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  1. Hello from AndyT

    Hi Andy, I'm hoping to use 1-2 SumAmps in my build next year. I know you can charge them with excess PV / off peak. I read you can also charge them an ASHP? I wondered what temp would be required from the ASHP and how that would affect it's COP / vs using off peak electricity in the winter when there's little PV to be had....? Thanks!
  2. Standing on the Edge...

    Wow - Thanks! Lots to consider. Getting good rental currently with the prospect of another room to let if I want. I'm currently doing up the house both to make it more attractive to a buyer and also to get me valuable experience later. I certainly need to rethink the spec but decide the size / shape now. That way as you've outlined I get the shell and can upgrade the spec later. I'm doubtful I could get enough to carry out the build without selling as I'm near my current mortgage limit as it is but as with all things the price of houses are going up so this may change matters in a year or two. Appreciate the comments, advice and great ideas. Cheers!
  3. Standing on the Edge...

    Thanks all, time to take a hard look at the design and make some choices! I only bought the house as a means to an end as I'd been renting there for years. Looking at the site in 2030 and not having had a crack at building would be disappointing. I have some time to play with this but I have loose timelines in my head to protect me from dithering too long. Appreciate the feedback and look forward to sharing more updates in the months ahead!
  4. A long long time ago...

    That's a smashing view.....you could livestream that...!
  5. Standing on the Edge...

    So I'm currently contemplating whether to pursue my 3 year old dream to build a home or skip it and plough the money into the second hand home I just bought. To explain, the house has the site attached to it, which I now own, so at least land isn't the issue. There's going to be other moments I'm sure when I wonder if I've made the right choice but now would be a good time to call it a day. The scary thing is not knowing how much this is all going to cost. Prices for materials and labour are going up all the time and until I go out to tender I won't know the real cost of the build. It's going to take most of my remaining savings, around 12K to get through planning and go out to tender. THAT's the point I'll know the real price. All I have to go on currently is a year old Quantity Surveyors report and several great threads on this site. And for my amusement I've been doodling changes (attached) to the last Architect's design....and like me at Xmas, it's gotten bigger, not crazy big but 89 sq meters increased to 118 sq meters....it's changed from a 2 bed to a 3 bed and has started to really look interesting. I read a timely quote today: "What Future do I want to create?". My Choices: Option A: Spend 12K and see if you get planning and can afford to raise the roof and get this house built. Option B: Plough the 12K into new windows and external insulation and work on reducing the mortgage, perhaps sell the site with planning but give up the dream. So, what have I got to lose? I've done the math and figure I can get this done. I'm trying to reduce the mortage and term if at all possible as I'm on a 19 year mortgage currently, I'd prefer less. I'm willing to take on all I can but I'm limited in skills and experience. I'll certainly do painting, MHRV, Security (Alarm, CCTV), Computer Cabling and some of the home automation. I don't want to delay the move in date and completion if I can help it as I'm painfully aware after several DIY projects that they take time and are tiring on top of a full days' work. I greatly admire those to make that sacrifice. I just want to be realistic about where is makes sense for me to do something and when to leave it to the professionals. And finding a trusted builder hopefully.... The next stop date is after receiving the tenders back. So, is 12K a risk too far? I don't thing it's so much about the money as the heart. There's just me. What future do I want to create? Let's wait and see.......
  6. Worked: Bought a plot by buying the whole house attached to it.... Went down for a cup of milk before bed time and caught massive developing leak from upstairs toilet cistern overflow (Pipe not connected to anything!) CCTV installation, 4 external POE cameras and DVR Buying my first set of DIY kit throughout the year.....so THAT's what they use that <insert tool name here> for....!! Asking silly questions here, getting terrific answers Purchasing Home Designer CAD software to help me visualize new house plans and spaces Getting to grips with removing wallpaper, laying laminate flooring and painting walls to freshen up the existing house Didn't Work: Putting three screws through the upstairs hot water pipe when tackling floorboard squeaks Installing valves onto toilet cistern feeds without subsequent leaks Pressure sensor and fan fault on condenser gas boiler just after 2 year mark and out of warranty, right before cold weekend spell.....(plumber saved the day though)!
  7. Co-Heating Test

    Thanks - very interesting! That's some spreadsheet he has created!! Great to see an example of it in action too.
  8. I was grazing over my twitter feeds and came across a reference to Co-Heating which was new to me! Most of us are familiar with the blower door test for air tightness but this one wasn't one I'd heard of before! Basically they set up coil heaters and fans, open all interior doors and measure room temperature vs outside sensors to determine if the house performs as it should (keeps the heat in as per calculations based on building type, materials and insulation depths etc, and releases it as projected). They recommend 1 - 2 weeks of data (3 days to setup and tweak). It's interesting as it addresses building performance like airtightness tests do. There's currently doubt over the test as shown below so hopefully over time a better standard will emerge. https://www.bsria.co.uk/news/article/nhbc-foundation-report-casts-doubt-over-reliability-of-co-heating-test/ Would I get one done? If I was buying a developer built house, I'd certainly consider it. It should be forced on every developer for every house they build! For Self-Build with PHPP in place I'm less worried. You should still keep a close eye on things with a few trusted professionals to monitor quality but the level of involvement is much greater vs a house in a mass development. I like quantifiable proof of performance so this appeals to me. What everyone wants is a comfortable house. I hope the availability of simple tests akin to this in the future will help avoid rewarding builders who produce the lowest standards of housing.
  9. Devices dropping out of WiFi

    That's funny, I never thought of drive by wifi bombing...?! Maybe someone should offer a faraday cage option for self builders?! Or "please turn off your in car wifi before entering this village" signs?! Recommendations: Anything with lots of aerials! Asus is a good brand, see what's affordable, I'm not big fan of linksys/cheaper models. Netgear are usually ok, there's lot of choice. See what comes up in the sales?
  10. Devices dropping out of WiFi

    Don't know your adjacency to neighbours but: If you're using the older 2.4GHz channels they often conflicts with neighbours and a lot of channel hopping ensues causing dropouts. Get a 2.4 & 5GHz wireless N router and connect all capable devices to that to solve the issue, configure it so they only connect at the higher frequency. At the very least it will give your 2.4GHz a boost around the house for legacy devices. I got an Asus RT-N66U a few years ago for this purpose. Oh and for fun if you have an android phone get "wifi analyzer" from the play store and you can see who's signal is thrashing yours and if all the 2.4GHz channels are full - it shows relative strengths of each including 5GHz if your phone support it.
  11. Flooring underlay on top of concrete subfloor

    Thanks Folks, You're right about the support, hadn't thought of that. 11mm laminate would flex too much and I don't want to shell out more for bamboo or solid flooring as I'm selling in 2 years to fund the self build. I'll get standard underlay so and ask about the dpm to lay underneath that also. Thanks everyone, off to the builders providers I go!!! Plus 1 more thing for the skip today!
  12. Hi, I've finally gotten the old carpet removed from the living room floor. Walls & ceiling painted and am putting down laminate flooring shortly (skirting to be removed first!). I'm looking at the old carpet underlay and wondering if I should leave it in place or do any prep work on the concrete slab if I remove it? I am considering putting the laminate underlay directly on top of the carpet underlay for extra insulation but is this appropriate? I did laminate on an upstairs bedroom recently and put the underlay on top of the bare floor but this is ground floor concrete so want to ensure I'm taking appropriate measures before covering it up. Thanks!
  13. Which CCTV system?

    There are tons, what's your budget? You probably need nighttime capability also. I put in 4 x 8MP Hikvision cameras and an 8 port digital video recorder with two hard drives recently. About 1.5K all told. Some cameras have a memory card slot that is fine for short term recording so that makes it even cheaper as you don't need a DVR unless you have a lot of cameras and want to keep a lot of footage! The email alerting is standard with both but can be very "noisy" even when you select an area of interest. Clouds, cats and rain on the lens can affect the number of false alarms. A single outdoor rated camera with a memory card and power supply can be hooked into your broadband router via a cable or you can get wireless versions if that's easier. There's a lot of terms and options alright but I'll PM you what I bought as a reference and see if that helps you look for something in your price range. Note: I started with two cheap dlink indoor cameras which could send email alerts and I could access via my phone which was brilliant. Just needed power as they work over Wifi.
  14. Temporarily I'd open the window in the bathroom while having the bath to limit/avoid the MVHR going into boost? It must have a moisture sensor to know to boost? You could override this but you still need to deal with the moisture build up. I doubt reversing the ensuite to a blower would be a good idea either. You've already outlined the best solution if it exists. Contact the supplier and manufacturer to see what they recommend / would upsell?! That or you'll have to take a shower only in the ensuite and see if that counterbalances the boost effects there.
  15. We’ve moved in!!!

    Congrats! Which seat in the living room is "yours"?!! Thanks for all the photos, really inspires me to get up off MY backside!!