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  1. Hello everyone, I have a white renderd boundary wall around my driveway with in and out openings for gates. The gates will come at a later stage but I already have the powe supply cables there. I may not have thought that through when building it but I now have ugly cables coming out of my wall near the end pillars. I could chisel out the wall again and put them behind a simple plastic access panel but don't really want a massive hole after installing the gates. So I was thinking to just fix a 200x300mm white plastic box to the wall and hide everything in that. However, it is impossible to fine a shallow one as I don't want it to be deeper than 60mm ish. Does anyone have an idea where I can get such a box or what else I can do please? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have a white rendered boundary wall with black, powdercoated railings panels. I am now looking for coping stones to give the wall the finishing touch. Can anyone recommend options for black coping stones? Will need to be black to match the panels. Thanks
  3. I have decided to have all panels level to and adjust the walls with coping later on. The reason is that the panels consist of horizontal slats which (once the gates are in) run in one line all the way through. The wall was out by 3cm along the 23m of wall, individual panels were out by maybe 1.5cm. Will post a pic once done. Thanks for all responses
  4. Hi all, I have a white rendered wall 0.9m high with 1.8m pillars soaced 1.7m apart. The gaps between the pillars will be fitted with black powder coated panels with horizontal slats. The wall is sloping 5cm from one end to the other. My question now is, do I follow the wall with the panels (meaning they won't exaclty be at the same level) or do I level the panels all the way along and infill the 5cm with coping and other methods? Glad for any ideas, thanks
  5. That might be the simplest solution as it is a retrofit and i can't go straight down anymore
  6. Hi all, I have run the cables for my lights and gate openers to the house now and have to go in through the external wall about 500mm above the finished drive. Was looking into 30mm black ducting but it doesn't look nice Is there an elegant solution to hide these as much as possible? Thanks
  7. Thanks all. A Bioethanol burner is an option but we like the idea if a woodburner and want to see if that can be done first. We want to hide the flue inside as we don't want to see it. Outside a black flue can go up on the side of the house. Should look something like the attached picture.
  8. Thank you, happy with everything that makes it easier. Do you mean twin wall flue?
  9. We have no chimney in our house but really want a wood burner for ambiance. We are after a contemporary design with an inset corner fireplace. I have beed quoted 8k for this and feel that's very expensive. My idea is to build a box out of breezeblocks (initial plans around 150cm wide, 50cm deep, as high as the room to hide flue) in the corner of the living room to house the fireplace. The flue will go up and out through the external timber frame wall, then up as high as required on the outside. Has anyone done something like this? Am I being naive to think I can do most of this myself (except safety critical bits of course)? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I am having an in- and out drive built soon with 1.8m pillars (rendered) either side. Eventually there will be sliding gates on both and I have an electrician coming soon to look at power supplies. I want lights on all 4 pillars for visual appearance and to stop people from driving into them ... thinking of elegant brick lights, lighting up the floor area so they don't blind other drivers. Can I please ask what you all have chosen? Maybe with pictures? Thanks
  11. Thank you for the details. I wouldn't install myself, too many things that can go wrong. Just wonderd how to get inside the house with the cables, I think the main power supply comes from underneath and I can't get to it. Will also have am electrician look at it beforehand.
  12. Hi all, I am having my driveway installed in 2 weeks and meed to run power to a few places. 1 have an in-and-out drive so will need power for two motors. I will also need power for 4 brick lights that will be in the piers of the two accesses. Additionally we want a lantern on the drive that needs power as well. My question is how I would best get power to it? I am unsure how to get it from the main fuse box under the stairs outside. Thanks
  13. I have the model "Tigris" which is fully finished in white and has a ladder effect design. I would have also liked the cottage style but I'm happy (wouldn't use JB Kind again though).
  14. Thanks for bringing this thread back up, I totally forgot to update everyone I got the doors from doorsuperstore.co.uk which are very good and helpful. The doors are JB Kind fully finished. The doors are in and they look good ... but let me briefly outline the nightmare we had to get to it. Ordering went very smoothly and delivery was scheduled. However, every single door was faulty - whend they were painted, the protective paper layer was put on too quickly and the paint hasn't fully dried yet, so it got stuck to the paint. All doors were exchanged and I spot checked the replacements (seemed fine). They started hanging the doors and found that some had imperfections, not from the painting but from cutting the horizontal grooves. Again, replacements arranged. The replacements arrived and they were the wrong shade of white - arranged replacements again. After waiting for a few weeks, they finally got the remaining doors delivered without fault. I am happy with doorsuperstore.co.uk as they dealt with all the issues well. JB Kind however, are not very forthcoming. Turns out that following my complaint, they checked all their stock and had to pull over 100 doors from sales due to the paint issue. I learned that the doors were actually made in Spain which is why deliveries took so long. Now that all doors are in, I am happy with them and they look good. But would I have known how much of a pain that would be, I would have gone for Oak!
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