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  1. We've had the same problem, although in this case, the window sill is too high because it's a dormer on a low pitch roof, so it's physically impossible to make the window any lower. The BCO's suggestion in this case is to provide a protected means of escape from this room - which comes down to fire doors on any habitable room that opens on to the stairs. The irritating thing is that the rooms where the window is too high open on to a roof that you could simply stroll down if you needed to escape. The other rooms - with the acceptable sill height - you'd plummet to your death if you tried to get out of them. Though at that point you're outside of the house so I guess the BCO doesn't need to worry any more... (Wales, not Scotland though)
  2. I'm using DS18B20 temperature probes with WIFI relay switches (https://shellystore.co.uk/product/shelly-1) to control extractor fans and central heating. What's nice about this is that it's plug and play - no soldering required. Each wifi switch can run up to 3 probes, but you have to combine with with an addon to link the probes to the switch. (https://shellystore.co.uk/product/shelly-temp-addon). The wifi switches broadcast their temperature data using MQTT - you could easily set up an MQTT server on your old laptop and capture the temperature data. The cost of a switch and an addon works at £20ish per 3 probes (plus the cost of the probes). A cheaper option is to use a teeny tiny ESP8266 wifi chip. Connect it to power via micro usb, wire in the sensors and you're good to go. Check out https://esphome.io/components/sensor/dallas.html. I haven't tried this approach though.
  3. https://www.secondsandco.co.uk/ are good for cheap boards, but they have a minimum order of £500 and you will get them when they are good and ready (not before, matey). I've also bought direct from https://sigdistribution.co.uk/, from their Cardiff branch - but their website says they have a depot nearer to you in Birmingham. They were a good bit cheaper than Jewsons
  4. Oops! Sorry - yes, per m3 prices! That's what I typed in my head, but yep, per m3 is missing from my first post... £444+vat per m3 for 2.8m3, and it was around £900 all in for a 1m3 floor last year.
  5. They're not a national company, but not a one man band either. It's https://www.swconcretepumping.co.uk/. Their managing director still answers the phone a lot, so I'd say they're not a massive company! They've never mentioned a minimum price, but that being said, I had 1m3 off for them for another floor last year, and that was getting close to £900, so there's some form of volume discount going on there. You get charged for how much wasted space there is in the truck apparently.
  6. £444+VAT installed for 2.8m3 in South Wales - Belitex liquid screed
  7. Another vote for missing soakers. Fixmyroof.co.uk has a page dedicated to it: https://www.fixmyroof.co.uk/install-roof-flashings/step-flashing/