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  1. It's 1100mm I think so should be OK. That drawings isn't quite accurate but the barn in general is a lot smaller than it looks! I did wonder about making one of the bottom ones a window... this might be a solution if nothing else works out and we do go with this company. They think they can make it as a casement, they are just worried about the detail of ensuring it opens smoothly and doesn't have any issues with the seal and the angle of the wood coming away from each other as they're flush casement. But not sure!
  2. It might be worth mentioning that when I called the credit card company about this their initial response was that they could only refund the amount paid on credit card, it took 3 'are you sure? This is contrary to everything I have read's to get them to ask the right person and then be told Section 75 is processed in a different way and it should, indeed, cover payments from other accounts. The process is to write to them to 'invoke' section 75. Additionally, citizens advice have draft letters to help things along, and give you lots of fancy phrases to start you off. I'd recommend contacting them for anyone unsure about where to start.
  3. It's a timber window supplier down here in Cornwall, but supplying nationwide. I'm reluctant to post about it until our claim is sorted, but happy to PM anyone that is worried about it. The website is down, phone number disconnected, the owner has been published as bankrupt on the insolvency register. So should be that that's it for now. Lots of unhappy customers online.
  4. Hi everyone We've unfortunately heard that our window supplier has gone bankrupt. It's a little complicated for us but I thought I'd use it as a reminder to pay for large items at least in part on credit card. Especially ones that will take a while to produce. Also - trust your guts, if people seem too 'salesy', maybe there's a reason. We did feel this, but built up a good relationship in the end. We won't know what really happened, but perhaps a reminder to everyone will help it not happen to anyone else. If you pay at least £100 on a credit card, and the rest by bank transfer or other card, you should be covered by 'section 75' if the purchase total is under £30,000. The credit card company should refund you the money, as they take on liability. Fingers crossed our slightly complicated case will get through the section 75 and we'll get our money back too. Sending good vibes out there!
  5. They mentioned a pivot, I wonder if that would work. None of the other companies I spoke to mentioned an issue,so don't know if these guys are just being extra attentive to detail.
  6. I got it, thanks! But I'm not sure if it solves their problem. I think they could fathom a square window set at an angle with 90 degree corners, but ours is a pentagon and they are concerned about the way it will open because of this. Does that make sense?
  7. Hi In discussion with a window manufacturer, we had planning to have our apex window split into three or six sections with the middle or top middle one opening to allow fire escape. However, they are a bit confused about how to get an angled window to open properly, and wondered if I had any pictures. Do any of you have this? If so can you post pictures as the joiners are keen to see! We said we would be happy to have it tilt and turn, casement,or otherwise, as long as it suited the style of the other flush windows.
  8. Roz

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    @PeterW @JSHarris 😖
  9. Roz

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    I'm confused, what is the problem with electrically charged sunamps? I thought the love was across the board. We had planned to use one charged on cheaper overnight electricity for our DHW as we cant afford PV right now. Then space heating directly from ASHP...
  10. Ours are from Wunda @Nickfromwales !
  11. Thanks everyone. I notice that @Christine Walker mentioned hers were pressurised at the time. Does this mean they need to be full of water when we put the concrete in? We haven't currently got water on site and don't see it being on site by the time the slab is laid. Thanks!
  12. @Christine Walker and @JSHarris thanks - how thick was your slab in total?
  13. Wrong wording then. Reinforcing mesh wasn't in our structural drawings and the BCO said we needed it at least around the edges. In the document he wrote "The concrete floor slab of the extension is required to rest on the foundation block work and have A142 anti crack mesh 600mm wide around the perimeter" Previously the floor slab didn't extend into the block work. Why is warm up time irrelevant? It's a barn conversion, with new extension.
  14. Our BCO specced that we had to have it at the edges, and I read that often it's run throughout if you're doing this UFH method... although I don't remember where I read that. I haven't heard of fibre reinforcing before. If you were picking between putting the UFH pipes on the insulation under 100mm of slab, or half way in on reinforcing mesh for example, which would you choose? Quick warm up time would be nice, but I'm not totally stuck on the idea.