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  1. Hello, Can anyone help? I am painfully stripping all the paint off some walls and doors in my house at the moment. I found a paste to apply the wood which has stripped to varying degrees of success. I applied some to the door knob and lock - it came off fine for one door but it was more stubborn on one door. I just tried a hot gun but it does not seem to remove the last stubborn parts. Does anyone have any ideas to get this off? Or if actually, it is possible to remove this type of lock and replace it with a more modern handle with relative ease. I have included a photo of the connecting part on the door frame. Thanks in advance.
  2. is Grohe the way to go for bathroom suites?
  3. thanks! the fitter actually suggested I get my suite from victorian plumbing lol I'll keep on looking but it might be I have more time to look now as my fitter has suddenly ghosted me for no reason. sigh. where are all the reliable tradespeople??
  4. @Temp hi temp, do you have any advice on this please?
  5. yes! this is what the man told me what happend. that the paint smelled of cat pee!! I recently used it to paint my ceilings and it doesn't smell of cat pee, so hopefully, Valspar sorted it out by adding back that addictive!!! Or I guess I will see soon in the summer months ha ha!!
  6. I managed to find the paperwork - does this also help with your initial diagnosis?
  7. Hey all, Does anyone know if one can have a whirlpool bath tub in a room that has no plug sockets? The fitter says he will have to connect to the nearest socket. He hasn't explained exactly how when I said that the nearest socket was either in the landing or the room next door. Anyone have any ideas please?
  8. Thanks very much for your advice. I appreciate it. I think perhaps the digital ones are a tad bit fancy for me ha ha!
  9. thanks very much for your advice. I appreciate it! I will be looking for a mira shower as this is the brand the fitter recommended. Are they really good? as I am now conscious about this, as when I went into the orange shop, I'd never heard of Valspar and they said that was the best, hence the bit central display. Then when I spoke to someone else about how to put up my insulated liner, they paused when I mentioned Valspar and proceeded to tell me it has been on TV for standards (albeit,, a few years ago).
  10. thank you very much!! Does a combi boiler mean I can choose any of the mentioned shower types? edit: to get hot water, we had to switch on a switch and wait about 15 mins for hot water.
  11. We previously had an old style cylinder that we would have to switch on to get water. But a few years ago, we had BG change out the boiler, now we have constant hot water when we want. We don't have the cylinder anymore but in its place in a different location is a ...not sure what they are call to be honest. A big white unit and several pipes coming in and out of it.
  12. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help with some advice. We're in the process of getting a new bathroom. I'm looking at suites and the like, but then when it came to choosing the type of shower to pick, I was so confused!! At the moment, we just have your standard two taps, one with cold water one with hot water, connected to a shower head. We set our own temps and pressure by adjusting the taps. Now, with the new shower, I see we have several options and this is wherein the confusion lies!! which one is suitable for our bathroom! I have been looking at Electric showers Power showers Mixer showers Digital showers Can anyone advise on how I can tell which one I can use on my property? I reached out to one of the suppliers of the showers and they suggested that I get a local plumber to check this. I'd be looking at a standard call out charge to find out this type of information wouldn't I? I don't think the bath fitter will even bother coming out to look and help determine this as he has basically more or less refused to come out to measure out the bathroom to make sure he gives me the correct dimensions on the products we need for the suite. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, does anyone know if screwfix make good is the same/does the same thing as gyproc easifill? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the tips!! decorating sure takes a lot of effort. I really do have a new found respect for decorators doing this day in day out. But not so much for the ones who let you down and don't turn up and ghost you after agreeing for the job. Now diddums is left to do it themselves hence all the questions! they initially said that they had an industrial sander for the walls with the old paste - connected to a suction pipe, that could be used - which is what was quoted for. but on the walls in other rooms, i was just told to just leave it and not bother and just line, then paper or paint!