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  1. le-cerveau

    Optimum use of PV

    You can get PCM34 SunAmp Units in the UniQ range, USe that as the buffer tank and DHW pre-heat, that is what I have, ASHP feeds the SunAmp and the UFH takes heat from the same circuit. The DHW is then on the other heat exchanger. No wourry about losses and you can up size as required for DHW pre heat. Cost is higher than a Buffer tank though!
  2. My SA units were installed by SunAmp, though all the preparatory work was done by my plumber and electrician.
  3. My first comment would be flexible ducting (put in by builders) will cause massive flow losses. Looks like a Ventaxia Integra model, small 400mm x 400mm, that will be the issue getting a unit to fit in the space. The small Brink Sky150 is over twice a long! I suspect the developer put in the cheapest/nastiest unit they could find to say they had fitted MVHR!
  4. le-cerveau

    Second time Self Builder (Hopefully)

    My initial thoughts: Master en-suite is pokey yet family bath is huge, consider re-arranging the master bed with the en-suite back to back with the family bathroom (steal some space), give yourself a descent built in wardrobe where the current en-suite is. Also simplifies the plumbing putting everything over the utility room. A big master bed is nice (we have a massive one) but is mostly lost space, more importantly is that every bedroom can take a super king bed if required without compromise! Agree with @PeterW that kitchen open to stairs is an issue, fire regulations I think that would have to be engineered out, put an entrance hall at the bottom of the stairs to solve the problem. MVHR positioning does not lead to usable duct routes to the first floor, need to consider where the ducts will rise, through the corner of the bathroom/en-suite where the cylinder is, they are the largest service and everything need to work around it, otherwise it will be an afterthought (the plumbing will already be in) and will end up being a compromise/bodge! Consider a central service riser (where the utility cupboard is next to stairs) access to wet rooms above, vent trunking (option). Put your DHW cylinder/SunAmp and MVHR unit there Bin store, location and access in pouring rain! Service access to plot, meters in/on outside of Garage, build Garage first then you have on site services. You can also take dedicated feed for car charging. Car port beside garage for second car, and external charging point, second charging point in side garage. What about the attic, warm roof I presume, access, boarded out for storage…. We can all pick holes
  5. Yes you can, it is specifically listed on the VAT431NB, page 15. SO you can claim the VAT on anything you buy. If having it installed (Supply and Fit) have it zero rated as you cannot claim back incorrectly charged contractor VAT. Just pay the invoice Without VAT and point them to the respective paperwork. If you don't pay the VAT and tell them it is not chargeable, you are done. They cannot pursue you for the VAT on a non VAT chargeable item.
  6. le-cerveau

    Condensation on triple glazing

    On the outside of our N facing windows, triple glazed with blinds and fourth pain!
  7. Would need to see the other floor plan, but suspect that ducts go down along and then back up to wall vents.
  8. Split it up between financial institutions. You can double that amount for joint accounts's (it is per person). Slap as much as possible in a CASH ISA (easy access), and the same again next year. (remember this counts towards the 85K limit) so if it is a CASH ISA i with your bank deduct that from your totals. Everything else is risk based and I would seek professional Financial advice if it is a significant amount.
  9. le-cerveau

    Changing a planning condition

    You can quote EU competition Law (until next year)!
  10. le-cerveau

    In roof panels

    Look like Enphase micro inverters M215/M250
  11. Mine had about 20 lines on it! I purchased very little, just pointer the contractor at what I wanted, and where he could get it at what price. All correspondence copied to my ARchitect and QS (who was CDM) so they new what the cost should be.
  12. Unfortunately my claim was relatively simple (as I had a main contractor) All I had was ICF supply, MVHR parts and curtain poles. I organised: Windows supply and fit. Kitchen supply and fit. extractors (recirculation units) and boiling water taps VAT free. Everything else VAT free via Main Contractor!
  13. le-cerveau

    fire in the house

    You can now get portable water mist extinguishers https://www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/water-mist-extinguishers/ (Fire service details). Here is a video of them in action (sales pitch I bet) However as a general purpose extinguisher good for A, B, C & F type fires makes scene for a domestic environment.
  14. le-cerveau

    fire in the house

    I've had plenty of fire training 'Navy', and over 90% of all shipboard firers are put out by the person discovering the fire, but then everybody on-board is trained to fight fires, however I have no extinguishers at my shiny new home and this has prompted me to look at what I should get. Kitchen fires are the most difficult to combat and really need a wet chemical extinguisher. Powder extinguishers are not recommended for indoor use in smaller spaces due to inhalation risk. The new Water Mist extinguishers are able to combat all fire types and I think I will probably get some of those along with a CO2 for the plant room.
  15. le-cerveau

    Parking outside our house: managing it sensitively.

    How will it be finished off? Wall, fence, hedge.... If you have no more major equipment to come on site I would consider to start installing the end solution, so people don't get used to the space. If left open (as you say) it will get abused. PIR light shining down and they shouldn't be driving that fast if it is a narrow lane anyway!