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  1. I believe there is some sort of Gov borrowing scheme in Scotland for self builders. Not heard about One in England.
  2. Hi and welcome. I am only up the road from you in Bovingdon. I lived in Croxley Green for 25 years . I have permission to knock and build just outside the village of Bovingdon.
  3. What a shame. However, i think the value of the plot is what people are willing to pay for it. Better luck next time.
  4. Im with ProDave above. Atleast One socket on each wall. Each room on a radial circuit, and slack inbetween. Anytime you want an extra socket, cut ahole and cable is there waiting for you.
  5. That is fab news Bitpipe. Can i ask if you don't mind, what questions you were asked when filling in the application. When reading on lenders web sites, i always seem to come across "non standard construction"
  6. That is one of my current head problems. I have worked with wood for about 30 years. Without being a big head, i could build a timber frame without problem. I could do it out of 6x2 or better still wood i beams which i think are under utilised in this country. (Think Peter Stark) I dont work, so have plenty of time, and my designed house is basically a square with a double story porch on the front. It would be a doddle to build in timber. Now, blocks etc i just havn't done. I think i could, but i would be bloody slow......The chances are that i wont stay when completed, as i have no need for 5 beds, and 5 bathrooms, so will be looking to sell. My head says do it in timber in the 1/2 acre garden. ( i could build the frame in 2 weeks). But my brain says, do it in blockwork, as if you dont you are going to have an issue trying to flog it for north of £1.5million. People, as well as mortgage lenders still seem to have that "Proper, masonary house" mentality...... Or am i wrong ?
  7. I totally agree with Pro dave. Untill mortgage lenders change there habits. Timber frame is considered non standard construction, and seems to be a pain to get a mortgage on
  8. I prob just have bad taste......I think that looks shite.
  9. Upstand not high enough. Should be 150mm minimum high. Rubber roof is badly done. Ive done loads of epdm. It's not hard to do it right, and very easy to make a pigs ear of it. IMO your rubber falls looks badly done. If you look at the bottom edge of your lantern, you can see that it is filthy. Thats from water splash because your upstand is too short.
  10. Defo one of my biggest fears. No idea how you will sort it. Why is it so wrong ?
  11. Looking great Pocster. Dink your wine with pride. I kin hate tiling.
  12. Go on eagle eye Joe. Well spotted fella. Top of the class for you mate
  13. Take a look at how much you owe this plumber ???? I would consider getting a new plumber out for an appraisal of his work, water pressure etc. Could be a couple of hundred quid well spent.