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  1. vivienz

    Wall finish in attached garage

    Thanks all. My BCO is generally very relaxed, perhaps a little too much on this occasion. Will get some more PB in!
  2. Whilst I wait for a reply from my BCO, does anyone know what building regs require as the finish on the garage wall once the fire rated plasterboard has gone up? The BCO has already confirmed that a single layer of pb is fine, but someone raised a query about whether the inevitable gaps between the boards need to be sealed in some way. We don't want to plaster it, if avoidable, and the BCO was fine with this but he didn't mention anything further about the finish.
  3. vivienz

    How to get Howdens prices

    I priced up the units for my utility with Howdens recently and they were nowhere near as good value as DIY Kitchens, so I got the same ones as I've used in the kitchen from the latter. I have to say that Howdens are persistent but don't try hard with their prices.
  4. vivienz

    Warning - scams

    My bank never calls me. They're afraid that I will ask them for money to spend on the build. 😮
  5. Blimey, that approach would discount most of the stuff that goes into a passive stsndard house, on the basis that it's not ordinarily incorporated into most UK houses.
  6. I've had my external electric blinds done as supply and fit, zero rated as it's a new build. In fairness, there's a strong argument that they are part of the fabric of the building as part of the installation is done as a first fix item before the cladding.
  7. I smell success in the air. Keep at 'em.
  8. Have you recovered from academia now, Ian?
  9. Super speedy! Great progress.
  10. vivienz

    Stone facade veneer advice

    The rep for our stone said to start from the corners and work your way towards the centre.
  11. My build is contemporary and I've gone for the click system mentioned by Nick. My doors and woodwork is all white so white switches look the least unobtrusive. They have a nice chamfered edge to the face plates and don't look clumsy. The sockets on the splashbacks will be dark nickel to blend in.
  12. vivienz

    breezeblock outline on internal wall

    Thanks, and interesting. That may well have been the case. But then, my friend is also a prodigious burner of smelly candles.
  13. vivienz

    breezeblock outline on internal wall

    Thanks, Ferdinand. I will get her to look further at the wall. The kitchen has long since been negotiated and agreed. 😁
  14. A friend is having a kitchen extension done in a couple of months. She has mentioned that one of the external walls that won't be altered has bothered her since they moved in a couple of years ago because she can see the outline of the breezeblock through the plaster and wallpaper that cover it. What's the best way to overcome this? Re-plaster? Dryline and skim?