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  1. Thanks. I think that looks fantastic. I normally use either Karndean, Amtico, etc, as i won't have carpets downstairs, and engineered wood etc is prone to being damaged easily. I would'nt expect you to tell me how much it cost, but is it very expensive ?
  2. Bitpipe. Show us your resin floor please.
  3. I just wanted to say hi, and to let you know that i have found this site great. I have done the whole thing on my own so far. (Two houses in the greenbelt) I have done all the drawings by hand, because i am rubbish with computers. I have done all the studies myself, such as sight lines, bulk, mass, sight coverage etc, and the design and access statement (72 pages) I know the NPPF backwards, forwards, and sideways. It has been very hard work, but basically has only cost me £840. Which was the application fee to the council. I spoke to several Architects, and a number of planning consultants, who frankly all seemed more interested in getting my money, than actually trying to understand what i was trying to achieve. I was quoted between 15 and 20 thousand total to get me to planning..... If i manage to get my application through, i will have saved a lot of money.......If, that's the question. But , to be honest it has been very, very hard work... Would i do it again on my own....Hell yeah, but only after a bloody long break, and a damn good holiday.
  4. Great thread. Interesting read. Wish i could use a computer, but unfortunately, i am usless with tech.
  5. Welcome. What a fab space you have. Love what you are doing so far. Just One small point. You are going to find it hard to fill that bath.
  6. Some planning depts will take account of permitted devl rights when considering what you would like to build. However, sometimes you may have to demonstate by way of drawings exactly what you can do under your permitted devl rights, and make sure the drawings show the most ugly thing you can build. Then with drawings, you can show them what you want to build, and demonstrate that it will be better, and less harmful to the Greenbelt than what you could build under permitted devl rights. This is what i did last year, and got permission to extend my bungalow, in the greenbelt to aprox Six times it's original size
  7. I'll have to stick that on my list for a visit sometime.
  8. Any of the super posh, and expensive manufacturers will state the size of the pipe required. The cheaper one's won't bother. It's quite often 250mm round. The 60mm stuff you are looking at will be rubbish. Even the 90 x 220mm stuff could well be to small. Although above my intel level, one of the expensive manufacturers was trying to explain to me that a swept 90 degree bend, in the extract pipe work would reduce the efficiency by 30 %
  9. That old bar looks great.Love the leading on the upper windows of the shop front.
  10. Well he should have. Makes all the following trades so much easier.
  11. I read about a case recently, where a council had told a bloke to take down the fence along his front boundary. 2mt high. He told the enforcement officer to sod off. The guy then got an enforcement notice. Told the council to sod off. The council then told him they would take him to court, and get an order for them to remove the fence, and charge him for the cost, and all the legal fees. He told them to sod off. Ended up in court, and because the hearing was near to the fellas' house, the judge said, "Lets go and take a look" They rocked up at the house, and the judge stood of the edge of the tarmac, which was the boundary, and stuck out his arm. Did'nt say a lot, and returned to court. The judge then said to the councils representatives in court, that if the fence had been either on or very near the boundary, that he would have been able to touch it with his outstretched arm. As he could'nt the fence could not be considered to be on the boundary, or even near it.... The result was he told the council to sod off.
  12. Thanks Joe 90. That's the thing i want to know. can i present my alternative scheme with my appeal, having not offered it to the council first ?
  13. I've gone back to the planner and asked him to clarify why volume is an issue, and indicate a relevant policy. I am waiting for his response...... I have clearly shown on the site study that the volume, although an increase over the extant planning permission, that i have started, is less harmful to the Greenbelt. If i was to get arsey, and tell him that i won't reduce the volume, because i don't need to, i suspect that he would try and find a bunch of reasons to refuse it. He would prob quote para 145 of the NPPF, although i have shown that under para 145 section G, my new proposal is less harmful to the greenbelt than my extant permission, which is my alternative scheme that i have already started. My question is....If i were to go to appeal, would i be able to offer an alternative scheme, ie; reduced volume.... and would the planning inspector consider the alternative scheme together with the original planning application ? I could reduce the volume, however, if i offer this to the council, they will say, "yeah, that's better," and agree it. They will then give no further consideration to the application in front of them. Hope i'm making myself clear. Any ideas ???? Thanks