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  1. These three photos are of pebbles which are in a sheltered area. No obvious difference
  2. We did similar in 2017. black Chinese pebbles from a place called specialist aggregates. They still look polished today. Probably not as highly polished as originally supplied. Bernadette has been known to sit down and clean individual stones😁 Obviously, we are not building a house so have the luxury of spare time to waste.. i can attach a photo when it stops raining if you need?
  3. I have three 1000L IBC`s linked together midway so that they weir into each other. Fed using a rain diverter off the roof gutter down pipe. Heavy deposits should settle in tank one and tank three should have the least amount of suspended solids to filter out. The original idea was to use filtered rainwater for toilet flushing and for the washing machine but this was shelved due to our local authority regs and lab testing results on water quality/ pathogens. We just use the harvested water for the garden and this year I intend to use it to wash the cars using a suitable filter of course. It is really surprising how quickly we can use the 3000L of stored water. We dont get many dry spells in the North West but our tanks have been emptied many times. You do get plenty of visible bugs too especially them tiny swimming worm looking things. Our tanks are clear but they are positioned out of direct sunlight and algae has never been an issue. Oh, and the amount of bird crap that gets deposited on the roof and patio is amazing! put me right off and especially when the chemist at work showed me his results from my samples.
  4. No expert here but I’ve laid a few patios using various products. I don’t understand why a sand and cement mix would be used on a product that isn’t porous? For a wet bed of sand and cement to bond, the product needs some suction ie be porous, doesn’t it? Maybe okay for a short time. I used thin granite pavers on my patio but to aid adhesion the back of the pavers received a coating of SBR/cement slurry mix before bedding them down. This I was the instruction from the specialist supplier we used. Some areas I switched to a tile addy just for the experience. All laid on a dry concrete base five years ago with no hollows or loose pavers.
  5. How is the stair case fastened down? if the plates are 10mm thick steel that might take some force to bend. I have a picture in my head of you lifting or jacking the whole staircase off the floor without the wings even deflecting. Be careful where you press on too. The plate will bend at the weakest point and this wont necessarily be at the point where you want the steel to bend from. I presume the wooden steps will be removed to do this. You will have to "over bend" a bit to allow the steel to rest back to the position you want it.
  6. We spent a fortune in work on new display stands sinking monitors in, much like you propose. Tech moves on quickly and you never know what changes you may want or are forced to do. You are limiting your options for potential screen upgrades/size increase. Our IT brought in new monitors which then didn’t fit in the recess and all within 12 months. Are you having any devices connected and what about sound? Why do people mount screens so high? Lots of friends do this and it just isn’t comfortable staring up all the time.
  7. No expert here but I have always used rubber crumb underlay. I Was advised on this many years ago by the old guys fitting out a hotel I was passing through. Its hard to describe but the carpets felt so good underfoot. its good for sound,heat and heavy objects and is probably made from recycled materials now! Google and compare, I bet it’s cheaper than the branded fashionable stuff that gets pushed fwd?
  8. Problem with this though is that the cable ties are not UV stable. In strong sun they will rapidly turn brittle so may not "hold" in place
  9. I had new square line gutters fitted to our house and asked the guys to fit gutter hedgehog brush as we always had issues with debris in the gutters. No special fixings used and they can be seen slightly proud of the gutter edge. After a couple a years we started getting overflow after heavy downpours. on inspection, the hedgehog brush was solid with moss and stuff growing in it!!! it looked like any silt fall out gathered rathered than washing away and this created a lovely growing matter for all things weedy. A length of clogged up gutter brush has some weight in it which does cause me some concern. I didnt count on a regular cleaning regime, I just presumed fit and forget and no more leaf build up. I hate heights and working up ladders. Before fitting the gutter brush I never had a problem with the gutters overflowing like a water fall. Would I fit them again? probably not and especially if I have to clean them anyway.
  10. I am no expert and have no specialist knowledge but I do have access to trade tilers through work. Now I would not pay these guys to work on my own properties but I always ask them questions as they get trade info quicker. They tend to use the cheapest and whats easiest to get hold of as most of their customers would know no different and given the option would not pay extra for quality. For my own bathrooms I used Marmox and Orbry boards based on cost, availability, board size.i.e these came in 2400m Lens so great for stud walls. Wickes have a range in stock and tbh, it all looks very similar. Fantastic to tile to, easy to handle/level/cut/fix. The cement based backer boards come in smaller sizes and are heavy, horrible to cut (dust!). I would find a good deal on the board size/thickness required rather than sticking to a particular brand. If I wiped the print off the boards I have I would not be able to tell the difference. Some suppliers sell on Am***n, you might get a deal on delivery?
  11. Shadow gaps = home for spiders to live? Ours is a typical newish build so nothing like the levels of insulation aimed for on here. Now that the colder months are here we seem to find more bugs and insects inside the home? Before you question it yes we are clean and hygiene conscious ? love the idea of shadow gaps but hate the idea of nooks n crannies for dust and stuff to gather.
  12. What Nod said - diluted SBR. Any brand SBR as prices can vary a fair bit and its all still SBR. That said, I have a feature wall to tile in heavy split faced stone (onto backer board not plaster) and have picked up some tile master prime and grip to try as it came highly recommended by, er, the shop? I do like tilemaster stuff though and I can pick it up locally. Never PVA though as someone above has already mentioned.
  13. Hi Temp, i Got a low battery warning on one sensor after 3 years so trumping your 1 year?My mate had the same system fitted 2 weeks after seeing ours. He only changed his batteries because I did, thinking his would all die within 2 weeks but none had actually failed. Cheap enough so I changed the lot and will do this as a routine maintenance three years from install. We also use the remotes, very sleek when compared to rival systems. We use the arming at home option too so that we can walk around the house at night with just the perimeter armed. I have my detached garage set as partition one so can be armed separately and the shed will be added as another partition. Also connected to the phone line so we get notifications of any alarm activation or faults. Not sure how to set up 2 way conversation though. I have the slimline contacts which blend in well but not got around to fitting the power link adapter for app control. Very pleased with the system (my mate is too) but wish the bell box could be hard wired. I hate heights so changing the battery in this requires a few stiff drinks.? Hi canalside, can’t help with your Wi-Fi issues but the signal strength on these things should not be an issue. My garage detector is some way from the control unit and the signal passes through many brick walls and remains at full strength.
  14. The company I use for our security (work related) told me that all their standard domestic intruder alarm installs are now wireless and they don’t get many problems. Easy to install and less intrusive so maybe consider this an option for a retro install if you finish decorating and then decide you still want an alarm. I was very sceptical but opted for a visonic wireless system which has been in a few years now. Works well and provides piece of mind for the other half. Think we paid about £900 but I reckon you can buy the system for half that. Very diy possible. Pyronix have a great reputation in the wireless option and is what our guys recommended but I liked the sleeker visonic controls. i am no tech expert by the way?
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