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  1. lizzie

    Front Door Inspiration

    @Moira Niedzwiecka house is looking great, well done.
  2. lizzie

    Accoya Cladding

    Have you looked at Thermowood I beleive that is maintenance free
  3. lizzie

    Steel pole finish

    +1 to @JSHarris suggestion
  4. lizzie

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    The key to any window you choose is the installer. Internorm fantastic windows but I had a totally incompetent installer and am still trying to sort issues. Rationel, Gulhaufer, Nordsken, Ideal Combi et al lots of window companies out there. All good windows, people on here will have covered the range some good some not so good in the final result. Check out the installer before you place the order
  5. Window colour is important in getting the look of your house right. Also the overall situation and design of he house should be considered. I love that soft green against brick...the right brick of course. A lot depends on the colour of your brick, I have seen the dark grey against some brick and it looks good also seen it against other brick and it looks b awful. I would not go for the light silver grey against any brick personally. A soft cream can look good too if the brick is not too harsh a colour. You can have modern materials in any colour it doesn't have to be Grey. Get a sample of your brick and some colour swatches of potential window colours as a start and put them together then when you find something you like go and drive around and try and find a similar streetview via Rightmove can be very useful and save hours of driving.....Pinterest as well of course. I know Internorm showrooms have lots of colour samples on display (they do their Ali clads in pretty much any RAL colour not just grey) you could take your brick and try it next to some colours if you have a nearby dont have to buy internorm windows.
  6. lizzie

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    Looks fantastic. well done!
  7. Exactly the situation with my sisters current Wales.
  8. here is the link
  9. I seem to remember from when we were looking that Velfac had different requirements. I think their fitting guide is available to download from the website if not I might have it somewhere.
  10. we had Internorm windows and they went in before the render...also an MBC frame. I think Velfac may have their own particular requirements but its odd to render first and then try and get the windows in
  11. @Dreadnaught Ian checked on his way in this evening and reports that a glow can be seen coming from the glass domes. It is a dim glow but quite visible probably more so in our location where we have little to disturb the dark skies. Probably more muted in an urban environment with more lighting around.
  12. All mine are under the slab its not a problem. They were a bit out on position after the walls went up so slab had to be hacked out and they were moved a bit.....I would not recommend that so as was said measure and measure again. Our problem occured because architect plotted them as if they were floor standing pans not wall hung with cisterns in the one noticed on the drawing and so every one was wrong.
  13. You are right of course😂