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  1. Roz

    Landing window regulations

    It hasn't been designated as a means of escape AFAIK, but I wondered if the same minimum height might apply. I suppose it might end up as more than 800 with the sill etc, so perhaps we will be OK without needing to toughen it. Although the height to the floor was actually measured to the top of the beam, so with the thickness of chipboard and our finished floor, we might be cutting it close. It's a barn conversion but no it doesn't open onto a roof.
  2. Hello! SO I have looked for an answer but think I might be typing in the wrong search terms I understand an escape window has to be between 800mm and 1100mm from the floor. I presume a landing window isn't an escape window. At the moment our landing window, which is almost in front of the stairwell, is roughly 79cm from the floor. I suppose with sill height the actual opening section might be a bit more... is this likely to be OK?
  3. Yes but all I want is to see the evidence they have got so i have peace of mind but they won't provide it, even though it won't cost them anything. I haven't asked them as our solicitor doesn't work there anymore but will try them anyway
  4. I was just worried about it as had read varied opinions online, so needed advice, but i spoke to an estate agent and they weren't concerned about value, but were very concerned that if it wasn't tied up legally then we might struggle to get a mortgage 😬 Yes I'm going to do my best to get an appointment with someone that might be able to help. They all seem very busy and I am waiting on call backs! I don't want to throw a spanner in the works of their water laying, I just don't want to get ourselves into a pickle down the line, and seems so odd the way this is going down!
  5. we had originally agreed that they would pay for a solicitor to organise any documentation that was needed, but now they have changed their minds and are saying they already have the right, but they won't provide real evidence 😟 we just want to know that all the legal documentation is in place, as have been advised we might struggle with mortgages if its not. I'm so baffled about why they won't provide the evidence.
  6. They're now saying they do have this right and have served us with a 7 day notice period and won't provide real evidence of the right 😥 just a small picture that doesn't refer to any title numbers, and they won't send a bigger picture that does, and an image of the plan referred to. I am trying to get the necessary information from land registry.
  7. I swear every single person who visits the site comments on how they haven't seen the underfloor heating directly in the slab before, on the mesh. It makes me so anxious - I keep telling them I'm on a forum where lots of people do it and you see it on TV too. They sort of give me a raised eyebrow like they don't believe me 😂 But it's too late now as our concrete just went in. Perhaps we'll start setting a trend for cornwall!
  8. I'm not sure about the barge meeting the fascia yet. No soffit though. I'll try to get some photos later! Yes he did say he would leave the fascia to be cut off later. And he said he'd leave about 25mm for allowing the barge board so hopefully thats about right. I'm not sure what hit and miss cladding is - but it's like a tongue and groove, shadow gap. We don't have a proper overhand no, just whatever he allows for for the roof
  9. Thanks both! Wonder why the BCO is using the old one.
  10. So, for the bifold for our studio, we have to conform to the same regulations as the rest of the house. They need toughened glass in them basically (and the right hardware). Our BCO said "The glass in the Bi folds needs to be safety glass to BS6206. This is either laminated or toughened." The glass in the bifolds I am currently hoping to order says it meets European standards BSEN12150 and BSEN12600. I can't figure out if this is sufficient?? Anyone more well versed in these know the answer?
  11. Yes on the gable end. We've got vertical larch cladding going on the walls but I don't know about the actual barge board. He's said he can do the overhang of the slate so it overhangs an extra 25mm or something in order to fit a barge board later.
  12. I think our main issue is that he is used to working on projects with other tradesmen around doing the rest of the work, but we're about to be on our own. We're doing the cladding ourselves and sort of figuring it out as we go along, so he's asking questions I don't know all the answers to yet, and doesn't seem that comfortable with a 'I'm sure it'll be fine' kind of response. 😄 he also doesn't seem that comfortable about offering advice on what we'll be able to sort out later. .. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  13. Glad to hear you're doing the same. I can't decide on the width of the barge board and what to use, so I'd rather not decide on the spot and it might be good to decide once we see the cladding on. They're putting the fascia board on as they're doing our guttering too, but he seems to be getting worried about things being an issue and I can't tell if they really are or not! He started going on about how he needed to know certain things because of permanent fixing the fascia, but then I asked if the fascia ever needed replacing would it be simple enough, and he said yes. So he seems to be on 2 separate pages!
  14. So can the roof be put in and the barge board be put in later? Our roofers are in before our vertical larch cladding is on, and they're asking about the barge I want and I don't know. Also, they think we might have trouble with insect proofing the roof and if we do, are we able to remove the fascia after the slates have been done and fix it back again later? Or will we cause damage? I got these roofers on recommendation and whilst I think they're going to do a good job, we're not exactly on the same page on what is / isn't a problem, and how to explain things, so thought I would check here.
  15. I didn't go for it in the end, felt a bit too quick off the mark but was good to get the ball rolling and thinking about it. He said he was a mitsubishi engineer and that they had removed it in order to put in air to air.