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  1. lizzie

    In a panic

    Actually I had forgotten the ones that live on the shoe rack in the utility, gardening clogs and wellies.....Oh and slippers yes! At least another box there!
  2. lizzie

    In a panic

    Been there a few times LOL
  3. lizzie

    Weed Control

    There is a roundup gel that you can dab on individual weeds without harming nearby plants...a bit backbreaking if you have a lot.
  4. lizzie

    In a panic

    Already got both guest bedrooms planned for me! Think OH will have to shed a few suits LOL
  5. Folks I am in a panic. Stupidly I agreed to pack upstairs and the removal people pack downstairs. I have not unpacked a huge amount in this rental just what we I thought. They moved us in so they know our stuff. They brought me 35 boxes for upstairs. Far too many says me.... My office filing cabinets are moved full and I have archive boxes for the overflow no need for removal boxes. Then there are clothes no boxes needed for hanging (they put in wardrobe carriers) and they take the chests of drawers full so what will I need 35 boxes for.... Well I have run out of boxes with still a lot to pack! I am now taking upstairs stuff downstairs and distributing it around for downstairs packing.............currently have 7 table lamps in very small sitting room LOL I have 17 boxes of shoes and 5 of handbags and not done yet. The new house has minimal storage, its always been a worry that we had very poor provision for storage of clothes (and shoes and handbags!), architect - a man - kept saying you will have plenty of room. Clearly he had no idea.........In previous house I had a dressing room of my own bigger than new master bedroom and I still overflowed into guest beds wardrobes. Downsize moi............think I need an EXTENSION!!! Get the builders back!
  6. lizzie

    Weed Control

    In my experience of gravel gardens there is a build up of soil over time on top of the landscape fabric and weeds grow in that not through it. Wind blown seeds get in. Good strong weedkiller from a hose sprayer or watering can over the lot a few times a year should keep on top of it. Gravel has not been a totally weed free option for me in the past it needs maintenance just different maintenance. BBC R4 Gardeners Question Time advice for hard to shift weeds e.g. mares tail.......old carpet or black plastic for a year to kill them all off then start again.....if you can bear to look at the mess for a year! @newhome maybe builder 2 threw diesel or something down before the gravel that kills most things in the soil.
  7. lizzie

    We're in :)

    had India yellow in previous dining room...looked stunning by candelight :-)
  8. lizzie

    Smug to Mug

    Our last house (built 30 years ago) we had a pile of spare bricks and a lot of spare blocks from drive. Never used them for anything on the house but did eventually use most up around the garden one way and another. Have got a nice pile of spare bricks waiting for me at new house...........always a comfort LOL
  9. lizzie

    Sockets and switches

    Similar, the name doesn't ring a bell but the product base is similar. Ours were made to our own specified size and finish. Can't find my quote at the mo.
  10. lizzie

    Sockets and switches

    Mine are solid steel it would take a lot to break one of those. They are made by a small company who specialise in bespoke floor boxes for high end properties, mainly very expensive London houses. I found them by accident and persuaded them to make just 2 for me.
  11. lizzie

    We're in :)

    Many congrats it looks fabulous. Well done.
  12. lizzie

    Sockets and switches

    The cable flap is made of steel and the hinge is steel pins too would take some breaking and yes I doubt the seal would withstand a bucket of liquid poured over but then Im not planning that, just washing the floor as normal. In the last month or so they have withstood repeated cleaning of the tiles with no moisture penetration even from steam mop on full power as well as labourer with mop and bucket I have positioned them roughly where I expect furniture to abut. They will not be sitting in the middle of an open floor with cables trailing across so I do not anticpate a trip hazard. It was one of my considerations. The design evolved from the open plan office idea but has been refined and developed and is far superior to the office ones.... I know because we have them in the office. LOL
  13. lizzie

    Sockets and switches

    Here are my floor boxes. They have a seal that stops water getting in when washing the floor. They are much more prominent in the photos...they will be lost in the furnishings eventually so not so obvious. I have 2 in my open plan area, 4 sockets in total. Its a shame we didnt get them in line with grout of tiles but as they had to be planned into the mbc slab (no ufh under them) it would have been a miracle if they had hit the grout lines. I’m very pleased with them they do exactly what I want. I didnt want the metal lids that have to stick up when you have a plug in, trip hazard as well as not being discrete.
  14. Amazon x 2 just delivered. Ordered about 5pm yesterday. Impressive!
  15. lizzie

    Sockets and switches MK Catalogue/Aspect.pdf ours are porcelain white but they do a big range of finishes. Really nice look very pleased with it.