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  1. ultramods

    Bedroom/Ensuite/Dressing Room Inspiration

    Here is my master bedroom suite. As you mentioned with you and your partner waking up at different times it's worth thinking about sound insulation at the design stage. Even if someone is getting ready in another room the noise of a hairdryer will still travel into the bedroom. I am looking at using 2 x 15mm sound reducing plasterboard on each side of the wall, plus 50mm insulation. There are various posts on the forum where people have mentioned even more effective sound insulation than I have mentioned above. This house isn't going to be our forever house, so I have designed this space to be flexible. For example the master ensuite could become a family bathroom and the dressing room could become a bedroom.
  2. ultramods

    How to move the Drain Stack Positions

    @PeterW i'm not sure exactly, maybe 400mm, you can see them and the of the photo below nearish the digger.
  3. ultramods

    How to move the Drain Stack Positions

    150mm kingspan then 70mm screed. The drains exist straight out at the nearest visible external wall (next to the shower drain)
  4. ultramods

    How to move the Drain Stack Positions

    the basin and toilet will both be wall hung. I want the bulkhead to be flush with the wall. The shower room layout is similar to the photo below.
  5. ultramods

    How to move the Drain Stack Positions

    worst case I can just move the wall, however would like to explore all the options as the shower room isn't the widest.
  6. I think the drain stacks for the toilet and sink are in the wrong positions. The current positions are where are have circled red in the picture below, however they should be where I have circled. Without having to dig up the concrete would it be possible to move the position slightly using an angled pipe since the insulation, UFH and screed haven't gone down yet? If I would need to ask to builder to move the position by digging up the concrete would this be a big issue for them?
  7. ultramods

    Are My Foundations OK?

    There will be paving all round the house level with the doorways, however this is a change from the original plan. So maybe as you say they were originally for steps.
  8. ultramods

    Are My Foundations OK?

    The house has 8 external doors that I have highlighted yellow on the image below. Can anyone please tell me why do only 3 of the areas near a door have the extra protruding block work (circled in blue)?
  9. ultramods

    New series of Grand Designs

    @newhome @Hecateh anecdotes of doing dangerous things without being hurt is one thing, however I think our more risk aware/adverse society is progression and certainly doesn't make people snowflakes. Did you see in the news today that 18 people died making the new bridge in China, I suspect the death toll wouldn't be that much in the UK. When I was in my early teens I did a lot of dangerous things, looking back now i'm lucky not to have been severely injured or killed. This is the 12 year old driving the dumper truck
  10. ultramods

    Integrated Garage floor Level

    That's what I am thinking.
  11. ultramods

    Integrated Garage floor Level

    There will be a step down into the garage. I have spoken to building standards and they have said we will be OK not having a 2" fall. Builder has recommended going with a level floor if we will never be using it as a garage.
  12. ultramods

    Integrated Garage floor Level

    The builders are finishing our foundations today. I have asked them to put UFH and insulation in the garage floor as well, however still use just concrete rather than a screed. The builder has asked if I want the 2" fall in the garage floor to let water run out of the garage if there are cars parked in the garage. I will be using the garage as a gym so would never have a car in the garage, however if we sell the new owners may use it for a car. If I went with the 2" fall and at a later date converted the garage into a room would the UFH still be effective if the floor was then leveled (on top of the existing floor)? What should I go for, a level floor or one with the 2" fall?
  13. ultramods

    New series of Grand Designs

    Yes 12 east of Inverness must be only a few miles away from Inverness airport and quite close to Nairn, not my idea of remote. However I guess for a lot of the UK population the Highlands in general will be relatively remote. I still watch Impossible Builds each week, however I do cringe at the name, "Pre-Fab builds" would have been more accurate. Also I couldn't believe that they were letting their 12 year old son drive the dumper truck by himself, surely a serious accident waiting to happen.
  14. I just bought a new (was used for a trade show) Bora BFIU on ebay today for £1900, RRP is £3100. All I need now is a house and a kitchen to put it in