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  1. I have nothing good to say about council planning. All tossers.
  2. Great for you to be out of the ground.
  3. Zoot. I know you are in the wild west Wales somewhere, but it can't be good for your health to be bloody freezing all the time. Don't you have any heating fella ?
  4. Is the moat planned ? Are you very, very posh ?
  5. I will follow this with interest as i am just doing my own posh shed
  6. I am currently building my posh shed as per my previous post.. When my house is finished, i will turn it into something else like either a gym, or a home office etc. I'm trying to think of all the things i should think about. Telephone line. Internet socket. Co-ax for T.V. It will have a shower, and a toilet, and sink. I might also put a cctv camera of each corner, and some external lights. I'm not very tech savy, but perhaps it would be nice if the external lights could be turned on and off with the external lights on the house, and the garage. So for instance, if you were in the house, you could turn on the exterior house lights, the gym lights, and the garage lights, rather than having to go to each building. The lights will be low voltage, and quite possibly LED ribbon lights in a housing in the soffit of each building. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Such a shame you have nasty neighbours. Is the work you intend to do in your worksphop, hobby work, or work you will make money from it ? If it is just something you do for a hobby you would have far less potential restrictions re noise , neighbours, councils, etc.
  8. I know you are right, just want to get on. Waited so long to get started. yeah, i've got loads of trees to deal with aswell. I'm currently watching some rubbish on the telly about going on a cruise. I could do that in the garden if i had a boat.
  9. AAAAARGH. When is this rain going to stop. Trying to build in this rain is very, very hard work. I'm soaked, my wood is soaked, and my chopsaw is under a tarp. Doing my head in. I'm getting to thinking, i should be building a bloody swimming pool.
  10. I have 3 phases coming into my 500sq ft bungalow !!!. Only 1 is in use by me at the moment. I hav'nt looked into it yet, but i want them moved to the other side of the new house into the extension. The distance will be about 20mt. I bet it will cost to get all three phases moved. I believe the cable costs a fortune. Good luck with your garage top up build.
  11. I know nothing, but that sounds like a fortune.
  12. Only by cutting into a bit of there kit i'm afraid. It's a bit like laminate worktops. Years ago when i did laminate tops (ended up only doing granite) people used to moan about the price i was charging them for laminate worktops. "I can buy a lenght in B n Q for 30quid" Yes you could, but it was crap. Low grade chipboard, with photo paper on the top. Nothing like proper laminate tops that i used to pay £160 quid TRADE per lenght. The shed stuff is all made cheaply i'm afraid. If you are going to look around try and find who is using either Blum or Hettich hinges, and runners etc. Both made in Germany. All the rest are usually made in UAE and are crap. As i said, buy your appliances yourself. There is no money in small kitchen companies selling appliances anymore. I would not bother selling you 6 or 7 appliances for a gross profit on £100.
  13. Low grade chipboard, Poor quality hinges, and runners, and dont even go near the high gloss doors. You get what you pay for with Wren, cheap, built to a price. All of the manufacturers that i used to deal with do not supply to the public im afraid. There is no longer any money in appliances, so you might be advised to just buy those from somebody like A.O. The only one who held out, atleast untill a couple of years ago was Miele. You had to have an account with them, and were not allowed to be a re-seller. If a kitchen co appear to be giving you a deal on appliances, it is only because they are overcharging you for cabinets, and making you think you are getting a great deal on the appliances. I've not looked recently at the sheds etc, so could'nt tell you who is good at the moment,
  14. I was in the bespoke kitchen biz for 20 years. Don't be fooled Wren kitchens are crap.