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  1. mike2016

    Connecting a Washlet

    Thanks - looks like I should've asked for a 1/2" BSP size. Lesson learnt!! Inside diameter it is...!!
  2. mike2016

    Connecting a Washlet

    Hmmm... Now it say's 3/4 inch thread on the invoice, it's marked 3/4 but the measuring tape says different. Did I get the wrong part or order the wrong thing?!
  3. Hi, Just wondering what people are using to monitor their household electricity usage? Is there anything free to use which holds historical data? Thanks!
  4. mike2016

    Connecting a Washlet

    Thanks! Order on the way!!
  5. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to connect up a Conway BA13 washlet. The T connector they provided doesn't fit the flexible connector I have going into the cistern feed. I tried a few local plumbing suppliers but they didn't come up with anything other than compression fittings. I was hoping for something similar to the supplied t piece adapter I could just screw in myself. The flex hose connects via 3/4" screw in via a BSP thread - the washlet t piece top and bottom ends shown below are only 5/8" / 15mm though. I don't want to replace the flexihose as it has a valve in it, otherwise I'll have to drain the system....I could get some reducers to add to the t-piece? Thanks!
  6. mike2016

    irrigation system from water butts

    Thanks - looks like a good solar power one would suit me fine. That pump would be what I need also. I've in an urban environment, fairly flat so can't get more head pressure easily - would love a larger system but would most likely have to go underground....more pumps!! Just need to join the two butts together - are there any easy "saddle" connections to join the base of the butts as they are curved? That way they balance their capacity. Just want to know what to ask for in the plumbers shop! Thanks!
  7. mike2016

    irrigation system from water butts

    Thanks - was interested in drippers over sprayers. Found a few solar power units, not sure if I need a pump though....
  8. Hi, I'm thinking of installing an irrigation system for my raised beds. This would take water from a pair of 210 litre water butts ideally rather than mains. I'm not sure the water pressure would be enough though. Is there a way to boost pressure, preferably using solar rather than mains?
  9. mike2016

    Bedroom ventilation vs Road Noise

    There's a number of routes - open up the vent with a more purpose built duct that is acoustically shielded. That is only going to help so far. All the kitchen smells end up in my room and I'm living beside a main road, all inwards pressures on my air quality - see graphs attached. I was considering a more active air filter for my room to provide positive ventilation but again increasing road noise and attracting higher levels of PM2.5 from the road is a concern. Currently I'm looking at PIV unit in the attic to push G7 filtered air at positive pressure into the landing above the stairs, it's self install and cheaper than the single bedroom unit I was considering.
  10. mike2016

    Bedroom ventilation vs Road Noise

    I've a semi detached, I'm in the room closest to the road. The gable end is 9 meters away from the road. Prevailing winds are to the front of the house. Sometimes they hit the gable. In the case of my bedroom I've the two worst walls, closest to the road and prevailing winds. A fitted wardrobe prevents me moving the vent further away from the road along the wall. I could run a duct to a soffit as far from the road as possible, that would prevent the need to knock a hole in the gable wall....not sure if I should go with a small MHRV unit then and do a few rooms upstairs or just get my bedroom sorted. It's not an airtight house as you might gather! But that's exactly the sidewards thinking I was hoping for here!!
  11. Hi, I'm currently trying to figure out what level of noise I might experience if I install a unit to improve the air quality in my bedroom. Currently it has a fixed vent into which I installed an acoustic insert to dampen road noise outside (no, not newspaper which was there previously!). Most of the units I'm looking at such as the Mitsubishi VL-50S2 and Vent Axia units have a 100-120mm vent to the outside and I'm worried getting this installed will fix one problem but cause another! Has anyone experienced adding such a solution to their room / house? The specifications only relate to the noise from the unit / fan itself, not what's transferred from outside..... Thanks!
  12. One video blog series worth checking out to get some details is purelivingforlive over in the USA on youtube. They built with ICF basement/garage, timber frame on top and SIP to close it up for 1st floor and roof. The SIP work in relation to sealing the roof, hot knifing and fixing details are all covered. They have a LOT of videos so pick wisely but you see how they prep each panel before it's craned into position. They found the first panel each side to be the worst, but once they knew how to trim it to get the best fit they accelerated from there....eye opening...
  13. I hope my bedroom foobot is just badly calibrated!
  14. I'd be worried about condensation in the ductwork intake contaminating the air coming into the house. Remember that German example where they buried the ductwork in the ground to get ground temperature warmth even when it was freezing outside but the ducts became contaminated and caused illness to the occupants. How are you going to inspect for this afterwards? I know you can insulate but it's a risk....
  15. mike2016

    Downlight Gap

    Hi, I installed fire rated downlights today below a bedroom. There was electrical wiring directly above the old fittings so I'd to move the hole to fit the new downlight unit. Now I've a gap on either side and I was wondering what's the appropriate way to seal this safely? I could cut out a section of plasterboard and reskim. I was thinking of using a small amount of fire rated foam and then smoothing over this & painting. Any suggestions? Thanks!