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  1. I completely sympathise with your position if you had a fixed budget and this is now costing more than you expected. It sounds like he had other things on his mind and simply did not mention VAT and it's probably a genuine error. Which JCT contract are you using, as that will determine how VAT is dealt with? If it's the homeowner contract then the stated price includes VAT in which case he will either have to do the work and cover the mistake or withdraw from the work. If it's any other JCT contract then the contract price will be excluding VAT. I would be worried if he said he is losing money when you offered to meet him halfway as that suggests his margin is less than 10% which seems far too low. Bottom line, it's never a good idea to struggle on when there is this type of early dispute. Best to part company and find another builder as you'll never be satisfied and will always be thinking he's just trying to recover his money with extras.
  2. If you reported this issue to the builder within the first 2 years, and can evidence that with paperwork etc, then the NHBC are still on the hook to deal with it. I had a few dealings with NHBC some years ago and raising issues within the first 2 years was always the critical element. Maybe they meant you need a solicitor to force the NHBC to do something!!
  3. Thanks @Russell griffiths just had a look at their website and, although the picture shows the valve as Ivar, the description and downloadable user manual brands it as CosyFloor. Is it a genuine Ivar? I've been caught out with pictures and descriptions not matching in the past so am a bit wary these days.
  4. This is mainly aimed at @Nickfromwales but thought it may be useful for others on here (always good to share 😀) I'm going to replace my existing UFH pump set with an Ivar set, as recommended previously by @Nickfromwales but I'm only now getting round to sorting this out. The previous ebay link doesn't seem to work any longer so I wondered where it is that you source your Ivar sets from? Also, is the set with the Grundfos UBM3 the one to go for? It seems from looking around that its a new type of pump better suited to UFH manifolds. Appreciate any advice. Cheers Rob
  5. Recommendations for a decent quality foam gun??
  6. You should definitely take a look at Loxone. It'll cover pretty much all of your wishlist. I've sent you a seperate message.
  7. There are regs on height of consumer unit MCBs/RCBOs which from memory I think is 1350-1450 from floor level. Providing your control cabinet is fed from RCBO's in the consumer unit then local RCBOs in your cabinet can be at any height.
  8. Rob99

    Don't laugh!!

    Ah...... I presume the sensitivity of the sensor can't be adjusted enough
  9. Rob99

    Don't laugh!!

    +1^ I've used some insulation tape to cover some portions of my sensors so they don't trigger. Magnetic reed switches would probably work and are also cheap. As they are cupboards, fitting them on the frames and inside surface of the day will at least mean they are out of sight when the doors are closed
  10. That's an interesting approach as other people have also suggested flashing Teckin plugs with Tasmota. At the moment I don't have the time to do any major development so was looking for something relatively simple to set up and control with no additional complexity. Food for thought though.
  11. When we did our extension and refurb and installed our Loxone system we weren’t able to do much with the existing power sockets so they are mainly still “dumb” sockets. I want to change that by using smart plugs controllable via Loxone but I need quite a lot for all the lamps, appliances I want to control and having a dozen or more of the Loxone Socket Air’s is both expensive and not especially discrete as they are quite bulky. I'm impressed with the shelly equipment generally but don't like their smart plug design. There seem to be a vast array of smart plugs on the market so thought I'd ask for recommendations. I do have a few requirements though to hopefully narrow the field: 1. Compact "squarish" design (would only consider round if they were very thin) 2. Preferably similar thickness to a standard plug 3. WiFi with IP control (not just an app, as will need to send http commands from Loxone system) 4. Can switch full 13A load Nice to have's would be: 5. If possible the range to include both dimmer and relay variants 6. Light to indicate status 7. Power monitoring (preferably data sent to Loxone) Cheers Rob
  12. I've just installed a dg unit in a wooden window frame and sealed around the edges with some clear silicon. Although I masked up to avoid it getting everywhere, on one edge the silicon spread past the masking tape onto the glass. I cleaned off most of it at the time but there is still quite a bit of residue left, which obviously looks awful on a window. What's the best product to safely remove the silicon? I've heard that WD40 works and possibly IPA. My worry is that the glass is softcoat so I cant use anything abrasive.
  13. Just ordered a few tubes of Soudal Silirub 2 in Anthracite Grey, so will see how that goes.
  14. Which product do you use? There seem to be loads. Unfortunately there's no access to use any other fixings