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Gavin’s isoquick foundation on clay soil


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2 hours ago, gavztheouch said:

my plate compactor does not go deep enough

I reckon it will do the job fine. 100mm isn't thick. but give it plenty of whacking because type 3 has voids in it and may joggle into place after a few whacks.

A very heavy roller might even be too heavy for this, and form itself a hollow.

or skim a bit of the top and do it in 2 layers.

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On 02/10/2023 at 07:42, gavztheouch said:

About to start my isoquick foundation about 110m2.




On 03/05/2024 at 16:49, gavztheouch said:

Isoquick laid, feels like a bit of a milestone. Next is dpm and rebar



28 minutes ago, gavztheouch said:

37F3A91C-AD62-4D02-89DD-9156924D8899.thumb.jpeg.e8a94ed9dafbdea8432feb66cf934f6e.jpegAD53B00B-C9C3-4DF4-A1BF-665D6D4C58ED.thumb.jpeg.9bf1cef40c8e9eeaf5ef82b2d5ab498b.jpegDPM and first layer of mesh.

Looks like a very neat job, and I see you've sleeved the 110mm pipes so you retain some "wiggle-room" I assume?


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