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  1. Thanks everyone! Maybe I was using the wrong terminology. But the question about mould, does anyone know if this is 'normal', when the builder insists it is there on the plasterboard because there is moisture but once dried out, the mould and damp issue will be gone. This is on a newly built extension.
  2. Hey all, So one of my worst fears have come true. I was assured having the boiler expelling it's steam (for over a month, because the plumber was not avail) into our extension would not damage or cause mould in there. I guess it is to be expected, it's like steaming my lounge and not expecting there to be ramifications. It has, is the best course of action to remove it entirely and board again? I'm guessing wiping it off and skimming it and painting it is, is just like putting a plaster on a wound. it will grow through and probably with a vengeance? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Hey All, If an extension has suspended floor, can it be used as a kitchen area? It has cabershield plus but I'm very worried about the load on it, e.g., washing machine, dryer, American sized fridge freezer and oven etc., The builder said it was OK but I'm worried about the washing machine doing its cycle and possibly shaking the floor and over time it will just basically fall through? I may just being paranoid about it, but what do I know since I'm not an expert but looking for peace of mind and advice appreciated. Also, the said cabershield plus flooring we have, some of it has been exposed to the elements for several weeks, a flooring guy came recently who measure up and he saw it and commented on the floor material (as our current kitchen is concrete), and he said its not good the edges of the cabershield was not covered up as it will soak up water and become weak. So that had me worried too.
  4. if you have a kitchen and put floorboards in there, you can still build over?
  5. thanks! If the pipes are clay do the pipes contacting to it need to be clay or are plastic ones ok?
  6. Hi All, If you build an extension and your extension is to go over your private pipes that service just your house(which connect to main pipes), do these pipes need redirecting outside of the extension area? and connecting to the main pipes? As I assume once you build over it them it would basically mean destroying your flooring should you need to gain access to the said pipes if there is a leak in the future. Can you build over your private pipes? can they still be used or do they need redirecting?
  7. please excuse the crappy drawing skills (or lack of). there is a manhole located in the garden but the architect and builders just assumed the pipes would run in line across the garden, but it unfortunately doesn't not and slopes up towards the neighbours garden, and I think they may have built over theirs themselves.
  8. sorry, maybe it's early but reading your response a couple of times, I'm still not sure what you mean?
  9. Hey All, Just looking for a bit of guidance, please. If your build is near a main sewer pipe, do you need a build over agreement? e.g., extension is within 3 metres of the pipe? Do builders usually have an idea of where pipes might be before digging or would they assist you find out where they are by doing a test dig or perhaps, do they advise clients that there are actually services that you can engage that tell you were they are?
  10. they have been politely asked on several occasions, and each time they lied. they actually said they sent it all off in July, they lied. we're now in September and still waiting for them to respond. if it isn't on top of their agenda, fine, just dissent from the get go so, we can do they necessary instead of inconveniening others, and causing unnecessary stress to us, mentally and financially.
  11. I thought so too. I've read similar situations where people are just bitter and jealous so make it as difficult as possible?
  12. I know. and we've been on good terms for many decades up until this
  13. thanks for the detailed walk through, it's very helpful. Two main differences in our experiences, one being that we kept our neighbour informed at each step, even telling them about the plans for extension, even submitting for planning permission, and same for party wall notice. Since they were seved notice, they have continuously dragged it out though, and the surveyor is letting them and Tbh, I don't know what their actual problem is, WE asked them about the PWA not the other way around. We wanted something in place to protect both of our properties, as it is the right thing to do, but they are making it now, very uncomfortable and unnecessarily difficult by not responding, and it has been very draining. Totally understand they are within their rights to protect their property...that's why we approached them about the party wall, if they want an Award, they could just say, instead of lying and delaying on purpose.
  14. ah, lol. I see. we have flags down so I cannot dig there. or houses are a bit of an anomaly, ours probably more so because we haven't walled in a patio away from the house. We have flags that then sloped down to the garden...which is then level the neighbours garden. I am not sure they makeshifted their wall patio by just layering on flags and putting some bricks around it, so not even sure they even dug it up or just put the flags and bricks on top. I'm not sure it is the way I'm coming across that is the issue, we get or got on like very well until this. I previously told them I wanted to do x in my garden, they just said they objected so I didn't pursue it out of respect to them so itw just perplexing they couldn't be honest about this matter this time round.
  15. ah, right. i see. sorry, but I didn't know them off the top of my head! (measurements) we're probably looking at building away from the boundary wall by at least 18 or so inches. I don't know if we will be digging deeper than the existing footings, it is beyond the realm of my understanding. I just trust the architect knows what he is doing, I mean that's what I hope I've paid for at least.
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