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  1. Dee J

    Drain ownership and right to access.

    Foul drain. At the moment the building only has electricity connected. Water and foul drainage would be very 'convenient'.
  2. Related to our workshop and conversion possibilities. Our workshop land has a drain running through it (150mm at about 600mm depth with a chamber and an inspection point). It connects to the public sewer in the road. This drain serves two adjacent properties. Is this likely to be classified as a public drain that we can connect to? If so would that be by request to southwest water? Dee
  3. Dee J

    pipe fixings

    Long runs of plastic pipe which experience wide temperature variations expand and contract alarmingly. So any hot water pipes which are straight at cold become alarmingly snake-like when hot. With or without clips it's still going to move.
  4. Dee J

    Basic heater Q's..

    It's how storage heaters (don't) work. 'Storing' heat with the small amount of insulation fitted in these devices is always a flaky concept. Even when definitely working correctly and set up by someone that understands them they're still crap. And won't be warm enough in the afternoon/evening. Scrap them. Have an electrician swap the heater circuits to a normal always-on supply and fit panel convector heaters with integral thermostat and timer (about £120 each) in place. Do not get caught by the snake oil of 'special' 'high efficiency' modern storage heaters at £800 each. And cancel the E7 contract and revert to ordinary tariff. HTH Dee
  5. Dee J

    Workshop conversion.

    I see where you're coming from, but from what I understand the objections were based on the factors of 'change of appearance' 'disruption of the demolition and building' and factors relating to placing two properties on the site. Hopefully a more subtle and less intrusive development may be better received... thought I do wonder what we could do to lock the existing planning in place if we need to cut and run. Perhaps something to count as 'starting' to the current plans (short of demolition). Does getting services on site count as starting? Dee
  6. So we own a workshop.... a two storey building of considerable age. It's street frontage has garage doors downstairs and a window above and a side passage to a small courtyard and an additional small outbuilding. Walls are a mix of stone and brick, some forming a party wall to an adjoining garage. Roof is corrugated cement fibre sheet. There is consent (gained on appeal) to demolish and replace, but for the moment we are contemplating converting the first floor to residential whilst retaining the garage/workshop downstairs. So questions that spring to mind. Insulating of floor and roof, fire rating of floor, replacing roof light glazing as well as the normal services, glazing, kitchen, bathroom etc. A chat with building control is on the horizon, but any advice is welcome. Btw, yes I have made a couple of posts about this project before, but it's moving up the likely list now. Thanks.
  7. Pondering the feasibility of a cost-conscious conversion of a workshop building to residential, and one of the key points would be if we could retain the existing roofing. So its a fairly conventional pitched roof with timber A-frames and purlins covered in cement fibre corrugated sheets. It was re-sheeted recently enough for it not to be asbestos. Currently its insulated in about 75mm of kingspan and clad in 9mm ply.... ok for a workshop, but insufficient for residential. Also we'd need to integrate some proper insulated skylights to replace some sections of transparent sheeting. Any advice? Thanks.
  8. Bit of a late response but ... I've bought windows and guttering in France. But the former were ordered face to face on one trip and collected on a subsequent trip. The guttering was just diy store stuff, but I did do a stock check online.
  9. Dee J

    Confused can anyone help.

    Surprised that there is a market for more retail space, but I guess that must be region dependent. Level access would seem to be desirable if your shops are directly against the street/pavement. As ProDave has just said... basements? Or if your plot is deep enough then you could incorporate an access road down to the plot level.
  10. Dee J


    Sounds like a whole heap of trouble.... Trying to patch up a subsiding and old, previously underpinned building to convert. Unless there's some great historic or architectural value then far better to demolish and build new... with appropriate foundations and decent insulation... budget accordingly.
  11. Thanks Ferdinand. Really appreciate the input. The key selling challenges for our house are the proximity of the main road and the narrowness of the entrance. We can't fix 1. But will do our best to improve 2. Just looking at the whole package and anything else which might help. Of course a stable government and healthy economy would help too, but the horse May have bolted on that.
  12. So our old 4-bed Devon longhouse we have no 'automated' heating system. What we do have is a thermal store, solar thermal, multifuel rayburn, immersion heater and solar pv. There's partial underfloor heating and a few rads running off the store and rayburn (and a few electric panel heaters)... although the rayburn firebox is too small to run it all on wood (and we're not keen on coal etc). This lack of an automated system may be a disadvantage as we try to sell. Not keen to replace the rayburn with oil version.... so, options... electric boiler, external oil boiler, air source heat pump.... any recommendations or advice? Thanks.
  13. Hmmm. On our potential plot there was 3 foot of land between the plot and the road that 'nobody' owned. . Even though it was a historic gateway into the garden plot. We could get indemnity for access over the strip, but not for services under the strip. That's what made us pull out. The plot still hasn't sold.
  14. Dee J

    A new plan.

    Well Hello again. Well as you know, we ditched our self build plans with cries of never again.... but. We might have a new, smaller side-project. We have acquired a two-storey garage workshop building. We'd like to convert the 50 sq m top floor into a studio flat and keep the rest as garage/attelier. There is current consent (gained on appeal) to demolish the whole lot and cram in two tiny terrace houses - but we really don't like that plan. Let's hope we can get our simpler option through. D
  15. Dee J

    Storage heater replacement options

    Most spares are available and storage heaters are a fairly easy fix. So mend the old one or replace with a new basic equivalent. Steer clear of the new patent expensive storage heater replacements... they're mostly snake oil with over complex controls. Hth Dee