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  1. Dry lining a 300 yr old house agreed...No expert but i bow to you rounduit as you have more experience than me.
  2. https://www.heritage-house.org/damp-and-condensation/managing-damp-in-old-buildings.html Why do people on this forum think one fix fits all..... gypsum plaster and cement render and modern day paints are death to older ie 300 yr houses, dry lineing is bs ! Rising damp is also bs also they have built houses on stilts in holland for 500 yrs no damp problem . The uk is the only first world country in the world with a damp proof industry worth billions a year its all BS. i will post this link again on the thread if you have something to say please be contructive not bs which is ninety percent of replies ie scottish john
  3. Thinking of putting a simple vent front and back in the roof space now this is a method used in america i lived their for a while and this was a common method used there. Will be switching the current roof insulation out for a more traditional sheep wool mix which should allow the roof to breathe also.
  4. All the beams will still be in view just you won't be able to see floor boards above maybe 20mm diff in height of ceiling ..Yes agreed need to render boards first then plaster.. 10 yrs wow big part of your life i know admire you rountuit... I want to do it right but the is a budget also and agreed iam just the custodian the house now looks like a 1960's nightmare all the beams where covered in ply and polystyrene tiles . Iam retired and iam treating it like a job max 50 hours a week so lucky there. You give great solid advice and will try to keep the house historicly correct as possible it was two cottages knocked into one house in the 1920's link here roundtuit +gus https://rightmove.co.uk/properties/110459186#/media?id=media0&channel=RES_BUY
  5. Hi gus their are to two large wooden beams across each room with ten wooden cross beams tide in to main beams in 3 sections of the ceilings wooden floor boards above...They where originally no plaster no nothing just beams with floor boards above . I had the house surveyed last week from the english heritage recommended surveyor he said i can use wood wool boards then lime plaster over which will both insulate and allow the house to breath also.
  6. Sound advice gus have had roof repaired last week the was a couple of leeks but small stone roof, the is no ventilation so good point...Will be fitting automatic dehumidfiers ducted one upstairs and downstairs to control the dew point of the house. We will for sure take plenty of pics during the process. Roof ventilation now never even thought of that thanks.
  7. Agreed they say i need to render first but like anyother building supplier they always try to sell you more product than you need ...really was hoping someone on this forum had experience with this material long shot i know.
  8. Hi in the process of taking all the cement render and gypsum plaster off my walls..will be using lime render and lime plaster on all the walls...The ceilings have got me a bit stumped have ripped all the old tiles and ply board (1960's ) off the ceilings to expose wood beams and cross beams. Will now put saviolt wood wool boards between each beam can i just lime plaster over the boards or will i need to render boards first ? I will be doing all the work myself so need some guidence thanks.
  9. Just thinking of putting a multi fuel stove in now we need more heat oil boiler on all the time expensive....ground floor only 2 large rooms will heat that atleast.
  10. HaHa maybe after we have finished renovation right now all the great features have been covered in what i can only say is a 1960's vibe right down to polystyrene tiles on the ceilings over plywood, covering all the lovely wood beams underneath. Lady who owned the building lived in it all her life and raised 4 kids she recently passed age 95.
  11. Wow thats quite an undertaking 4000 plus trees to be honest the ground here is not the best full of stone.
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