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  1. We can see the inside during the completion notice period of two weeks, but doesn’t change fact that you are on legal notice to complete so you’ve committed to buy regardless of what faults are present, so if we go in on day one and there’s minor snags this gives them two weeks to put right before we collect keys. Hypothetically the only hold is they drum into you that there is a NHBC survey for some housebuilder awards scheme we complete and naturally they would like us to score them 10 on everything, if there is an issue talk to them prior to completing the survey and they’ll be happy to resolve- it would annoy me that the roof isn’t a1 and where’s the pride in the contractor to not correct, I couldn’t leave it like that.
  2. The inside of the house is completed, but the house builder from day one has said us the purchasers are not allowed inside until completion notice is given where we go in and given a home demo and to highlight any snagging issues prior to getting keys, we can however ask tradesmen to go in on our behalf ie carpet fitters, wardrobe guys etc to measure up who sign in at the site office. We can’t even go in accompanied by the site manager. Frankly if the standard of work externally is poor, not allowing you in till competition just hides the cutting corners inside. The completion date was set for May 19 but due to delays with the build it now sits mid September, if I bring the roof issue to their attention now i could face longer delay even though it is through sub standard work in first instance. That said leaving it could prove difficult to them returning once they have my 250k.
  3. Unfortunately not, because of the scaffolding it is impossible to see this section earlier in the build- another pic shows the show house same style as mine, the tile is straight on this. housebuilder home too.
  4. Seen my new build progressing and now scaffolding has been reduced the roof tiles to the right side look wonky, probably thinking battens not running parallel and been tiled after, but would of expected the roofers to correct before finishing- is this something that the builder would put right or does it fall into NHBC tolerances, not completed yet so wanted your views on is this normal or is it a bad job cheers
  5. Thanks for your replies, good to know that it’s normal
  6. Hi, Buying a timber frame new build house, which is finished internally, awaiting k rend to be applied externally and a detached garage to be built, I was surprised to see mains water gas and electric only just being connected as how would anything in the house been tested, central heating ran, leaks spotted on pipe work etc, is this normal on new build to only get connected at this stage and do they use alternative supply for testing before plastering and painting? Cheers