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  1. bissoejosh

    Retaining wall and habitable spaces

    I'd look at ICF which can be the retaining wall and the insulating external wall in one go. Spend plenty of time looking at waterproofing and warranty requirements.
  2. bissoejosh


    Thanks, did you opt for the standard insulation thickness and then the fix separately sourced EPS on the outside (third pic?)? If we get permission on our second site I'm seriously considering ICF.
  3. bissoejosh


    Good work, looks great. Is that Amvic ICF? How did you find it, any problems with the product?
  4. bissoejosh

    IVT Ecolane ASHP - any owners out there?

    Sounds like good advice, I'll hold off for the time being but keep an eye on what's out there. @Gav_P £250 sounds like a bargain!
  5. bissoejosh

    IVT Ecolane ASHP - any owners out there?

    Just beginning my heat pump search and think I have seen the pumps discussed in this thread or what look very similar on eBay: Truth be told I'm not quite ready for one yet but I thought it wise to keep an eye on eBay to get a feel for prices. I was fully expecting to buy at auction but these look a decent price for something with a warranty of sorts so it might be worth making the purchase a little ahead of schedule. How are people getting on with them and how many have managed to set them up for DHW + UFH as discussed? Thanks
  6. bissoejosh

    Researching for Masters in Architecture

    Done, hope it helps!
  7. bissoejosh

    Spray foam insulation

    For Icynene I was quoted £33m2 @ 300mm for an I-Beam roof. For comparison our best Warmcell quote was £23m2 @ 300mm thickness.
  8. bissoejosh

    Metal web joist spacing

    I think it would definitely be worthwhile changing to 400mm centres. Not a huge cost increase and increased peace of mind in terms of bounce. Ours are 400mm spacing on a span of about 3.5-4m varying with 22mm Caberdeck glued and screwed and seem rock solid.
  9. bissoejosh

    Cutting list optimisation algorithm

    Certainly did, apologies..
  10. bissoejosh

    Cutting list optimisation algorithm

    Our I-Beam frame was cut by Severn Valley Timber prior to delivery. Everything from notching the ridge beam where rafters land, sole plates for stud positions etc was perfect. You need a machine file for them to work from and we used Cullen Timber Design for this. Both highly recommended.
  11. bissoejosh


    How about using an online currency broker?
  12. bissoejosh

    Window fitting

    Have you seen the detail issued by Velfac below? The cladding etc doesn't actually go back into the structural opening if you detail it similarly it merely sits flush with and the window overhangs the frame. This might mean your frame dimensions don't need to alter? V200E.W1.04.B.J.001 - Jamb copy.pdf
  13. bissoejosh

    Results, and cock ups

    I was just typing the same as @prodave above. How much to get a soil bearing test? I haven't done one personally but everything I've read suggests that you just increase the compacted fill before the insulated slab to reduce the load to a level your ground can cope with. Might be a non starter but I'd certainly want an engineer who knew such designs to tell me it couldn't be done before looking at alternatives...
  14. bissoejosh

    My new sailing ground

    Ideal, how many days/weeks a year have you bought into or is it more casual than that? I think shared ownership is growing down here in Cornwall.
  15. bissoejosh

    My new sailing ground

    Looks great, what is the new boat?