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  1. I think i might dig mine out of the lock up and fire it up, just incase. Atleast i could use it to power the gas boiler, cooker, and a couple of lights, and t.v.
  2. It looks amazing. What a great job, when faced with such adversity, ( shite instructions ) you are doing
  3. I think a multi tool will be hard work, slipping ect. I would prob go for a series of small drill holes, going larger to link them, and then file it out...... Ok. Ok. I would bin the lock. Who needs that level of privacy
  4. I would do exactly that. propping the poo pipe with bricks as ness to ensure fall.
  5. I feel you pain. I would have launched that thing down the bloody garden by now.
  6. That looks sooooooo much better....... I'm going to say it.....BRILL
  7. Poc. To be fair it looks rubbish. But if it don't leak, then it don't leak. An air test would be best fella.
  8. I bet you won't get your concrete (Hope you do) Personally, if you do get the concrete, i would prob stop at that point. If you don't get your concrete then that's the stop point for now.
  9. I know what you mean. The problem is.... Alarm. Nobody takes any notice. CCtv. Only really any use after the event, although might act as to put some people off. What about a large ex-military personal protection dog, or one from a company like K9. Please don't get a dog just because of the current situation. Be prepared for 10 years of ownership.
  10. How the hell do they sell anything, with those delivery prices.