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Grand Designs - Chisel Cliff House up for sale ay £10m


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The cliff top house from Grand Designs a couple of years ago is about to come up for sale and was featured in many newspapers over the last couple of days.


Annoyingly there are no actual pictures of the finished house as it is not up for sale yt.


It is a pretty tragic story that broke up the family and left them millions of pounds in debt.


I suspect the house is not worth anywhere near £10m. Quite a lot of GD houses have come up for sale at crazy prices before being considerably reduced.



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I remember the rather ambitious project and iirc the concrete bridge to the bigger house cost them dearly. He was in the music industry and it was fairly clear from the start that he had bitten off way more than he could chew. Not surprised that it broke up his marriage.

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8 minutes ago, gaz_moose said:

didn't he build a smaller house that he was going to sell to help finance this one,

I thought that, but seem to remember that he did not want to sell it as he felt the ongoing work next door would reduce the value.

"do not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar

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If trying to sell a house for 10 million people expect a certain level of finish and materials. You'll be expecting granite or other high quality floors, expensive lighting systems and home automation, high quality sanitary, taps, showers, ironmongery to doors, high end kitchen, etc. If you're 4 million in dept and have taken 10 years before you start the finishes you'll be looking at bargain and cheap stuff. You can't put a flat pack kitchen into a 10 million house. I therefore wouldn't be expecting the final product to 'wow'. It's unfourtionate and I feel for him but he was naive and took on far to much.

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3 hours ago, ProDave said:

Didn't he build and finish the second house just so he could borrow against it's value to finance the big house?



Wasn't it @Jeremy Harris who wrote about Optimism Bias ? .... ( looks up the reference) Yes!   here

Uncomfortably close to the truth in our case. We're in the fortunate position of ( @epsilonGreedy -like ) DIY Maxing , so our monthly expenditure on the house rarely exceeds our monthly joint income. (Cos I don't work that fast)

As so often @Dudda is right we (I) was naive and took on far too much. But now we seem to have settled into a semi-comfortable routine of just-bloody-doing-it , with periods of pure terror (next one soon : second / third fitting the MVHR on my own) juxstaposed with hmmm-thats-quite-like-a-job-I-did-earlier . 

So, Head Down @rse Up Go.


Yes @AliG , debt out of proportion to our income would get to us both too. Thats the tragedy - the break-up -  not the goddam house. 

And I bet the friggin' stairs wouldn't pass Inspection by the BCO there either.


Want a quick peek? Here (googlemap)


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