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  1. yes, i think this is what it is too
  2. Hi All, I am in the process of stripping a door - I initially wanted a new door fitted because the one we have is a bit dated. However, it is solid wood so have always been apprehensive to get rid of it because I wanted to keep the charm of the house in tact. So we are now stripping it, but the door comes with an old style handle - just a pull/push to close - closing by a ball/turn. When there is a bit of wind in the house, the door blows open, which is a bit annoying - so I wanted to ask if anyone could give advice on how to change this system to a door handle - do I get a locksmith (I really have no clue!) or a joiner or someone else? There seems to be a long wait for a joiner to even come (this is when I tried getting a quote for the entire door to be replaced). What type of person do I need to get this changed? Or is it possible to do it myself?
  3. thank you!, we only seem to have this outside - we don't have a toilet upstairs, it is only downstairs. Are we missing the breather altogether?
  4. Hi, Can anyone offer some advice please - I have been told that this pipe that is sitting above the roof line - it's purpose is for expelling the toilet smells for waste - it expels methane from the number 2. Is this true? as we don't currently have one, and always thought it was for the upstairs bathroom toilet in houses. Thanks in advance!
  5. sorry, what do you mean by 'should of run a fresh piece'?
  6. this is the area that goes into the kitchen and utility rooms - so it will eventually have new flooring put in (can't be carpet)
  7. Hi All, Looking for some advice on how to deal with a stone 'skirting board' - I had paid a plasterer to skim the walls and he said he would also go over the lip at the bottom. He didn't at the end of the day and I asked him about it and he said it was a skirting board. I am now trying to figure out what best to do with this section - it had previously been painted and I was able to get as much paint off as possible (see photo). It is basically solid stone and not what I consider a skirting board. ANy advice would be appreciated.
  8. Hi All, We're thinking of having one of the walls knocked through to make the kitchen bigger. The wall we are thinking of (not sure if it is a loading/structural wall), is just a little room next to the kitchen. What type of tradesperson should I be looking at to complete a project like this? Our neighbour had his done years ago, and it is likely they will not even remember who did theirs. Do we need planning permission? my initial research indicates no, but who knows nowadays! I only found out recently you need to inform the council if you replace your windows! Thanks in advance.
  9. hi! I tried this and while the lights work and can now be switched off downstairs, when I switch it on upstairs, the light comes on, but then it blinks and laminates as normal. it never used to blink (before I started the quest in changing the cover). I also turned the switch upside down as one of the wires that needed to go to the bottom of the switch was much too short and every time I put it in place to screw back in, the wire would pop out, so hence i turned it upside down so the short wire could still go into the bottom switch but the bottom became the top - is this OK to do?
  10. I have some walls that have been skimmed - I don't need to line do i? or can i seal then pop on the final paint on it right away?