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  1. ultramods

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    If it wont cost much to fix then I am assuming he will be happy to pay for it!
  2. ultramods

    Swimming Pools

    looks very nice and I really like your wood effect tiles. Was the total cost £150-200k or 230-280k?
  3. ultramods

    Pre-Application submission advice

    I would try and be as detailed as possible in terms of the exterior elevations, window sizes/positions. roof and wall cladding materials. Boundary wall, fence heights and materials. I also found it very useful to have a face to face meeting with the planning officer and my architect, things that would have taken weeks to resolve going back and fore in emails were resolved within an hour. Also decide on what you are/aren't willing to compromise as this can help in term's of negotiating with the council but also not delaying the process unnecessarily. However be careful with submitting elevations without having thought about the internal floor plans.
  4. ultramods

    100k house

    Have you checked the BBC IPlayer?
  5. ultramods

    Bora BIU or Siemens EX875LX34E

    is abajo a typo or a new model they are bringing out?
  6. I am looking to fit an induction hob with build in recirculating extractor. I haven't been able to find any decent reviews that would help me compare the Siemens with the Bora. Does anyone have any such reviews?
  7. ultramods

    Building Costs - Profit Share?

    sounds like a lot of risk for the builder, what if none of the apartments sell. I would imagine that if any local builders were up for this they would be buying the land themselves.
  8. ultramods

    UFH in slab or screed, eps or pir insulation?

    Hi @russ_fae_fyvie, I am starting a build in Newmachar a week tomorrow. I am also using Angus Homes closed panel kit.
  9. ultramods

    New Windows Scotland

    I recently ordered 80 sqm timber windows and doors from Russell Timbertech, they were 30% cheaper than Rationel. Similar lead times, customer service isn't as good as Rationel.
  10. ultramods

    Steel, beams and a problem

    what are the dimensions of the ground floor, looks large from the photos?
  11. ultramods

    Inside Out Homes

    I watched this series back in 2016 and have just finished watching it again, some interesting ideas. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/inside-out-homes
  12. ultramods

    Ceiling height for open-plan room

    In terms of aesthetics I would say 2700+, the higher the better (within reason).
  13. ultramods

    Architect's quote

    @Square Feet Have you looked at Beattie Passive system? it looks like it would be good to use for a DIY project, however I think getting them to design the house is quite expensive. http://www.beattiepassive.com/system.php
  14. ultramods

    Architect's quote

    For a RIAS architect I think the quote is reasonable. I was around £600 for site survey (0.25 acres), no existing structures but of trees. Structural engineer was £1500 +VAT Have you looked at using ICF if you plan on doing it yourself? @Alexphd1 has done this and might be able to tell you if he would recommend this compared to doing your own timber frame. Also if money is tight don't underestimate the cost of service connections. if the services are not on site it can cost a lot of money to bring them on, depending on where they are. Also if you need a self build mortgage there are a lot of "hidden" costs associated with this.
  15. ultramods

    Architect's quote

    First of all I would say if money is tight do you really want to be spending money on the old stone building to live in. What would be your plans for this building once your house is built? How much would you be spending on the old stone building building? I am assuming your current rent for a small flat can't be much and would probably be less than you would spend on converting the old building. In terms of the architect are they a proper architect (RIBA or RIAS) as this can impact what they charge? My fees were slightly less for a 326 sqm new build for an Architectural Technologist, however as you point out the quote is for 2 buildings. If the passive house is going to be timber frame you could see if the TF company would do the building warrant for you instead of the architect.