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  1. That’s what they said about Bitcoin.
  2. H F

    How do I fill this?

    I had thought of expanding foam. Removing the PB and then putting it back in after the expanding foam has been introduced is a good idea.
  3. H F

    How do I fill this?

    Had woodworm. I’ve treated all the beams. Should all be gone now. Fingers crossed.
  4. That’s a great point. They will need “breathing space” as the can’t be boxed in. Ours needed a minimum 600mm around the back and sides and nothing blocking it in front so that the cold air could be blown away.
  5. In our hallway, there is annoying gap between the last beam and the poorly fitted plasterboard. It’s unsightly, and it also allows for drafts. Space is limited. I thought of polyfilla first, but it’s difficult to get in, and sanding it later will be a problem too. The gaps are quite wide to caulk. Suggestions welcome.
  6. We had assistance with the piping and plumbing.
  7. It could be damp as there is a waste pipe behind that. Will turn my attention to it next week and find the underlying cause. Thanks for all the feedback.
  8. I’m in the process of repainting our hallway. The previous owners had painted the walls before we moved in (rather poorly) and when I have applied paint over some of the areas I get blotch marks like the ones in the photo. 99% of the walls get good coverage, but there are some dodgy areas. I need to apply 3-4 coats to cover these marks. Any idea what could be causing them?
  9. What are solar coins? Are they like crypto?
  10. I think there was a calculation issue when I first posted. My 1.5 tonnes sounds more realistic. What app are you using Mike?
  11. We got the panels up the week before FiT expired, so we registered just in time.
  12. Our solar PV panels have been up for just under a year and according to the SolarEdge app we’ve saved pumping just under 1,500 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, producing 5.7MWh of electricity in the process. Not bad I think.
  13. LOL. Glad it’s finally done. It was exhausting and draining.
  14. So is what you’re suggesting is to have a switch next to the tap. Turn it in, and the water flows from the tap. Turn it off, no water coming from the tap. Is that right?
  15. We’re pleased with the way the bathroom turned... still finalizing the decorations (mirrors, etc).. but it’s largely done now,