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  1. Good luck. Fingers crossed. Mine is due on June 11th.....
  2. Morning Peeps. I did explain previously that i had obtained permission to extend my tiny bungalow into a 3000sq ft and detatched garage. I went back into planning for 2 new houses instead, as although 2 would prob have less value than 1 large, i felt it was better for future generations etc, and having had to help my 3 daughters onto the property ladder, I wanted to do something better for the future. My application was refused for over developement..... I have now gone back in with a new scheme, and demonstrated that it is better / less harmful than my single large house... If anybody wants to take a look, and even better, give me a comment of support on the councils web site, that would be great. My planning officer is a bit of a wet, and is defo swayed by the amount of support something gets... Dacorum Council. Ref.4/00926/19/FUL. Not a bribe, but as a small thanks, any positive comments recieved will each get a £10 donation to the Dogs Trust. Ta much. Regards Jim
  3. Big Jimbo

    Drainage connection

    I did'nt think that you were allowed to KASPLOSH. I think your connection branch is going to have to go "Down, down, deeper and down" and join up with the existing at the bottom.
  4. Big Jimbo

    Planning policy

    put your planning application number up, and what council it is, and i will happily take a look for you.
  5. Big Jimbo

    Tarmac depth for a private road.

    I'm a bit of a chancer, and so much cheaper than MOT
  6. Big Jimbo

    Tarmac depth for a private road.

    I love the old road scalpings. I have used them on my temp drive over to get to the road. They have really locked up, and during the heat last summer, seem to have all melted together. A contractor told me last year that you are not allowed to use them on new build properties, due to them potentally being a contaminated material. Ant idea if this is true, as i can get a bloody huge load for £200
  7. I bet you will be giving him your vote in the future ?
  8. Big Jimbo

    people with clever socks required.

    I know what you are saying. My last application for 2 houses which was refused had a two page D&A. The problem i feel is that you have a certain level of expectation as to the abilities of the planning officer. If you leave out things that seem obvious to you, the planning officer just dont get it. In view of the last one, this time i have covered everything, so that if i dont get a grant, i can go straight to appeal without further work.
  9. Big Jimbo

    Service penetrations through raft foundation

    It's funny how so many companies make such a fuss, but the actual guys that come to do the work are happy with a cup of tea and a bit of cake.
  10. Big Jimbo

    Moving boundaries

    Just another thought. As you have a solicitor they would photocopy you original docs, and certify them, as true copies of the original docs. If they charged you it would prop only be a few quid.
  11. Big Jimbo

    Service penetrations through raft foundation

    Nice to not have to have the external box anymore. Just something else to get wet, or bashed in the future.
  12. Big Jimbo

    Moving boundaries

    Well done, fingers crossed. Dont forget to photocopy all your docs, and try and keep the originals. LR won't return any paperwork you send them. They are very slow, so a friendly once a week phone call to them to ask how it is going will be worth doing. Fingers crossed for you, and good luck with the sale. Keep on top of the agent. Those who shout loudest and all that.
  13. Big Jimbo

    Render advice.

    I love that gate. If it could talk i think it would be saying, "You can break in here, but, if you are caught, and you will be caught, you will be taken to the underground lair, tortured, and you will never be seen again. Go on make my day."
  14. Big Jimbo

    Manifold choice?

    I have done exactly that in the past, and find it works really well. One full bore isolator on the incomming 22mm, and individual full bore isolators on each out. Spent about an hour making it, and cost about £30
  15. Big Jimbo

    Wood Fibre

    Waving your arms above your head, like you are swatting wasps, trying to hold the bloody stuff up. Add to that the shoulder ache at the end of the day. All good fun if you have a wierd sense of humor.