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  1. le-cerveau

    HMO wifi

    If you want do do anything clever such as Guest network management (T&C, payment vouchers, .....) then you need a controller otherwise set it up with your MAC and then leave it alone. Every now and again you need to check and update the firmware but otherwise leave it alone.
  2. le-cerveau

    HMO wifi

    No UniFi is Prosumer, and requires some configuration.
  3. le-cerveau

    HMO wifi

    Yes people can connect to the AP and ignore the Hub, in theory you can turn off the hua Wi-Fi (not sure how though as I haven't used one for a while). You need a UniFi controller (Cloud Key, Web controller or on your PC) to set up and adopt the AP. Lots of help on the UniFi site https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi/ct-p/UniFi. WHat are you using as your controller? If it is just on your PC and the PC is connected to the same hub as the AP then just use the Chrome extension to find the AP. Or if you AP is plugged in and you know the ip (from the Home Hub page), you can SSH into it and 'Set Inform' pointing it to the controller.
  4. Problem with this type of device is that it needs the WI-Fi signal at its location to extend it (same as a plug in one), and by doing so is reducing the throughput capacity, It has to receive it then transmit so can only ever be half as good, and will add to the RF noise so aggravating an already non-optimal situation. It is no substitute for a wired in Access Point.
  5. le-cerveau

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    No it is: JUB External Render Only system with a silicone finish; two coat application; circa 3mm thick nylon mesh reinforcement fully bedded in base coat, overal thickness 12mm (approx); white; applied to Econekt King Blok base; full preparation, bonding agent and application strictly in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations from the contract.
  6. le-cerveau

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    Some pictures from during the build. Dining room 2400mm wide, 1800mm high Obscured bedroom window (overlooking, 2000mm x 1200mm) External, the top left is the KF410 Bedroom and en-suite.
  7. le-cerveau

    Window Companies Alu Timer/Alu PVC

    I have Internorm aluclad pvc windows KV440's and one KF410 (non opening highlight). absolutely no issues. We were going to use HV350's with the KF440's only in the bathrooms (recommended not to put timber in bathrooms) and we thought just go pvc throughout, slightly cheaper but the quality is superb. You can have them coloured inside with wood effect Decor Foils if you want that wood look.
  8. le-cerveau

    Sunamp container bulging

    My set up is similar though mine are pre UniQ but dual units. I have 2 x PCM34 units heated by my ASHP that pre-heat the DHW and the UFH. Then 2 x PCM58 units for the DHW .
  9. le-cerveau

    LED ...How bright and Which Make

    I fitted 3 different lighting colours: 4000K in the kitchen, laundry and studies (I have two) 2700K in bedrooms 3000K elsewhere The 2700K is a gentle soft white whereas the 4000K is quite harsh but better for detail work Everything is LED, either downlighters, panels or recessed strips.
  10. le-cerveau

    Crimping hell

    Why crimp plugs, when you should be using keystones on the ends which are fitted with a punch-down tool or can bey keyless, this is what my electrician used (punch-down CAT6 connectors). You then have sockets at each end of your fixed cable runs. Then you use short patch cables, bought or made. At node zero you either have a lot of sockets, or if you have enough connections a patch panel, which is again punch-down.
  11. My MVHR is connected up to all the cisterns and extracts continuously from the bowl. as well as extract terminal(s) in WC wet rooms.
  12. I use RH sensors, I have 2 x Brink Renovent Excellent 400 Plus models one for Upstairs one for Downstairs with the options RH sensors fitted into the extract duct just before the unit. The first diagram shows a weeks recordings of the downstairs unit and you can see my mum going into the shower each morning and the MVHR ramping up. The second is an expansion of the first 24 hours: This works perfectly for me and allows me to run the system at a lower rate, it ramps up to the Building regs required extract rates. and still has more if required. The house was over warm at this point and I have since corrected the temperature to a more norman 21oC from 24oC
  13. Our Pasive Style (not evaluate house) is currently drawing less than 0.5Wm2 to maintain an internal temperature of 21oC with the outside running between 7 and 10oC. I can make a fairly accurate estimate at the moment as the house is unoccupied and the DHW shut down (so no losses there), the ASHP is firing up about every 36 hours to re-charge the PCM34 SunAmps and drawing an average of 2.3kWh. Assuming a CoP of approximately 3 (will check details when next there) gives 7kWh every 36 hours giving 194W per hour, spread over a house with over 400m2 floor area, gives less than 0.5Wm2. The MVHR is ticking over and everything else shut down, Fridge running, one computer (other reasons of remote access) and the network equipment in the attic (inside envelope). We have UFH throughout as a unified temperature, upstairs runs about 1-2oC cooler than downstairs so it is fine for us.
  14. le-cerveau

    False ceiling panel for mood lighting

    GF-Plan.pdfGF-Plan.pdfWe have a 150mm reveal in the lounge/kitchen/diner, picture of kitchen from lounge. 2900mm floor to higher parts, 2750mm to lower parts apart from kitchen island which is raised by 50mm to lift the extractors. SO a 150mm drop. I also have a 150mm service void above the ceiling. (here is the build up). 250mm pre-stressed concrete first floor (large span). The lower dropped ceiling is in the hall where the Ground floor MVHR manifolds are. The room is 10m by 8m plus the dining room, see plan. The lighting in the kitchen is 3000K, whilst in the lounge 2700K, giving bright working light in the kitchen and softer light in the lounge.
  15. le-cerveau


    You can get multiswitches to support Sky Q (Sky no longer supply Sky+) they are DSCR ones (expensive). I have an 8 port one from Triax. With a DSCR switch you just use a Quattro LNB, not Quad and feed the 4 inputs, then you only need one COax to each TV output as all the Sat signals and TV signals go down the single line. I would run two cable though to each major TV point as TV takes one feed (plus Sat if you have a top of the range TV. Sky Q takes a Sat feed only no RF so you can get away with one but two covers future use. Sky engineers need to be told how to set it up though as it is considered as a flats install not domestic and they all dont know how to do it. Press home Scroll down to settings but don't press select Press 0 0 1 Select Change LNB type from Wideband to SCR Press home Pull power out back and reboot Future proofing with the cable runs is a good idea, you can add a DSCR multiswitch if/when you get SkyQ. If you are considering distribution I would recommend fitting a Quattro LNB (each of the 4 HV, HH, LV, LH channels is separate) and a multiswitch which also takes the terrestrial TV (and possibly Radio) around to each output and break out on a triplexer plate (SAT, TV, RADIO) with two of them behind you main TV.