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  1. We didn't (in Scotland) - our solicitor had to complete an LBTT return but no Additional Dwelling Supplement was due as there is no additional dwelling.
  2. The Smart Export Guarantee comes in from 1 January with Octopus already offering 5.5p/Kw which is more than the feed in tariff when it was abolished. And in Scotland at least you can borrow interest-free (over up to 12 years to fund it). So the numbers look a bit better and if it helps make a dent re: sustainability (or just makes you feel a bit better about it) then it's perhaps not a bad price to pay.
  3. So for an MCS approved installer to supply and fit I couldn't reclaim but would instead need to argue the toss and get them to zero rate it?
  4. I see VAT on solar is increasing from 5% to 20% in October; can you reclaim this for new builds?
  5. http://www.qualitytradewindows.co.uk/aluminium-range/aluminium-windows/ Family firm fabricating Schuco windows and doors.
  6. Thanks and apologies the initial info was so scant. I reckon we've only about 400m2 we could use which would be on the cusp if at all possible in the best of circumstances so given your responses it's perhaps not worth the time investigating further.
  7. How much land did any GSHPers require to lay their slinkies in?
  8. How big should they be? I've read in a few places 37/38mm and in others 50mm.
  9. Thanks for your insight. The other attraction is that going the MCS route attracts a 10 (or 12)-year interest free loan and frees up a bit of capital, so a fair bit to ponder.
  10. Apologies for piggybacking on this thread, we've just had a renewables report from the Energy Savings Trust which gives very positive reading about the financial viability of ASHP (and even more so, GSHP - capital costs entirely paid back through RHI) but this is based on a model of a bog standard new build whereas we want to build a very well insulated, airtight home. Does anyone have any experience of how these types of reports compare to the end results and how much smaller savings/RHI payments are?
  11. Thanks. A quick google suggests they might not be that prohibitively expensive though I'm not sure where you hide it (beneath the bottom brick?)
  12. Yes, definitely built and I'm definitely on the 'quite cool' side of the argument! Presumably using brick slips would achieve the same(ish) look but would mean having to use slips for the full thing?
  13. Not sure if best here or on the structural sub-board but does anyone know how the bricks are likely to be supported above the canopy in the image below?