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  1. Space it so you will cut the first row. Work out where the last row will fall so you can decide how wide to cut the first row. Bank on cutting 2 rows.
  2. Ignore as I noticed this is for timber frame
  3. Resin fixings would be better as they don't expand. Clean the holes thoroughly before you resin.
  4. It really should not cost a fortune to render an extension in sand and cement. How much was the cheapest quote? Is the BI insisting it is rendered before signoff?
  5. With a user name of DonnaP123 the OP is probably female (or whatever you are supposed to say now).
  6. All gas boilers are condensing. I think you mean combi boilers? You don't need lots of hot water for a kitchen. Dishwasher heats cold water. You could just get an under sink heater for any washing up or hand washing.
  7. I would keep the fixings you have and tighten them a little, so the washer is snug on the sheet.
  8. Not strictly on topic but it appears that you are building right up to the boundary on the left. Do you have consent from the adjacent owner to erect scaffolding and possibly construct foundations on their land?
  9. Will the water table mean you need to make special provision to for drainage under the slab? @nod had a soggy site on and laid concrete to falls under the beam and block.
  10. Is that plus fees, prelims, service connections, scaffold, welfare, insurances, warranty etc?
  11. It will be no issue with a packaged pump station.
  12. The condition is a matter for planning, not building regs so it will not affect signoff. It is very unlikely to have any repercussions if you ignore it, as long as you submit details of what you intend to do and have those details approved in writing.
  13. Unless they condition that the blackout blinds are drawn at night the planning condition is nonsensical.
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