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  1. You could try putting it into a 3d room designer like , the 3d image it generates can give you a feel for the space when you have put the furniture in it, and you can move your walls and windows around. I found this easier than sketchup! but its not always the easiest to get accurate but it gives you an idea
  2. Thanks Rich, thats what I wanted to hear as our cladding is nice and smooth and I don't really want to sand it as its nice, but also don't want to waste the sioo if it wont work unsanded. I think it will be fine! But this is from their website: "For new timber, the best penetration of the SiOO:X treatment is achieved on a sawn surface. At the very least the surface should be sanded with no finer than an 60 grit paper." Is it normal to have some boards with split ends? I guess I just try and work around it and count it as wastage. This is an example in the middle of the photo - a couple more at the bottom of the photo.
  3. Hey @iSelfBuild love the meadow! Did you bother to sand the cladding down before applying the sioo - presuming it came planed? I think I read that it is best applied to a sanded finish but I cant remember what grit, and wondering how important it is.
  4. OK I'm going to come back to the ASHP thing later when I have had some time to think. In the mean time, our cladding is arriving tomorrow and I am excited to crack on. What do I do with this breather membrane? Just cut it back so it doesnt stick out of the cladding? Do I need to somehow seal between breather membrane and granite barn? I think our builder should have finished this off but hes a busy bee elsewhere now and I want to just get on. I know I need to pop some more battening in there before i do so ofcourse. And insect mesh. Its all to do.
  5. Thanks Joe, what programmer did you source and what is it for?? Timers would be good for us as we are probably going octopus agile. How much do you think you spent beyond the ASHP and Tempest?
  6. I get skeptical about it too, but I got some 'ballparks' from other companies for everything and their total came to more than this one including the install price. So I guess theyre all on the high side... Im based in SW by the way. But the company who is looking at commissioning it assumed we would sort our own mechanical install, that was a price I got when I asked for their supply of mechanical install. So I and they always thought we would get that sorted elsewhere, and at that price...we will Yes I was surprised by the commissioning cost, but was told a similar price by another MCS guy (I think he said £650, but I dont know if he would add on building regs registration and MCS registration £150, too, or if its necessary.) I dont think they come with it. I dont know if it is needed because I dont know what they are for I guess! The controller I have found at that price and more at a few places : Monobloc control box Gen 6 MIM-E03CN (shit website sorry) I think pre plumbed cylinders have them already (maybe)
  7. Any ballpark costs for the stuff? Also when looking at a ASHP on ebay I realised I would need the control unit for it and its £450 or something, which seems alot - is that what you mean by the programmer? This was when looking at a samsung gen 6 5kw OK so thats good if I understand you correctly. Because commissioners keep talking to me about how the heat pump will go into the cylinder and the underfloor will then come back out of that, but it doesnt seem to make sense to do that if I don't have to. What is the buffer tank for? My main problem is just that it all seems a bit beyond my grasp to understand everything I need in order to assess whether I can just buy my own stuff and get plumbers and electricians to install. I'm looking at a company supplying and commissioning a mitsubishi heat pump and pre-plumbed cylinder, supply of is £4400. Commissioning and registering is £900. PLUS: installation (their 3rd party installation cost was £2000, somewhere in there I presume all required parts and bits are included. We can do our own /outsource our mechanical install though) This is basically too much for us, but is it a false economy to try and do it bit by bit alone. If I was to get a big brand heat pump from ebay I seem to be looking at £1500-1900, plus a Telford Tempest at £800. £2700, inc vat. around £2250 ex vat. PLUS: installation (I can run pipes and do hep2o but probably installing these is beyond me. so £?) , parts (£? control unit £400??) , perhaps commissioning to get MCS payback (£900)
  8. Trying to figure out how to go about this ASHP thing, whether to get one company in to supply fit and commission, or buy separately and get electrician and plumber to fit then perhaps an MSC commisson and sign off (have been told that was possible if I pay them £700... but that was a while ago). So I have a couple of questions... - ASHP will power underfloor heating and an UVC. Does the heating need to come out of the UVC or can the heat pump divert to two sources - the underfloor heating and the UVC. So then the heating isnt drawing out of what will be a small tank that we want to reserve for DHW. - For those that have bought their heat pump and cylinder separately, how much was extra 'stuff' needed to go from these two units, to having them working and feeding into one another? Thanks in advance!
  9. oh I didn’t know about expansion tanks, don’t have room for that either... how close do they have to be? Would the Mitsubishi slimline not have one as that wasn’t mentioned when assessing space For that. thanks so much for measuring!
  10. anyone want to measure their cylinder with pipes? 😁 ie what is the minimum cupboard space I might get away with. I can see dimensions online which seem a lot smaller than similar slimline pre plumbed from mitsubishi, so wondering how much space its likely to take up once plumbed. @PeterW @joe90 @ProDave @Jeremy Harris (not sure if you also have this Telford Jeremy). Also is the fitting of it basically the same job as a regular unvented cylinder? Im trying to understand the quotes Im getting. Thanks all!
  11. Thanks everyone! Just had a quick look at one online. I’ve been quoted for a Mitsubishi ecodan and slimline cylinder, but this one seems smaller than that but it’s a bigger capacity. I suppose I should add on pipe space? How much space do yours take up? is the fitting for this the same as a regular unvented cylinder? I got a price for fitting one before from a UVC guy so wondering if it would be the same. The mechanical install cost from the heat pump quotes is a bit high for our budget. So thinking about how I can break it down. haha thanks @peterw , are there actually discounts to be had with these things (without offering compromising pics of course)
  12. Hey @Snowbeetle or anyone else - when putting in slate sills under timber windows are we supposed to put in some kind of DPM? I hadn’t thought so as I didn’t know how this could work, but someone mentioned it to me and I notice the door has it, and the windows in our timber frame extension do too (no slate sills there though)
  13. So can you use any old unvented cylinder for the ASHP to feed into and pre heat the DHW? Or are they special and specific. Trying to understand the cost of different parts of quotes for getting our ASHP.
  14. This is great info, I hadnt thought about popping bits of slate into the foam, thats a great idea. Thank you!