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  1. Thanks. I get a message that the file is corrupt and cannot be opened... I am trying to do so from work so not sure if it's an overly sensitive firewall or not.
  2. I've been doing a little bit of reading on this lately and read that anything worse than 0.15 u-value for your walls and MVHR is a waste of time. Our plans are for 0.15 u-value walls/roof (kit only) and slightly better for the floor, with 3G windows and doors. Is this on the cusp of MVHR being fairly futile?
  3. They look great and the obvious choice for properties with MVHR, I'd have thought. Did have a wee look months ago and you can get other high end brands on eBay and through German sellers for 40-50% the price of the Bora's units.
  4. Thanks. Definitely a qualified SE but one who specialises in 'setting out'. And at £125/visit (with '3 to 4 tops' required I'm told) which is a lot cheaper than commissioning an SE for the full lot even when they're not doing the structure - but only if there's not a lot else I need them for and someone else will do the SER for a turn.
  5. You'd rather deal with the consequences than live with that!
  6. We're going to be having this exact same discussion very soon - have a balcony which is half (1m) sat on top of the ground floor and half cantilevered over it. Finalising our redesign just now and will be getting drawings over to the kit company later this week but when we first discussed it they were of the view that they'd find a solution pretty easily once their SE had a look at it. Sensus's post above is fairly indicative of their response to it which was more or less 'aye, but so what?'
  7. The law society in Scotland publishes a schedule of charges for conveyancing which is partly weighted to purchase price. Not sure if the same applies where you are but unless it's complex you shouldn't pay any more than a straightforward house transaction for the same value.
  8. We are going the SIPS route with the supplier doing their own engineering for the kit. The groundworkers' SE can do everything we need for setting out. What else do we need? If nothing else, neither can do the SER (we're in Scotland) so does anyone know the likelihood of finding someone else to do the sign-of if other engineers have done the work?
  9. Suggests not unless you have your passport before they were born. Wish I had an inclination about England's latest folly five years ago!
  10. I really like the hexagonal tiles into wooden flooring look and plan on having this transition from utility/mud room to hallway. From those with experience of it, are tiles much better in kitchens than engineered wood? Only ever had laminate which tbf we've never had any great issues with.
  11. Both my maternal grandparents were born in the north c.1922 and thought I may have missed out due to partition but that suggests I can still get an Irish passport which is great. Does anyone know the rights of children (third generation Irish) to get a passport if one of their parents has got theirs by descent?
  12. An interested observer as planning on doing much the same (albeit foil-backed insulation onto a sips panel so thermal bridging may be a bit less of an issue). The big concern for me is breaking the VCL when screwing the batten in.
  13. Edit: found an answer (and can't see how to delete the post).