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  1. Mr Punter

    Preliminary plans have arrived

    Very nice plans. I would be concerned with overheating and would want this modelled. The proposed overhang does not look like it will mitigate this. The lounge looks the most vulnerable. Hoping that is not a wood burning stove in the lounge as this is at odds with clean, modern living and if the house is properly insulated it would need to be minute to prevent overheating, even on a cold, cloudy day.
  2. Mr Punter

    Tiling...many questions

    That is no way to speak of your HMO!!
  3. Mr Punter

    New Build Design

    I like the entrance and hallway. I would do 4 beds, 3 baths, level the site, lose the garage the woodburner and the steps on the ground floor. Also get the bathrooms properly designed so that they look sleek, modern, hotel-like (unless you hate the look). The kitchen should be the centre of the home but yours seems a bit disconnected. Where will the big telly go?
  4. Mr Punter

    4m stud partition - extra reinforcement?

    Yes to the 4m top plate in 1 piece. As @ProDave doubled up even better. If you can, ply or osb will be better than plasterboard. Maybe stagger the laps and board orientation from one side and the other.
  5. Mr Punter

    Positive placement nailer

    Looks like it has a fair bit of recoil, but at £73 per week before discount it initially seems mad that the timber frame teams don't use them until you consider they are supplied the normal framing nails etc but not collated ppn nails. They just get supplied shedloads of twists. They are on a price and not earning a fortune, so spending £400 on materials when they have a foc supply on site does not work for them. It took an age to do all the hangers by hand.
  6. Mr Punter

    Tiling...many questions

    I thought that was just for paving...
  7. You would need EPS about 50% thicker than Celotex to get the same insulation values.
  8. Mr Punter

    Positive placement nailer

    Google says
  9. Mr Punter

    Tiling...many questions

    I think smash off the tile and start again. You don't really want a cut edge at the bottom anyway.
  10. This one was well received by the planners and quite a compromise from the architects original proposal. A similar form to the next door house but a modern look. The owners have put planting at the front so the house now looks distinct from the front wall.
  11. Mr Punter

    Positive placement nailer

    Even on big projects I never see these used. On recent project we had about 800 hangers and they hand nailed the lot!
  12. Mr Punter

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    I have seen pictures of buildings in Japan with this finish. Very striking. I would not want to brush past it in my wedding dress though.
  13. Mr Punter

    HMO wifi

    Perhaps get your device to forget the BT hub SSID as it may be trying to connect to that. I have 2 Unifis in a 4 storey house and they work flawlessly.
  14. Mr Punter

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    I am not sure why you are cladding over the render? Be aware of fire spread if the building is close to any boundary. Natural timber weathers to grey which is not to everyone's taste. You can coat it but it needs frequent re-coating. You could look at some of the pre-coloured cement cladding options. If you go with timber, it is just decide what you like and shop around for prices. The suppliers can give useful installation advice. Can be installed by a reasonable pair of chippies.
  15. Mr Punter

    Kitchen tap flow restrictor

    This bit of the Building Regs is nonsense. All that needs to be done is a letter from you stating "Notice under regulation 37 that water consumption is less than 125 litres/person/day using fittings approach”. Spend no more time on this!