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  1. Thanks @PeterW that looks pretty good. Who's the supplier for those?
  2. Thanks for comments..... Ok, so here goes, bit embarrassing but having just trawled back through the details on the aluminium door it seems the price we had been quoted included VAT already, but I then added it on again......doh. So, not quite as bad as £4,500, actually closer to £3,600 but still a lot of money. Having fessed up to the wife she's now thinking why can't we take another look at a complete new door and frame although we've agreed it needs to be something less than £2k to be affordable. @dpmiller @Temp - we're ok on the door width as our house isn't a new dwelling so that bit of Part M doesn't apply (although if we go complete new door set I will probably go for 900 width anyway) @PeterW - yes true but we've never been great lovers of the uPVC door frame, mainly as it always seems to have such a bulky frame and threshold @AnonymousBosch - oh dear I've now made the mistake of looking at Gaulhofer...........😢 @nod - we've previously looked at solidor, seemed pretty good but we just couldn't find a style we liked the look of, all a bit too traditional compared to what we were thinking of. The door we had the price for previously was something similar to this:
  3. In a classic bit of non-thinking (bizarre when I think of how many OCD moments I have daily with our extensions and refurb) our front extension has a 1250mm wide opening for the front door screen. Didn't think it would be an issue as we intended on having a made to measure aluminium door and sidelight, until we discovered that what we liked was around £4,500...!! Our existing composite door is actually perfectly fine and is a standard 838x1981 so we're going to re-use it for now knowing that we can replace with a new standard size door later if we find one we like, but I'm having no end of trouble trying to find somewhere where I can obtain a frame to suit the opening. Standard sizes seem to be 1200/1350/1500 wide etc. I've looked into using a joinery firm but the ones I've contacted so far all talk about £500-800 supply only without glazing and fitting. I'd even settle for a softwood frame if I had to. Anybody had this or similar issue with non-standard external opening? Thoughts? TIA
  4. Do they say why you can't use solvent weld or is it just a "recommendation"? If that joint isn't going to be accessible then I would want to make darn sure it was never going to leak and solvent weld is the obvious solution. However, if you can't do that then floplast do a type of push fit waste fitting although I'm not sure what size as when I bought some to do some temporary plumbing none of my other "standard" size waste pipes would fit. Might be worth taking the shower waste along to a an "old school" plumbers merchant if there's one near you and ask them to find a connector that fits. Do geberit suggest what firing to use?
  5. Rather than all that hassle, just buy her a portable heater (or a new coat 😀)
  6. Thanks @Stones that's very helpful, cheers. i just love the way people share knowledge and experience on these forums Off to buy some fix a floor methinks
  7. Thanks @Onoff This was the first room I did and although I levelled out a few big patches I must have just missed this bit.......annoying.
  8. Thanks @Onoff that sounds like it might work. Does this stuff flow fairly easily?
  9. That's a really poor job your builder has done. A classic case of "this'll be fine, it's only a small pipe". You say there has been a steel beam installed below and the wall removed. If that's the case does that joist sit on that beam or, if not, does the beam now take all of the load of that side wall? It may be that the joist now takes virtually no load apart from the ends of the floor boards. If that's the case then you can at least be reassured that the builders incompetence hasn't created a structural issue.
  10. In spite of my seemingly best OCD approach to levelling my existing floors before installing wunda overlay boards and UFH, a few months on and I have discovered the engineered click system flooring in the middle of the room is distinctly bouncy and deflects by about 3-5mm when walked over. It seems to be an isolated area, only about 300x300 so must just be a dip in the existing screed which I missed originally..!! If it was around the edge or under the furniture I wouldn't bother but its right where you walk through the room and makes the coffee table rock when you walk past. My dilemma now is how to deal with's impossible to lift just a small section in the middle and I really can't rip the whole floor up so I'm wondering if drilling a hole in the middle and gunning a load of gripfill or something similar under the flooring would solve the problem. Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. Depending on pipe size and output, most UFH is designed at pipe centres of between 125 and 200. Logically it would seem that you need 2 pipe runs between each pair of joists otherwise they'd be at 400 centres. As @Simplysimon says, send a floor plan to Wunda, they're very good.
  12. Thanks Seems quite clear that it falls under PD. I've also checked the original PP and there are no conditions which would disallow a porch. 😊
  13. We obtained full planning for our front extension, which is now complete, but are finding that the new front door position on the face of the extension is a bit exposed. Previously the front door was recessed back from the front house wall by about 1.2m and I'm thinking about adding a small porch. Would this new porch be classed as PD (as porches would be normally) or does the new extension change things somewhat and I'd need planning permission (which I suspect they'd refuse) ?
  14. Thanks Peter that's good to hear. I did wonder if I could fit them myself or whether I should ask the worktop supplier if their installation team could do it. The videos make it look really easy and I'm pretty handy with most stuff.
  15. Hi Peter How're your G clips holding up? I've been struggling to work out how to fix my Franke undermount sinks to the quartz worktops we're about to order and these clips just seem so simple. Anyone else used them? Cheers Rob