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  1. The ground pressure of an excavator is very low. A layer of sand/soil/hardcore over the top will prevent the tracks catching hold … just tell the driver about it so he knows to be careful when turning. axle weights of delivery vehicles are more likely to cause damage
  2. Get a new well fitting door made or get a decent joiner to sort the existing door. some things are better not replaced with new.
  3. £2771.00 per square is on the high side but anyone quoting at the moment is/can exaggerate their prices because they don’t need the work. Plus extensions can be messy and problematic.
  4. aluminium or cast your own in dyed concrete
  5. Is it actually bent or wasn’t straight when treads/plates were bolted in? Bolt holes are oversize to allow lining and levelling of steel prior to tightening up. loosen the bolts and then have a go at levering into alignment, then tighten up.
  6. Good wood glue and add sawdust, far better than any tub or tube stuff
  7. Slow speed and lots of weight behind the drill. ohh and interesting big hole you have there sir, you should build a house in it
  8. Just for the Sh1ts and giggles! if the earth warms up we won’t need insulation and will burn less fuel to keep warm 🤔 how many climate protestors turn their heating off and wear more clothes? Throw away their phones and electrical devices? And walk or cycle everywhere? the more humanity progresses the softer we get, the more we find fault with everything and the more we go backwards. answer to climate change ….. cull half the population … and allow the protestors to volunteer first.
  9. Ahh yes Rosin is definitely not good for plastic. that’s why you should never put one of those car air freshener things onto your dash or centre consul …. The plastic or vanilla gets eaten away. Luckily mastics and sealers are rarely rated on their fresh mountain odour 😂
  10. I can see trowel mastic being a problem but that has a very specific use. when you think about it, most cars have panels and trim bonded with mastic, and mastic is also used for sealing rainwater goods etc. a quick check of the particular data sheet should avert your fears
  11. I’ve never heard this and can’t imagine why it would or could be true
  12. Can’t be sure but I reckon it’s course sand. there are loads of different sands but they can be broken down into 3 basic categories soft sand - fine often red in colour and used for mortar. course sand, similar to soft but larger grains, often used in smooth rendering etc. grit or sharp sand - ideal for concrete and textured render. for your project I wouldn’t worry about it. Use what you have.
  13. For herringbone the floor needs to be flat. The glue will be vertically nothing so allow 1mm at most to account for minor humps and dips