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  1. The Grohe Red has the following feature which is what I'm hoping to take advantage of or find a cheaper way to get the same result. I think this is what JSHarris is referring to..... Customers may want to also purchase the Coldfill Mixing Valve (40841001) to replace your low-pressure kitchen tap, which mixes mains water with kettle-hot water to give you immediately warm water too, meaning no waiting for water to heat up, and less water wasted.
  2. Hi - hoping for some thoughts / advice? I just had a solar pv system commissioned on my 22 year old house. Two storey semi detached. I've had a small amount of excess so far and my mind started wondering how best to use it....I was too late with the blue pills..!!! So, the PV system has an Eddi diverter keeping the upstairs hot tank at 60oC when there is excess. It makes me really want to use the hot tank more than I do currently. I'm also thinking about how to solve a problem I have in the kitchen. Current Hot water cylinder usage: Upstairs hot taps Ensuite Shower (1 adult user, hot flow is ok but not great) The odd bath Kitchen Sink There is an electric shower in the main bathroom that myself and one other adult uses, 3-5 minute short showers each. Flow is good enough from cold tank in attic. PV System: 4.2kw PV array, 6kwh battery, Eddie diverter to immersion Gas Heating - standard condensing boiler (not a combi) and radiators with Thermostatic valves Issue #1: The kitchen hot tap has a 30 second dead leg - 1/2 inch copper pipe feed Issue #2: Options for Triton electric shower in main bathroom - can I use the hot water tank instead? Issue #3: Best use of any additional Excess PV #1: Currently the electric shower and screen are mounted at the foot of the bath. The hot water tank is on the other side of the wall at the foot of the bath. The ensuite is 6 feet away. The existing bath shower hot head pressure isn't the best, it might just be the old hose though. I'd like to use the hot tank for showers but have a fallback like an in line Siebert Eltron system that only kicks in if the water isn't hot enough to give the 38oC shower needed. Maybe add a Digital shower but am concerned about the hot water pressure as I'm on the same level as the tank. #2: For the kitchen I've been looking at instant hot water taps, the Grohe model mixes with the dead leg water and provides hot water until the hot tank water arrives downstairs. I have capacity for some additional background load given I have a battery. Some type of insulated storage tank that buffers the dead leg and keeps itself at 60oC or so would be ideal. I'm trying to avoid paying for more filters though as I've a 6 stage filtration system at the kitchen sink with its own tap already, unless I can integrate that. Instant boiling water would be nice though! I can't see how I'd be able to add a re circulation circuit into an existing house but is that an easy or difficult option? I've no return pipe for it.... #3: One more option I'm considering is adding a second output to the Eddi and connecting it to an LHZ electric heater in the living room - it's the coldest room in the house, 3 outside walls. Undersized Radiator. I'll be doing triple glazed windows and external wall insulation at some point but thought having a second use for excess useful - we have no FiT currently. Might not be enough excess in winter when it's most needed though..... It's great to see the house doing something it's never done before.
  3. The joint is where I would have expected them to pass the cables through but they opted for a more "direct" approach shall we say....!! My exact worry is just that - if water ingressesed along the cable, it could go straight into the inverter and start a fire. The gubbins aren't yet installed so I have the option of mandating a drop in the cable before it gets wired in so at least that shouldn't happen. I still need to capture the water and lay an alarm in the bowl / whatever but it's a bit of a mess.....!
  4. So, the PV installers have done their thing but in the attic there's now a new hole where they poked through their DC cables (2 x strings = 4 cables). I did ask them about this and they seemed to think that the tiles take care of the water. I thought the felt was a second line of defense....? Anyway, the inverter etc isn't hooked up yet so I was wondering is this a risk? What are my options? I could create a bend with a water trap / alarm under it from the wires? I'm not sure I'd be able to pass them back outside and back in the felt overlap shown though. I could call out the installers, they were very nice otherwise but technically, on reflection, I think this approach let them down. Thoughts?
  5. It's a great price so I think you're onto a winner.
  6. I was going to go fully passive house certified in which case I was lined up for the 4G Velux GGU MK08 @ €1062 + VAT each! I need four of these and two smaller ones costing €8K all in. For 6 roof windows...!! They are the same width but 1.4meters long, rather than 1meter in your case. So, I think you got a good price! Never saw anyone take the approach to see what the extra heating cost would be. Interesting sums. A bit like Solar PV - what's the payback? It's not just heating costs though you might need to factor in. What about: noise - traffic - planes - rain - animals risk of overheating - g value options motorized vs manual easy to reach / clean blinds - manual vs motorized rain sensor - risk to indoor floors / walls if open during shower durability - how much grease or treatment is required for the basic vs more expense ones? I slept under a basic one in an attic for 8 years growing up so I know all about them!! Can't remember if it was single or double glazed. For the small addition of £134 I'd personally opt for triple glazing, a bit like business class on a red eye leg, it's worth the extra. But if your overall budget is tight, then it doesn't make sense, keep to the basic ones. I don't think you can add secondary glazing later so you are stuck with what you buy one way or another..... The other thing is a good installer, familiar with the exact window manufacturer. If you're happy to take on this challenge brilliant, otherwise getting a product combined with an installer who is unfamiliar / not competent is not a combination I'd like to suffer.
  7. put it on a USB key and post it.....!
  8. I admire the tenacity of the self builders here who have pulled off their builds/dreams. I pulled out of mine this year as the costs far exceeded the value of the house and my ability to bridge the gap. Am considering van life for a few months of the year now but I've a very leaky bucket of outgoings including a mortgage and wonder if it's possible. Very different to what I was envisaging a year ago! For those with no noise of traffic and only nature, that's a gift!
  9. Thanks! That sounds easier than using a plasma torch....!
  10. Oh - that's the business! I'll have to figure out how to remove the old one as it's fully wrapped around but that's doable. Thanks!!
  11. Hi, This hasn't happened before - I was wondering if it's easily fixed or do you normally have to replace the whole arm that holds the shower head? The wear and tear of taking the shower head off the holder has broken the plastic inside the holder that allows adjustment up and down to different heights. It predates my moving in so I've no idea where it was purchased from originally. Thanks
  12. Right! Off to find some Water Hawk and give it a try!! Thanks for all the advice & tips!!
  13. But, does it match the shoes?!!! Just kidding - congrats and a great place to start when you're looking for a particular widget for a job....!
  14. Hi, I'm looking at green things growing out of my gutters again. Time for a clean. I've a two story house and was looking at a product like Gutter Getters to help reduce the number of ladder moves. Also was thinking of buying those hedgehog gutter brushes you can lay to slow down leaves etc building up. So two questions for forum users: What tool do you use / recommend for cleaning gutters? Do you have any gutter guards installed and what's your experience of them, are they worth it? Thanks!
  15. It was LSX I was using but to seal it all up after the fact, rather than on the threads itself. I'll check out the price and see which way to go, good option though thanks!