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  1. Post away Martin. Lots of good people on here.
  2. Jeez, i doubt i can offer any solid advice. what a nightmare for you. The one thing that i would check on quickly, is are tradespeople allowed to come onto your site, and remove work that they have not been paid for. I'm not sure they can. say the roofer has been contracted by your builder to supply tiles and fit them to your roof. His contract is with your builder, not you. Regardless of if you have paid or not, i'm not sure he has the right to enter your property to remove goods that he has not been paid for.
  3. If you are intending to use any form of glue down flooring, LVT etc you will want to use ply. Don't use MDF. I doubt you will be able to get any sort of G/Tee from your glue down flooring company, if you are asking them to stick down to MDF.
  4. Morning John, and welcome. I have often thought about if a mansard roof meets P.D rules. Just make sure you don't fall foul fella.
  5. Welcome. i understand that there are many different types of timber frame available, but as a chippy imo, you have to knock up your own timber frame. Yes, you will have to get an engineer to sign it off £400? but a simple timber frame for a bungalow ain't rocket science. Go on, you know you want to.
  6. Harry. I know this might sound daft, but the enforcement officer is only doing his/her job, and will have to answer to people higher up the chain. As you will know, the best, and cheapest way is to attempt to get the enforcement officer on your side. If he/she has a "quiet" word with the planning officer, you might be surprised to see your retrospective application sail through, and be an end to your hassle. I once had one where a detached double garage was built 250mm to high. One of the neighbours kicked off, and complained that the solar panels that sat on the main house crown roof were not shown on the application, and that that made the whole main house to high. We had a couple of meetings on site, including tea and biscuits. A retro application went in, and sailed through.
  7. Go and talk to the neighbours. All the houses look the same, so it should be easy to find out from them what method of construction has been used. Best of luck.
  8. Zoot the Hoot. Don't worry about upsetting people on here fella. Most of us have thick skins, and we all wind each other up, every now and then. Good to see you back, and try and ease off the stress.
  9. Looking decent Nod. Me and the Mrs, bumper hoist, done the same a few times.
  10. P.S come on Harry, post some pics up of your hideous dormer, so we can all tell you that we hate it, and that we are glad we dont live next door to you.🤣
  11. Harry, Harry, Harry. Have you been a naughty boy ? Threat of enforcement, more threat of enforcement, a few letters either way, and i can see that taking a couple to Three months. The head of enforcement will then have a couple of internal meetings at the council, where it will be discussed. What have you done wrong, who has complained etc. This will include the councils legal bods, because they will know that if enforcement is served, and you take it through to appeal and win, it could end up costing them a considerable sum of money. ( all councils are skint) If the breach is not massive, they may decide to take no further action. Sometimes, they will have a quiet word with you and let you know that if you put it in for retrospective it will get passed. One way to think about it is........ let them know that you are having some drawings, etc done, and that you will be submitting that to planning as soon as available. Keep in touch with the enforcement officer and make sure that you avoid an enforcement notice being served on you ( very important ) Stall on the retro application for as long as you can, but have the papers ready to submit so when the enforcement officer gets the hump, you can put them in before the enforcement notice is served on you. Planning app (retro) now in. Council will prob take the usual 12 weeks to consider, and give you a decision. (Lets say refused) You now have 6 months to appeal that decision. Tell the council that you are preparing the papers for appeal. Keep in touch with the enforcement officer, and stall out as much of the 6 months that you can. Bung in the papers for appeal. the average is 9 to 12 months for the appeal. You get refused at appeal, at the enforcement person is back on your case.... Stall him out for as long as you can. He will have to go back through the council meetings again. Eventually, you will get served with an inforcement notice. You don't comply and you string it out with the enforcement officer for as long as you can. Say 3 months. Appeal the enforcement notice. 9 to 12 months to be heard. You get refused, and now you are prob left with a couple of months before the council start really coming at you. On each of the processes above, you change small things, (planting for screening) changing the colour of the dormer so it stands out less etc, etc. You can prob end up with a process that will string out for 3+ years. How do i know ? Because my mate is the head of enforcement at a council. Hope that helps you naughty boy.
  12. Any changes unless very small, at my local council, are judged against what is on the ground now.
  13. Ah ha Russell. When you think about it that makes sense. Can you remember, somebody on here made there own eps founds. I'm sure they had a blog ?
  14. Very true, just a bit of a shame as i will have to have a shite load of piles coming up through the eps in order to link with the concrete floor. Lots of bloody cold spots.
  15. Will that not depend on what sort of bread you are eating ?