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  1. That would remove the need for a cable I presume. How would I then tell someone in the house to pick it up? Do they have some sort of intercom mode?
  2. Morning all. I'm building a garden office (in a room above the garage), which is about 40m from the house. I want to share a telephone line with the house. So, I can run a telephone cable between them, no problem. But, if I answer the phone in the office, and the call is for someone in the house, I want to be able to transfer the call to the house phone (on the same line). Are there phones that allow this to be done in a way that doesn't involve me running up the garden to tell someone to pick up the phone? Thanks.
  3. Mr Punter, would something like this work? The finishing angle (and starting angle) can be chosen to provide the sufficient headroom under the balcony. That way some of the staircase is under the balcony, saving some space. This is fairly similar to your upper drawing, but with the central post moved in towards the balcony itself. I was imagining it would be around a 360° twist. Onoff, that's an interesting simple design. I suspect something rising around 3m might need something more substantial.
  4. Are you assuming there that the staircase goes up into the balcony, rather than connecting at the edge? I want it to connect to the edge, but I'm not clear in my mind at what angle the staircase will need to meet the balcony. The drop will be about 3m or so, but I'm not sure of the exact height yet. I'm assuming the central pole of the staircase will have to be away from the balcony by some amount (I'm guessing maybe half of the radius of the staircase). Would that be about right? Where would I find more info on that?
  5. I would stain the joists to darken them, but they would be more hidden than the main frame, and so wouldn't be so noticeable. That's the idea anyway. I'm also intending having a shed under the balcony, that would hide them further. The oak would be either untreated, or linseeded. (any idea which is best?)
  6. One thing I was worried about was the beams expanding, and cracking the wall, but they said they could go into expansion joints.
  7. What sort of size are you going for Dave?
  8. I did originally think about four posts, but the builders said I could go into the wall instead, and save the cost of two posts. They may have been envisaging someting a bit smaller than what I've drawn though.
  9. Hi all, I have attached a rough (very rough) drawing of the balcony I want to put on the end of my garage that is currently being built. The garage has a room above, and the balcony will have a spiral staircase going up to it. Basic frame is to be oak, with joists (pine), and floor boards/decking of some kind on the top. Does this look like a practical approach? Any comments on what I've got wrong? Thanks. Alan
  10. Yes, I'll have to be wary of getting furniture etc. up there, but it's going to be an office, so no big sofas etc. I want a spiral staircase as it's more compact, and won't stretch out beyond the bounds of the building too much, and also will be better for the balcony. The garage is located about 30 north of my semi-detached house, and the attached property is to the south. Also, the balcony will be located on the north end of the garage, and so pointing away from the neighbour's house. Their house (and mine) won't be visible from the balcony. The neighbours' garden does lie close to the garage though, as their garden (well, field really, with sheep in). comes from their house and runs alongside ours. See the attached "architectural drawings"..... I like the idea of getting it done as a non-material variation - I'll look into that. scan0012.pdf
  11. Yes, I'd call it a landing, or platform etc, rather than balcony, but the drawings would show it as a balcony unmistakably really.
  12. Thanks Ali. Yes, it will be a larger (significantly larger) platform. The current one is just the width of a staircase, and the width of the door it goes to (ish), and I'm hoping for something like 4m by 3.5m or so. I suspected that I would need the PP.
  13. I have planning permission to builid a double detached garage with a room above. Currently the PP is for an external staircase to get to the room. I have now had a better idea - a spiral staircase up to a balcony/platform to get into the room. Will this require additional planning permission? Thanks, Alan
  14. Thanks, I'll look into those. Yes, the joints should be pretty simple, if rather larger than I'm used to. I'll steer clear of any scarf joints - I don't want any really long beams as I'll never be able to lift them anyway. I need to get a design finalised, and check planning permission requirements. One thing I can't work out (but I'll talk to my builder) is whether a balcony can be free-standing in relation to the building it's a balcony for - Can it just be effectively like a giant table sat next to the garage? Or, if it's tied to the brick building in some way, is there a danger of the movement of the wood pulling the garage to bits?
  15. HI there. Can anyone recommend a book teaching the skills of oak timber framed buildings? I'm having a detached brick garage built, with an office room above it. It was going to have an external wooden staircase going up the back of it to gain access to the upstairs, but now I'm thinking of turning this into a spiral staircase that goes up to a bit of a balcony instead. So, as timber frames go, it would be on the simple side, merely being a platform on 4 (or 6) legs, along with the bracing and safety rail etc. I think my woodwork skills would be up to it, but I need to learn about the structural design side of things, and best practice in making the joints etc. So, any book suggestions will be gratefully received.