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  1. lizzie

    Do I need planning permission??

    Yes you can see why it was done like that for visibility coming out onto the road. Think you need to talk to your local planners, they may want an input from highways too.
  2. Use the special foam tape perhaps....see the Charlie Luxton Internorm window install video on tube
  3. Some sort of boxing underneath to house everything? Maybe thats too much in the space. How many TV's do you have? You could site the box remotely and get one of those things (forget the name) that links all the TV's into one box and that box could be anywhere not under the TV, all controlled by magic eyes. Works really well. I've had it in a few houses. That would just leave your speaker system to go on the TV wall. I wired for it in this house - my sky box in is the data cab in the plant room and is wired up to half a dozen tvs via the cabling so all I have is TV's on the wall. Not bothered with soundbars here as I am deaf in one ear so only hear in mono and they have been a waste of money in previous houses.
  4. @HecatehIs it too late to drop the TV down and hide all the sockets behind it?
  5. lizzie

    Do I need planning permission??

    Why is it curved? Visibility splay perhaps...looks like it may be next to a driveway. Is it your land?
  6. On the right track @BusterArticle 4 directions......makes a change from article 50! Will send you appeal when I get back hopefully helpful.
  7. lizzie

    The joy of turf..

    Looks the bees knees well done and not just on turf!
  8. @Dreadnaught mmm possibly it seems it may. Not able to get a definitive from HWMBO at mo sorry, he is bogged down in something. Will try and remind him during the week.
  9. lizzie

    Coming to the end of the build

    @jpinthehouse always nice to hear others stories........mine would be like war and peace won't go there!! Look forward to reading yours.
  10. @Sue B will ask. @Dreadnaught I think (and he may correct me!) that conservation area restrictions are superior to PD anyway. I didn't have PD restriction on last house but I did live in a conservation area so had to get permission.
  11. @Buster - I have been corrected by HWMBO. Below is an extract from a recent successful appeal against removal of PD rights. It appears things seem to be turning against automatic removal of PD rights by councils on grant of PP as has been the habit in the past. Worth a go to try and get yours removed. The Planning Practice Guidance (the Guidance) advises that conditions restricting the future use of permitted development rights will rarely pass the test of necessity and should only be used in exceptional circumstances
  12. South well I think its West really just off A441 outskirts of Redditch. I can do NEC in 20 mins but I know the back roads.
  13. Not going but I am half an hour from NEC if you want a nosey at our build...can do a coffee. All welcome.
  14. @Triassic thank you. It's Siberian Larch and I got it from Vincent Timber. It's a French product Sivalbp and Vincent are the sole supplier in UK. Mine was factory pre coated in new Age Gris It's a sacrificial coating which hopefully means I shouldn't get any uneven weathering. It's very good quality cladding. The trim at ground level a custom fabricated cover in powder coated aluminium. Think a few have picked up on this trim now. It's very smart and easy to fit over the edge of the slab. Local fabricators did ours, they came out and measured up. I had it coated to match windows. Same company did the heads for over the windows.
  15. lizzie

    Plasterboarding on yer lonesome ....

    Noooo bite the bullet and get some help please......hospitals are not nice places!