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  1. It’s a small barn to be fair, I don’t know if that helps. About 30 or so square metres for the slab downstairs. And the kudos for a job well done goes to our builder who did this but for us! ☺️
  2. Thanks! Glad to hear you think so 😄 I’ll double check with a long level later for flatness but otherwise I’m hoping that’s the general thought, I really didn’t want to sand it 😂 the concrete has been down over a year, but that’s a really good tip about the glass bowl!
  3. Thanks @markc also I seem to have reduced this video enough to upload! IMG_0492.mp4
  4. I’ve taken some images of a random patch - went over quickly with bottom range vacuum, and it obviously has some paint and plaster spots I should get up. I tried rubbing with a crow bar and not much dust comes up, it seems pretty hard . Did video but don’t seem to be able to upload due to file size the glue you trowel on with a 6mm bead I think, which then compresses. I do need to triple check with a straight edge, I don’t have anything very long but will borrow sometching!
  5. Thanks Mark! I was worried about the idea of water coming in and just sitting there against the wood of the door? Otherwise this sounds like a simple plan!
  6. Thanks @markc @Bitpipe and @nod . So you’d recommend compound even if floor is flat and level and latency not an issue? partly reluctant because all our floor is in there waiting but I’ll get over it and move it if necessary!
  7. Hi nod, the floor is pretty flat and level, would you use self levelling compound anyway? That seems like added expense . I see it could be a nicer job than sanding although I might mess it up!
  8. This was installed by the window fitters, my instinct is to cut it back and potentially silicone along it on the inside. Anyone have experience? I’m about to lay engineered oak floor onto this slab after cleaning it
  9. Hi everyone i’m about to lay my engineered oak floor to my concrete slab, sticking using sika 54 glue. a floor fitter I spoke to said we should sand the concrete slab to remove latency, at a very low grit. I haven’t found any other information about this online so can anyone share their experiences? The slab is pretty flat otherwise except for a few spots I can manage with a hand tool. If I don’t need to sand the slab I won’t as it doesn’t sound like a nice job and I would need to hire a floor sander Is it generally recommended to prime the concrete? Or is that only if it’s dusty? edit to add: the slab has a membrane, insulation and ufh pipes underneath it. It was a single pour thanks!
  10. There are little pins that compress to keep window bars (not security ones, decorative ones to make it look like a 4 panel window) in place on the front of windows in a Scandinavian style chalet. Anyone know what they are called so we can google them to buy more!
  11. Hi my mum has a wooden chalet that has wooden ceilings and she had to paint a fire proof product on the ceilings. It’s gone milky in some places and completely white in others as if it’s an actual paint. does anyone know how to reverse this whitening? Or would it be a sand back job. I think she has since realised she should have finished with a top coat that stops it going white but there we are.
  12. So I went and investigated again today and realised the ASHP is on too (I hadnt noticed as it's so quiet), and some of the pipes into the tank are warm - the tank itself doesnt feel warm. I asked the plumber and he said it could be an anti freeze thing but the weather is quite a lot warmer than it has been (and we're in cornwall). He said he wasn't sure and to call Grant technical 🤷‍♀️
  13. It's not RHI but I will give him a call tomorrow and see if he can pop by or advise!
  14. If it's the immersion would it need to move water? It definitely sounds like water moving through/into the tank
  15. Yeah definitely sounds like a 'doing something' noise. I just would be surprised if I happened to be there each time it was doing a legionairres cycle!