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  1. We have Nu-Aire. Very effective. I was very surprised at how cooking smells disappeared as I had a plan B in case it didn't work effectively. Removes damp air well too in bathrooms.
  2. Our self build is almost complete, it is one of nine. One plot next to us has only just started, the timber frame goes up this week. Do they need any special insurance apart from the usual self build site insurance as we have moved into ours ? TIA
  3. Hi. Are we interpreting this correctly ? From the Gov website it appears that the RHI is still available for self builds with PV's and ASHP? TIA
  4. We have MVHR. Am I right in interpreting the comments that anything below 10 is OK ?
  5. Hi. On our SAP certificate it states the design value of the APT is 3 m3 @50Pa. The maximum is 10 m3 @ 50 Pa. Do we have to get 3 or is any value between 3 and 10 acceptable ? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Thanks Mr Punter, we were living in another county and I cannot remember the delivery. Just remember the concrete being poured and next time we visited the beams were in place.
  7. Our BR officer has requested this. We cannot find our groundworker, the foundations went in 18 months ago. Are there online design calculators we could use, to save money rather than going to an architect ? It was all complicated as we started with an Approved Inspector and the company failed to get insurance so we transferred to LA. TIA
  8. Hi, we have a Stairbox oak on sides as we need carpet for the dogs to be able to use safely. The staircase is the type with the glass panels sitting in grooves. On a test run I have noticed they rattle in the cut out. What is best for securing them ? TIA.
  9. Thanks for that. Our staircase has 1/4 turn no landing. Here are some pics.
  10. We have an oak and glass staircase, with risers and treads in MDF, so we can carpet it. The underside will be visible, so what do we do ? I have thought of 2 options. One plasterboard it or try to get some oak plywood to cover it. This though will need an oak trim to finish it off. Could you post pics of your finished staircases and any other advice would be gratefully received.
  11. Hi, I have mislaid my House Builders Bible. What is a reasonable timescale to lay a brick skin on a 2 storey house which has a ground floor area of 112 m2 so total area is probably 200 m2. TIA.
  12. Hi Mike it is a fire door, very heavy, with fire door hinges and strips. It is the look of it I object too
  13. Thanks Redoctober and ProDave, they look great. Our style of door is more like ProDave's. ProDave could you post a pic with a door open ? TIA
  14. Hi. We have a timber frame house, so external walls are very thick. Here is the door seen utility side, it goes into the internal garage. The door had to be hinged on the right side. From the utility it looks tacky. Door stop a nasty afterthought. We have thought about replacing the door stop with a wider piece of architrave. What do you good and wise people think ? Also any pics of your similar doors would be gratefully studied. TIA.
  15. Internal. We were thinking about the pleated ones that attach to the window, but the one on the utility door looks flimsy.
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