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  1. get a wider drip bead so it comes all the way down
  2. 3.5kwh is a good start, really need at least 10kwh of storage to be able to take advantage of time shifting electricity tariffs. 3.5kwh storage cost £857 per KW/h tesla powerwall at 13.5 KW/h capacity is much cheaper at £488 per KW/h I looked at all the options in 2018 and Tesla couldn't be beaten on price/kwh, really needs a simple alternative that batteries can just be added to cheaply.
  3. bit disingenuous. You are leaving out the tanks, pipework and room to store it all for a heat pump. Realistically no one will supply and fit an ASHP, tanks, pipes etc for £2300. More like £10k. None of which is necessary with a combi.
  4. looking at it from the banks point of view, you could ask for a 100k drawdown and have done no work so it has to be checked. You can argue it if the bank has other security of yours to sell should you default.
  5. seen timber frame builds sole plates packed up with window packers. Timber isnt dimensionally stable like brick and block.
  6. think some are confused on what a bank QS does. He is there purely to verify the progess of the build against the pre-agreed costed plan. You wont get paid for packs of bricks, timber etc that is not built in. He wont be there to project manage, run the build or offer advice. Legally he works for the bank and the bank pays him via you.
  7. how much additional value will it put on the house once done ? You may be on a fools errand.
  8. 100% its a bodged warm roof. If wind can lift it moisture certainly will be getting in.
  9. tarmac requires planning unless you use the expensive stuff that water drains through. Block paving looks great and you wont get weeds if installed correctly. More importantly you can do it at your own pace.
  10. this. You will need an SE to design your foundation, have a test borehole done then ringbeam. Budget £40k for it. Unless you are doing all the trades yourself i think you are very light on build cost, cheap is £1500 m2 with the expensive foundation you will be £200k min.
  11. What sort of filtration is possible with these systems, I see some of our AC units at work have built in UV scrubbers. Is this possible with MVHR ?
  12. can you take the glass unit out of a window to pass it through ?
  13. essentially what you are trying to achieve with the alutrix is to seal the inside of the house from the roof makeup which is why you want it lapping down the walls on the inside. I cant see how you can do this putting it outside as you cant lap it down all the inside walls. With regard to the rooflights, insulate the upstands and bring the alutrix up the inside of them and lap it over the lip the light will sit on. If you get any air movement into the insulation from inside the house you are going to end up ripping it all out as it will rot 100% as once the moisture is in the makeup it cant get out.
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