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  1. Timber expands across the grain, so the issue is most tricky where you have a corner and the worktop has a wall at either end. If it is a straight run you should not have an issue.
  2. Mr Punter

    Cistern help please

    I think it is a bit like gynaecology
  3. Mr Punter

    Grass / living roof

    Unless there is a planning requirement I would not bother. it will be expensive to achieve and perhaps more difficult to insure. A lot to strip back if there is a defect. I would be concerned about fire in this weather too.
  4. First fix the plastic plumbing and the electrics and MVHR ducts. Do some carpentry - plasterboard noggins etc. Fix fascias and gutter and fit temporary downpipes. Properly secure the site to prevent unauthorised access.
  5. Mr Punter

    Old school tricks? Worth it?

    We have just paid similar fees on a project with a build cost around £2.5m and final value of £6m. I think the quote is out by a factor greater than 4.
  6. I have used Bluclad board screwed to vertical battens and 2 no. 3mm coats of Weber LAC - the first used to bed a fibre mesh sheet. The render can be sponge finished to a sanded render texture, then painted. I saw one we did 8 years ago. No cracks or marks at all.
  7. Good drawings. Did he also have some spec notes for ventilation, waste sizes, roof, floor and wall buildups etc? Did he do the full building regs submission? Did he reply to any points raised from the plan check?
  8. Mr Punter

    Leveling above concrete

    Either 75mm normal screed or 50mm liquid. Double check with insulation and screed suppliers for peace of mind. Put a thin strip of insulation around the perimeter.
  9. Swing shovel = what they call an excavator in Devon (or at least @joe90 does)
  10. Mr Punter

    Day four... Truss Day !

    Magic indeed @PeterW and nice to have some pics @Christine Walker but not a truss to be seen!
  11. Kylie Jenner wearing only a smile?
  12. Mr Punter

    Mr Luxton redoes 80% of his plaster!

    Maybe too much suction. Pretty soul destroying to remedy.
  13. Mr Punter

    Should I be worried

    You should be supplied with a full set of structural calcs from them. You should also have a spec saying what is included. Make sure the sole plate is completely level, walls are plumb, hangers fully nailed, floor fixed in accordance with spec, roof trusses / rafters mechanically fixed, rafter feet have correct overhang, fascia (if included) fitted at correct height, window / door / rooflight openings correct, thresholds cut out on completion of frame and whole work site left clean and tidy, as these are all things that some erection teams tend to "overlook".
  14. Mr Punter

    Should I be worried

    No need to be pissed off. This will, I am afraid, be one of many issues and not one you need to lose sleep over. I have never seen a timber frame without a few tears in the breather paper. If you want to do a better job of the breather paper repair, make a horizontal cut with a Stanley knife just above the damage cut out a fill-in piece of new slide up the slit, dress down over the damage and fasten with stainless staples.
  15. Mr Punter

    This could be a fantastic project.

    £250k DIY, £400k main contractor.