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  1. Nothing to offer but was just reading out of interest really. I am sourcing replacement windows for my works office block and got chatting to The surveyor sent in by our approved specialist. We swapped stories about self building and suppliers and he suggested Nordan for windows as known to be best in the game. He has been installing windows, doors and shop facades for over 30 years. He has never heard of Rational or Internorm. Opinions eh.
  2. Ryder72 you obviously know a bit about this stuff. All mine is Gulf Stone as recommended by a few tilers/ retailer I know. originally wanted it for the bathroom as he missus love sparkling stuff but my go to guys reeled in horror. Too much natural light and moisture. They have pictures of tiles that have warped. Don’t suppose this would apply to a thick worktop? Still scares me off though. Her friend spent a fortune on granite thinking it to be bulletproof (not literally) it got marked by I think a hot pan. Laminate for me, my heart won’t sink when it shows the first mark😄
  3. Are you sold on quartz? I have read that it is stain resistant yet I have seen three stained work surfaces and my grey quartz tiles have marked and scratched. The supplier no longer imports these as they had many issues from customers. A friend in work complains that his quartz worktop has dulled and he can’t get it back to how it was. I have a black quartz false shelf in our downstairs loo which has no natural light. It’s lost it’s lustre and where one of those Yankee oil stick air freshener things sit has left a mark. Point being, I would be worried about using quartz for a worktop.
  4. Why would it be expensive to have the colour analysed? Our local Leyland paints store match colours so I imagine most decorating outlets could do the same. Works for car body paints too where you can get rattle cans mixed up and filled.
  5. We have been looking at new kitchens for the house. We want top price when we sell up and to achieve that we have been advised to update the original kitchen. It’s tired and dated when you compare it to the rest of the house so we think it savvy advice. After checking the high street outlets and dismissing the highbrow stuff, we have decided on diykitchens in Doncaster who do sell online too. Decent quality for the price and units come assembled with the doors fitted which may help some people. It’s amazing how much room flat pack takes up. Fitted a few Bernstein’s kitchens (used to supply b&q) which IMO are okay. Did think Wickes looked okay but didn’t float my boat. If you have found a kitchen you like and are happy with the supplier then rest easy. Wren wouldn’t give us a price on their kitchen until a planner had been out. I was in branch with a 3D cad drawing of the how the kitchen was going to be, I know exactly what we want and how it will fit (done this before Mr) We walked away. My two local Howdens wanted to barter and are a pain to deal with so ruled them out. For some reason, the Wigan and Bolton areas are a hotbed of small kitchen outlets but we never found any than came close to the finish of Diykitchens. This opinion may change as we are always looking. Forgot to mention that we have a local German kitchen outlet. Didn’t see what the fuss was all about tbh.
  6. Not according to Merseyside police. We had a recent break in and the sergeant said the complete opposite. He also said that unless you have a 100% facial they will not act on cctv footage as money and time is very tight. CCTV will not deter a scrote, they wear hoods and or a scarf around the face as many of the bike riding, north face wearing kids around here do. I agree though, people will ignore an alarm but around here you will get an angry neighbour knocking to complain about the noise rather than to see if you are okay. A lot of alarms now ring out to tell you of an activation too. First recommendation was a big dog and second was a decent alarm system and loads of lighting at night time. CCTV came third or is that fourth?
  7. I have used : “fine mesh metals “ twice in the past. Decent stuff. When I priced up buying my own sheets of weld mesh it worked out more expensive than buying made Gabon’s from these guys. They do come flat packed and don’t bother with the 1m coil closers as they look naff.
  8. You guys building will be far too busy😄but the gym we frequent is lined like this. They have used a block patten with large sheets butted up and each edge is chamfered if memory serves. Looks crap but each to their own eh👍The door arcs are the same. oh, it’s JD gym and I image each site is the same decor. Could take some pics in a couple of weeks if anyone is interested in the detail. In St. Ives at the minute so can’t get there just yet.
  9. I have. Mines a visonic wireless system. Sensor is in the detached brick garage a good 8m from the control box and works very well.
  10. onoff kind of answered your question. The symptom? well how are you going to stop people washing their hands with soap thats provided? Not sure if different types of soap help? In a public wc which gets a lot of traffic you can get heavy build up (I may have some old pictures somewhere for interest) Hot water helps but not everyone will wait for a decent flow of hot water or run enough to flush away stuff. Quick in and out and get on with the days business.
  11. Flip side to that Joe, in my experience, the flow/speed is reduced in the bigger pipe so crud may not be washed down the pipe as good. I would not hesitate to use the bigger size though having replaced many 32mm runs which have become 3/4 blocked with solidified soap fats ect
  12. I agree with everything the guys have said. My opening is 5900mm and I have replaced a roller door with a sectional. In that width the roller doors looks a bit industrial when compared to the sectional. I was told normal practice is to fit either of these behind the brickwork anyway. I do miss the roller door though in the sense that head height is compromised with the sectional door and half the garage lighting is lost when the sectional door is only even part way up. Lighting on the side of the walls instead of directly above is not the same. I have had problems with the frame moving out of square resulting in the door rollers coming out of the guides. This should not happen and my frame is significantly braced, but it did. If it moves again the manufacturer has agreed to upgrade the rollers and guides. I used to repair vehicles so a 4x4 or big suv was difficult to work under as I could never jack them up as high as previously with a roller door. The roller door tended to get dirty very easily with it rolling its crud around itself. The sectional door I bought increased in price over 6m (I think thats the dim given) as the rolling gear is beefed up to cope with the extra loads (catches a lot of wind a door that size). I would still chose a sectional again but just because its softer on the eye IMO.
  13. Not sure what that is? It is fixed at £50 a year if that’s what you mean. Bernadette just informed me that Simerec sent a letter informing us that we had to request the purchase fee from them and this may be chargeable. From this I am guessing that they can charge what they want for the lease purchase then?
  14. When the metal rusts though, will this not cause nasty staining on the surrounding surfaces?