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  1. I get what @Bonner is saying. I have often seen MIs that say bed completely onto sand and cement, which is a right PITA with a 40kg tray in a tight alcove. Same tray can be supported on some plastic legs.
  2. I don't believe what is labelled on a CU. I once spurred off a kitchen socket having taken removed the ground and kitchen fuses. It turned out the socket was fed from upstairs. Luckily it only cost me the time to rewire the fuse but I have been more careful since.
  3. We have a lot of chalk around here which is normally easy to dig, drains well, not shrinkable. We just need to be aware of are sink holes and other dissolution features. @saveasteading's gravel sounds good.
  4. Could be different in Scotland. Could you plant some shrubs to form a barrier?
  5. Although it does look a bit like marzipan. Be fine when the ridge tile is on.
  6. Has the building inspector looked at this? Don't pay anything for what they have done as you will probably be asked to demolish this.
  7. I don't know where in the country you are but I guess between £2,500 and £3,500 per metre plus VAT.
  8. Unscrew one from the door side then try.
  9. I have had them on discharge of conditions applications, where they don't like a material or don't accept a report etc but the rest is OK.
  10. You can def have both UFH and rads quite easily. I think UFH works well on the ground floor. In a new house the upper floors tend to need less heat, and if you have Velux or large glazing it may have a fair amount of solar gain so maybe just rads up there as they are simple to control. When selling, I have found there is no premium for UFH and some buyers can be a bit wary.
  11. Yes, remove it. It is not a waste as all it is doing is taking space where your internal insulation should be. You could of course have external insulation but this may not be aesthetically acceptable on stone walls.
  12. I have created a dam out of mastic around the back and sides of my fridge so if the water / ice springs a leak I will see a puddle at the front, rather than have it track down and along between the engineered oak floor and the T & G chipboard.
  13. I thought that your pipe was everything your side of the meter / pavement stopcock and the rest was the water suppliers. Can you get them to change their bit to MDPE?
  14. Another backbox cut out by the drunken pocket squirrel...