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  1. Having put up loads of commercial buildings with PCCP`s (pre cast concrete panels), the cast in ducts have always been a nightmare. Either colapsed during the pour/curing, didnt align with the next panel etc. or trying to break into a duct for a box opening etc. has been known to crack the panel.
  2. Wow! i like his style (insert round of applause)
  3. Whats holding the shutters in place? ... i see a bust out coming on.
  4. The builder should be able to sort that while waiting for the concrete to turn up, or while leveling and finishing is in progress
  5. Under-batten with packing where needed to level the underside or side batten with 3x1 or even 3x2 (makes hitting them with fixings easier) along the joist length. Only needs to be one side of the joist.
  6. Welcome and good luck! What area are you looking? I have been looking for that bungalow around west Yorkshire for quite some time and i have your entire budget to spend on it ... admittedly i do want a larger plot but i would welcome a difficult site and poor access etc.
  7. I have to agree with all of the above. 8x2 wont even self support at 7m. Unless the walls and wall plate are exceptionally strong they will bow allowing the roof to fall in. Bottom cord / ceilng ties is the way forward.
  8. P.S, havent seen a K12 (pretty sure thats what it is) in a long time
  9. Hi, My company is Promax Access so i can definitely help you. The switch will probably have 3 terminals on it, if so, swap the outer two - if the problem reverses then you just need a new switch. if not, let me know.
  10. OMG! the lock rebate looks awful, yes ive seen much worse on new build houses but anyone selling `pre-hung` doors etc should be geared up with the necessary tooling and jigs etc. I would complain and want a decent discount as a minimum.
  11. markc

    concrete road

    Tarmac needs a good well compacted base to prevent areas sinking. Concrete is much more tolerant but sub base problems result in slabs tilting and becoming uneven etc. Tarmac shed water as long as it has a slope or camber but must be very well rolled to prevent water ingress and busting the surface when it freezes. Smooth concrete sheds water but is very slippery with grease and leaves etc. tamped concrete can hold water is the corrugations and form an ice sheet when frozen. I would say tarmac will be cheaper but not as hard wearing.
  12. Tony, Bringing the edges down to form a ring-beam makes insulation difficult. If i was doing a similar build i would excavate as for a ring-beam but level the top of the hardcore, sand blind, DPM, 75-100mm insulation and then a 75-100mm slab on top. Maybe overkill (i do it often) but it would be nice and warm and last for ever. I would be interested to hear other peoples suggestions
  13. Real or engineered, the top surface is still a natural product and will dent and scratch. Even manufactured laminate (MDF with a printed surface) will still get damaged but cant be sanded etc.
  14. No need for real `footings` an insulated slab would be perfect for this
  15. No problem adding packs under cabinet legs, much better than taking flooring under the cabinets. If you need piece of mind, stick a small screw through the foot into the ply. Also go a bit over on ply thickness to give yourself a bit extra adjustment.