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  1. Yes' it's just an extra material cost for the hardcore, yes I have the area. But if I ask for invoices and they needed more materials, do I then need to pay. What irritates me is that he could have quoted lower and then added the "extras" when he knew that the extra quantities would be needed all along. However I suspect for the drain it's time and materials.
  2. Would like some opinions on this please. Once our house was built we parted ways with our builder as he didn't turn up as scheduled (and wouldn't tell us when he would turn up) to complete the landscaping, paving and driveway. We found a new builder who included quantities in his quote. Now that the work has been completed he is saying that he had to use a depth of 250mm hardcore instead of 150mm underneath the paving (paving is around the perimeter of the house at door level), which is an additional cost of £750. Also an additional £750 for a surface/channel drain on the tarmac drive as it's 30% longer than he thought it would need to be. Should I pay this extra when he was able to see the ground conditions, level of completed house etc, between him quoting to do the work and him starting the work, nothing changed on the site.
  3. I read somewhere that oil based gloss is what goes yellow and that water based won't.
  4. sorry, but I certainly wouldn't recommend my plumber.
  5. I would suggest speaking to companies that you are interested in ASAP. We got a decision in principle from Buildstore, however we didn't get proper approval until we have formal planning permission for our house design and a buildstore 'QS' has calculated that we could afford to build the house based on our savings and they requested mortgage.
  6. I have 4 of them in new build with Geberit Frames. They look good, however I find whenever we flush the toilet some of the flush water splashes onto the seat/floor. I'm not sure if this is something that could be adjusted within the cistern or if it's due to the shape of the toilet and will always happen.
  7. I went for a 12mm thick mdf skirting with pencil profile painting in eggshell white like this: https://skirtingboardsdirect.com/products/mdf-pencil-round-skirting-boards-12mm-thick/ Speak to your joiner but you could maybe go for 60-90 mm in height which wouldn't be very noticeable. I find the white eggshell helps the skirtings blend into the white walls. I will add a photo later on today.
  8. OK, Dave might not be true but it is what I was advised by someone at BT Openreach. We didn't have to pay anything for the address to be registered with royal mail, I did it all online. I did think it odd BT telling me it has to be registered with royal mail considering all the other utility companies didn't require this.
  9. If you haven't done so already make sure your address is registered with the royal mail, otherwise you won't be able to order a line or broadband. I have recently gone through this process. BT installed physical equipment before we had the address registered with Royal mail. Even after the address was registered with royal mail when I called my preferred broadband provider, Zen Internet, they couldn't see the address on their system. I wen't back to BT Openreach who said they should be able to see it, this went on for about a week. Then I thought I would try our current provider Plusnet (for rented flat), I could find our new address on their website when I searched for a new phone line service, but not broadband. Gave Plusnet a call and they said that we had to arrange phone line through them first, once phone line was set up they would then automatically order the broadband/Fibre service. FYI Plusnet have been owned by BT for a few years now.
  10. Thanks. Based on what I have read on the forum previously I thought if it's a warm roof you shouldn't be able to hear the rain noise.
  11. Thanks again for this, I will contact both companies to try and get rough pricing.
  12. Thank you. Do you know what a rough cost psm of such a system would be?