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  1. Sorry to hear about this. Have you asked the installer if they have any ideas?
  2. I looked into this for our last house, but eventually went for stainless. Whilst investigating I found this: it looked like it would give you all you need to do it & would be worth £5 to learn more!
  3. Would Equitone tectiva Sahara be an alternative? Durable, no staining & can be face or secret fixed. We are using their Pictura as an alternative to render.
  4. I plan to use it via a dry lining company. They weren’t over keen on it (have used it in the past) due to the weight of the sheets but it was within a couple of hundred pounds, if I applied the FST, of a plasterboard and skim. That is without factoring in costs for noggins so probably equivalent or less - ask me in a few months if doing the FST myself was a good idea....
  5. I received rough costs for the Zehnder radiant panels last week: ”I believe the radiant heating panels can provide 60W/m2 of cooling and 100W/m2 for heating. The cost involved would cover a dehumidification unit £2000, cooling wet pipework connections £3000, controls £1000 and panels £2000. Installation of panels £1000” This is for 80-90m2, I am sure the costs can be worked on to a degree, but not to the point where they become sensible. My first floor affordable options are UFH using a biscuit mix (this would allow a degree of management of soar gain, the SE has asked for £1,000 to calculate if a 160mm CLT floor with maximum spans of less than 3.5m can support it!), or to make provisions for some electric heaters if they prove to be necessary & hope cooling isn’t needed - we will have 300mm walls/400mmroof warmcell, 3G & a passive slab, the majority of the glazing faces N, any that doesn’t will have external blinds.
  6. When we had wood burner put in we put it on a 900x900 slate as the hearth, about 15mm thick & £70-90 IIRC. It is riven, but a reasonably fine finish & not too heavy in thirds for a shelf.
  7. @PeterW I did it all by phone from West Cornwall, so no - but by chance I am passing by tomorrow..... still need 2 shower trays & 3 enclosures.
  8. I have somewhat prematurely bought our bathroom stuff, it arrived in April & we are still looking at a hole in the ground! I originally planned to get it from Germany before brexit, rushing to beat the first deadline..... Having priced it up on Reuter & Megabad I spoke to C P Hart who had their sale on, initially about the sanitary ware, expecting it to be more expensive per unit, but save on carriage (we wanted Duravit & I think they are the UK importers so would have the biggest margin to play with). The prices on their website are very ‘reassuring’. In the end they price matched the Germans (minus basin taps & bottle traps) on an exchange rate of €1.18 : £1 with free carriage. If you can wait for their sale I would try the same approach, checking out bathroom shops for ideas in the meanwhile. A potential fly in the ointment is that, due to B******, Megabad weren’t exporting to the UK back then, Reuter still were, but I don’t know if that has changed.
  9. I’m considering Sunamp, but they might also be used to feed standard sizes radiators, rather than having to fit oversized ones. The servicing might be an issue if @PeterW is correct - getting things sorted out 1 mile from lands end isn’t easy at the best of times....
  10. During the course of a conversation with a Sunamp agent they mentioned that Vaillant were bringing out a new ASHP which could deliver a good COP up to 70C (using CO2 as the refrigerant IIRC). Apparently it was launched in Europe recently & will be available April/ May in the UK and the price will be in the ballpark of their current offerings. Has anyone heard about it? The implications, if it’s as good as it sounds, would be pretty significant in terms of the options available for both heating and DHW.
  11. We are having Gaulhofer (on order, not yet installed). Pro’s: ability to supply large pane sizes (larger than Internorm), availability of external blinds, good contact with myself & the architect, cheaper than Internorm, will take dimensions from plan. Cons: still a lot of money (!), occasionally need prodding to get responses. I have heard no complaints about the fitting on here, assuming that goes well I will be pleased. They are due to go in in late November, I will update you after that.
  12. Do you need hot water to quickly wash your hands? Presumably you will be in a warm, windless environment & the cold water isn’t refrigerated! I think I read somewhere that in Holland (or the Netherlands as they now want to be known) hand basins only have a cold feed.
  13. Thanks @Jenni, what did you do about lifting the mesh (& pipe) onto chairs? Did the kit come from wunda & were the elbows included?
  14. We are having the concrete power floated as the finished floor on our passive slab. This means that I will have to lay the pipes & attach them to the manifold before there are any supporting walls to fix the manifold to! How have others done it? When the pipe is brought up to vertical is it just hand bent, or is there some form of open bend which is used as a support? Thank you.
  15. If I go for the Ivar blender do I not buy the first 3 items on the list from wunda & replace them with the Ivar & 2 gate valves, or am I better off replacing the first 4 items with an complete Ivar set? As the pipes come together near the manifold what do I use to avoid hot spots - some form of conduit, or do I not worry about it?