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  1. I am with Bitpipe on this. In a previous job I had to deal with a Dutch firm for machine spares and repairs. Their emails and spoken conversation came across as abrupt and rude. I am very thick skinned but this took me a while to get used to. No one on our site (150 employees) could string a sentence together in Dutch but our counterparts could all speak and write in English.
  2. Hi Tim, I didn’t give you the full story though. We placed bird feeders, fruit, nuts etc on top of our gabions all through the winter and carried it on as we enjoyed watching all the birds up close. We got to know their routine and even gave them names. Unfortunately this is what attracted the rats (we didn’t mind the field mice?) The pest control guy told us to remove the food and water bowls (obviously really) and guess what, the rats disappeared. Next door have a massive raised deck area and they barbecue regularly. Pest control guy reckons the rats live under their decking. So crack on👍We really miss watching all the different birds so close but hey ho. Give it another year and our jasmine will look great growing around these upright gabions.
  3. John explained my "set up" well. The baskets on their own will not be strong enough to keep their shape even using the ties between front and back. No doubt your stone placement will be better than mine 🙂 My upright ones filled with logs are to act as a retaining wall for climbing plants to grow around and through. I have concreted a steel post to act as a support and they sit on bedded 50mm 2` x 2` flag. I did want the whole wall to look like this but the weight put me off and I ended up with the individual gabions as a compromise. Looks a bit naf to us but the plants are starting to take and the wildlife love them even rats! I checked out the motorway embankment near me which used gabions and they have used 4/5mm thick galv wire and these look really sturdy. The supplier I used sells them in this size but the price starts getting silly. I drive past a Mcdonalds and they have just used gabions for the new outdoor seating areas. Looks a good job. If staying in the property, we would re do the gabion wall with some nicer infill.
  4. Hi Col, Thinking of what to say? My oldest gabions are 5-6 years old now. The mesh I picked was 75mm x 75mm x 3mm dia galv wire. The stone fill I used came (free) from the quarry at the bottom of my garden. This has crumbled over the years and something in the stone has reacted with the mesh and caused the gabions to rust? Also, we keeping walking on them so the top of the gabion wall is no longer level. Would I use them again? Definitely. Would I use the same supplier? Defiantly. We couldn’t afford to buy stone to fill them, we just got creative with what we could get for free.
  5. Never seen these but they are a good idea. Without checking the details myself, do they com3 in different s dims? 85mm is shallow once tiled. I made my own (marmot and orbry board) Openings with tile sizes in mind to try and limit cut edges and to fit mosaics. I did hav3 the luxury of a large cavity
  6. The houses in our cul de sac are about 16 years old. The boundary between next door and his neighbour has been planted with mixed hedging plants. Our shared drains run underneath these and an access man hole is bang in the middle of the hedge. I know the original neighbour next door but one planted specifically to hide the eyesore man hole cover. Every year for the last three years the drains have backed up due to blockages caused by the roots finding a way in. Drain man just shakes his head but he likes the regular income.
  7. SiBee

    Flexible caulk

    Dulux decorators centre anti crack acrylic caulk, as recommended by our contractors who swear by this stuff. I tried loads and even paid more for postage than product in buying the one recommended in the monthly builders magazine. Think it was made by Dunlop and my paint still “crackled” over this.What the lads do is prime with B.I.N as this covers anything, is tough, easy to use and ready for a coat after approx 40 mins. I am painting my kitchen cabinet doors and these products are working well.
  8. oil based egg shell is the answer. Covers and can be cleaned down. To cover difficult surfaces in the first instance, use zinsser B.I.N. Our decorators told me this info. This wont be the cheapest option but that was not the question asked.
  9. Just to expand, the energy suppliers trade/pay per half hour so if we the end user dont do likewise then the potential exists for the energy companies could lose out. Remote switch offs and data collection have been mentioned. You do not legally have to have a smart meter but the providers make it compulsory for some tariffs as they had targets to meet with numbers of smart meters fitted. Its marketing rubbish about saving you money; they should have been honest about the real reasons behind smart meters.
  10. Not always. I have under counter side by side zanussi fridge and freezer. They are old though, about ten years. Compressors are not the same and the freezer makes a lot more noise. Fridge is quiet, freezer is not. I am tarting the kitchen units up and cleaned the back of these appliances looking for any obvious problems so this is fresh in the memory. Only just put them back so not dragging them out to take pictures🙂
  11. Good spot. Flex is same both ends and I intended to remove the paper label as it won’t last. Never been used since fitted as it’s a spare bathroom only went in to take the pics.
  12. Sure mine are Grohe? Nice feel to them and I too will not use unbranded due to bad experiences. I did get them from a German website though but they came in a couple of days. Will try and find the receipt. If I learn how to post pics I will put some up😀....... just pressed attach file so hope that worked.
  13. My deal with octopus is due to expire so we have signed up to another fixed deal with them. I prefer the idea of a fixed monthly outgoing especially in these uncertain times. I like Octopus because: I am not forced to have a smart meter, it’s optional Which magazine top rated for supplier and customer service - online chat, issued refund of money accumulated instantly very easy to manage the account online - we reduced our dd instantly on line Competitive rates. No exit fees and they are very flexible and quick to alter payment changes issue refunds etc You are probably right to stick with one of the big suppliers. Every year we set up a spread sheet and do the comparison game using all the well known websites which is not that easy. In the last few years we picked two suppliers and both went bust which was a pain. Guess they were cheap for a reason eh! We wanted stability after this so the best deals for us came back as eon, bulb and Octopus. We get twitches when we see low tariff deals now. BG didn’t make our list but Octopus normally have a new client offer or I can refer a person and split £100 or £200 if it’s a business. Guys in work have made a few bob referring friends and family. I won £1 on the monthly Octopus spin the wheel offer👍
  14. For three sleepers high screwed together per layer; rather than dowels what about using something like the timber fix screws? These are flanged so the head could be a feature or drive them in further and they can be recessed. Plug the hole if you wish. Thats how I have done them. Never corroded either. I used an impact driver and clearance hole.
  15. Oz they are not listening to you pal😄. The method you describe is how my uncle showed me. He is a carpenter/joiner. Once the profile has been cut at 45 degrees, I rub a pencil against the edge just to make the shape clear for cutting out. Too much faff and I prefer plain and clean lines these days so all my skirts and arcs are square edge.