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  1. They do now - the UDM SE.............. https://eu.store.ui.com/products/dream-machine-se
  2. No idea - don't have time to follow the market and I'm still very happy with my Ubiquiti set up so not looking to change. If I were starting from scratch now I'd be doing a whole heap of research, as I do for most things so that I get the best solution for the price I'm prepared to pay.
  3. A good option but unfortunately, when I contacted Mike at White Wing a few weeks ago to enquire about the AC dimmers he advised that due to component shortages they are unlikely to be available again until next year. Cheap chinese ones may be an interim option.
  4. The demo case would save you about £80 if you were intending to re-use all of what I call the "usable" elements - Miniserver; Tree Extension; Air Base Extension; Touch Tree; Presence Sensor Tree and RGBW Dimmer Tree. Effectively the other bits in the demo case would then be free and might be useful to you. The advantage of the demo case when you're learning is that it's all in one place, plug it in connect to the wifi router in the case (or cable the MS to your home network if preferred) and away you go. The inputs and outputs are also connected to LED's and switches so can help with just seeing how it all works, although LIve View in Config pretty much does the same thing. If you don't think you will re-use all of the equipment (especially those I listed above) then buying seperate bits might be more cost effective for you, although you could sell some of the stuff online as there is a market for it. As with many things in life, neither option is a bad choice, especially as you're committed to having a Loxone system anyway.
  5. It seems to me the objections will get nowhere, although it does look like they're hinting heavily that what they really object to is that they don't want some sort of air BnB type thing in the future. Asking for a condition that it is re-converted back to a garage later is unreasonable and I don't think has a basis in planning, except where you're asking for temporary permission, which you're not. The layout does seem to waste a lot of space with a long walkway from the front door to the rear living area. You could consider moving the shower room so that it sits across the full width of the garage either at the front or the back which will give you a much more flexible "squarer" living space with space for a small sofa or chair. I don't think you need 2 doors either, a single door is probably more sensible and, whilst not suggesting you concede anything to your neighbour, they would see it as a minor victory for their "complaint" and could be seen as you taking on board their comments and being a good neighbour. I would put the door facing your house, or leave the existing opening where it is. Good luck.
  6. Definitely sounds like party wall legislation applies here. Speak to your neighbour about it as they may not know. Lots of people think, oh it's my land and I have planning and building control permission, but don't always know about party wall stuff. It's worth remembering that all costs of surveyors etc for dealing with the party wall matters are your neighbours responsibility, including any surveyor appointed by you. If you can agree on a joint surveyor it's cheaper and easier all round (assuming you have a good relationship with your neighbour). Also, I would make sure that whoever is doing the work carries full insurance as, if anything happens to the retaining wall during the works, your garden and the garage could end up in your neighbours garden!!
  7. I'll reiterate my previous point as to how on earth a non-governmental and non-statutory body are able to completely f*** up the legal and statutory framework for planning in England with a piece of guidance which appears currently to have no statutory backing. I acknowledge that these issues need to be looked at and considered but ffs who on earth decided that such a knee jerk reaction was at all appropriate. I really do think the whole planning system is becoming more stacked against anyone who wants to do anything in this country, much more than is currently the case which is bad enough (except Graven Hill of course where you can build anything you like!!). I now hear that there are proposals being considered which will effectively allow neighbours and/or community groups to decide whether you can build an extension on your house. Words fail me....!!!
  8. It seems like your architect hasn't kept up with current thinking and also doesn't seem to understand what the LPA will consider acceptable in the location. Don't fall into the trap of sticking with him and ending up with a compromised design "that will do" but isn't really what you had hoped for and which you may regret later. Your comments about his 10m high option for a new build to replace existing also suggest you would be better seeking out another designer (not necessarily an architect).
  9. I thought it was an error with their new partner portal which went live the same time as the price increase hit. Having asked the question I was specifically told that consumers are now able to buy direct from Loxone.
  10. I'm astonished why something as significant as this issue, and is impacting people in a very real way, hasn't been picked up by the mainstream media. Oh, silly me, they're all too wrapped up in partygate/beergate/who the f*** cares gate
  11. You beat me to it, I've just posted similar on the Loxone Google Group. They kept this very quiet, not even Partners were officially notified. Not sure why the change but I guess in the grand scheme of things selling to the public is positive in terms of customer retention and is unlikely to make any dent in business for those partners who also do the install works.
  12. +1 for Loxone, I have it at home and have helped others to install it. Despite what some may tell you, it's very straightforward to do as a DIY install and several members here have done it at a much lower cost than getting an installer in. I agree with much of what's been said so far and echo the view to avoid non-standard wiring like the plague as you'll regret it later. If you wire cat6 and mains back to a central location you're probably covered for most control scenarios.
  13. Why oh why can't ALL the government agencies have a bit of joined up thinking which aligns with government policy. There is a shortage of housing so the government is trying to encorage more housing (including penalising council's who fail to consider provision) and now LPA's are rubbing their hands together as the advice being given just gives them another excuse to stop housing being built.
  14. Just a heads up that Loxone have recently announced their prices will increase from 1 May 2022. It's not a global % increase but reviewed for each product so increases will vary. Average is around 15% with most products increasing by between 12% and 20%.
  15. Yet another example, I'm afraid, of a headline grabbing announcement which fails to deliver when you look closer into the detail.
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