vat on claim on kitchens

    The simple solution is not to get yourself into a position that could prove to be damaging in the long run.
  7. ryder72

    Vat on claim on kitchens

    You can try. The risk lies with the Kitchen supplier, not you. Any supplier with sense would take a pragmatic view and offer you a deal. But ask yourself this question - if the supplier is winging their way by ducking and diving around the system would the HMRC one day catch up with them and would you supplier still be in business if you needed to go back to them in time? Amol
  8. ryder72

    Vat on claim on kitchens

    Jokes apart, HMRC takes a very dim view of these practices and I know of atleast 2 kitchen companies that faced very heavy penalties for this practise. HMRC view is that the appliances are deemed to be sold at commercial prices and applied this as 'lost VAT' and made the suppliers pay VAT, interest and penalties.
  9. ryder72

    Vat on claim on kitchens

    Its known to happen. 😈
  10. ryder72

    Vat on claim on kitchens

    Sorry you are technically right. But it could be that the housings are free and the doors and shelves very expensive .
  11. ryder72

    Vat on claim on kitchens

    Extractors only allowed if they ventilate. Recirculation not permitted. Cookers such as range cookers allowed if they also provide heat for the house (AGA). Furniture allowed. Appliances not allowed Worktops allowed Boiling water taps are in the grey area. If its an all in one then its been allowed in the past but I dont think they are up to speed on this one. sinks - allowed A supplier is allowed to zero rate all of the above including installation but not installation of any non-allowable appliances. The rules frankly are pretty stupid and I am quite surprised they are still as relaxed as they are. For instance you can claim for fitted wardrobes provided there is only 1 shelf and 1 hanging rail but they havent mandated for instance that kitchen cabinets are allowed but soft close mechanisms arent.
  12. Just for reference, its worth highlighting that a cradle can be made from chipboard, MDF or timber. Essentially they all do the same thing. However, the first two options are used relatively infrequently for the same reason as G-clips. If the sink its very large relative to the sink cabinet there isnt much material left to support the sink. As a rule we use plywood cradles with ceramic or composite sinks and timber for steel.
  13. All sinks are supplied with G-clips for fixing into worktops. This is a credible way of fixing sinks to worktops which are then bonded in with silicone to prevent leaks. HOWEVER, this doesnt work in many scenarios where a 500mm wide sink is fitted in a 600mm wide sink unit leaving no room for fitting clips. Over time this method of fixing has died away. A good way fixing is to build a timber cradle set down 1.5mm from the top of the unit and then setting the sink in this cradle in the desired position. The sink is siliconed in as above for water tightness. On its own a sink can be silconed in and it isnt going anywhere in reality but isnt failsafe and no credible fabricator would do this. In OP's post what is clear is a missing cradle or use of G Clips been used. Has the sink been fitted using just silicone, Not recommended. Overall, there appears to be a lot of bodging gone on this job and I would expect them to fit the worktop to an acceptable standard.
  14. Thats a bodge. Period. The joins should be better than that and the front edges at the join should alight. The worktop overhang should be consistent across the kitchen (provided the kitchen is well fitted).
  15. ryder72

    Sealing Around A Hob

    I wouldnt silicone it simply because if that bead needed cutting out to get the hob back out on wood or laminate worktops, there is a good chance you'd damage the worktops in the process.