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  1. So far I’ve not received a bill for this!
  2. Part of my build will have natural stone split face cladding on one of the gables. Elsewhere will be rendered. Can anyone recommend a company to supply these sections So far i have found Zclad & Zstone. Both appear to sell similar systems. Has anyone used either supplier and can give a review?
  3. Yes i am referring to the new rules as if 1st April i did read the link you provided but struggled with it tbh. So you are saying if i purchase my insulation from a retailer i should only pay 5% VAT? My local Jewsons and Travis perkins want to charge 20%. Makes a big difference to me since not VAT registered. These online retailers also charging 20% VAT https://insulation4less.co.uk/ https://www.insulationexpress.co.uk/
  4. Spoke to my local supplier and they had no idea about this, same for one a large online insulation retailer. However another company was happy to send me a proforma with zero VAT. Can anyone clarify, if i go into a builders merchant and purchase insulation what rate of VAT should i be charged, if any? Tried to find a straight answer on the HMRC website but struggled.
  5. How long ago was this? im very suprised people here didn’t receive a bill, why would they repair for free…
  6. Anyone hazard a guess to how much this will cost?
  7. They fixed it within an hour. No idea of the cost. Don’t think we will get away with a freebie…
  8. We had already exposed the services so shouldn’t have happened really. Paying day rates
  9. If a groundworker breaks a mains electric cable on my build who is liable for the cost? Me or him? We dont have a contract.
  10. Trying to decide on which option to go for. I quite like the uniform look of man made but am put off buy the visible copper rivet of hook fixing. I don't want my build to appear that i have gone for the cheap(er) man made option. Can you get man made slates that don't require this 3rd fixing at the bottom and just use two shoulder fixings like natural slates?
  11. I need a ton of scale plans printed on A3 paper. Also some onto transparent film (unsure of technical term). Can you recommend an online printer please?
  12. A sensible solution to a simple problem.
  13. Spoke to my solicitor, they advised its unlikely to be an issue when i resell providing i can evidence the work was carried out for strengthening and not subsidence. Mortgage broker said it wouldn't be a problem providing the solicitor confirmed the above. Spoke to my home insurance co and they said because the work was for strengthening and not underpinning then they didn't require to be informed, policy not effected.
  14. Thanks for the advice so far. I will be talking to a mortgage broker, estate agent and solicitor to see each of their opinions on the matter. In the meantime if anyone knows of an established underpinning co that provides an insurance backed guarantee in the Surrey area please let me know.
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