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  1. So standing on it during/after installation is ok...? Does attaching the manifold and pressurising it help against crush damage potentially? I'm just worried about contractors stepping all over it during concrete slab pour...?
  2. Questions: Installation time. Lay/connect the pipe loops to rebar. Install manifold to 3x loops. Then connect garden hose to pressurise the system? Will pressurising the pipe work (16mm pert-al) mean I can walk on the pipes without damaging them against the rebar? If not, how on earth do I protect the pipes when the concrete contractors trample all over it?!
  3. Interesting. So the fan coils run off a higher temp (~16) than they could (say ~7) and just run all the time. Higher temp = better COP too. Probably offset the fact you run it all the time?
  4. Instead of the room thermostats, or in parallel, as a "master" on/off so to speak
  5. Here we are approaching Summer again! Please critique my thoughts on the install for a passive class house for cooling in the (increasingly?) hot summers. 4 upstairs bed rooms to be served 5kw heating/cooling air source heat pump (unsure of brand, suggestions?) Single larger FCU, 4 ducts, 1 output duct to each room Intake from upstairs hall FCU: INNOVA Ducto Multi SLC+ 1000 - 7.2 kW 7kW is large, but the only option with 4 outputs, one for each bedroom £1600 one unit, compares to £500 per unit if I had one in each room? (plus, on the wall units are less attractive than big unit hidden in cupboard) Manual: https://www.innovaenergie.com/site/assets/files/2792/n421040a_manuale_installazione_ducto_multi_en.pdf Tech Spec: https://www.innovaenergie.com/site/assets/files/2792/scheda-tecnica-slc_multi_2022_-_en.pdf Control: INNOVA EEA649II Smart Touch Wall Control Panel - Black One per room. controls the fan speed. FCU has one fan per output duct. Ducting: Foam Ducting Ubbink 160mm About £25/m. Looking at plain plastic rigid pipe + insulating sleeve £20/m, so not worth the hassle? Postage: Possibility of sending to Italian friends, unboxing and man in van service to bring to uk? Heat Pump: How do I get the controls for the FCU to ask the HP to start making cold water to circulate? well done all, a great amount of info in this thread.
  6. Have you considered DIY micro cement right at the end?
  7. Another reason to use SCC!
  8. The sketch was a generic from the brochure. I'm very happy with the design. Wooden 300 IBeam 2/3 on slab, 1/3 overhang to give continuity of insulation and reduce thermal bridge. Permanent compressive strength, creep (50 years, compression < 2%) 130 kPa (EN 1606). Also have a stability check of the 1/3 overlap of the wall over the XPS from the slab by the SE. House raft has two layers of mesh, garage now reduced to one.
  9. Yes it is, phoned SE today and asked the question: low and behold - 1 layer A393 will be sufficient. Wish I was an SE who over spec'd - so I could reduce reinforcement by 50% and not worry.
  10. Great, thank you. Eastern Concrete are only down the road from me too.
  11. Have you used it? Got any hard won advice please?
  12. Yes I'll give my SE a call this morning, see what she says. One layer would be ideal from labour (mine) point of view, tho will leave me with lefty over mesh. The pic is only representative. Our upstand is 180mm thick.
  13. Mesh spacing for our garage 150mm slab. Bottom cover 75mm Top cover 25mm 2x layers of mesh is 20mm + 20mm = 40mm. So 75+25+40= 140mm = 10mm space between the layers... Doesn't seem worth having two layers?!
  14. That's a big number, congratulations, fantastic result. Our two layers of mesh cost less than 3k (Inc detached garage) so not a massive amount for us (in the grand scheme, 3k is obvs 3k tho!)
  15. Take a look: https://www.concretecentre.com/Specification/Special-Concrete/self-compacting-concrete-(SCC).aspx Short video with very basic explanation.
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