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  1. We are right at the southern end near Monmouth so quite a way from Welshpool unfortunately - but any contact gratefully received.
  2. Hi, We are tentatively launching into a self build project in the Welsh Marches, we have eventually obtained PP for a 160m sq bungalow in our garden, modern design with a mix of flat roof and a monopitch steel roof centrally which we plan to use Tata Colourcoat Urban. We have had a quote for the timber frame and insulated passive foundation from MBC that we are reasonably happy with. We are struggling to find a builder to get quotes though our architect wants to do a detailed spec beyond building regs drawings and draw up a tender pack for submission to firms locally (at a cost of several more thousand pounds) My worry is that only larger firms (possibly out of our budget) have the resources to deal with these tenders. My wife and I both work full time so have limited time for input. Does anyone have experience of project managers who may be able to help us? Many thanks Phil