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  1. I have fitted about 20 DIY kitchens in the last 2 years. Nothing wrong with them, and good value for the money.
  2. If it was your only residence, I thought that no tax was due ? My belief was that if you keep doing it HMRC get miffed ?
  3. Planning can really get you down. I would rather see a definitive distinction between old and new Architecture. Council want everything to look like something that went before. Sad mistake in my opinion. Our lead planning officer simply refuses anything that the PC object to. Make his life easy. Sad little twat has no mind of his own.
  4. Not a problem, the heat will hit the bench seat and be forced out into the room. Just like a rad box without a front.
  5. As the boards are made up from timber fingers they just cover themselves incase when cut into, or put a curve on the end, you might encounter a really light or dark bit of grain, which is common with Walnut.
  6. Been a while since I saw some of those glass blocks. I kinda like them in the right circumstances.
  7. I would just cut the cable with a nice long pair of loppers. Good to have the information. Thanks for posting.
  8. Main electrics are going in detached garage. I'm going to need a sub main run to the main house. Going between the garage and the house, I will bury it 450 to 600mm deep. Once inside the house can I lay it across the ground to the other side of the building, under the block and beam, or do I need to bury it. Thanks
  9. Sounds like a great result. I would be interested on a cost re your floor area. Best of luck getting finished now.
  10. I am going to be using aerated block. 1 Lime, 1 Cement, 6 sand, for mortar. Any recommendations for render over that @nod
  11. I can be quite a farter, so I also generate a fair bit of energy. Obviously, not a technical as @SteamyTea's method.
  12. I just couldn't get through it. When you are five minutes in and nothing has yet been said, my mind tapered off. What is the device ?
  13. Looks great in the pictures.
  14. @DazRave to be honest, it was more about sticking as much as possible on the roof while it was being built.
  15. I'm sure it was you that told me to fit as much as I can while building the house. I would defo get bits of shading to each of the 3 elevations from some tall trees. I'm happy for any suggestions.
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