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  1. You are going for the same combination as us. I have used dulux diamond Matt in the past & didn’t like the sheen. The boarders also mentioned that flat Matt is a much more forgiving finish.
  2. We plan to use some Casambi controls in our build. Vimar do switches that fit a back box, they also have the advantage that up to 4 groups of luminaires can be turned on, off & dimmed from a standard sized plate.
  3. We are using 15mm oak with a band sawn finish. The oak layer is thinner than if we had gone for 20mm - but if we resand it we will loose the bandsawn effect (& it’s cheaper...). Is there nothing in 15mm you like?
  4. Looks great, I like the contrast between the front & back. How are you planning to manage solar gain on the double height window?
  5. We have gone for pb ceilings & fermacell walls, finished by the liners. They have delayed the start by 10 days due to supply difficulties.
  6. Anyone familiar with fixing these boards? They will be covered with cedar cladding afterwards.
  7. @Thedreamer thanks, I think we ideally want in wall ones. I have asked about some other lights they have, but they aren’t 316 stainless so I suspect are not suitable.
  8. As ProDave says we are having a grid switch in the pantry to keep the kitchen area uncluttered. It also means we are not worried about matching the switches - they will be Hager elsewhere, but the Scolmore grid is a lot cheaper!
  9. Nick1c

    Soffit lights

    Thanks @Oz07 they are for internal use only according to the spec sheet. The weather here can be brutal so only plastic/resin/316 stainless is any use.
  10. I am looking for some low level outside lights to be set in blockwork walls & steps. We are within 1/2 mile of the sea & so whatever we get has to be salt-proof. I have found these which I think will do the job. Does anyone have any other (ideally the same price or less) suggestions? There seems to be almost infinite choice in lighting generally & the combination of living at the end of the country & COVID restrictions isn’t helping.
  11. Nick1c

    Soffit lights

    @vivienz what did you go for in the end? We are at the point of needing to choose some. Thanks.
  12. I had to go for the 12mm board as it is the one that is certified.... It weighs a ton! It also looks difficult to handle as I can imagine it snapping if not fully supported when lifting it flat. We are having the house boarded out next week & I will ask if they would also do this as presumably they will have board lifters & are used to doing it. I assume these are the type of fixings needed : we are near the sea, should I be looking for stainless versions? If I wind up doing this myself (with help) is it a good idea to cut the boards in half to make handling them easier? Tips from those experienced in using this board gratefully accepted.
  13. Me neither, but apparently it does what it says on the tin!
  14. A mate used Owatrol paint conditioner & raved about the finish he got.
  15. Massive (f to c) is impressive.....but there isn’t much increase in light, overheating is increased, you loose thermal efficiency, useable room space & in our case it complicates weathering the cill. Does your view full the whole space? If not framing it with a smaller window might give as good or better an effect without the downsides & for less money. We have some large opening lights, the walls can create a fulcrum to overload the frame so we will need restrictors. Get the installation logistics sorted out & reliable fitters - we were delayed by 5 months over this.