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  1. Plus you don't want to move the joists or else the centres won't work for the flooring and plasterboards.
  2. RichS

    ICF concrete pour

  3. RichS

    Found a nice door in a skip 33" x 78"

    6'6" x 2'9" is a standard size door so frames are available off the shelf from normal builders merchants / Howdens etc. Or as above just make one to suit.
  4. RichS

    Render for ICF walls

    Thanks all for the replies, much appreciated.
  5. As per title, what have people used to render their ICF structures. As far as I'm aware a two coat, thin coat render is the preferred option but what make have people used and what problems if any have been encountered. And where is the best place to buy from.
  6. RichS

    After the timber frame

    ☺️ Hahahaha , Yes, so many typos in my first reply that I missed that one at editing stage
  7. RichS

    After the timber frame

    Re. the copings for the parapet wall. I priced for aluminium copings this week for an U shape, total length approx. 30m. Costs came in at about £1800, ouch. So after some thoughts I have come up with the solution of making my own using GRP roofing materials. I will fix a USB3 capping to the top of the parapet and put drips on using the correct trims. Place a capping piece on top, seal the joints using resin and bandage and then top coat the lot. The finished colour is a dark grey and against a white render I think this should look ok. And it will cost a fraction of the £1800.
  8. I have a concrete pump ordered for this week and the company I am using says it is VATable at the standard rate. I know this is wrong and should be zero rated but what bit of the VAT rules should I quote to make them realise this. Thanks
  9. RichS

    Timber to timber Joist hangers
  10. RichS

    DPC and Ground Level

    I think you're confusing 50mm and 500mm, hence your final total ?
  11. RichS

    Pipe de-coiler

    I have a pipe de-coiler for sale if anyone wants first shout before it goes on ebay. Very good condition. £45.00 plus postage, not sure what postage would be yet but if anyone wants it I will look into it further.
  12. RichS

    Re-instating a plot to original

    Another point would be that the garage was integral and underneath the master bedroom. Could be a bit of a give away if it's suddenly detached with a flat roof.
  13. RichS

    Re-instating a plot to original

    Thanks chaps. The problem with that is I will have to remove half of the slab to re-instate to garden, otherwise I would have a large garage with a large concrete slab attached to the side of it. Not the most aesthetically pleasing view.
  14. RichS

    Re-instating a plot to original

    Thanks for the reply @Ferdinand I have just been to the council offices and had a chat with someone from Planning. If I choose to abort the build under the existing permission then I will have to re-submit a new Planning Application to rebuild a garage the same as the one I demolished 6 months ago and which I had Planning Permission for back in 1987. The fact that it has had a garage on the plot since then doesn't come into it apparently. What a complete and utter cock up!!!!!!!!!!!!!