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  1. Anyone DIYed plumbing recently? @jamiehamyhow did you get on in the end, happy enough with the end result? Any particular pitfalls to avoid? Having read this thread and looking at cutting costs I'm contemplating it. My uncle is a retired plumber and can do all the design, and I *think* that given we're going ASHP through the Home Energy Scotland loan then the MCS certified installer of that can do all required certs for the Building Warrant (is that right?) so there might not be any need to engage a plumber. We've everything (kitchen (sink and dishwasher), shower room, family bathroom and 2 x ensuites (one to be plumbed in for later second fix when kids are older) on the same elevation, with the exception of our utility with sink and hot water tank so I'm thinking it should be fairly straightforward(ish).
  2. Just finished watching it and I quite liked it and given the complex substructure, size, design, finish and apparent lack of physical graft put in then sub-500k build cost for (guessing) two houses at 280m2 and 70m2 in what (guessing, again) is an expensive part of the world isn't bad.
  3. Looks some site, hope all your planning goes, well, to plan!
  4. eandg


    Thanks. Will do some looking around and get quotes. I read the GSE system integrates with Fakro flashing which might be interesting.
  5. eandg


    Will have a search - cheers. Did you go direct or through a merchant?
  6. eandg


    Thanks, any particular reason for your choice?
  7. eandg


    Bumping this thread as looking at this as an option now. Will, did you go with them?
  8. How do physical merchants (with/without trade pricing) compare to online for pricing? Looking at my budget spreadsheet I have Roofing Outlet and Insulation Superstore identified as cheapest for wall insulation and sound insulation, respectively, after a wee trawl of publicly available pricing. Are your merchants with their hidden/discounted costs likely to come in cheaper?
  9. It was Turner Property Services (and actually £8.5k for an 8.5kW Ecodan system).
  10. I *think* it included the tank (will need to check) but no radiators. Concrete pad by our contractors too. Bit fearful that the costs will spike with recent push and with the last year of RHI.