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  1. That wouldn't solve the issue of securing the pipes, unless I'm picking you up wrong?
  2. The slab is in already. Need to investigate options and whether insulation and stapling pipe to it is then the best option in any case!
  3. Thanks very much for the very informative reply. I think we'd be getting castellated trays if going direct onto the slab. There's steel mesh in the concrete but the structural element comes from the end bearings on each slab (typically 1800mm wide) which extends to 140mm and has proper steel fixings. There's only one very small section where the concrete extends all the way to the found to transfer the load where there's a steel post (not sure if we'll feel that and have cold bridging without a little bit of additional insulation there but looking at £800+ plus losing a bit of volume if adding it).
  4. We have a precast insulated floorslab (325mm EPS topped with 50mm structural concrete) on which we plan to lay our UFH covered by 50mm screed. UFH supplier says we'll need a thermal break otherwise we'll lose our heat to below. Is that an issue we should be concerned about - wouldn't that just give a greater thermal mass so the issue would be slower/steadier release of heat and slightly less responsive times rather than any great heat loss per se?
  5. No, had to have completion and an EPC for March 31. They can pay in advance according to installers.
  6. £7.5k cashback towards the cost in Scotland - new scheme will be launched at some point through Home Energy Scotland - so should cost you less than a new boiler.
  7. What's the current going rate for 4kW built-in system? Had intended on going the MCS route as we had an interest-free loan secured from a government scheme but I've been timed out it going into 2022/23.
  8. We've an effective total roof area of 200m2 and another 170m2 of timber cladding. Any ready reckoners or formulas for working out how many 25mm battens I need (counterbattened to 50mm) on standard centres?
  9. Any easy ways to calculate/worked examples I can follow?
  10. Thanks Craig - it's the method statement of how I comply with the standard which I need but hopefully Ralph's above does so and doesn't necessitate any redesign.
  11. Thanks - sounds exactly what I'm after without having the BSs to hand. Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks - thought the same with groundworks but we will 1) be very tight if we can't get a decent chunk of the £60k we'll have spent and 2) we had a low initial land value so hard to think that it wouldn't be worth there or thereabouts of what we'd need it to be with a cleared site to floor slab and some initial landscaping. I guess the question is how much may ecology give us without a valuation?
  13. Yep - that's how you'd do it in practice but does that comply with regs?
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