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  1. i sealed the gaps in my concrete sectional garage with screwfix own brand exterior caulk about 2 years ago and its been fine so far. although i think a 25mm gap is to big for caulk, personally i would stick some PVC trim up, no one is going to notice it all the way up there.
  2. didn't he build a smaller house that he was going to sell to help finance this one, i thought that Omaze house competition with the annoying old hag woman raffled the other finished one off.
  3. a company called bigdug sell the foam square ones in different colours. id be tempted to use carpet tiles as they are fairly easy to replace if you ruin one or two, although they are not very impact absorbant.
  4. personally i would put rubber gym matting type flooring down. the thick stuff like they use in stables for horses, so that you dont have to worry about damaging it. my conservatory has become my gym now and it has ceramic tiles 😭 so im just waiting till one gets broken.
  5. Hansgrohe Isiflex Shower Hose Chrome 5.5mm x 1.6m | Shower Hoses | these are plastic coated and smooth. they do clear ones if you dont like spaceship silver but you will see its just a regular one with a covering on the outside.
  6. how can you build a partition wall between the two windows when their is a gas/electric meter between the two? if you ceiling is the whole way along then pop one of the spot lights out and see if it has any insulation in it? id probably put insulated plasterboard on the walls and clad it in that semi decent looking bathroom panelling.
  7. the brackets above concrete screwed into the walls, assuming they are not partition walls.
  8. a thin coat of acid etch primer then a paint that is high in zinc.
  9. I put Ikea Pax units behind Slide Pro sliding doors when i was faced with a similar issue,i did cut the pax units to get them to fit the space better, i thought it was a neat trick.
  10. how do these warm roof/ lightweight roof companies get away with removing the old glass/plastic roofs and fitting solid roofing? im sure the regulations are that the roof must be 75% translucent to class as a conservatory.
  11. ive just redone mine around the bath, which was fibo wall panels so i didnt want to risk any silicone removers. i used a snap off blade knife and a razor blade type scraper. it wasn't too bad of a task. i went over it with some everbuild wonderwipes to get the last bits off. i was worried the silicone removers might damage the wetwall so chickened out and went old school. the wipes are good for cleaning off freshly applied silicone.
  12. i just went for the cheap no name amazon ones and they have been fantastic. i was sceptical about the BTU's but i have the same sized rooms with normal radiators and they basically the same.
  13. i recently had a whole new heating system installed and the plumber left it for a month with system cleaner in before draining it down to ensure it was flushed out. if he is just doing 1 room in your house then he will probably just isolate that radiator before taking it off so you still have heating in the rest of the house. i supose you could drain it down and just fill it up with water to flush it out.
  14. some good points raised. i will try and mix it weaker and dryer, ive not got any DPC so will try and scrounge some.