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  1. As sson as you step outside of "Normal build" lenders can and do become total w*n*ers. Its long overdue for the industry to move on.
  2. Your builder seems to have very little idea about warm roof, or insulation. Hate to think of how many extensions / builds he has done.
  3. I agree, but the sums of cash required if you dont know what you are doing, or can do it yourself , are eye watering.
  4. Im with Onoff. Tech stuff. I love it, but dont have a clue unfortunately.
  5. Are you saying that the worktop is 60mm thick. 40mm would be more common. If your cab has a solid top you should have cut a hole larger than the sink so that the clips would be onto the underside of the worktop.
  6. The only other thing is, do you know how thick the blocks used in the construction are ? (100mm). You could drill until you reach the cavity. Then using a wire coat hanger with a small 90 degree bend on the end, measure the depth of each of the holes. You could then plug each hole with a bit of plastic bag untill it gives you the 80mm depth you require for the stainless steel rod. Pump each of the holes full of resin and stick you overlenght rods in. When they have gone off, cut and put on your spacers and washers. Put your timber up, followed by your washers and bolts. Then trim off the excess rods.
  7. Hard to tell Zoot the hoot but, from the picture it looks like you may be way past the render and into the block. So hard to tell from looking at the pic
  8. I agree Joe. Bit fat trowel full of plaster, and start at the bottom of the wall ! I always judge a plasterer as being a good one when he hits the wall at about 600mm up from the floor, and works down. No fat lazy edge at the bottom. (Which usually looks crap)
  9. Pocster knows i love him. Blinking tech though. I would be scuppered at this point.
  10. All that solar stuff looks the mutts. However, those wall cappings.........😂 ......Only kidding buddy. Enjoy your beer. Those cappings are way better than your solvent pipe stickings..
  11. Good morning and welcome. A lot of people on here will have seen most things / bodges before. Feel free to post the problems as you find them. Pictures always help. Good luck with the project.
  12. I have heard that it will be a credit system, and that the average house will require 2 credits. I have heard that each credit could be £25k ! If so that will put a stop to a lot of developement.
  13. You could always use the posh shed as a Gym. I might apply to get my Part E back. (There is no way it passed the six tests) just so i can build a pole dancing posh shed down the bottom of the garden. Obviously it would include a hot tub, sauna. arcade games etc (+ dancing girls) I would obviously invite the buildhub gang.
  14. Big apols for being so tecno rubbish, hence the 3 posts. Thanks again for all the replies gang.
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