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  1. Many thanks gents. I think I need to see some real life installations and bring my measuring tape.
  2. I'm thinking of changing the handedness of my stairs and I thought maybe I could place the MVHR on the landing in a cabinet approx 1.4x0.8. It would need to extend over the stairwell a bit. Can anyone foresee any problems?
  3. Wondering about a radial system design. If I have my MVHR unit in a cold attic presumably the ducts need to be insulated and at some point they go in to a manifold. Is the manifold usually in the warm space below the ceiling or is it covered in mineral wool above the ceiling in the attic? Is the radial ducting also under the mineral wool?
  4. Yes there is a thermal bridge and it may degrade considerably compared to not having a bridge but in real terms how many Watts are we talking about?? Would there be low conductivity materials that could be compressed between OSB and flange?
  5. Just thinking through how you put a deck in the attic so you can store things. To hit my u value I reckon I'd need 300mm of rockwool. The joists are probably 150mm so that means I'll have mineral wool between and over the joists. How do you install a deck on this?
  6. Can you use a full brick wall against an ICF wall as opposed to brick slips? If so, how do you tie them in?
  7. Where I live from now till March temperatures can drop below zero at night. Can foundations be laid during this time? What steps do I need to take to ensure end result? Or should I wait till spring?
  8. Cavity block is common term for hollow block where I am based. Apologies for confusion.
  9. I've seen a few builders do block on flat combined with external insulation. What are the pros/cons of using cavity blocks with external insulation?
  10. This may be obvious to everyone (but not to me!). Can you have a concrete stairs in a timber frame house?
  11. What type of heat pump do you have? Is it as simple as that for cooling -just design for UFH and put the ASHP in cooling mode?
  12. Could you point me towards some systems that combine UFH and UFC (cooling) - I'm having trouble finding any.
  13. panels made off site then errected
  14. Apologies if the wrong forum... and my lack of knowledge Does anyone build one off residential homes with precast concrete? If not why not? Scenario is a 2 storey, 2 bed, 160sqm house.
  15. Does anyone know a wall make up that could achieve a U-value of 0.1 where the overall width from finished external to finished internal is max 350mm?