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  1. The worktop is 40mm but the cupboard is in line and ads another 20mm. If I carve more from the cupboards it's going to disintegrate. As you say previously there were carved out squares for the clips but I don't have the tools to do it. The sink is bigger than the old one and I have already taken another 14mm. It's like a job for a carpenter not to destroy the cupboards completely.
  2. Hi, I have these clips/brackets/clamps to attach the sink but the counter top and the cupboard is about 6cm thick so there is no way to use those. Are there any long clips that I can use? I have looked online but I cannot find anything definitive. My sink is Franke if it makes a difference. I will put silicone around the sink but this is not going to hold. Best
  3. Hi All, I was looking on the web for a good supplier of glass where I can order glass inserts into PVC windows. What website would you recommend or should I try from a local supplier? Thank you
  4. yes you can, just make sure the used ones you're buying didn't have chemicals in it. Some high pressure clean IBC tanks before selling some other sell IBC tanks that had e.g. vinegar in them so you can clean yourself. So there is no problem with IBC tanks just make sure the supplier is reliable / trustworthy.
  5. Yes, you're right, I reckon this would have to be done together with the neighbour. It could be it is not leaking on his side as the ridge tile on my side is facing N and the autumn/winter winds drive the rainwater where it shouldn't.
  6. I agree with you looking at the chimney from distance is one thing and actually working on the chimney is a different story and I can quickly get overwhelmed once on the top. I haven't figured out yet how this could be done without a scaffolding. It would have to be some flat structure fastened to the roof or a scaffolding from the attic but this would require opening the roof anyway. You are right I have to get some quotes because maybe it's not that terrible and fixing it does not require demolishing everything. I was not able to identify if the hidden gutter is there as the gap between the wooden bit and the wall is too tight. But since they put these chunky ridge tiles I would think there is none.
  7. The surveyor was correct listing two issues with: 1. the ridge on the part wall (install secret gutter) 2. the chimney (repointing chimney, fix pots and flashuibng etc.) but surveyor's pictures were out of focus so I could not see exactly what I see now. These leaks were most likely the reason the housing association decided to sell it as the job was too expensive in their regard. As I could fix No. 1 myself fixing No.2 - installing new pots and repointing a chimney seems difficult due to difficult access, as I have seen it requires 3 storey scaffolding that goes level to the chimney. I was thinking about running couple of ropes over the house for a harness to prevent falls on both sides but there is no good grip to work on the chimney unless I rope myself to the chimney. With this kind of jobs for a novice 1st of all you don't want to rush it (still down to weather) but with a harness it takes a lot longer. On the other hand if I install my own scaffolding and run my own safety ropes then I have more time to play with this stuff. Do the chimney first then install secret gutter but I don't want to remove tiles in case it is going to rain. There is no point doing No1 alone because the water gets into the chimney anyway and I don't think it's the problem with the flashings, I reckon a broken pot or mortar on the top. I am going to fly a drone to inspect it. Have to check the angle of the roof but I consider it steep.
  8. I have managed to get into the attic and I think I see how the water seeps on the wall: https://ibb.co/4W5rn5m https://ibb.co/6FStDCD
  9. I agree with you but where I live the water is like 350ppm very hard comparing to my previous location around 220. Skin feels hard after washing. In this case I would 50/50 with mains water to make it closer to 200ppm.
  10. yes I can imagine that old 55" plasma being a beast, I have an old Samsung and this simply cannot fail and I bought it second hand, I think as old as your plasma.
  11. At first I thought you basically smashed the TV to save on electricity and abstain from BBC or SkyNews propaganda but you just bought a new TV! If you think that it will pay for itself in 3 years then great. Read this: http://mileswmathis.com/fridge.pdf If we look at what happened with standing charges increasing by 100% it costs over £300 just to be connected to the grid. The shysters want to push more and more people into deep poverty or off-grid. The government bribery grants are just for the time being. The same old tactic of the banksters: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+47%3A13-26&version=NIV
  12. Hi, What would be your recommendation for underlayment in these two scenarios: 1. 1st floor standard wooden decking - wood laminate flooring and vinyl flooring in the bathroom 2. ground floor concrete base - vinyl flooring (kitchen) and wood laminate flooring I also have to work out what to use for the hallway and stairs I reckon vinyl would be a better option Thanks
  13. The emergency came over and they found the old vendor put a cap on the supply but with no washer. I am looking into getting a local gas safety engineer to take off the cap to recommission the installation.
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