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    Trained as a Yacht & Boatyard Manager - lived on the South Coast for 10 years selling and sailing yachts. Moved back oop North in 1996 and worked in property ever since, currently advising and sourcing residential investments for clients in the NW. Enjoy sailing (when I can), walking the dog in the hills and back via a local real ale pub. New build virgin!!
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  1. I think it is their way of trying to put you off - many companies do not want new customers at the moment.
  2. Well Octopus take 3 months to assist so that's a none starter. British Gas are not taking on new electric only customers. Email sent to EDF - at least their website does not say not taking on new customers
  3. We are hopefully about 6-8 weeks from moving in and need to choose a supplier for the electrics. No solar panels yet but hopefully in a few years. It will run the usual things plus an 8.5kW ASHP. Question is who to use. I hear a lot about Octupus Energy but not sure if its for us.
  4. We have just ordered an infinity glass 4m x 1m balcony from DioMet. They also do glass for juliet balconies. https://diometonline.co.uk/balconies/glass-balconies/stainless-steel-glass-juliet-balcony-modern-style
  5. First quote has come in ...... ..... at a whopping £9000 + for just a 10 meter run. It's the end of a cul-de-sac so hardly needs traffic management.
  6. We finally have approval for our surface water connection and need a qualified contractor who can connect to the road. Any recommendations please in the North West - preferably Manchester/Cheshire East.
  7. Looking good. Luckily we have a friend with a telehandler who lifted our ground floor steels into place. We hired two genie lifts for our steels at the back of the house as can't get the telehandler up due to site restrictions. Luckily we were working off a concrete raft.
  8. We need a 4m wide balcony on a sloping site. Only need 1m depth and don't want any maintenance so I think wood is out of the equation for me. Have looked at these but coming in at over £4000 incl delivery: https://diometonline.co.uk/balconies/walk-out-balconies/walk-out-balcony-glass-balustrade
  9. It was designed prior to planning but we did not know at that time that we would hit solid rock nor that there was an existing combined drain already in place. Ultimately we can connect but just trying to make it easier and less costly. What I am hoping someone knows is whether there is any definite law whereby I have to connect them separately.
  10. Thanks - we have discussed a soakaway and also spoken to BC. We live on a sloping site and a soakaway is not possible as it would waterlog the neighbours land. The land to the side is so steep it would become unstable as it drops down to properties there. We therefore have to connect to the system in some way shape or form. Just seems crazy to have to go to our and their expense of digging things up when there is an existing viable alternative.
  11. We demolished an annex to our home in order to create room for our new build. The annex had a combined roof water and foul drain which connected to a foul only drain within our boundary. Our current house has both foul and surface water drains. We are a cul de sac of 9 properties and the foul for these joins a combined system at the beginning of the cul de sac. Our water utility company have rejected the application to connect both foul and water to the one existing drain. This would mean our digging (through solid rock) and over a neighbours driveway in order to connect a separate surface water drain in the cul de sac. My question is does current legislation mean that I have to connect separately or can I appeal?
  12. Are they paying interest for sitting on your money for all this time?
  13. They say in stock and then call you once you have ordered to say how long the delay is going to be....try to get you on the hook. Our appliances from Appliance City came 5 months after ordering - still a couple of months early but better than the other way around.
  14. I think more people would be sympathetic if there was an alcohol shortage....😄 Anyway we are awaiting a kitchen sink and tap which has been on order for 3 months - the tap is the problem. Nothing fancy just a std modern tap.
  15. Yes it needs to be under the bath- it has a clever system to stop the bath overflowing - there are no other overflows cut into the bath. Sounded great at the time as the bath looks great freestanding with nothing attached to it or holes other than the drain.
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