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  1. Assuming a non structural 85mm sand and cement screed how do I determine if I need reinforcement mesh/fibres or nothing at all? Buildup: Beam and Block Sand blind / EPS DPM 150mm Kooltherm K3 Seperation Layer 85mm Screed with UFH Many thanks
  2. bissoejosh

    Finishing the Shell

    Looks great, is that insulation under the brick plinth? EPS Raft of similar?
  3. bissoejosh

    Nails and Screws Wanted

    I like the forgefix torx head available at tool station. The klokow website mentioned is brilliant for Spax, all our cladding screws came from them.
  4. bissoejosh

    Service penetrations through raft foundation

    I had been planning to fit ASHP pipe through the walls and have left a section uninsulated temporarily for access. Is this a bad idea? It isn't too late to add through slab (beam and block in our case) ducts if it makes a significant difference.
  5. bissoejosh

    Service penetrations through raft foundation

    This is interesting. I've just had my duct delivered and laid but was told that the duct must finish externally and cannot pass through the slab. I questioned this several times to receive the same answer. Perhaps it depends on the inspector in your area. I'm still tempted to try and bring it through the floor and hope the local engineer doesn't mind but it would be a pain if on connection day I had to reroute.
  6. bissoejosh

    Wood Fibre

    I was hoping to use Cellulose in my I-beam frame but I just couldn't make the numbers work within our budget. Instead I switched to 300mm of Rockwool bought at a decent price in bulk and saved a considerable amount. My recommendation if doing it again would be to look at getting the roof blown in Cellulose and do the walls yourself as a compromise in something like rock wool. Walls are easy, the roof was tedious as is any job working about your head. The Rockwool seems incredibly dense and even with some openings not yet permanently blocked the house feels very soundproof with little temperature change throughout the day.
  7. bissoejosh

    Seconds and Co special offers

    Received this order earlier this evening. Friendly delivery driver and the boards are all wrapped liked new - I've had much worse quality delivered by my local merchants. 100% recommended.
  8. bissoejosh

    MDPE Kink

    Thanks @ProDave @PeterW. I'll make sure I mark the spot exactly should any leaks be detected once it's connected.
  9. bissoejosh

    MDPE Kink

    Laying my water main - 32mm 100m coil. Got within 10m of the end of the trench and yep it kinks good and proper, looks knackered to me. Solutions greatly appreciated as I'm backfilling tomorrow! Is a join below ground a disaster waiting to happen? Many thanks in advance!
  10. bissoejosh

    Seconds and Co special offers

    I've just had an email from Seconds and Co who are offering cheaper insulation boards for 4 days. I'm about to order a load of 150mm K103 @ £24 per sheet ex vat to put under a screed. Worth a look...
  11. bissoejosh

    Buying metal roofing from France: advice

    Did you sort this @albert ? Can you give a ballpark price you expected to pay based on your discussions in the summer? I'm curious to know how it compares UK offerings.
  12. bissoejosh

    ICF all done, yippee

    Top work, it's going to be stunning. Any massive headaches with the Nudura or pleased with it overall?
  13. I'd save the £12,000 and spend a small amount upgrading (if it's not already in the spec) the internal OSB to an airtight version + some tape. This should make DIY airtightness as straightforward as possible.
  14. bissoejosh

    Which Brand

    I've got 18v Milwaukee stuff and it's been excellent - not just in terms of the tools but also the after service. I had a chuck fail and organised the repair via their online portal (3 year extended warranty).... next day UPS collection, one day repair and next day back to me. No costs incurred and without the tool less than 5 days. That said in the UK it is hard to Ignore Makita for range of tools / value.
  15. bissoejosh


    What depth screed are you doing?