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  1. I generally means that you can build your dormer off the wall below. The soffit and facia of the existing building will normally give you the 200mm you need. I would do you a simple drawing, but i am utter rubbish on computers. What you can't do is join the dormer onto the wall below and have it all as one flat face.
  2. Yes Steve, to prevent water penetrating the bricks.
  3. Looking great Pocster. Dont use white after all that hard work fella.
  4. Wow. could they not have got them any closer. That is real world, rather than the paper drawing.
  5. Big Jimbo


    I loved the smell of those old shops years ago, where you could drop in your chisels and saws, and get them back like new.
  6. I think the first thing i would do would be to remove all of the slabs, leaving the epdm exposed. The second thing i would do would be to coat all of the brickwork inside the balcony area with a good couple of coats of Thompsons Water Seal. The above Two things would give me a good idea of if the rain water is bouncing off the slabs, and making the brickwork above very wet. I would have the coping stones removed, and have dpm run under them from the inner face to just more than halfway across the outside brick. I would have the copings re-laid but where they meet the wall, i would have lead saddles, rather than mastic. Providing that solved it, next years i would have some of that fancy plastic decking put down on plastic bearers. Sorry, but i just don't like those slabs. Hope you get it sorted. I would defo be doing some experimenting before i started having it ripped off. especially with winter coming along any day.
  7. 8 weeks to give you a not validated. Council officers all sitting at home watching TV and not actually bothering to do any work ? Got to be one of the best jobs. "Work for the council, you can be crap, but we still won't sack you"
  8. The thing is Peter Starck that If you and Wendy did it yourself, You get a sense of pride, and even if it is not perfect (not saying the work you did was not ) it can be done to a standard that you are happy with. I think Pocster is a professional. A total professional B.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  9. Agree with the above. I punctured a yellow gas pipe, 250mm below surface. Transco came out and fixed it, then sent me a bill. I sent the bill back and said that the pipe should have been deeper. Never heard from them again. So in that house, it is still 250mm below the surface.
  10. Your distances sound about right, but the leaflet inside the alarm box usually has a drawing with minimum distances etc.
  11. And it was big man. the first attempt however, could have been taken as a joke postπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  12. I take my cap off to Pocster...He did a crap job of his soil pipe (and took some stick for it) and he is willing to tile, and put pictures up ! Anybody that wants to do there own tiling gets a hugh thumbs up in my book. I would rather be stripped naked, tied to a chair, and have hot candle wax dripped on my bits. However, i suspect that Pocster might actually enjoy that, so perhaps the pain of tiling is something that he gets pleasure from ?
  13. I think the Russians tend to use Albanians these days for the simple jobs. There prefer to be able to keep some distance.
  14. I claim to have no understanding of saps calcs. I have only ever had to get One. I got a reccomendation from a house building mate. When i spoke to the sap bloke he asked me what i wanted it to say. I said i didn't know but that the council BC bloke said i had to have one due to large bi-fold doors, and a very large roof light in the roof on an extension at my daughters. Β£149 quid and he emailed it to me that afternoon. It was several pages of math stuff, and the last page said pass,pass,pass etc. When i offered it to the BC bloke he simply asked me did it pass, and handed it back to me. Did'nt even look at it.
  15. Don't expect the Buzzard enjoyed it much either.