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  1. lizzie

    Electric Gates Emergency Access Override

    I agree with @Mr Punter lots to mess up. We had 3 companies out before choosing the one we used.
  2. They did exactly that to us for the same reasons. We went back afterwards with an NMA to change to single ply membrane lead colour, got ok from neighbour too. We showed we could deal with run off water without overloading the drainage system, luckily we had a field and a ditch behind us to take the run off.
  3. lizzie

    Electric Gates Emergency Access Override

    This web has manuals and tech links for all makes you can crib from here I’m sure
  4. lizzie

    Electric Gates Emergency Access Override

    this is the you tube on how to open my gates (these are not my gates!)
  5. lizzie

    Electric Gates Emergency Access Override

    We have the same situation as @Bitpipe a nut at the base of each gate which you undo with the key spanners provided. I think most swing gates have this, sliders have a slightly different variation but they have an emergency release too. If you go to a gate company website and look at motors you will probably find the tech docs showing this and you could use those for BCO.
  6. @newhome exactly! @joe90 if the testers had not temporarily taped up my gaps I would have had a poor result I’m sure. They were tasked with achieving a result on the day and so they did all that temporary taping to get there. That was exactly my point last week. Its such a shame after all your hard work. Maybe the paperwork will reveal an anomaly as suggested above.
  7. Our planning was for a green roof....planners love them it ticks all sorts of green policy boxes, we went with it to get through but went back afterwards with an nma to change it. I have never seen a green roof that looks half decent after a few years. Its not a wild flower meadow on the roof. You don't use soil and seeds its a special sort of ‘mat’ often a type of sedum. They can look really ugly and brown and shrivelled in hot weather. Things dropped by birds do seed up there too, they are not maintenance free. You need a different type of construction for a green roof it needs planning in and is not cheap to you can tell I am not a fan!
  8. lizzie

    smart meters

    I'm going to start monitoring my usage as suggested. I guess usage up to recently may be skewed by the MVHR and UFH not functioning properly.
  9. lizzie

    Big day today - timber frame arrived

    Looks great, a nice clean job!
  10. lizzie

    smart meters

    I changed to bulb some months ago. I pay a dd of 96 a month (set by them) they now tell me I owe them nearly 300 as the 96 is not enough. They want to put me up to 150 a month. I send them meter readings every month. That seems a lot of money for one not very large house built to good u values and airtightness. I was paying approx that at the old draughty rental....that was with B gas. Are bulb now an expensive supplier?
  11. lizzie

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Sam and welcome to the forum.....great bunch on here so helpful and knowledgeable. I used a lighting consultant on current build, good £’s spent made such a difference.
  12. lizzie

    Kitchen cooker

    Personally I hate range cookers (grew up with an aga) but it should be the choice of the person who is going to be using the equipment not what fashion dictates.
  13. I have wall switches as well as an app.....belt and braces!
  14. Can you use one of the smoke detector tester cans they make smoke....or maybe its not enough smoke. Otherwise there is always the faulty hairdryer method as used (accidentally) by me last year.....that makes a lot of smoke!
  15. lizzie

    lawns - input please

    Good tip!!! The lawns may survive but sadly the heritage of the buildings most of us are spending so much time and money lovingly constructing will in the main be one great blob of polystyrene in the ground. The Time Team of it's day in 100 years or so will look at it in amazement that we could have used so much environmentally unfriendly stuff......the 21st century equivalent of Saxon post holes on timber framed buildings just not as kind to the planet.