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  1. put it on a USB key and post it.....!
  2. I admire the tenacity of the self builders here who have pulled off their builds/dreams. I pulled out of mine this year as the costs far exceeded the value of the house and my ability to bridge the gap. Am considering van life for a few months of the year now but I've a very leaky bucket of outgoings including a mortgage and wonder if it's possible. Very different to what I was envisaging a year ago! For those with no noise of traffic and only nature, that's a gift!
  3. Thanks! That sounds easier than using a plasma torch....!
  4. Oh - that's the business! I'll have to figure out how to remove the old one as it's fully wrapped around but that's doable. Thanks!!
  5. Hi, This hasn't happened before - I was wondering if it's easily fixed or do you normally have to replace the whole arm that holds the shower head? The wear and tear of taking the shower head off the holder has broken the plastic inside the holder that allows adjustment up and down to different heights. It predates my moving in so I've no idea where it was purchased from originally. Thanks
  6. Right! Off to find some Water Hawk and give it a try!! Thanks for all the advice & tips!!
  7. But, does it match the shoes?!!! Just kidding - congrats and a great place to start when you're looking for a particular widget for a job....!
  8. Hi, I'm looking at green things growing out of my gutters again. Time for a clean. I've a two story house and was looking at a product like Gutter Getters to help reduce the number of ladder moves. Also was thinking of buying those hedgehog gutter brushes you can lay to slow down leaves etc building up. So two questions for forum users: What tool do you use / recommend for cleaning gutters? Do you have any gutter guards installed and what's your experience of them, are they worth it? Thanks!
  9. It was LSX I was using but to seal it all up after the fact, rather than on the threads itself. I'll check out the price and see which way to go, good option though thanks!
  10. Thanks! I take it you use water hawk OR PTFE, not both? I did about a dozen wraps of PTFE, I'll clean it all up and try that jointing compound next.....Cheers..!
  11. Well, I got the parts and put them together. Washlet working but I've a persistent leak. I've circled where it appears to originate from in the photo below. I've tried Fernox a few times and just can't shake it. My suspicion is that the piece labelled A is just a straight through screw piece to join the toilet cistern thread to the t-piece thread. There's nothing inside like a washer to press up against. The area I've circled just weeps constantly. My question is how do I seal this connection - the hose ends all have a washer and tighten up but the coupling A I've never faced before and apart from PTFE tape I've no idea what else to do there to make a good seal.....?!! Thanks!
  12. Thanks - looks like I should've asked for a 1/2" BSP size. Lesson learnt!! Inside diameter it is...!!
  13. Hmmm... Now it say's 3/4 inch thread on the invoice, it's marked 3/4 but the measuring tape says different. Did I get the wrong part or order the wrong thing?!
  14. Hi, Just wondering what people are using to monitor their household electricity usage? Is there anything free to use which holds historical data? Thanks!