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  1. I'm not so sure they are exactly as the Tobermore ones tend to have a more ragged edge and don't seem to have the slight chamfer around the perimeter, they may be ok for what I want to do though.
  2. I'm looking for about 2m2 of the setts below to patch in after some alterations, they were laid about 15 years ago but I have no recollection of the type, I'd accept something similar if these are discontinued.
  3. There are a few vents, whats best thing to keep the airflow, I assume some sort of duct?
  4. Another option is to cast a concrete slab if thats feasible.
  5. We have bi-fold doors on our newly built kitchen/dining room opening onto the garden, my original plan was to put a composite decking patio immediately outside these doors to create a level floor as you step out. At the moment composite decking is proving quite difficult to get hold of. I've changed tact and thought of building a brick retaining wall (approx 3no bricks high), infilling and tiling on top. So a few queries: What sort of depth would the footing need to be Would the retaining wall need to be a cavity wall I assume it would need to be concreted to lay the tiles on top, is that correct
  6. Toppers

    Which WC

    That sounds like it would do the trick, building control have never made any mention of it being accessible and they have approved the plans.
  7. Toppers

    Which WC

    Good idea but the price is a little scary. How much space is there behind a normal pan to fit a 90 deg pan connector?
  8. Toppers

    Which WC

    The room is approx 1m x 1.2m. I don't think a corner pan would work as the soil pipe stub stack is in the only corner where it could go.
  9. Toppers

    Which WC

    Both walls are external cavity walls that have been dot & dabbed, the studwork idea would probably eat too much into the already limited space.
  10. Toppers

    Which WC

    I've attached a PDF of the layout. WC.pdf
  11. We have created a very small WC in our extension and plan to fit a reduced projection WC the soil stack is off to the right so the pan connector would have to join from there, what models would be suitable?
  12. Superb that looks perfect, many thanks.
  13. I have a stab of 15mm plastic pipe with an isolator connected to the mains and need to connect the plastic fitting for a water cooler to it, both fittings are of a different size with the white plastic water cooler one being the larger, what do I need to do to make the connection?
  14. I don't really want a gap at the top as it will look unsightly, the Keku clips may be the best idea, there is a void behind the units so I can't really screw from inside.
  15. Our kitchen layout has 3no units in an L shape where the backs are exposed, I'm intending to cover over with back panels some of which I will need to remove at a later data, can anyone recommend a fixing clip/method for this. I also need to fix 2no back panels directly to the back of a unit that has a recess in the back, they need to be secret fixed and can be permanently fitted, any recommendations for this as well please.