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  1. lizzie

    Cistern help please

    @newhome I think you need a plumber LOL Not sure exactly where you are (I know its tricky borders) but this site may be useful for local recommendations - might be one you have not tried......
  2. lizzie

    Cistern help please

    @newhome loving those nails!
  3. lizzie

    How wide are your doors?

    all internal 838 wide doors, I’m single storey. This wide to cater for poss wheelchair in future. I have only one door in my living area and that is kitchen to utility all other doors are bedroom/bathroom doors. I have an open square arch to my snug which has been sized to take double doors in the future if ever we felt the need. I have no thresholds or steps internally and all level thresholds at external doors again to future proof. I would go as wide as you can without compromising your wall space or your overall look.
  4. lizzie


    First clean end April next one 4 weeks later. First regular this week. My previous company charge £15 an hour and I could go back to them I guess, not asked if they cover here but its only 3 miles from rented house. I didnt ask them because I know they would have struggled with the one offs as they are very busy. This agency was really helpful fitting me in at short notice both times for the one offs so I thought I would give them a go regularly. ‘Agency’ is one lady running some teams of cleaners. I have asked and she has said lower rate for is one offs higher for regulars its nothing to do with increased charges its more admin for her sorting rotas apparently. Due to my allergies they use all my own cleaning products too so I am a really low cost job. My previous agency cleaning lady offered to do it for cash privately at £10 an hour, still an option, I didnt take it up as agency easier if you need to swap hours/ staff etc. Before I sold my house I had 2 cleaners in 20 years, one for 12 years and one for 8. Still keep in touch with them both and its only age and distance that ended the working relationship. Its not so much the rate as I am happy to pay for a good job but its the being penalised for being a regular customer and that is purely the admin side nothing to do with number of hours, I could have 10 hours a week as a regular and be charged 17.50. I could have 10 hours as a one off and be charged 15. Seems to me one offs every few weeks means I get the equivelant of 4 cleans at regulars prices for the price of three one offs. Mad or what!
  5. I had a local company come out and help me with some cleaning pre and post move in. I had done all the heavy stuff but still needed some help. They were nice girls and I thought Ok his house will be really easy to manage so I dont need a weekly cleaner any more I will ask them to come for a couple of hours a fortnight. First regular visit this week all good and then I get the bill......hourly rate has gone from £15 an hour for the one off cleans to £17.50 an hour now I am a regular........never been penalised for being a regular customer before! I have checked and its right. Barmy, no way to keep customers is it!
  6. Our windows were hugely delayed and we were building through the wettest summer last year. They were putting 1st fix stuff in with water pouring through the roof boards and then we had black mould growing on the frame after we weatherproofed the window gaps. It was heartbreaking and horrendous as because of the slab problems we had lakes of water inside. Once the window gaps were weatherproofed with plastic it created a humid greenhouse effect with water still coming through the roof, collecting on the slab and then we had to get dehumidifiers in to try and dry the place out. I used to go almost every day and sweep out the huge amounts of water that collected in the big dips on the slab. I cried every day for weeks and was in despair at the utter mess of it all. Never mind the worry of all that expensive stuff going in a wet insecure building. The MVHR unit was fitted and shrouded in plastic to protect it. Shudder when I think about it. It seems complete madness now. For the window weatherproofing our carpenter made wooden frames to fit the window gaps and then nailed on heavy duty polythene. He was the superstar in the complete shambles. He was a one man band trying to get the roof trusses on at the time too. Concentrate on your roof first and take it from there. This dry weather cant last...can it.....the worry of all the mvhr etc being in an insecure wont cover you. We were lucky not to have any real damage or any nasty visitors - I would wait til it was dry and secure if I had to do it again. Can you do some landscaping or drainage instead of 1st fix. As you say you cant render or clad fully without windows in.
  7. @Tony99 Incidentally we sold our house moved into rented so the cash for the build was in the took a year longer than planned and went hugely over budget. The best plans etc.......
  8. I'm not holding my breath......the cert saying they had received the parcel with the 3 month timeframe was No1 concern.
  9. @Tony99 I think people like Ecology expect you to remortgage once build finished. Even if you have a mortgage that is over a longer term you can pay it off early - just check the penalties - of course that depends on you being young enough to have a mortgage over a longer period..........If you are looking for a loan for a year that is almost a bridging. The repayments on that would be sizeable. I am not sure anyone would do an interest only 'mortgage' for a year (and undoubtedly you will need longer), I think - and I am not qualified to give financial advice - best bet is to investigate an interest only mortgage with lowest interest rate and cheapest early redemption penalties, as long as you have the income to qualify for the loan. On the sort of numbers you are talking about above you are looking at about 80% loan to value on your existing house...assuming it values for mortgage purposes at what you think the sale price may be. The sale/marketing price and the mortgage valuation are rarely the same. Go talk to your bank or a specialist broker if you don't want to explore the self build mortgage route yourself..
  10. @jackI agree.....I have had acknowledgment of receipt of claim today.....just the signed for delivery......1 day before my 3 month deadline!
  11. Hi Tony and welcome. Agree with proDave, unless you can support a loan of that size etc it could be a bit tricky. If you have a good income and as you own the plot you could go down the self build mortgage route with chunks being released as you complete stages of the build. That may be a cheaper route as you only pay on what you borrow. Ecology or Build-zone may be worth looking at for a self build mortgage. You need to fund build stages and get paid in arrears generally though. The building in the garden route can also be tricky on selling. If you are selling and then building afterwards make sure the site is fenced off and as unobtrusive as possible from existing house or it could affect a sale. Who wants to live next door to a building site and pay top dollar to do so. Building first and then selling is a safer option. @Hecateh is building in her garden...sure she will be along to tell you about it. Good my experience it will cost a lot more than you think and take a lot longer but it's a bit like childbirth (so they say) all forgotten when you actually achieve the goal.
  12. lizzie

    Window film further info

    Not yet....will be on list now @Ferdinand
  13. I came across this today on a self build site on facebook...........explains a bit HMRC treatment of claims Latest Refusal Letter 3 Pages.pdf
  14. lizzie

    Window film further info

    Cost has not been a factor, until quote comes in no idea on price and I only have one quote as other supplier declined to quote as risk factor too high (not sure what their product was) . I have not found a supplier of the 3M range. @JSHarrisDo you have one you could suggest to me please. thank you for your valuable input as always