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  1. Just a building control inspection - actually I'm not sure they even wanted to see it but I have a lot of photo evidence. It's all a bit pointless if you ask me as the floor is suspended with air flow beneath so any radon build up will ventilate itself away.
  2. We had beam and block + radon membrane. I did the beam and block first and slurry grouted. Then I built the walls (timber frame) and for this laid a strip of radon membrane + DPC under the sole plate which projected around 30cm into the house. Once the roof was on and I was ready to do the floor I laid the rest of the radon membrane and taped it to this strip - easy as I had already do the fiddly corners etc. Insulation, UFH and screed then followed quickly.
  3. Keeping all the timber warm with external insulation. Minimises condensation risk I guess and gives a huge service void. Fixing a suitable amount of external insulation might be tricky though.
  4. For a standard strip foundation the building control officer might be able to OK it. Ours was happy once he'd seen the ground but did require the calcs from the beam and block company. Drainage was also building control only for us.
  5. 8KW Vaillant here
  6. Currently have a 300 litre UVC ready for a heat pump to handle hot water + heating at a later stage but in the meantime like several others on the forum I would like to add a Willis heater between the manifold flow/return to run our UFH system. System is 3 x 100m loops all to be run as one zone in a 100mm screed. Wunda manifold is installed minus a pump at this stage. Wiring wise 3 core + earth from the stat is in place and power can be added from the plant room board easily. I would like to finalise and order the necessary components so if someone could advise if I've missed anything it would be greatly appreciated... Wilo manifold Pump from Wunda + Isolators Digital room thermostat (recommendations?) Willis jacket + immersion Timing Switch to ensure E7 use Electricians will fit all wiring and controllers but I supply everything. Possibly a 2 port valve as per @Nickfromwales recommendation in this thread but not sure if this is necessary? Trying to keep it as simple as possible at this stage.
  7. I wanted to use the insulated beam and block but the cost simply didn't stack up. In the end I laid normal 7n blocks and got 150mm of Kingspan K103 from seconds and co for £24 a sheet. The stuff turned up brand new, still shrink wrapped with a few damaged corners on several sheets - bargain really.
  8. For us the lower membrane below the insulation was our radon barrier (Cornwall) so much thicker. The slip membrane on top of insulation was a very thin DPM, pierced a lot of times for the UFH but no issues whatsoever. This was just taped up the walls whereas the lower radon membrane was fully lapped and taped to the DPC as @nod mentioned. Worth also thinking about how your might link your wall airtightness layer (not sure of construction) to the floor? Our wall membrane is lapped and taped to the lower radon membrane to ensuite continuity in the airtight layer.
  9. bissoejosh

    The roof

    Nice work, we opted for steel but strongly considered the marley roof based on the shed at tokavaig.
  10. I haven't seen / heard this? Might be worth investigating if so - thanks.
  11. Mainland Europe?
  12. I really like the all electric idea but I'm concerned as we don't have PV how much it will hinder our SAP to the point we may struggle to pass regs due to the unfair penalty on electric solutions. I need to dig the software out again and re run. Did you have any issues with this @TerryE?
  13. Forgot to add I got a price on a new Daikin 5KW with all the controllers etc £2287 + VAT if that helps anyone (not sure if that included delivery). 7KW was £2574 + VAT. To add I just asked the supplier for a discount based on a 3-5 unit group order. Another 2% off list price so £2230 for the 5KW.