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  1. This needs planning permission? That’s interesting. I live in the NW on a new (ish) development and this conversion is a common sight on the estate and not one has planning. Well we never received a letter, no notices displayed and nothing on the council portal. We have 10 houses on our cul de sac, I think and two have converted their integral garage into play rooms with in the last year or so. Next door to me left his garage door on and 1m of garage as storage.The rest of the space was converted into extra space in the kitchen for dogs. No PP for this either. I presumed this simple work didn’t require it!
  2. Not far off I imagine. We had to paid a pedestrian crossing across a works car park and I ordered the white paint which was offered as a non slip option for a lot more £. Being short on time I just ordered the non slip version. When the paint arrived it consisted of the surface paint and a bag of what I think was silica sand. Never checked as I have used stuff like this for years. Instruction was to sprinkle the silica stuff onto the paint while it was still wet. Very disappointing and predictable result. Used similar in the past but mixed into the paint. You rely on the paints adhesion to bind the additive. Really old technique so don’t get sucked into paying a fortune. Maybe worth mixing your own “recipe”. If you use an off the shelf non slip product, stir it regularly when applying.
  3. not sure if its tricks of the camera but in some of the pics the pipes do not look to be inserted properly into the fitting, is this the case? do you have movement? Will this pipework be boxed in with no future access? Never used the gap filling cement but CT1 wouldn`t be a good long term fix for this IMO Without coming across as an arse, would you reconsider doing it again and maybe cut the long upright allowing you to assemble the tricky bits with more care and then joining the now cut pipe with a slip coupling.
  4. I have had this chat with our security providers at work as they do domestic work as well as commercial. For domestic alarms that do not need to be linked to monitored services to report to the emergency services they now mainly fit wireless systems. Every installer will recommend what they are familiar with but Pyronix enforcer, Texecom premier elite and Visonic PowerMaster are all well known branded wireless systems which could be fitted by a diyer. I chose the visonic powermaster basically because the remotes look good and the touch screen pad looks modern/hi tech so the system is pretier really 😀 I paid for mine to be installed as the other half wanted it done asap (recent break ins). My friend looked at my system and bought the same. It is connected to the phone line and can dial two (maybe more)numbers to report activations, low battery power and mains failure. I have just bought the add on to allow internet access which does upon up the possibility of paying a subscription for monitoring but we wont use it for this. We use the remote controls rather than a fob or code. The detached garage is partitioned so can be armed disarmed separately. You can arm it as home so the perimeter is set but internal sensors are not which allows free movement around the home with the alarm set. Sensors can also activate a voice but we have this turned off. If I am working in the garage the alarm will keep shouting out, "GARAGE" everytime movement is detected. I was told to stay away from the cheap stuff like Yale ect as like everything, you get what you pay for. One of the three systems should be a few hundred pounds if bought by yourself. Hope that helps or if you need anymore info ask away. I am not an expert on alarms BTW, just played around with a few systems and pick the brains of our guys.
  5. Hi Joe, have you spoken to ICF suppliers? they could point you in the right direction. We liked Jackon and the supplies and UK office are based less than 10 miles from us. They told us a few local builders and a couple of local builds. I am sure the other suppliers would do the same.
  6. Slightly off topic so sorry op but have modern sinks reduced in size? I fitted new worktops and cut out to fit the old ( approx 5 yr old) Franke corronite sink. It looked shabby so we decided to fit a new sink. The one I chose had more to do with being the closest match to the cut out size than anything else within a low budget. You would think they would all be a standard cut out size but that would make life too easy eh.
  7. I can tell you what not to buy. We started our kitchen refurb to freshen the look as the house was up for sale. Fitted a s/s sink from toolstation and regretted it ever since. Its paper thin and easily marked. House is now not for sale and sink pees me off. I would not buy another without physically touching it. The Grohe tap she wanted came from screwfix (cheapest outlet and used topcashback too) Brushed finish instead of chrome so it doesnt show finger prints. Searched the internet for ages too and screwfix are only over the road from my work place😀
  8. Well worth it. We went last year armed with a list of suppliers we wanted to see. Got there as the doors opened and spent most of the day there. Got some great ideas and Bee fell in love with Internorm doors and windows; so glad we can’t afford them😄 We took bottled water and a packed lunch, saved a fortune😁
  9. Okay, Would love some input on the following rambling 😄 we are not in the position to complete yet but our offer on a 1950s bungalow has been accepted. It’s far from perfect for our wants and needs but we will have approx £100k cash to play with to make it so. Is changing the orientation of the building a problem, from a planning point of view. To enjoy the views I would swap rooms around and the front door would end up at the side. It has a double detached garage already to one side (slope and steps to contend with) and this would be rebuilt. How would planning view a request for another, additional driveway which would be on the opposite side of the plot to allow an alternative but level access. Thinking about avoiding using the steep steps in our later years and some friends and family have mobility issues too. So, can you have two separate drives? looking at all the approved plans on the porta ,for other properties the recommendations always state that the appearance must be the same as the original building. Ours has a small extension at the back using a different brick and a flat roof and I can’t find any requests submitted for it. It looks fairly recent wit upvc windows and facia. If I plan to extend but also remove this eyesore, does that effect the size of permitted development? I keep reading that balconies are frowned upon but at least two nearby properties have them. We think some form of Juliet balcony would work for us on the loft room. It would replace a window which Looks out on to a golf course over a lane and not directly into other properties. Approved PP for our area state the look of the original building must be maintained. What if I want to have a render finish or extend using ICF and brick slip of choice. Original look is rather dull. Not in a special area just off a small rural lane in West Lancashire. Mixture of build types in the vicinity but we would extend in a sympathetic manner and will use an Architect or A. Technician for designs. Bordered by two properties who have both extended to the max. Next door have built on the boundary as much as possible. Their roof profile over hangs and the flue vents onto our wall. The other neighbour has a side window which you would expect to see have obscured glass but hey ho. Our owner was an elderly lady who didn’t like to complain. What do think and thanks in advance👍
  10. Thanks for the replies. Sanding has started so continue I must😁changed from the original colour choice of anthracite to white though which we think might appeal to more people. Besides that, most of the house is a shade of grey. With proper prep, correct ambient temperatures maintained and quality rollers and cutting in brushes with doors and drawers laid flat I will be giving myself a fighting chance of finishing to an acceptable standard. Decided on the liberon v33 in white after using a few samples from our trade outlets.
  11. Any one used this stuff? looking to freshen up a kitchen which has beech effect melamine fronts. The usual diy sheds stock liberon v33 cabinet paint and it gets decent reviews. I bought a trial pot and did a quick test (paint brush only) on a well prepped surface and it didn’t cover very well with two coats. Anyone used similar and can recommend. Looking for a dark grey/ anthracite colour.
  12. I manage maintenance and facilities for a large manufacturing business. All my contacts in relation to cctv recommend Hikvision as their go to product. Top quality and first class back up so I am really surprised at your post. I have a Hik-Connect system set up at my own home and we like it but can’t comment on back up as it just worked as soon as I wired it up. I am no expert in this field but we have bought cheap n nasty kits from China for one off product monitoring as part of sample trials and these have also been excellent. I am not expert and this post is of no help but just wanted you to be aware of a brand you mentioned 👍
  13. We decided on Amtico spacia (glued down) for our bathroom which we had fitted by an old pro. Looks good and is warm underfoot. I left some gaps to allow the flooring cut edges to be hidden but was advised that this flooring is cut and butted up to edges. Lesson learnt. We Really like the flooring but it does have some visible surface scratches already which we can’t understand. It’s a brand new spare bathroom with little use and and has only seen bare foot traffic and has been cleaned by hand. It’s put me off using it for future heavy traffic areas such as the kitchen. Just our experience.
  14. Interested myself so a quick google and they are a concrete ready mix company which serves the Manchester area. Bit far for you😄
  15. I agree with ScottishJohn. I think one of the posters on here does this for a living so he may respond, Nod I think is the poster. I have just boarded my kitchen and in the back of my mind I thought that my stud walls are supported at 400mm centres so dot n dabbed accordingly. Not doing a large area and 25kg bag of addy was only £10 so I went over the top. Walls are solid when the addy sets.