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  1. Mr Punter

    Kitchen cooker

    We have Mercury - very expensive but it cooks fairly evenly. My brother has Lacanche and it does not cook evenly, the control knobs get really hot and cannot be read and the auto ignite is either missing or broken. Bertazzoni look fab but are poorly reviewed. We used to have an Aga in a previous house. It was just crap to cook with - no control at all over the temperature, but at the time they were on trend.
  2. Mr Punter

    Kitchen cooker

    I have tried both but I am currently on a range cooker, which I quite like. I don't like the bank of tall units fashion much.
  3. Mr Punter

    Is this really a consent

    Unless you cannot afford to do the work, need a second loan / refinance etc, I think you can take the email on face value and go ahead. It is up to your lender to make sure their advisers give clear and accurate information to customers. I still can't work out how the lender found out in the topic though...
  4. Mr Punter


    Tile adhesive will be fine.
  5. Mr Punter

    Tiler rates

    Well you are a cheap date!
  6. Mr Punter

    Tiler rates

    I think 2 people could do this. The rate will depend on the layout of the space. They may need to use special levelling clips. The floor will need to be completely flat as will the tiles. At least the grouting should be easy! You can get a Rubi type manual cutter for 1200mm tiles, or you are into a power cutter. Budget £3,000-£4,000 inc adhesive and grout.
  7. Mr Punter


    I am keen on clay paving if the budget allows. I does not fade and it weathers nicely.
  8. Mr Punter


    I hope that is block paving onto sharp sand with kiln dried joints as even then that is a lot of work.
  9. A demolish and rebuild is difficult to make stack up financially. I have only ever seen done option agreements on land, like side or back gardens.
  10. Mr Punter

    Dispute with Mortgage Lender over project?

    I have looked at part complete building projects for sale in the past and they are very cheap compared to full market price. One in particular looked mostly completed, did not have building regs final, shockingly poor brickwork, cracks around ceilings and bouncy floors. All doable but not mortgage-able. Ended up selling for about 50% discount. If your completed dream house were worth £700k it is unlikely that the bare plot is worth more than £350k and if repossessed could net just £200k for your lender after fees.
  11. Mr Punter

    Disconnections for demo

    I think you may be able to get another firm to do the electrics but I doubt you will save anything. You cannot DIY gas or electric. Regarding the water, if the meter is not in your way you can turn it off at the meter and terminate it anywhere on your property. A standpipe on a post somewhere is a favourite. You may want some water for the site hut or temporary accommodation.
  12. Mr Punter

    ICF Foundations +/- 5mm

    With some ICF systems it is possible to cut the blocks or chock them up a little. You could also consider a levelling screed. Ask your ICF people what they would suggest.
  13. Mr Punter

    Wooden floors and Carpets

    I have had a house with UFH. Some rooms had carpet, some engineered oak floor and some tiles. The heating worked fine in all areas. The carpeted rooms seemed slightly slower to warm up and the tiled ones quickest.
  14. Mr Punter

    Corrosion of 316 stainless steel door handles

    Perhaps @pocster may want to look at this before he orders his front door.
  15. Mr Punter

    Having an air test next week, any tips?

    @joe90 what result do you need? You should get less than 5 without even trying.