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  1. Thanks for this. I have emailed the guy for my area. Let's see!
  2. That's already done. I got a roll of their cable off eBay just so I could run it into the house from the main street (and also have provision for it running into the garage if they decide they don't like the one I have run as I don't want to be drilling holes into the house). Literally they need to turn up and connect it in. Hopefully my house will go onto the RM website soon and I will try them again.
  3. Did you contact them through the sales line or was it another department? I really think this is a computer says no issue and with a bit of human input they can do it. I might be wrong however.
  4. I don't think it's this as when I try and pretend to order for another house on the street that doesn't have VM it let's me order (or at least attempt to order - I didn't actually hit submit!).
  5. It's for the internet and not the TV but yes I am going to speak to them about that. I doubt they are on the fastest package so I don't think they will have an issue with me using their connection on the basis that I cover the costs for doing so.
  6. I'm half tempted to come to a deal with the tenants to share their connection (and the cost!) until VM pull their finger out. Getting some fiber from 1 to 1A will be easy peasy!
  7. Keeping both unfortunately and its tenanted so I don't think that would go down well with them!!
  8. Bit of a strange one this one. I am building at 1A which essentially is in the garden of 1 (which I own too). Number 1 has VM and i thought it would be a simply call to VM to have my house connected to their network but I am told that I will have to wait for the infrastructure in my street to be updated so they are able to connect in to me. I asked what the process is for this and was given a rather woolly well we keep an eye on the post code database and when your address is added and our engineers are in the area next doing some work they will upgrade the street but was told this might be months or years away. Anyone ever had this before? The whole street is connected to VM so I find this explanation hard to believe. BT is pitifully slow here so I want to avoid that if possible!
  9. For what its worth I ended up with SKN176 coating on my rear elevation and unless side by side you couldnt really tell that it was solar glass.
  10. The door in the picture is a pocket door so no hinge but it doesn't matter on the hinged doors. There are doors that have the same issue both sides!
  11. Good evening all, I thought I would post here about some doors I am having issues with. You can see the issue clearly in the top right hand corner of the attached image. It seems like the paint is blistering or cracking? These doors came to us finished in white. We have 4 sizes (626, 726, 826, 926) and it seems to be affecting just about every size. Anyone ever come across this or know what could be causing it? The doors were fine when they arrived on site - these issues have developed about a month after they have been hung.
  12. Thanks - I asked architect who referred me to the installer [of the mvhr]. I'm the installer so no further forward there! Just looking to see what that gap should be really. I am leaning on going with a 10mm gap if I can't find anything to the contrary.
  13. Good evening all, Does anyone know if the regulation in England and Wales in respect of door gaps under doors applies in Scotland? I think it's a 10mm gap that's required south of the border but can't see anything in the technical regs up here that would dictate what the door gap should be.
  14. Hi all, The tank/boiler install in my house is due to take place end of the month which means i have to get the orders in for the cylinders etc. On advice of others and some on this forum i have decided to go for a UVC and buffer tank - UVC I will probably purchase off the shelf somewhere in stock and then I will insulate it better myself - as far as the buffer tank is concerned I came across a OSO model on eBay but it lists in the description: 'The Accu units are designed to be part of a split system, where the accumulating is done in a separate tank' I don't quite follow what this means? Would one of these be suitable for my application or do i need something else? I tried to contact my plumber but couldn't get through to him today.
  15. I'm in Scotland - not sure if that changes anything but i was told by architect that i would need on doors to all living arears - so thats 4 downstairs, 5 on ff and 2 on sf. Faz - those ones look like they will do the job but at £230+vat are way over budget - i am temped to go with the SS ones and if i cant have them powder coated i might just have a go at spray painting them!