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  1. wow great stuff! you a veritable fount of knowledge
  2. I looked at that type of thing. It looks really bitty when down, gaps between each section. Not a great look in my opinion. See if you can find some pics of them when down and you will see what I mean. If you have not yet ordered your windows and you want disappearing blinds why not look to see if you can get ones that are integrated into the window glazing. Some on here have that. Various manufacturers do them i.e. Internorm....not sure if they do for sliders though I cant see why not. Not a cheap option though.
  3. amazing bit of kit they are like triggers broom (only fools snd horses) never wear out! Someone online said if you stand the aluminium pot in a pan that works on induction hob it will work
  4. Being of Italian heritage I grew up with Bialetti Moka stovetop espresso perc pots. I love Italian coffee, the drip ( as the Aussies call filter) is not for me. Have all sizes of cafetière to hand but again does not give me that real Italian coffee taste. Maybe I should dig out the old Bialetti...doubt it would work on the Bora though! Thanks on Krups and Jura @vivienz, interesting. Lizzie. .........#firstworldproblems#
  5. This is the back boxes for internal ones (we have external ones too lighting a wall and that is why ref to backboxes). All that is needed for internals is a duct through slab/screed depending on what you have. I have passive slab no screed floor build up so my ducts are in the slab. (external soffit lights are just downlight version of these) They are dimmable too which is nice. Got ours with all the other lightmaster stuff not sure if they do retail but should be easy enough to find same spec online
  6. I deliberately did not have a built in coffee machine.... as you say bit of a white elephant. I’m afraid I hate instant coffee, would rather drink water. Milk covers a lot of sins in coffee.
  7. @jonMThank you.... this one has all the milk gadgets which I don't want. I want a machine with a good bar pressure that produces a decent coffee with a good crema. Still have a coffee grinder but no intention of going back to that. The small one cup bean to cup jura is designed for simple black coffee...espresso etc no other functions what I drink is actually termed a lungo..... very hard to get one in any cafe in uk you are either presented with a big bucket of tepid weak stuff termed americano or espresso with no or little crema. Carluccios is one if the few chains that I can rely on for a decent coffee.
  8. Having been a Nespresso girl for more years than I care to remember I am flirting with a change. Current machine needs replacing as its leaking....they seem to last about 4 years or so and I am on my third. Before just getting a new one delivered with my capsules I have been looking at the coffee machine market which has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Bean to cup have moved on hugely and dropped in price considerably. I don't want any fancy milk gadgets I rarely use milk in a coffee (just for visitors) and have developed a method of doing a mean latte without a problem. I make short strong black coffee for myself and undoubtedly drink too much of it but it is my indulgence as I don't drink alcohol and we are all allowed one vice. Options seem to be New nespresso that takes regular capsules New nespresso that takes new style Vertu capsules Jura A1 bean to cup machine.....very stylish. Anyone tried the Jura?
  9. Ive had Miele in the past...mega expensive but good. I had to leave last one behind as was integrated. I bought a cheap as chips Candy for use in rental. Over 3 years on its still going strong in new house (keeping everything crossed not wanting to tempt fate). I am amazed ......its a fab machine does a great job, has a simple rotary dial. Also has a 30 minute cycle and a 44 minute one that I use all the time. Those are at 1000 spin, if I need a better spin I have a quick spin programme for 7 minutes at 1600rpm. I am wondering why I ever bought such expensive machines in the past when this is so good. I also bought the matching condensing tumble dryer for peanuts, dont use it that often, (mainly for towels) as have mvhr but dryer is really good too.
  10. I am not a good photographer so bear with me on photo quality, I probably could have done better with the refelections. This is my inside uplighting at the sliders. I have a tiny little led spot set into the floor at each end of the opening. Outside I have the same tiny little led spots in the soffit. It is very effective just wish I could have go a better pic!
  11. I did not know bosch did an integrated one but there are a lot of copycats coming on the market now. I chose Bosch over the others of the same type on the market at the time as I preferred the way it looked, I preferred the way it cooked and it was quiet. It has an auto extraction setting which being lazy I use all the time I cant remember the last time I used a manual settingfor the extraction as the auto is so spot on. I have recirculation as I have MVHR. My Bora flexi circa 3k if I remember correctly
  12. Depends really why you want to cover them. I have blinds fitted inside the frame reveals of my sliders in the bedroom to block out the light so we can sleep. They are minimal. In my living area I have 3 sets of large floor to ceiling sliders which are not covered as we dont want to lose our view or spoil the minimal look, I like the frames and want to see them. Our frames are dark contrasting with pale walls. I dont think they look stark but my house is fairly minimal and very modern. Our windows are lit inside from below at night which is a nice effect too. Those windows are south and west facing.
  13. The hot air goes down in my Bora which has the extractor integrated into the hob......its quite fun to watch when there is nothing on TV😂
  14. Its looking great...well done you. Bare plaster and screed could start a new you enjoyed the bath test runs!