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  1. Congratulations and well done, looking great
  2. The Chinese Cater machines arent too bad, but i have doubts on how long the cabs will last. The Rhinosarous (excuse the spelling) 08 has the loudest small engine you could imagine. Used Kubota etc are good value and will last but look out for worn drive sprockets and tracks - no tread is fine but badly worn or twisted tracks will come off easily. The small JCB machines are not what they used to be ... . Decent machines are making stupidly high prices at the moment and many fake sellers on ebay offering too-good-to-be-true machines as long as you pay first and they will arrange delivery .... err, NO!
  3. tongue/groove position depends on the machine used to do it and whether the person setting the machine bothers to adjust it. often different thickness boards are run through at the same setting. as to which side - check whether one has a chamfer? then decide if you prefer the close butted look or v groove
  4. I was always told external doors in houses open inwards in case of snow or debris etc preventing opening from the inside.
  5. That screams wet cavity insulation to me, is this on all walls or just outer?
  6. cleaning the bitumen off is the hardest part, the pieces usually lift up with bits of stone or concrete attached that all need cleaning off. Sadly bitumen does not go well through woodwork machines so planing is out of the question.
  7. It looks untidy as others have already mentioned. My concern is with the holes and voids. if water can get in, it will! Pointing is meant to prevent water getting into the brick/stonework.
  8. I wouldnt give it 5 years. water will get into the voids and holes and blow out when it freezes. Badly done pointing is worse than non at all. Done well it should be raked out to a depth at least 3x the width and then forced back in to fully fill the recess without any holes or voids.
  9. DIY programmes ... lets just remove the chimney breast to make more space. Im sure there are loads of people that just dont realise the chimney on the roof is sat on the thing they are just going to remove. I've seen chimneys held up with a piece of ply to make bedrooms larger.
  10. UC is Universal Column, they have a thick web to resist twisting and compressive loads and this makes them heavier for the given section. UB Universal Beams are designed for horizontal applications and have a much thinner web meaning they can be much lighter, less sag under their own weight and therefore support greater loads for the same depth of beam.
  11. If the slab is still green then cutting channels is messy but not too difficult. Nailing clips to the slab with a nail gun isnt difficult ... easier than cutting channels
  12. I am a little confused why they are using UC`s as beams?