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  1. Bull float is technically a steel trowel finish, really depends what the finished floor will industrial floor will be left as is so power floating would be done a few hours later .
  2. 1mm is nothing, factory cutting for Pozi`s is +/- 2mm. hence the 5mm gap note
  3. That is nothing to be concerned about, the parapet and walls will prevent wind from drying the water. Only worry if it gets near the top of the flashing
  4. Really dont envy you trying to find the source of your water ingress, so many possibilities - all those mentioned previously plus it could be getting in via the window/cill then down behind the render (presume that is a rendered patch) and under the roof material that way
  5. I would build a kiosk, meter box at one side just for the meter. At the side/above mount your CU and leave tails plenty long enough (meter installers love an easy install with nice long tails). Then you or your site guys can open the kiosk (this can have lockable door) and get to the supply without going into the meter enclosure
  6. meter tails are (should be) double insulated so dont need trunking/conduit. If using 25mm tails you will struggle to get them into a 32mm gland. The stuffing on tails etc into a CU isnt for IP rating is for fire rating/retarding. The caravan type units generally dont have a big enough main switch for an incoming supply so a CU is the best bet.
  7. 3000 litres sounds a lot but in reality it is only 3 cubic metres. Harvested water for the garden, washing cars etc. is great, i do have reservations regarding its use around the house, maybe someone can answer my concerns regarding standing bacteria and algae etc. is this likely to be a problem in cisterns and washing machines?
  8. Mapei is my go-to adhesive, never had a problem (apart from some very dusty slate when i "forgot" to wet them ..... sapped the moisture out of the adhesive and didnt stick, but that was my fault
  9. A 1st fix gun will be far too big for this job. (1st fix is timber framing, 2nd fix is floor boards, skirts, Arch`s etc.) Just to clarify the previous post, nailing through the tongue should be pushing the board down onto the other board, not up. Tongues to the top, grooves down to shed water
  10. Doesnt need an SE to say that is in a very bad state and well on its wall to falling. It needs sorting ASAP. If it was mine i would add temp prop supports to prevent it falling.
  11. Yes its a Tang, hole drilled in the handle under size, tang heated and then pushed into the timber to burn a perfectly sized and shaped hole. Sometimes a small amount of tree resin or hoof glue was used to fix handles in place after burning.
  12. Chop the plug off and fit a UK 3 pin in its place
  13. I totally agree with you, Brickies seem a law unto themselves and its too easy to get a bad one, or more.