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  1. Good work, this is our preferred treatment plant so it's great to see real world issues worked through and noise was a concern of mine.
  2. bissoejosh

    Decrement Delay

    I'm still unable to make the calculator work for some reason having tried again, the drop down boxes aren't available for selection and a message claiming protected cells cannot be modified stops me in my tracks. Would someone with a spare 2 minutes who can use it mind doing a calculation comparing the following wall build ups? 20mm Larch cladding 100mm cavity 11mm OSB 300mm Warmcell vs 3 x 100mm Rockwool flexi Batts (0.038) 11mm OSB 38mm Cavity 12mm PB & SKIM I'd like to know the difference replacing the Warmcell with Rockwool would make in terms of house comfort but can find no other calculator online to try. Many thanks
  3. bissoejosh

    Retaining wall structure and strength

    Might be something of use on here?
  4. bissoejosh

    OSB3 pricing

    Thanks, I'll keep pushing! Southern have come back me within an hour and are the cheapest currently at £10.49 - pretty pleased with that as apparently prices have gone up 10% this year so far.
  5. bissoejosh

    OSB3 pricing

    Which branch did you use? They've come back to me today at £11.03 for 2440x1220 despite numerous requests for 2400x1200.
  6. bissoejosh

    Sole Plate Timber

    Ours isn't treated to my knowledge but it hasn't been questioned either by the frame provider or BCO. We've put an extra DPC under soleplate, not sure what it does but cheap enough not to matter I guess. On top of this below the sole plate is a 2/3mm closed cell foam gasket strip. My understanding is that only external timber has to be treated and our eaves sprocket and gable ladders are so the question is obviously considered at manufacturing.
  7. bissoejosh

    OSB3 pricing

    Good idea, I hadn't considered them
  8. bissoejosh

    OSB3 pricing

    I'm in Cornwall, big difference in prices to what I've seen so far! I'll try those mentioned next week and see what they come back with. many thanks
  9. bissoejosh

    OSB3 pricing

    I need to order 300+ m2 of 11mm OSB next week. I've had a few quotes from our local yards but wondered if anyone has recently ordered similar and would be willing to share prices so I can see how they compare and if I should be looking nationally. For reference I've been offered metric at £13.04 a sheet ex Vat. Thanks
  10. bissoejosh

    Shower pump airlock

    Not sure? The fitting in photo below is directly on the top of the tank. The upper pipe goes off to the shower pump which is at floor level in the same space, the other pipe goes to the bath taps and wash basins (no issues with either). Don't believe the filters have been cleaned but also don't think the header has ever been run dry. The hot feed from the pump is getting lukewarm at best but the hot feed to the pump is piping. Is it worth taking the hot side of the pump off and seeing if their are filters etc to clean? Would adding an inline air valve at the highest point after the pump be useful?
  11. bissoejosh

    Shower pump airlock

    I haven't been up to check but I presume so as all the other hot taps are fine, only those running off the shower pump that aren't happy.
  12. bissoejosh

    Shower pump airlock

    No hose unfortunately, just a fixed riser. I guess i could uncouple it?
  13. bissoejosh

    Shower pump airlock

    My parents house has a pumped shower setup (Salamander ESP50CPV) running an ensuite and the main bathroom. Header tank up in the loft and hot water cylinder next to the pump in an airing cupboard. For some reason the pump occasionally primes during the day but I thought this was due to the mixer being incorrectly calibrated. Yesterday the showers in both rooms stopped working other than when set on cold and the pump makes a noise very similar to cavitation - airlock? Youtube suggests a number of tricks to clear the block but I'm not having much luck and can get a trickle of hot water at either shower at best. Any advice greatly welcome!
  14. bissoejosh

    Ceiling joists and condensation

    Exactly what I mean. You've explained it much more clearly than I managed! On my build there is currently nothing beyond the joist ends except the OSB sheathing (not yet fitted) but we have a large cavity before the rain screen cladding to allow for our hidden guttering so I could very easily add upto 50mm on external insulation for this problem zone. Alternatively I could use expanding foam in the pocket around the joists which should stop the air reaching the timber. Any thoughts on which is a safer bet?
  15. bissoejosh

    Mitre Saws

    It's one of those frustratingly simple solutions you wish you'd thought of! I see a few people have started doing their own DIY version by adding an LED light above the blade housing, simple enough to do I'd imagine and 100% accurate everytime.