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  1. I think @dpmiller is on to something. The Q&A section on screwfix says
  2. Don't ever let the kids watch any Tarzan films...
  3. Those those little white nylon catches tend to have a slot in the middle into which you can insert a screwdriver. You then turn the screwdriver to adjust how far the catch projects (you might have to push the plastic ball back into the body of the catch before you can turn it). You never know, might be just enough to stop the door blowing open. You also try changing the catch for a new one of the same size - the spring inside the old one could have lost its oomph.
  4. Sorry, cannot help with the online query, but local to me (in South Wales), the smaller timber merchants will cut plywood to size - perhaps your friend can find somewhere close to him who does it.
  5. Who can say...they don't provide any information on the website about how you set the thing up. Get in touch with the seller and see if they have a manual for it first.
  6. There are lots of waste collection companies around who'll come in and take away your rubbish, for a price, which is generally more than a skip costs. Here in Wales there's a government web page where you can look them up and check they have waste carrier's license
  7. Reinstate the fence with chainlink. Satisfies the agreement to reinstate a fence, removes your worry about the wall not being able to breathe, and all your lovely bricks are still exposed for their viewing pleasure.
  8. And the chap was an idiot. He's not in trouble because he had a doorbell camera, but it turns out that he set up multiple cameras all trained on a shared communal car park, not his own garden.
  9. The register has a more in depth report (including a link to the judge's 49 page ruling). https://www.theregister.com/2021/10/13/amazon_ring_audio_recording_data_protection/
  10. The materials for inscreed Ufh tend to be cheaper than overlay - worth factoring that into your decision
  11. Our stud walls are 4x2 CLS with 12.5mm plasterboard and they feel nice and solid. The uprights are roughly 400m apart. According to the chippy and the delivery driver, people try and go with 3x2 and put them 600mm apart (so it's easy to get 600mm wide rockwool in between) and that's why these doggone modern walls are so flimsy.
  12. zinsser BIN is shellac based as well, but it's white already.
  13. Blue iris is great! Does the video mention if the deepstack stuff runs on the blue iris box, or is it cloud based?
  14. It's additional. It is literally a little tank that gets plumbed into a heating pipe and provides space for water to expand into.
  15. A quick check of the spec sheets for the unifi switches says that they "offers the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process traffic on all ports at line rate without any packet loss." So if you go unifi then your assumption is correct. But something worth checking though is what happens when you get VLANs involved - it's possible that extra layer of config will hit performance.