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  1. Can you cut them at angles and join them up?
  2. Didn’t work. The bend is at the wrong angle and not flat if that makes sense
  3. Cheers. That’s worth a try. Let you know how it goes
  4. Wondering if anyone can help me. I’ve laid down lam flooring and now want to bead it but in the passage way I have a curved skirting board as the attached pic. I’ve tried adding cuts to the rear of it and it keeps breaking. Any ideas welcome.
  5. I had a go and it’s fine. No air and running ok
  6. Thanks but I need instructions by using a solar fill pump. I’ve no intention of going in the roof 👍
  7. I have bought a solar fill pump, the Rothenburger. Have the premixed glycol ready to go too. I have done one many years ago but a bit rusty. Can anyone give me an instruction to drain, flush and fill please.
  8. RCD trips. Pretty new circuits about 12 years. Can’t really see which circuit causes it as the whole board goes off.
  9. When we plug a laptop charger in it trips the electric RCD. Any ideas? Not always but most of the time. Even a phone charger may do it. No socket for n particular
  10. I have tried it for a few days and cant really see any difference in electricity usage with the add heat OFF
  11. Is there a saving on bills without it? Mine seem high
  12. Thanks, I have a seperate immersion heater for the tank too. So I could switch it off then?
  13. Yes I thought something similar, the BLOCKED bit is worrying me though, although when it appears there are no error messages being sent through.
  14. As per picture from the NIBE app, does anyone know what the meaning of El. add. heat is? Sometimes it is OFF, sometimes ACTIVE and them sometimes says BLOCKED? Cant find anything in the manual to explain this.
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