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  1. Thanks @LeeVanCleef Our soffit is a hardwood ply. We did the fascia in that too and painted it to match the roof colour (ral7012 which is a lead grey...specified by planning). Our windows and trims are 7016 as I didnt want the lighter colour I wanted a contrast so everything below the roof/fascia/soffit is 7016 and everything above is 7012. We finally got around to finishing our fascias with the pc ali cladding this summer. Was a much bigger job than anticipated as I wanted secret fix. Pleased with it. Finishing the landscaping is this summers job.
  2. Thanks @Dreadnaught of course I don't mind. Some of the guys from the ones I used have set up on their own now...can't put my hand on contact details at mo....having done my own lighting scheme with electrician in last build a professional lighting designer was something I definitely wanted on this build and the extra it brings to the house is not something I could have done myself I would have just gone for the usual scatter of downlights and a bit of led here and there etc. I love my lighting worth every penny to me. BTW hello all been away from here for a while and out of the loop on everyones build. Hope all are doing well.
  3. I did ....we fed lengths of gutter hedgehog down the pipes, cured it immediately. I don't have gutters to worry about as ours are hidden. If you are my way I have quite a few metres of surplus hedgehog in the garage going spare - can measure if any use to you.
  4. I had a new tyre yesterday. Got a puncture Saturday not repairable..... £176 fitted ... ouch. Sports tyres on a hybrid!
  5. I have 2 sets one from Lakeland at approx 3.5cm folded and the other is ancient no idea where from but is 10cm folded. Quite a difference...the 10cm wide set is slightly taller than the slimmer one so that may be a factor to consider although my Lakeland ones are the ones I use most. They sit nicely in the gap between mvhr unit and hot water tank. https://www.lakeland.co.uk/25603/2-Tier-Handy-Steps
  6. Ours was ‘built’ in as much as it was a shell. Didnt affect our sign off but we are not in Scotland which may be different
  7. My house is very dusty. My filters are filthy. I have enrolled in the PH research programme on air pollution and sending sample of my used filters in at every change (usually about 6 weeks) I am not in a city I am on top of an exposed ridge with fields all around. I think the windy exposed location blows a huge amount of dust about when the weather is dry. I open my sliders a lot because of the dog, no doubt if doors were hardly ever open there would be less dust.
  8. I decided against shadow gaps for practical reasons....cleaners are bad enough chipping paintwork never mind plaster.......I went for a skirting tile. Not cheap but it gives me a cohesive look as I have the same tiles running throughout. Would have been a lot cheaper with regular skirtings or shadow gaps and the tiler hated me for the cut outs for the floor washers...had to have a special bit made to cut the hole in the porcelain skirting tile to the exact size. Nothing is easy, or perfect, or cheap!
  9. Why not just link your cctv to a big screen maybe set in a frame to look like a window then you can have ‘live’ outside views.
  10. Quite a good haul there @Ferdinand makes you shudder just looking at it. Yuk.
  11. I used Andrew. He was excellent. I wouldn't put top much store by the way he expresses things in the letter......'motive'.....it's just his way. Good luck with it.
  12. Hello all...back from the wilderness of BT broadband...or rather lack of it. It was their problem all along. A cabinet miles away with fibre head issues. Taken them an age to get it sorted, half the village has been off. 2 engineers here telling me all was OK when clearly not, the only way they pursued further was because I showed them the village facebook page with dozens of people with the same problem. That defaulting to 4g hotspot on imac really confused the issue for me for a few days. Thanks for all your help guys.
  13. I have done a copy...I hope and pm a link to you. I hope you can open it I have no idea if any confidential info in there, there is reams of it. It appears to have been doing stuff all night. I’m afraid its gibberish to me. Broadband is still in and out hub saying its on and devices saying its not. Thank you all for the help.....master socket tried no luck.
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