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  1. Ahaa!! that makes sense now and very obvious once you called it out!!! Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I'm planning to replace a Bathroom fan that is tied into the light switch with a Vent Axia VASF100HTV. I want to break it away from the light switch as I use a different set of lights 99% of the time. The installation diagram shows something between the switched live and neutral. I'll get a separate pull cord and fan isolator for the project but what is the purpose of the arrowed item? Thanks!
  3. Phew! Gave me sweats there.....I quoted imperial as I thought they were the same size!! It's all 15/22mm in my hot press though. That matches the solder fittings I've purchased so should be good to go.....
  4. Ahaa...spotted it - that makes sense!! How troublesome are these after 20-30 years?!
  5. Hi, Basic question but how do I safely empty a vented hot water cylinder to allow me to insert a T piece into the main 3/4" outflow pipe at the top of the cylinder? I plan to close the feed from the cold water tank and use the hot tap in the bathroom / bath tap to drain off a few litres until the pressure drops. I could drill a small hole in the part of the pipe I'm removing to check and drain off any more using an aluminium foil "gutter" into a bucket just in case. Apart from that are there any other tips anyone has to avoid me flooding the kitchen ceiling below a third time?!! Background: I'm installing a Mira Mode gravity pumped shower unit so need to tee off the 3/4" to a 1/2" for the hot feed at a 45 degree downward angle to prevent air bubbles entering the pump.
  6. I would imagine fire regs would be ok with a fixed window in those two rooms mentioned. I find I use the windows a lot in my kitchen when cooking but I don't have MVHR to deal with excess moisture when the cooker hood fails to keep up. If the Utility room has a dryer of any kind, if you don't have an extract there, a opening window might be a good idea, otherwise you should be ok without. Big jump in price and it all adds up. The only thing about sliding doors is leaving them open invites vermin, whereas a window just invites cats....!
  7. Just one of those hair-brained ideas I got last month. I've 23 bags of the stuff so I've the awful job of disposing of the old fibreglass! Had it nicely topped up with earthwool and now I'm taking it all up again to swap it out. I really feel like kicking myself now I even thought of it...!! Back to the drawing board so....
  8. I'm pulling out old Fibre Glass insulation in the Attic and replacing it with Cellulose. See picture below, I plan 100mm Cellulose covered by 200mm Earthwool over it. I've a question around the top of the picture below - the dip for the soffit at the green line. I bought some Glidevale Rv655 panels which ensure a path for the vent air at the soffit to enter the attic. I also have some additional spacers in between the felt overlaps mid way up the roof (6 in total). I'd like to have a continuous cellulose insulation layer right out to the dip beyond the green line which is the soffit but it's very hard to reach and I think the cellulose might block the vent / path even with the glidevale protection - I just can't position it effectively out that far. The alternative is to buy loads more Glidevales to stop the insulation at the green line where it's possible to reach, all the way along the roof line between each rafter. I'm only concerned about blocking that soffit vent, even though cellulose can breathe will cause me problems down the road. What the best approach? I hope to do external insulation next year to meet this cellulose from below on the outside wall but am struggling a bit at this junction due to the low pitch of the roof @ 28 degrees Thanks.
  9. I'm still considering the hot paperclip trick (needle is apparently too narrow) and watching the blood spurt everywhere!! The pressure is getting much better today and they said in the minor injuries clinic I wouldn't lose the nails. They didn't think it was needing draining though. If it continues to heal at this rate I'll hopefully not need the "pressure relief valve" / "expansion vessel" with non return valve inserted!! I went downstairs and poured very cold mains water all over both thumbs immediately after and that seems to have helped contain the bleeding. Those are some gruesome pictures!!
  10. Thought I'd admit to getting my thumbs crushed/stuck in a telescopic ladder last night while trying to collapse it down before installing in my loft. Nothing broken but very sore and blood underneath both thumbnails. Just thought I'd ask what amazing near misses / accidents have others have had while DIY'ing here?! Can you do better?!!
  11. Hi, I noticed a gap under one of the radiator pipes as if something (mice?) was pushing out the plasterboard (definately shifted in last 24 hours) and I want to seal this up. The pipe probably gets to 60oC so I want to check what's the best way to seal this damage - what materials would be safe to use and not corrode the pipe and maybe push in some steel wool for good measure? Would caulking / expanding foam be appropriate? Thanks
  12. I'm going to attend a training class and see how I get on. I can do a small section of my house at the back, a protruding kitchen extension and if that flies over the handlebars I'll go bigger. I want to attend to the windows as I go and do the house in stages before I get to the front. At least that's the plan currently! Thanks for info.
  13. I've no cavities! Thought I had but I've solid block/brick lower front and cavity block everywhere else - you know those blocks with the two holes through the center of each side? So no cavity to pump. The only insulation is behind the dry lining internally, just some fibre glass and that's it. Thanks for the target - might be worth going for 150mm over 100mm then.....
  14. it's diminishing returns vs diminishing light through my windows!! I'm still thinking 100mm EPS gets me the best value / return and to not make it a pain to secure things to the wall / get service panel extensions, flue extensions, move the gas pipe too much etc.