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  1. Roz

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    @iSelfBuild Can you share the supplier? We're after a modern cut string and I think stair box was the cheapest we have found so far.
  2. This is what I was wondering - how would they know when it became a dwelling. We put in for a name change for our barn with the council which was accepted, but it's still got it's 'land' name on the land registry - plus there are two entries for it. I tried to see whether there was any information that says it's a dwelling or land but couldn't get any more info. I think they just suggested it as a possibility, but I can't seem to find out whether it's the case or not We're planning to get a Professional consultant's Certificate instead of warranty but yes, hopefully that will be sufficient for most lenders.
  3. We're financing our build through 'gifts' from family that we intend to pay back by remortgaging once the place is mortgageable. One broker we spoke to originally mentioned that usually a bank would want you to have owned the property for 6 months before remortgaging. We have already owned the land this long, but the mortgage broker then mentioned that they might want the property to have been 'registered' as a dwelling for 6 months. Anyone come up against this? Or not, with remortgaging.
  4. Roz

    Sewage treatment plants

    wow, how long did it take you to dig that by hand?
  5. ah " The only conditions are that you agree not to move or interfere with the system for a duration of 7 years from the date of install."
  6. that's interesting newhome. We might sell within 7 years (who knows) and will definitely remortgage once the place is in the right condition. I figured that either this £25 would transfer for a few years (this wouldn't put me off as a buyer) or we would continue to pay it for the remainder of the 7 years (this wouldn't really botherme either, as it saves us from paying up front). What were the problems that solar panels brought on similar schemes? Just these or more complicated? I figured if they went bust then we'd own the unit as it would be at our house and cant see them wanting to remove it, but I can ask them what would happen in those cases.
  7. our place is pretty small so I'd be surprised if it was too small but will check. Yes so I need to know if there's a warranty that applied, good point.
  8. I think we would never get RHI anyway as wouldnt be able to afford an accredited installation and unit. So that's not too much of an issue for us.
  9. seems the same as this web page: and this:
  10. Does this seem a legitimate way of getting an ASHP? It says £25 per month for 7 years... which is £2100 apparently including fitting and 'maitenance' Having no upfront cost would be pretty tempting for us, but seems like a low overall price?
  11. Roz

    Sewage treatment plants

    I was wondering how difficult it would be to DIY... especially as the first installation quote we had was £3000, but that did include soakaway. I think I'd get confused about what level the plant had to be in order to receive and output the waste. How much does that amount of concrete cost for just having to put it at the base? I quick googled the Conder 6 and it came up at £1565 ex vat for the unit. We don't have our own digger though!
  12. Roz

    Sewage treatment plants

    Do any of you remember what your install costs were for these? Trying to get price indications at the moment but we haven't had a percolation test done yet so not 100% sure on the system we will have.
  13. We had to agree to a couple of extensions of time. Mostly so they could consult other people on different parts of the project. It felt possible that if we didn't agree then they would reject the application in order to have it wrapped up in the right time frame, but I have no evidence that that's true, I could have just been being paranoid.
  14. One of our windows is like this, so perhaps we could tackle that one to save some costs!
  15. Thanks everyone - this is super helpful. I know of a local independent builders merchant so I will call them and ask about discounts for both trade and cash accounts - thanks for sharing all of your experience, so helpful!