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  1. I'm thinking the sleeper on edge may be the best option, would I need to concrete it down or is there another fixing method?
  2. Mine is about 250mm off the ground, I concreted some posts in at the front edge to carry it then I've fixed it to the house with masonry bolts, I've also put some legs down to the ground here and there, it's solid as a rock.
  3. I'm putting some astroturf down and its got a natural border on two sides but I will need to put something in on the other two sides (each 4.2m long) to act as a retainer and give me something to work up to, i'd rather not be concreting anything in if it can be helped. Any suggestions?
  4. I've gone 400mm centres and put some cross bracing noggins in and it seems fine.
  5. I think 4 x 2's would be fine to be honest, I'm going for 400mm centres and i'll put some extra support in.
  6. I'm using Eva-Last decking, they sell a board that's grooved on only one edge to use round the perimeter, the other boards are fixed with clips but I'm not sure how you fix the last board as yet 🙂
  7. My decking will be raised off the floor around 250mm, I did ideally want a composite sub-frame as well but these seem to need to be laid directly onto a solid surface, are there any other compatible sub-frames I could use? My other consideration is timber finished on the top edge with a waterproof tape. What size timber would be best for the joists?
  8. Thanks Mike that's good to hear, I couldn't bare the thought of so much waste.
  9. Does anyone know if its possible (or advisable) to put a joint in composite decking, the planks I'm wanting are 3.6m but the deck I want is only 2.4m, it seems shame to lose the offcut but I could use it if it can be joined on the next run.
  10. its not so much the install that's the issue, there just seems to be very little choice at 5000 BTU's.
  11. We are wanting to replace our standard white single panel radiator in our living room with something a bit more "designer" the current one is 2000 x 600mm, I can't seem to find anything that's a bit more easy on the eye at that width, a BTU calculator says I would need just shy of 5000 to heat this particular room (5 x 3.5 x 2.5m) which narrows the search down even further. Can anyone advise on my options please.
  12. I'm not so sure they are exactly as the Tobermore ones tend to have a more ragged edge and don't seem to have the slight chamfer around the perimeter, they may be ok for what I want to do though.
  13. I'm looking for about 2m2 of the setts below to patch in after some alterations, they were laid about 15 years ago but I have no recollection of the type, I'd accept something similar if these are discontinued.
  14. There are a few vents, whats best thing to keep the airflow, I assume some sort of duct?