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  1. I don't think that would be an option, to use MVHR you need a reasonably airtight house otherwise it just doesn't make sense! If you have a reasonably airtight house you need to have the supply air (Building regs) as well as extract! If you just have extract then you need a leaky house!
  2. le-cerveau

    Sunamp heat battery

    Additional to this I have found the design and install guide that has much more detail on it on how to select what systems and how to mix and match: http://www.bublshop.co.uk/files/pdf/pdf2040.pdf I found my system in there though mine pre-dates the UniQ and the packaging is different!
  3. le-cerveau

    NuLok and due diligence

    If you have a shading problem then you really need micro-inverters/optimisers. You could (in theory) put 4-6 tiles in a string to each micro-inverter and plan them to minimise the shading impact but cost wise when I looked at it a few years ago roof integrated panels were significantly cheaper than tiles, and if you still have the shading issues micro-inverters are designed with panels in mind. As to capacity, i fitted the maximum that would fit, nearly 10kW. I have not yet started to work out import/export rations etc but intend to set up a monitoring system some how.
  4. le-cerveau

    How do I calculate the amount of PV needed?

    The interesting question would be over a year what is your import vs export? CAn you really have too much? there will always be locations that cannot generate the required load (high rise) and those that generate more, the bigger question is smoothing out the supply or buffering the excess. WHilst battery technology is still improving, domestic smoothing will be limited, the DNO/generators are in the best position to shunt excess generation to a storage facility for latter use, be it battery/hydro/....
  5. le-cerveau

    GSHP vs ASHP magic spreadsheet?

    I have a Panasonic unit, 9kW 3-Phase. They do 9, 12 & 16kW in single and 3-phase options in most models.
  6. le-cerveau

    GSHP vs ASHP magic spreadsheet?

    Depends on the type, a split will have a maximum distance between the Fan unit and internal unit, ours was 3m - 30m though there are performance penalties Heating 9.25kW - 8.1kW and cooling 7kW - 5.25kW (though cooling capacity max was at 7m). A mono-block (simple install unit) it depends how well you insulate the pipework as to heat loss/gain (equivalent Mono block to my split has no limit on distance and no performance figures suggesting it is down to the installation).
  7. You need to connect the cistern to the extract for that. I did it based on @JSHarris and others designs!
  8. FIber is for backbone, long distance work. You get 1Gb form Cat 6 (properly terminated) and you can get 10Gb from Cat 7/7A though you will struggle for find any network gear to run at that speed. The fiber (if you have it) coming into your house will go into a modem and then it come out on 802.xxx twisted pair (Cat 5/6/7/7a) If you can get 1 Gb you are not in the UK but the far east! Most network switches (the box that connects everything together) are limited to 1Gb connections, the new XG (10Gb) stuff is only just coming on line and it is still wired fir twisted pair. Just get decent (solid not stranded) Cat6 cable installed, terminated, tested and guaranteed and you will be fine. Also your TV, Blu-Ray,.... all have a 8P8C connector (the ones you are used to). Just get a good 802.af PoE switch and proper cabling and you will be fine. I have had a look at the data sheets and it is POF Plastic Optical Fiber, so not usual fiber, and is limited and can't even reach the speeds of Cat7A 10Gb twisted pair. It still has conventional connectors at the user end, just a waste of money. I have fiber in my setup but only between my router and switches, this saves on my standard ports as they are all allocated. Only one of my switches is 10Gb capable the router and other one switch only 1Gb fiber anyway. A 10Gb router costs over $1000!
  9. le-cerveau

    ASHP Frosting Cure

    It would be an interesting research project, what is more efficient: ASHP alternating operating/defrost. ASHP reducing power to prevent frosting and direct electric backup to compensate. Obviously it is heavily environmentally and ASHP design dependant but some general trends that could be applied to making the units more efficient.
  10. le-cerveau

    What WiFi system?

    D-Link now do a Mesh extender system with seamless roaming SSID COVR-nnnn. This gets rid of the multiple SSID problem, but it is still a mesh network, using up capacity to transmit between extenders, however if you are not tech savvy should be a simple solution. Otherwise you want a unified system D-Link DWL-nnn, Ubiquity range, ....... (look in the business area on vendor sites)
  11. You can get an Enthalpy heat exchanger for your unit, sell pages 19/20 of your Install/Operation guide, that would help.
  12. le-cerveau

    Plastering ICF Basement Walls

    Our external render is direct onto the ICF blocks.
  13. le-cerveau

    Phone Line

    If it is a new property you are allowed to contact openreach directly, do that as BT and the other providers are useless. WHy speak to the chimp when you are allowed to speak to the organ grinder. Get the line physically installed then speak to the providers.
  14. The MVHR process (heat exchange) removes moisture from the air (heating it although only slightly) (hence condensate drain) so it will dry the incoming air. If it is dry outside anyway it will only increase this. Helios http://www.heliosfans.co.uk/products do humidification units (select the last option under accessories) but will be expensive!
  15. le-cerveau

    Plastering ICF Basement Walls

    In theory yes, however my contractors batenned, boarded then plastered. Easier for running cables, depends on how much space (volume) you have can afford to loose.