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  1. point is you don’t need fall with a pumped chamber , they have a head rating. Also they come with a non return valve.
  2. dont bodge it with macerators. pumped chamber is way to go.
  3. the noise is a direct result of the pump having to work too hard. Get the house ready first. cart before the horse.
  4. think of it as trying to only heat the top left corner of a radiator. The rest leeches form it and therefore requires more energy killing efficiency. Same with a slab. not rocket science.
  5. i have an air nailer for fencing as coils of stainless steel nails are less than half the price of paslode. Run it off a dewalt battery compressor.
  6. warranty provider will want it built NHBC compliant which means trays. If you have in writing from recticel that its ok not to use them and they will fully warranty your structure for damp then fair enough.
  7. The dreaded cranked ceiling. No insulation there and sure enough mould grows. those cranks should have trickle vents , would 100% fix the issue
  8. That’s fine but you are wasting efficiency for no gain.
  9. as long as it has the minimum fall of 13mm per M, has no big (more than 30 degree) bends so it can be rodded. Crack on.
  10. if you have had a BCO inspection then the permission has commenced end of conversation. If enforcement are soo thick as to challenge you on that, advise you will be appealing their enforcement (its free) and asking for full costs award. Unfortunately the public sector attracts utter failures unemployable in the private sector, knock them down a peg or too when you come across a really special one.
  11. shed build unmortagageble unless very carefully looked after. Never worth it in our climate and market. In USA where land is cheap and they get blown over every coupl years make sence to cheaply shed build.
  12. thats old gas boiler UFH design. You want 100mm spacing and every inch of the slab piped. No missing out baths, under cabinets etc. No zones either.
  13. physically remove all the stats, any zone controls, timers etc. Get back to just the heat pump controller and set it to weather comp.
  14. nothing stopping you making the usual repairs to the structure that coincidentally make it fully structurally sound at the same time adding some lean-to's increasing its footprint. All prior to planning, who's to say when any of that has been done 1 month or 10 years ago ?
  15. the electric one is ok for occasional DIY use but are waayyy to heavy for daily use. Paslode all day long.
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