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  1. System boiler and UVC sizing

    That is what a micro inverter is for, each panel produces it's maximum through it's micro inverter. With a traditional string inverter any reduction on any panel impacts the whole array connected to that inverter.
  2. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Personally I agree with Nick, this is what I have effectively done though with bespoke (high cost) SunAmp modules (low heat loss). GO with a TS but super insulate it, get the most insulate one possible, over insulate all the pipework completely, and put the TS in an insulated box, to mitigate unintentional heat gain. You will have some similar problems with an UVC and buffer, unintentional heat gains and getting super insulated buffers is not that standard.
  3. Sunamp heat battery

    @JSHarris, in theory one of my PCM34 cells could be used to replace your buffer tank in your setup, though the cost is not insignificant.
  4. System boiler and UVC sizing

    It is a simultaneous equation type question! DHW: the bigger the boiler the smaller the UVC, however the bigger the boiler the bigger the buffer for the UFH. You can run a smaller boiler but with a bigger UVC, but recharge will take longer and your buffer won't need to be so large. If the buffer is just for UFH then a simple boiler feed-return and UFH supply-return all in one unified body. Quite a few people here have an ASHP for UFH and use the buffer for DHW pre-heat necessitating a coil/PHE arrangement for the DHW, not an issue for you as there will be little benefit in an all gas install. Have you considered a TS (instead of UVC & Buffer), however heat loss becomes the issue (heating the Low energy house from the TS, especially in summer). With a TS you have one cylinder, UFH tapped from the bottom and DHW from the coil/PHE, with the boiler with variable feed/returns depending on the charging strategy. I know you said no PV, however is there the possibility of an ASHP, for UFH and DHW pre-heat?
  5. Sunamp heat battery

    The PCM34 batteries will be charged by my ASHP at around 40oC and the PCM58 batteries will be charged by the boiler at around 65oC. The UFH will take a feed from the PCM 34 batteries (same input as the ASHP). DHW will be pre-heated by the PCM34 Batteries then the PCM58 batteries. Effectively the PCM34 batteries are doing the same as @JSHarris buffer and the PCM58 batteries as is SunAmp PV. plumbing diagram below:
  6. Sunamp heat battery

    These are my units (Still at SunAmp) 2 dual port cells with PCM34 and 2 with PCM58. The one with the control box is the master the other the slave. Still awaiting wiring details but they will be going in in a few weeks.
  7. Passive window recommendations please

    @mummyel without knowing more detail about your conversion it is very difficult for people to give advice, what are the insulation levels/targets, what are you targets for for windows/doors, how airtight....? There is no point spending £6000 on a you can't bend it super insulated door if the rest of the house is at the same standard!
  8. You have basically split the extracts from the supplies! If you have separate systems you need both in both, otherwise there will be no heat exchange! The whole point of MVHR is to extract the smelly stuff (moist usually) and import the clean stuff (going through a heat exchanger so no smell crossover). I have 2 systems buth both extract from smelly and import to clean. One does the kitchen, laundry, WC and 1 x ensuite, the other Bathroom, 3 x en-suites and Airing Cupboard. Also to get my systems balanced (in=out) I had a 27% difference (decrease for input) on one and 11% difference (decrease for input) for the other, this was due to static pressures in the system. Without AI a suspect an auto balance system would assume differences from setup are due to filter blockages/wind differences/.... otherwise you would get constant alarms for nothing.
  9. I suspect @JSHarris means this where you have a terminal and you can run 2 ducts into it. This is Ubbink 90/75 (90mm external / 75mm internal), I also have some 75/63 doubles.
  10. I have just finished doing my commissioning myself, 36 terminals, 6 cisterns (connected to the system) and 43 ducts with restrictors (Ubbink system). Full details on my blog will be doing another entry about the commissioning in due course. 3 days work including the final connecting up of the external ducts, powering up the units etc. I used a direct copy of Section 5 of the attached (Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide), just created a copy on Word and used that with a system description at the start. Waiting to see that it will be accepted. domestic_ventilation_compliance_guide_2010.pdf
  11. I was walking around today and noticed this roof: Panels in both orientations, even mixed on one face! Obviously trying to maximise the number of panels.
  12. Using 2 units

    Yes, 2 x intakes and 2 x exhausts. However They are 180mm and that is the largest practical tile vent. If I had one unit (light commercial) I would have required 250mm intake and exhausts and that is problematic! Yes 2 units take up space but If I had gone for a light commercial that would have been much larger and with its own issues of mounting. I have a plant room and even that is running out of space, whatever you think you need double it as you always need more space and things don't fit quite as you planned!
  13. Using 2 units

    You wouldn't use then in series, but parallel. How you parallel is different you could combine the two with a' series of Y' type branches (my original plan), alternatively separate the zones, that is what I did, downstairs and upstairs, down I have Kitchen, en-suite, WC and laundry, upstairs I have 4 bathrooms/en-suites and an AC. Details in my blog:
  14. A Planner in peace!

    I have responded!
  15. Sunamp heat battery

    This is what I am getting, sort of, got some more details, I am getting 4 cells each 675mm x 540mm x 342mm, so 3 cells in each. two are conventional PCM58 (Standard Red cells) the other two are PCM34 target for an ASHP output at around 40oC. These are acting as buffer for teh UFH and DHW preheat. So SunAmp now have the designs and setup to create an SunAmp based ASHP buffer/preheat cell. @AndyT if you contact Joan for details mine are undergoing final testing today for shipment soon.