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  1. Metal roofing sheets seems like a good idea.
  2. I am about to knock up a shed in timber. It's going to be about 3.5 x 4.5 . The Two short walls, and One long wall will be seen. However, One of the long walls will never be seen as it will be 1mt from the boundary, and between it and the boundary is Laurel hedging. I am going to build that side on the floor, and then stand it up. It is unlikely that i will be able to get much access to it after. My question is how to finish this unseen wall. It will be sterling board + whatever i put on it. I am thinking EPDM, or decent quality roofing felt..... Any other thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  3. Big Jimbo

    Gate Pillars

    I think that the smaller ones look better, but it is only my personal opinion. I don't like to see quite as much motor between them so would put them a bit tighter.
  4. How old is the place ? You may have no cavity tray above your window. Your cracked render is letting in water, pooling on the top of whatever lintle is above your window, working it's way through the inner blockwork and entering your bingalow. Pictures from inside and outside would really help.
  5. Morning Daniel, and welcome. This is a great site. You will be helped through the good and bad times of your project.
  6. Be so careful. That is seriously high. Do ask yourself the question is it worth the risk. I know you want to get it sorted, but perhaps a few hundred quid to a local roofer might be a safer option. I know you are struggling to find one. There is usually a local pub, where the local builders meet for a tall tales session on a Friday afternoon. I'd find that, and start chatting to a few of them. You would'nt believe the power of a phone call from a builder to a roofer that he uses all the time. Especially if you have just bought him a pint.
  7. Joe, was he 110. i'm with you, but i can't remember the last time i saw that done.
  8. Good on you Patrick. The prob i have down south is that the piling comp want to do piles and ringbeam, at about £35k. When i tell them i'm happy to do the ringbeam and just want a quote for the piles, they are either not interested or start quoting me silly figures £1500 fo drag the plant to my site, and about a grand a pile. I have good ground, but loads of bloody big trees, but i'm a tight sod. I know that in the end i will just end up hiring in a big digger, (I have a mini digger) and doing 3mt deep trenches, and filling them full of concrete. If i do that i thonk i can do the founds for about 12k. £16k if i don't spread the spoil over my garden, and have it carted away.
  9. The morter in you chimney looks soaking wet. I've had it before where the bricks, and morter were taking in so much water, that regardless of the lead, etc, the chimney was soaking up the water, it was dropping downwards through the brickwork, and the heat in the room below was drawing it out, and staining the wall. To be honest, i gave it 3 good coats of Thompsons waterseal, and it was fine up to the point when i sold the place.
  10. Soakers are basically L shaped bits of tin or ally. You can make yhem out of lead. At the moment any water going under you lead, has reached the tiles. It will run down the tiles, and pass onto the tiles further down the roof, and eventually into the gutter. However if any of the water that has passed you lead onto your tiles goes sideways, due to a slight slope in that direction, or being pushed sideways by the wind, it will run off the side of your tiles up against the chimney and into your house. It there were soakers under the tiles, they would act as a last defence, and carry any water down to tiles below your chimney.
  11. Patrick. Are you doing your own piling ? What about the ringbeam, are you doing that ?
  12. No soakers ?, and i would have tucked that lead uner the ridge tile at the top. It looks poor i'm afraid.
  13. Intended to do just that fella. Not many people want a shed that big, so before i sell i can stick a wc and shower in, and although it might not get me any more money for the house, it will be a bonus Gym etc for anybody in the future.
  14. Yeah but i wont put any drainage, or electrics in untill i finish my bungalow. In the meantime i can power it with an extension lead. So, i build my shed now, no electrics or drainage. Then start my planning permission. Complete it and get it signed off. Then if i wanted to run some power and drainage to my shed and get it signed off. The one thing i do not want to do is screw up my CIL exemption.