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  1. Oak canopy

    very smart, lovely oak
  2. Adhesive for EPS

    Did anyone have an answer to the cutting off question please.
  3. Internorm sliders leaking

    Thanks Vijay!
  4. Internorm sliders leaking

    Thanks Barney!
  5. Internorm sliders leaking

    Thank you I will look closely at it.
  6. Internorm sliders leaking

    Reviving this thread .....after much experimentation we have now shown without doubt water is coming in through the thresholds and not the frame. Supplier still wont take responsibility and is now saying it is our problem with dpc......can’t be right, all sliders have exactly the same problem, they are in different rooms. I’m so fed up of this installer not taking responsibility and not even coming out coming to check. We have 2 sliders where the doors are not propertly set so they dont slide smoothly and water is coming in at the junction between the fixed and sliding panels. Easy to see why ... the rubber seals are not aligned due to the doors being out. That is a separate problem to the one where water is coming in under the thresholds somehow. We have so much silicone on there now if there is a UKwide shortage it will be because we have bought it all, it has not cured the problem though. Has anyone any experience of going to Internorm HQ to get them to intervene and get the problems with their installers sorted? I might add that as well as the leaking sliders I have a back door that is almost impossible to lock with they key and that door came with clear glass not satinato as ordered. Been in going on 6 months now and still not sorted. I am thoroughly fed up of these people and wonder why I paid the premium for Internorm windows. Any suggestions guys (polite ones of course)?
  7. My Nespresso machine couldnt start the day without it
  8. Everedge

    Thanks guys
  9. Soil survey cost

    Our quote via architect before work started was £1900 + vat by the time we had excavated an enormous hole to a depth of a couple of metres we didnt need all that testing as it was gone! Our soil sample from the same people who quoted the £1900 came to £300 + vat. Timing can save you money. If you have to dig down any depth wait to get your sample and foundation calcs done until you are down to the depth you need to be. We used MBC and it was fine for our foundation calcs.
  10. Apple / iPad

    I love my ipad (and iphone and imac). I would never return to Android the whole Apple system is so far ahead. Worth the money in my opinion.
  11. More work in the garden

    Sounds excellent stuff thank you.
  12. Everedge

    Thanks thats great.
  13. Structural warranty

    Get one now while you are building its much easier. We dont have a mortage either but we took a Premier Guarantee as you never know and if you want to sell its much easier. I think you might struggle to find a lender after the build without one and undoubtedly it will cost you more.
  14. More work in the garden

    What do you think of the Everedge? Is it durable and easy to fit? Website makes it sound a doddle!
  15. Everedge

    Great thanks much appreciated