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  1. If it's arguably PD (and presuming a very low chance of any complaints for a carport) then why not just build it? They'll only get back involved through enforcement if there's a complaint.
  2. Another of the multiple 'things I read and know but have now forgotten' ones here. Currently speccing insulation boards for contractor and can't quite remember why the more expensive Kingpsan Thermowall boards are better than the Celotex or Quinn equivalents when the given u-value for everything seems to be the same on all the data sheets. Any help appreciated!
  3. I don't know City of Edinburgh Council at all but from my experience of/in various local authorities (including our largest city council) I would politely contact whichever of your local councillors is a member of the administration and advise them of your concerns and let them go to bat with the Head of Planning and DM manager on your behalf.
  4. Huge but horrible... who in their right mind pays £1m to live anywhere near Bolton?
  5. Reviewing kit drawings and the manufacturer has allowed for 882mm openings which I'm presuming is sufficient for an 826mm wide door (will confirm when I go back with comment). They only provide internal load bearing walls and I am just finalising positions. In an ideal world I would be shifting the door a little bit from the preliminary drawings to ensure kids' bedrooms are the same size, which would allow only 1045mm for the door (as per sketch below). Is that sufficient?
  6. Watched the first two earlier in the week. Still utterly perplexed as to how normal people can afford to live in the South East given house and land prices. And equally as confused as to why it took so long for the second couple to get anywhere near to finishing their house (or why they had bespoke furniture kitted out in rooms they'll not use while the nursery hasn't even been boarded six years on) - presumably a financial issue they didn't want to disclose.
  7. How are you getting on with your rooflight details? One - of many, no doubt - things I have overlooked today so a very interested observer.
  8. Cheers. I have planned 100mm service could in ceilings (can lose the space with the vaulting) to account for that and presume/hope it's straightforward doubling up some batons to do so.
  9. Thanks both. Exchanger unit in the loft above the only bedroom which is not vaulted and can be vented on the gable wall. I had thought the ducts from rooms had to vent externally rather than were just through the internal plasterboard to pipework - misunderstanding on my part, sorry! Plan would be to hide pipework in the void between roof/insulation and plasterboard.
  10. I have no idea how much air it'll involve but thought it might be an issue hence asking the question. Rooms are all vaulted ceilings so had presumed that it would need to be via roof for a bedroom and bathroom that doesn't share the gable wall. Will look into it now.
  11. Roof build up will likely be SIPs roof, 50mm cavity, 18mm ply below standing seam roof. Would venting the MVHR inlets/outlets to the cavity be sufficient or would it have to pierce the ply/standing seam?
  12. Solicitors are needed to register the charge on the title deeds. It sounds like you may not have given a detailed enough costed plan for them to have confidence you'll build for the budget. Just put together a spreadsheet with items and costs for each stage - groundworks, kit, externals, first fix, second fix etc. - set out. Make sure it comes in within your borrowing and that you've a wee bit of contingency.
  13. Thanks - so you think having 60mm insulated PB performs better/is a better option than applying insulation separately , battening a cavity out and boarding? I'm completely guessing at time but think for a couple of amateurs that even just getting the insulation on approximately 125m vaulted ceiling space will be a decent week of work so perhaps better making the labour saving on the walls and finding a few quid elsewhere.
  14. I plan on adding 60mm foil-faced insulation to our SIPs kit and had been intending using something like Kingpsan Thermowall throughout. We do though have vaulted ceilings in 80% of our first floor space which will make this approach bit more onerous and time consuming. I had ruled out insulated plasterboard on the grounds of cost but not sure if that's now mistaken having come across some potentially cheaper Celotex boards. These do though only have 12.5mm plasterboard, which seems the standard for insulated plasterboard, whereas everything I've read advises 15mm for ceilings. So my questions are: How do costs compare? Does the insulation provide it with a bit more stability to make it suitable for ceiling use, less likely to sag etc? Where there's a foil face how does this affect the vapour control layer (which is on the wall side of the service cavity on the internal walls, but would be on the other side on the ceilings? Cheers!
  15. What sort of money is in that per m2?