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  1. This is what we are hoping to do. A 300l uvc with a buffer tank for the ufh. We will be using gas as our primary source but will have a circa 4kw pv array so plan would be to divert that to uvc and buffer tank (if you can - I haven't seen any that have an immerser but not looked that hard).
  2. We have settled on a manifold for GF on GF and a manifold for FF and SF on the SF. Currently we have spec'ed aluminium trays from below on the FF and SF but I have read on here about a biscuit mix - I know the advantages with the thermal mass of such a system but I often see the cost of it cited as an advantage over alu trays but taking aside the advantages of the thermal mass to one side wouldn't the labour for the install of the battens between the joists and then laying the pipe and then the pug add to more than the spreader plates?
  3. Yeah. The price seems good. I think I'm going to go with the local guy but have a few points to clarify with him before I commit. I'm trying to get him to include the cost of the MVHR (running of ductwork at least) within the quote. With jji joists I am sure he will have his work cut out (trying to avoid posi joists if I can due to budget!).
  4. I have not done an apples to apple comparison between the MBC twin frame system and a regular build but my house is 356m² over ground, first and second floors. MBC's quote for the twin wall was £162,000 supplied and erected (just the kit - not including the foundations). Doing it with the local guy is working less than £100,000 (around £95,000 but depends on some of the materials which I haven't costed yet) but that includes supply and fit of kitchen/windows/staircase/doors (internal and external). Even if I was to 'upspec' the build I wouldn't get anywhere near MBC's quote which doesn't include, second fix / finishing / installation of windows and doors (although i will need to check on the last point). Their costs for the foundations were a lot higher than i can get locally at 0.11 u value for the floor. MBC's kit comes with posi joists - my one is spec'ed with JJI - thats a £2k difference so like i said not apples to apples but MBC was far enough away for it not to be in contention as soon as the quote came through. There is no doubt that the product is spot on with MBC and a 0.6 ach air tightness and u values they guarantee are hard to beat - I just couldn't justify it with the cost and not only justifying it but being able to afford it (which I can't!).
  5. Anyone I have tried locally to quote on an i beam wouldn't as they have never done such a build. I am sure I could have it designed and they can build it but even knowing the cost differential between 145mm and an I beam would help. I just couldn't find one!
  6. Thats useful Christine - thanks. From looking at my guys quote the 3rd fix is included within the 2nd fix as he has all those items listed. Yes - sticking with a standard 145mm kit I am afraid - I got quotes for 190mm kits and MBC twin frame and honestly it was crazy costs compared to the 145mm we had spec'ed. It really wasn't worth it for us to look at anything past 145mm with the budget we have. Currently the make up of the wall is as follows: 9 mm OSB sheathing /w membrane. 140 mm mineral wool insulation 50 mm PIR foil faced insulation board inside walls. Airtight vapour control layer and joint tape inside walls Service void Plasterboard All in that order. Are you saying if we replace the airtight vapour control layer membrane with the glued propassive osb we should get a better airtight layer (all other things being equal)?
  7. Thanks. I will add gutters to the list! Didn't even occur to me about those! As far as air tightness is concerned if 3 is too easy a target for the air test what would be something that is achievable without any (or at least not much) extra cost?
  8. Good evening all, Groundworks started on my new build here in Hamilton this week - it's all started to move pretty quickly now and feeling quite real for a change! I am kind of project managing myself but with the bigger items being delegated. Foundations are in but need to be changes slightly to accommodate the floor - (thermabeam with 0.11 u value) and I am just awaiting load calcs ok before ordering as we had some really high line lods on some of the racking walls owing to the open plan nature of the house. Provided everything goes well the floor should be here in a few weeks and is supplied and fitted. I have a friendly electrician and plumber who are going to take care of the plumbing/UFH and electrics. The main outstanding matter at this time is that of the supply and erection of the kit - i have 2 quotes - one from a local kit guy and one slightly further away but which is a bigger operation. The one further away is a bit cheaper all things considered but I feel there are perhaps advantages with the local guy as well him and his team are local so any issues etc can be resolved quicker and if not I can go chap his door! He seems a bit more flexible too as he's a smaller operation than the one thats an hour and a half up the road. If I was to go with the local guy he has included in his quote 1st fix, 2nd fix and ironmongery but not listed exactly whats covered by this. Is there anything else I should be negotiating to make sure is part of his quote. The installation of the stairs, windows and kitchen (all supplied by me) have all been costed already and we have agreed a guarantee on the air tightness (tested to better than 3 ach). I know not as good as a lot of the build on here but when i looked at passive standard builds the cost was almost doubling! So I there anything else i should be raising with him to make sure its included as part of his work or anything that can be open to interpretation as what is 1st or 2nd fix?
  9. I have ufh on both first and second floors in my current house. This was built 12 years ago to not the latest/best standards and even now I don't use the ufh much on the second floor - other than the cold days in winter. That being said i dont want to go back to radiators so have made the decision to go with ufh on all floors as the cost is pretty minimal.
  10. Hi, looking to see if anyone has managed to install their ufh manifold in their attic? My build is going to be over 3 floors - ground, first and second (attic). I have a 'plant' room in the attic which is going to house the MVHR, DHW tank, buffer tank for UFH. I am thinking that if I can get the manifolds there for the UFH it will make things a bit easier downstairs. If its not advisable for the manifold to be 2 floors away maybe I could get away with a manifold in the ground floor and then in the attic for the first and second floors? In all honesty I dont think the UFH will be required much at all for the first and second floor but I'd rather have it installed just in case.
  11. Thanks guys. I'm glad there is a consensus here! I'll get started on the transfer of the land then!
  12. Hi all, I have a silly question on VAT. Hopefully the answer is straight forward. My brother owns an area of land. I have applied for planning permission and it looks like its about to be granted. If I now transfer his plot to me would I be able to claim the VAT in the normal way at the end of the build? I.e. it doesn't have any bearing that he owned the land when the planning was submitted?
  13. Would the centres still be 600mm with the I-beams? Better decrement delay does have its appeal but I don't want to go looking down this road unless the costs are somewhat comparable. Can anyone chine in on that front? It looks like the frametherm is cheaper that PIR so there is savings there I think?
  14. I dont have the spec to hand but yes there is mention of vapour barrier / everything being taped down. The trouble with going for 300mm i beam studs is that the foundations are already in - presumably we would lose space internally to account for thicker frame? And then there is the cost which I presume will be more?
  15. Ahh ok - so I didn't understand - but do now - thanks!