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  1. oh yeah forgot about that one! They might come up similar. I'm guessing it would be fine to use these with a wall hung frame as long as they are fixed correctly, I can't figure why not
  2. Is there any reason I couldn't use this cistern? It's designed for back to wall, but if I fixed it as if I was using back to wall, and then used the wall hung frame you posted... this one produces the best height I have found so far
  3. Thanks @PeterW @Temp Do you think this would only work for a floor standing toilet rather than wall hung ? I guess I would need to build my own fixing frame for wall hung as the standard ones put them high, which seems tricky
  4. Thanks Temp! They all seem to have roughly the same flush pipe height which is good to know. So I guess it's whether the pipe itself can be shortened maybe.
  5. Hey Peter, thanks! would it not end up the same height because of the height of the flush pipe? Or can you alter this?
  6. (the concealed cistern I have posted about before is at my mums place... this is for mine!) So I had in mind to do something vaguely like the attached picture, and I would really like to have the basin countertop at the same height as the toilet boxing in. However, the shortest concealed cisterns with frames I can find are at 0.82m in height, which is quite high for a sink shelf no? As shallow sinks seem to be around 15cm high, so would make the top of the sink 97cm which seems high? Even without a frame surely it would end up at the same height because of the height of the pan and flush pipe? Can anyone shed any light on if this can be shorter, or if this sink in the pic is likely to be at 97cm? Plus the wood board so maybe 99cm I see the countertop furniture units you can buy off the shelf are about 75cm high as standard, making sink height 90cm. Maybe an extra 7-9cm isn't that big of a deal?? I don't know! I know you can have the inset sinks but that's not the current aspiration.
  7. Thanks @PeterW @Onoff @Nickfromwales Should I empty the cistern first before taking off the flush pipe ? We have soft water here, but some crap might have gotten in there at some point, I'll check!
  8. Any plumbers fancy explaining the fix for this to me? I have looked on youtube!
  9. It's not there yet, so I might be able to make that work actually!
  10. I could run it a little way but not sure I would get around the corner, I'll have a look!
  11. Is there a maximum run a dishwasher waste can run? Can you get extenders? I need to run around a corner and haven't got the dishwasher yet so not sure about the hose length. And am I right in thinking it doesn't need to follow the same fall guidelines as normal waste? And it can just pop straight into this if I fitted this ready for it? Thanks
  12. OK I'm back!! Ignored this problem for too long I did take a video of this but can't seem to find it. However, my further details are that when you flush the toilet, it now continues to flush and empty the cistern, unless you press on the big white cylinder in the middle, then it stops. Any clue how to fix it?
  13. I can't seem to find the information online when searching things available to download. It's 3.5m horizontally and say 3 metres vertically between the two! So roughly a 6.5m run