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  1. @Nickfromwales thank you.....the weekends entertainement looms
  2. @Nickfromwales for the numpty guide...... much needed guidance and @newhome for asking ....I was wondering the very same. @Construction Channel I have a gadget for silicone lurking somewhere... supposed to help make nice even line, had it years, never used it. Must have bought it in a mad moment when the shoe shop was shut 😂😂😂will find it and put it to work thank you for the tip.
  3. I’ve ordered the Amazon tube and going to look at B&Q nozzles tomorrow.......a girl can never have too many options when it comes to sealant😂😂👍👍
  4. yay great that looks excellent I’ll be off to B&Q tomorrow to inspect the colour ranges too. Thank you ...both
  5. eek thats a lot ££’s ... I have different batteries in lawnmower etc cant remember brand remembered Bosch is what I have in battery tools
  6. got a link? I have ordered the clear from amazon but would still be interested in a gun for other stuff
  7. Interesting on the same Amazon page they have clear threshold strips for wetrooms....maybe I should get some of those to fill in the gaps under my window level thresholds that are still 10mm off the ground and accumulating all sorts of rubbish underneath whilst we are waiting for a solution. I am being serious......
  8. @jamiehamy thank you that looks just the job...I'm not clear on the heating bit but will see when it comes. EDIT just got the heating comment...yes good idea thank you My problem with the gun (s) (have bought 3 different ones) is that I have arthritis in my hands and I just cant make them - hands or guns - work.
  9. Can anyone point me at silicone that comes with some sort of integral gun? Is there such a thing? I need to replace the clear silicone in the bottom corner of my glass shower screen the water is coming underneath and spreading across the floor. Think my cleaning has been too vigorous. I bought a gun but I can't use it, my hands are too bad and finding a local handyman is like looking for a hen with teeth. Have googled but can't find what I need so any pointers gratefully received.
  10. If the distance between us wasnt so great I would say you had the same one as us! Maybe its a tactic that is common to men with diggers!
  11. lizzie

    Being on TV

    I was asked but refused and thank goodness I did....would have made great TV to have all that trauma broadcast but would have tipped me over the edge having the world (not just BH) watching the debacle.
  12. lizzie

    Floor plan — comments welcome

    For me that bathroom is in the wrong place - I would swap study/snug and bathroom positions make the utility smaller to give more room for study/snug and build a ceiling in the utility to give some roof storage space as storage is very limited in the house and no garage. I would take down the wall between the kitchen and living room. Having said all that is there some rule that habitable rooms have to have an opening window? Roof light in present bathroom may not suffice to swap it into study/snug if so. Glad to see you have incorporated a tiny outdoor space for a table and chairs.
  13. lizzie

    Anyone have the MBC open panel 140mm wall system?

    @Dreadnaught MBC keep an eye on this forum so no doubt they will be head scratching and be onto you next week with a solution to the access....if they perceive it as a problem. That will just leave you with decision on which wall to go for based on cost/benefit which I think is about where this started.....I hope you are now somewhat further forward in that process at least.