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  1. I don't think that SAP is keen on air-to-air.
  2. I enjoyed the previous ones because the results were so bad and it was fun to slag off the architects in their collarless shirts. Last night was disappointing as the architects were not precious, listened to the client and the solution was near to budget. Where is the sport in that?
  3. Space heating in a properly built new house or flat is not tricky or energy hungry. Hot water and solar overheating can be bigger issues. Air tightness can be more significant than insulation.
  4. You don't need to chop the joist, just shave a bit from the bottom so it is at 45 degrees.
  5. Mr Punter

    Loading out

    You are going to be a busy boy. I suggest the extra Shredded Wheat is in order.
  6. +1 Get the engineer back. I have done work on existing to engineer spec and had "issues" when removing what was thought to be a non-structural wall. Looks quite dry down there, which is good.
  7. I would have a chat to building control and if push comes to shove chop a 45 degree angle off the bottom corner of the offending joist.
  8. I use an architect who is very good at gaining planning consent. He is not interested in progressing the project any further, unless the clients wants this, as there are others out there who are better and cheaper for this.
  9. I have done some of these a few years back. We were only moving down one band and had a comparable or two so they didn't put up a fight.
  10. Yes. When the bungalow is demolished you can have it removed from the register. Your Council may deem when the new building should be completed, so they may start the new CT before actual completion.
  11. Get a couple of other merchants to quote as well. Play one against the other. Free delivery too. And low charge for restocking should you wish to return anything, or you will end up with lots of bits and pieces you will never use (not that I ever have!)
  12. Is the water running off the parapet coping as well? There is not much wall above the window so the problem maybe stems from the roof.
  13. The simplest way to do this may be to obtain planning consent and sell the plot to others on the basis that they complete the project within an agreed time, then use some of the proceeds to do up the bungalow.