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  1. SiBee

    Design Book

    Hi, when I finish the home builders bible, this will be next on my reading list😉 Simon
  2. SiBee

    LED bulbs

    Another consideration if you are retro fitting is the rating. Look at the lumen out put and beam angle, not just the wattage. I tend to stay with branded and avoid the cheaper stuff. Our purchasing manager in work is a notorious Scrooge and proudly told me he had bought loads of led lamps from alibaba for his home for pennies. A week later he asked me to have a look at his kitchen lighting as the lights wouldn’t turn off. Turns out that when operated by the intermediate switch, a small voltage remained (possibly induced -big house, long run) which was enough to power a dim light from the led. Swapped out for branded (still cheap ones) and normal operation restored.
  3. SiBee

    LED bulbs

    I work with LEDs. They are sensitive little buggers. Yes it’s normally the driver that will fail but some of the claims about LEDs are to be taken with a bit of salt. They should be a better option for outdoor use though as they are less susceptible to cold temps.
  4. SiBee

    Sealing screw holes in marmox

    Just spoke to a tiler mate and he just skims over screw heads with the water proof adhesive and let’s that go off before he applies the tile addy bed. He takes out wall imperfections within reason the same way. Presuming it’s walls and boards are solid. i know what you mean about using what you already have, makes sense as somethings you have will be more than up to this job. Two things he keeps telling me, grout is not water proof and don’t use charcoal-black
  5. SiBee

    Sealing screw holes in marmox

    Hi, I know from reading that Nod knows his stuff and not wanting to step on any toes here but why not do as I have done in the past. Since you are using Marmox boards why not use their own multibond sealant? Its fully waterproof and made for this. I am sure their installation guides show that boards butting up or meeting at corners should be sealed with this stuff so why not screw holes. Thats how I have used it. Also good for sealing around the sink and bath as it stays white, unlike some I have used that guarantee to but fail. Just a thought. Simon
  6. Great forum guys. I joined a while ago and have read with great interest just about every page on this forum and the blogs are fantastic. I thought I knew a lot but this place has taught me sooo much more. I am a multiskilled engineer by trade and well used to diy and building projects. Anyway,you have probably read this story a million other times but about six months ago, myself and Bernadette decided to explore the possibilities of building our for ever home in the next couple of years and this is how I ended up here. Football and detailing forums have now been replaced with building and associated stuff☺️. Our four bedroom new build is a bit too big for just us and the two tortoises and the quiet cul de sac is not that quite anymore with parking access a constant battle. Having identified three potential plots where we would like to live we had the great idea of lets build what we want to live in!obviously within reason. Nothing already on the market seems to fit what we want, is really expensive and crap compared to what we have now. Initial idea to fund the project is from a house sale, small remaining mortgage and small savings pot with possibly downgrading two cars to release some more extra cash. We are mid forties so cant release any cash from our pension pots. I liked the idea of steel portal as I want something solid and have worked in many such buildings (non residential). They are quick and easy to construct and local suppliers are plentyful. However, feedback on these is negative and a mortgage could prove to be difficult. Which leads me onto ICF and so far I am attracted to izodom2000. The Uk agent (econekt) is looking to put us in touch with some local builds in Sandbach (completed) and Anslow (not started), maybe someone on here? Its a shame that the home building and renovating show at the NEC in a couple of weeks doesn`t have more ICF exhibitors but hopefully plenty of other useful tips will be had. Here`s hoping we can bring this dream to life. Thanks for reading and apologies for poor content structure, Simon