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  1. Dee J

    Storage heater replacement options

    Most spares are available and storage heaters are a fairly easy fix. So mend the old one or replace with a new basic equivalent. Steer clear of the new patent expensive storage heater replacements... they're mostly snake oil with over complex controls. Hth Dee
  2. Well. After a year of negotiating on a plot and trying to meet the many challenges it presented, we have, at the eleventh hour, reconsidered. No plot purchase, no build. We'll still be selling up and downsizing, but no fixed plans after that. There might yet be a future project, but there's nothing in mind at the moment. Thanks for all your support and advice. Might still drop by on occasions, meanwhile... Au revoir Dee
  3. Dee J

    Quinetic Switches

    That would neatly avoid the up=on / down=on issues ... unless the one push switch operates two lights on separate circuits... where, if you power cycle one circuit when the lights are on you end up with the lights operating in opposite senses. I.e. one light on, one off ... press the button and both lights change state.
  4. Dee J

    Quinetic Switches

    Chatting to the wholesaler today about a related quinetic issue... standard switches in a simple on-off situation lose orientation after power loss. I.e. normal down=on ... if power is lost when switched on, on recovery it powers up in the off state, so now becomes up=on. Not a great problem, and invisible in multi switch situations. Except if you have one switch controlling several lights on separate circuits. Lose power on one circuit while the lights are on, and then you have one circuit switching in the opposite sense! Easy to reset, but might not impress the customers.
  5. Don't think there'd be any fixings which would need to be more than 75mm. The bigger problem is accidentally over-deep drilling. An sds drill pushing an 8mm bit with gravity assistance can easily run way too deep. Depth stops or short bits may be useful.
  6. Dee J

    UFH offcuts as Electrical Conduit?

    Probably no problem... but also no great advantage (except perhaps rodent protection). Otherwise pvc cables are regularly used in contact with insulation materials, with the only exception being expanded polystyrene where a detrimental reaction may take place.
  7. Dee J

    Zero PV generation allowed by DNO

    Well I hadn't heard that before... seems logical that the DNO has the final say. Although I'm surprised that a full 4kw export (assuming zero local load) has the power to push the local network out of spec, especially considering the G83 failsafes.
  8. I guess what you could do is get the live services transferred to your services building, and once commissioned subsequently cancel the service. I don't think any provider actually comes and removes hardware (other than actual metering equipment) on cancellation of service. That would leave all the networks resources in place for potential future needs.
  9. Dee J

    Zero PV generation allowed by DNO

    Given that the sub 4kw G83 installs only require notification after commissioning, how would the DNO deal with that situation? Tell you to disconnect an already functional system?
  10. Thanks everyone. After much soul searching we are proceeding with caution. However there were still issues with the contract details. So nothing signed yet.
  11. So we've been interested in self build for twenty years. Always been interested in building design. 15 years ago, in frustration at not finding the right place or project, we bought a renovation project instead. Learned many new skill, tried out all kinds of new techniques. Finally found a plot with planning for an interesting building about a year ago. And it's been a mixed experience since. Real excitement over planning ever detail. Interesting discussion with professional folk, suppliers, other self builders. But absolutely soul destroying grind of plot purchase negotiations.. feeling that we have had to drag this every step of the way. From uninterested seller, ridiculous planning conditions, even our own solicitor has been a challenge - long delays, mis-interpretations. So about a month, ago in a fit of desperation, we dared to think 'if this didn't go ahead, what would we do instead'... and fatally... found some answers that we quite liked.... And heard/read of self build experiences that were somewhat less than positive..... But now, the plot negotiations have come to a successful(ish) conclusion. We're due to sign contracts for the plot today. And we don't know what to do. This self build business has broken others... do we still have the drive to carry it through? Help. It's me mostly.... my partner wants the new house, and likes the dream of that future, but has much less understanding or interest in the processes. I have built the house a hundred times over in my head. I know every detail. But do I still have to motivation to carry it all through? And how much trouble would we be in not signing the contract so far down this road......
  12. Don't think that's a real concern. Especially with led lighting. Even with incandescent lighting you're far more likely to hit volt drop issues before current rating becomes an issue.
  13. Dee J

    Happy me!

    Preferred option.... have a back box set in the wall right from the start. Allows for proper termination of the t&e to a short length of flex pre-connected to the lamp. If there isn't space for a full square box then the narrow architrave box or the continental round box will generally work. And redrilling the lamp to use the box screws can further neaten the installation. HTH Dee
  14. Hmmm. I think one of the positives I'm hoping for in a self-build is decent doorway height. Given that I'm pretty much 2m tall, then 2m or lower doors tend towards the health hazard. 2.2 would be nice. I'll have to allow for this in the budget.
  15. Dee J

    Yanny Vs Laurel

    An audio version of those dual image pictures. Interesting that once one version is programmed into the brain it can stay until nearly the other end of the slider... perception is a wonderful thing.