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  1. On ducting to a kitchen island, a builder has advised just to trunk it through the screed (which will also have UFH pipes) - any thoughts on that approach?
  2. Thanks - I'll go back to them and see what they can do. Costs, operation and u-values being equal you'd advise to select Fakro on quality grounds then?
  3. Taping is the standard in Scotland. My in-laws had their extension taped and last year fully rewired and replastered (with skim) the original part of their house. Costs comparable and there's no discernible difference - the only imperfections I can see are a couple of areas where the (DIY) paintwork has been a bit slapdash in harder to reach areas off the alley tower.
  4. Got them back and looks like it's 2G (overall u-values 1.3W/m2-k) compared to the 3G (1.0W/m2-k) so looking like they don't do triple glazed in those sizes (largely 1340x1400).
  5. Thanks - I'll ask for the specs.
  6. Any thoughts? I've a merchant saying it can get me Fakro windows in any size (including 1340 x 1400) which I've not been able to find online at all, the only difference being that Fakro don't do solar so it'll have to be electric, and is coming in 10% below a Velux quote.
  7. I was on with ecology last week and they advised to budget £2-300 for registering the charge.
  8. Thanks - will speak to the electrician about it.
  9. We'll be putting in provision for a future charger - had planned on just burying some suitable cabling in an appropriate place in the drive as we've no garage. Any advice?
  10. Looks fantastic.
  11. Interested in this too as we've designed 2750 on ground floor but windows and doors only to 2100, and it hasn't even crossed my mind that the windows would be out of proportion. Can't say I notice it in my in-laws' similarly proportioned extension.
  12. Definitely takes longer in Scotland without an SER - and I know at least one local authority which has been unable to procure external contractors to do the work for them (jobs too small, infrequent, low-value etc for engineers to be interested in jumping through the procurement hoops when business is good).
  13. Thanks for that - if you have any drawings that you could share that'd be great. Given the costings it's something I'd ask the groundworkers to do rather than get done by the piling contractor.
  14. Thanks - wasn't sure how many offcut panels could be reused.
  15. Thanks - have the drawings so will see if I can get some free package to do so.