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  1. Thanks, chaps. I will see if I can get someone out to fit a pressure reduction thingy as this has been commented on before. We can get really high water pressure here, up to 5 bar, so time to get this done, I think. Merci beaucoup!
  2. We're over in our French place at the moment and our hot water immersion is giving us grief again. Thanks to BH we successfully replaced the temperature probe a while back and it heats up nicely. However, we turned the water in yesterday and the inlet pipe has been constantly flowing since then. It was going at quite a gush yesterday so I turned on the hot tap at the downstairs sink in case it was due to trapped air in the tank. This worked slightly and the gush reduced to a lower level flow, but it is still going. Here's a picture of the pipes entering the tank. The tank is located upstairs and we have very soft water here. Any suggestions, anyone?
  3. vivienz

    Check mate!

    Even though i'm in the final stages of my build and everything has gone well, I still have regular moments of panic. They range from financial ones to figuring out how to tidily finish off the gap between cladding and windows and a whole host of other things. Your feelings aren't unusual at all, working out how to handle them is a good strategy. As for your architect, just what are they going to provide for that £48k? Is there project management in there as well? I paid ours about £5k for the design/planning permission stage and about £4k for the building regs submission. I'd want something super special for £48k. Shop around and find someone you think will listen to you from the start. Congratulations and good luck
  4. vivienz

    The Timber Frame Goes Up

    Oooh, it's getting proper exciting now. Getting close to the house shaped object stage.
  5. vivienz

    When the copy is better than the original brand name

    Their own version of pringles are pretty good, too. And hubby swears that their Belgian chocolate mousse pots are the best he has tasted outside France. Ich liebe dich, Aldi!
  6. vivienz

    Kitchen Layout

    I'd have wall units. You can never have too much storage space in a kitchen.
  7. vivienz

    And we're off

    Well, I did have a separate digger and operator on site but not from the same firm that provided the muckaway service. Do they need to be from the same provider to be zero rated?
  8. vivienz

    And we're off

    Absolutely! I shall get onto this first thing on Monday morning. I love Buildhub.
  9. vivienz

    And we're off

    Can you tell me more about the muckaway being zero rated, please? I've been under the impression that it wasn't and have paid full whack - it would save me a tidy packet if I can reclaim it. Muckaway is a horrible expense - ours is clay, too, and even if you have a large site, it's hard to lose as you still need to cover it with decent topsoil. That would cost more than muckaway - a lose/lose situation!
  10. vivienz

    Hairline plaster cracks

    Yes. An MBC build with passive slab.
  11. vivienz

    Hairline plaster cracks

    Excellent. Anything that saves on a bit of effort now is a plus. Thanks!
  12. vivienz

    Hairline plaster cracks

    As my building settles and the newly skimmed plaster dries out, the usual hairline cracks are appearing here and there, mostly along beading lines. Whilst my scaffolding is still up in here, is there anything I should do about these, or should I just live with them a while and revisit once the building has settled some more?
  13. I'm using tier system on my build (timber frame). This is stone veneer on a backing board, and is applied with adhesive to builder board. The builder board goes onto battens, although I need to use counterbattens as well as the centres of the battens aren't at the right spacing for the board. I sourced everything from Sydenhams after ringing around for prices; they wete by far the most competitive. The standard panels were £ 51.05 sq m, corners were the same per linear metre, the adhesive was £21.9 per bag (44 needed for mine, 126 sq m in total area excl. corners) and the builder board was £36.24 per board (sorry, can't remember the size, but same as plasterboard). Depending on which colour you want, lead times can vary enormously. Mine took nearly 2 months to arrive as it was on a slow boat from Vietnam.
  14. Interesting. I've no other experience of wayleaves or easements and just assumed they would be on everyone's deeds. I suspect it was on mine as we bought the plot from an old farming family and the land hadn't changed hands since the 950s.
  15. I wonder if it's the north/south thing? The wayleave for my place is on the deeds for my plot,