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  1. Our cavity is roughly similar to conceal guttering but our BCO didn't mention anything regarding fire risk. If you're not within the boundary distance limits I cant see the issue.
  2. bissoejosh

    Gluelam connectors

    Yes, paid an engineer who works alongside the design firm that did our timber frame and then had the whole lot CNC cut from machine file. All signed off by building control etc.
  3. bissoejosh

    Gluelam connectors

    Here is the assembly drawing for the ridge beam element and supporting post. The same mortice and tenon join is used on our glulam frame for our sliding door opening (4210x2110mm) also pictured. I've also got the original engineering sketches but I don't think they show any more detail.
  4. bissoejosh

    Gluelam connectors

    Do you definitely want to use joining plates? We've got a 140x450mm 14.9m glulam ridge beam that came in 3 pieces, one join supported by a wall the other a 140x140mm glulam post. The main beam is half lap jointed. No steel other than the threaded bar. Our post is a mortice and tenon join all pre cut. I can attach the engineering markups if it helps?
  5. bissoejosh

    Overlay board UFH

    Many thanks everyone, certainly looks like a viable option if the beam and block can be levelled with sharp sand - I'll get the level out in a bit and see how bad it is. It's likely that the finished flooring could take a while so how would these sort of panels work if they were then covered with something like T&G OSB or Chipboard? Another option would be to do as @dudda did and build to the OSB level then wait until we're ready for the final covering before fitting the UFH sheets. I'm thinking of potential damage whilst construction continues to either the EPS or the piping as realistically the final floor is at the bottom of quite a long list!
  6. bissoejosh

    Overlay board UFH

    When people use overlay board instead of screed what is the best method of heat distribution for an UFH system assuming a build up of approximately 200mm insulation, 22mm Chipboard all bonded together? I'm considering this for our upper ground floor which is on beam and block and has an available depth of 240mm. Site access makes screeding quite challenging and a pumped option isn't within the budget. Further advantages are more depth for insulation and zero drying time but I need to get my head around the UFH components before deciding. Many thanks
  7. bissoejosh

    Cladding ideas

    That would be really helpful thank you.
  8. bissoejosh

    Cladding ideas

    I like the look of this. Is it just an L shaped section?
  9. bissoejosh

    Cladding ideas

    We're doing something very similar and are using a replica of VHL7 on this link. Looks like rain screen but is closed up by the half lap. We're not actually getting it from Vastern as we're having home grown larch machined by a nearby sawmill but if you want Siberian Vastern have been really helpful.
  10. bissoejosh

    Retaining wall and habitable spaces

    I'd look at ICF which can be the retaining wall and the insulating external wall in one go. Spend plenty of time looking at waterproofing and warranty requirements.
  11. bissoejosh


    Thanks, did you opt for the standard insulation thickness and then the fix separately sourced EPS on the outside (third pic?)? If we get permission on our second site I'm seriously considering ICF.
  12. bissoejosh


    Good work, looks great. Is that Amvic ICF? How did you find it, any problems with the product?
  13. bissoejosh

    IVT Ecolane ASHP - any owners out there?

    Sounds like good advice, I'll hold off for the time being but keep an eye on what's out there. @Gav_P £250 sounds like a bargain!
  14. bissoejosh

    IVT Ecolane ASHP - any owners out there?

    Just beginning my heat pump search and think I have seen the pumps discussed in this thread or what look very similar on eBay: Truth be told I'm not quite ready for one yet but I thought it wise to keep an eye on eBay to get a feel for prices. I was fully expecting to buy at auction but these look a decent price for something with a warranty of sorts so it might be worth making the purchase a little ahead of schedule. How are people getting on with them and how many have managed to set them up for DHW + UFH as discussed? Thanks
  15. bissoejosh

    Researching for Masters in Architecture

    Done, hope it helps!