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  1. Big Jimbo

    Blown EPS bead in a vaulted roof?

    I really dont mind if you all call me daft, but lets say you had say 150mm pir on top of the roof, which would prob satisfy B.R. outside the rafters, but you wanted to improve further ? The natural thought might be you stick some additional insulation between the rafters, say rockwool, beads, or whatever. On the underside you stick a vcl, some battens, plasterboard and skim. What makes this different to say a timber framed wall, where i believe that you should work on the basis of least permiable on the inside, to most permiable on the outside, so that any water vapour that gets into the wall will be able to dry to the outside. Is this not the same on a roof, either flat or tiled. am i making any sense. I am aware that quite often i don't.
  2. Big Jimbo

    External finishes finished (almost)

    Looks great, and how refreshing, Your planners like flat roofs ! One day all houses will be built with flat roofs.
  3. I have always been known for calling a muppet a muppet. Not always the best idea. But honest.
  4. Russell, you are so right. Letters of complaint to Head of Council, Head of Planning Etc Etc. I have defo upset a few apples, Joke of a system though, and run by muppets. I quite fancy building a few models
  5. Good to know, so if i went back with an application to buid a new, to exactly the same design as my extended bungalow, and got that permission. Then knocked my bungalow over. they would then have to look at my application for 2 against the new 300sq ft house ????
  6. The joke of a planning officer told me to build half the big house, then go back to them, and apply to knock it and build 2. They would then take into account the large house instead of the existing bungalow. What a great idea .....I could either give £100,000 to a local Dog's home, and homeless charity........ or i could waste it on starting a house and then knock it down, and build 2. You could'nt make it up.....Where is the joined up thinking ? We answer to such muppets.
  7. Trouble is, if i build what i want for myself. About 1200sq ft. without knowing that i could get a second house on. I would loose a far old few quid on the sale of my one small house at some point in the future. + i really need the second house, to enable me to keep the first, and have a few quid to live on. If i can't get the certainty of being able to build 2, than my only option will be to do the large one, Flog it, and bugger off
  8. Would they have to, or could they continue to view it against the existing bungalow ? they have stated that they consider that i have involved some gamesmanship in my approach. Bunch of backward thinking twats.
  9. I could prob make more money if i built 1 big house. I could tech it to hell, and build in loads of sexy hand built furniture that would be exclusive to the property. Large motorised wall mirrors, that glide away at the touch of a button, to reveal large t.v's etc etc etc. All done be me previously on large 3mill + houses. jog on down to Watford Football club, and sell it to one of the players. I would'nt be able to keep it myself, as i would be skint, and i don't want to really work anymore. I would rather play with my old Classic car. We don't have a date stamp behind our ear, so none of us know how long we are going to last. If i could build 2 more modest houses, i could keep 1, and have a few quid in my pocket. Regardless of that, i just think it would be the right thing to do for the future. First house for eldest daughter. Watford £245 paid £25k spent. now worth about £600,000. Second house 1 year later. Could no longer afford Watford, so had to buy in Chesham, Bucks. £200k paid, £25k spent. Now worth £400,000. Third daughter 1 year later. Could no longer afford Chesham, so had to go up to Bletchley, near Milton Keynes. £235k paid £55k spent. You can see where i am going with this..... I'm just glad that was the last one, or i would be looking in Leicester !!!! and that would be a hell of a journey daily to do it up.
  10. Big Jimbo

    New toy advice

    I've got one similar, and got some attachments for doing mortice and tenon joints. Used it less that i expected though.
  11. i will try and find the JSHarris one. Thanks Well the planning consultant likes my planning officer so that might help. So i could provide 2 houses for future generations.....Built to standards that would vastly exceed building regs. May prevent future owers from being in fuel poverty. are outside the village boundary, but at least as near, if not nearer to the Village Green, Football Club, Tennis club, than most of the houses within the village. 10mins drive to 2 London underground Stations, again, nearer than most of the houses. have a bus that drives past the front of the house. 18 mins walk to the village high st. No probs with off street parking. 4 cars per house. can easily hide all the bins. To top all that, 5ft hedge to the front, which is 7ft from the road surface. I can plant a load of trees behind the hedge at any time, so that even if you walked past on stilts, you wont be able to get a view of my fab Green belt. What am i overdeveloping, and what harm am i doing ? Only doing good as far as i can see.
  12. i'm going to have to get into politics then if i want to change that. Trouble is i think they are all tossers.
  13. I would like to keep 1, and sell the other one. I doubt i would make more money if i sold both, or sold one big house. I just think it would be a better thing to do.