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  1. I went for a 12mm thick mdf skirting with pencil profile painting in eggshell white like this: https://skirtingboardsdirect.com/products/mdf-pencil-round-skirting-boards-12mm-thick/ Speak to your joiner but you could maybe go for 60-90 mm in height which wouldn't be very noticeable. I find the white eggshell helps the skirtings blend into the white walls. I will add a photo later on today.
  2. OK, Dave might not be true but it is what I was advised by someone at BT Openreach. We didn't have to pay anything for the address to be registered with royal mail, I did it all online. I did think it odd BT telling me it has to be registered with royal mail considering all the other utility companies didn't require this.
  3. If you haven't done so already make sure your address is registered with the royal mail, otherwise you won't be able to order a line or broadband. I have recently gone through this process. BT installed physical equipment before we had the address registered with Royal mail. Even after the address was registered with royal mail when I called my preferred broadband provider, Zen Internet, they couldn't see the address on their system. I wen't back to BT Openreach who said they should be able to see it, this went on for about a week. Then I thought I would try our current provider Plusnet (for rented flat), I could find our new address on their website when I searched for a new phone line service, but not broadband. Gave Plusnet a call and they said that we had to arrange phone line through them first, once phone line was set up they would then automatically order the broadband/Fibre service. FYI Plusnet have been owned by BT for a few years now.
  4. Thanks. Based on what I have read on the forum previously I thought if it's a warm roof you shouldn't be able to hear the rain noise.
  5. Thanks again for this, I will contact both companies to try and get rough pricing.
  6. Thank you. Do you know what a rough cost psm of such a system would be?
  7. As my current self build is concluding I have started thinking again about building a holiday house near Aviemore. I really like the idea of building a house using materials that looks like the boat house below: Reclaimed Corrugated metal sheets for the roof and weathered Larch. Would it be possible to use reclaimed metal corrugated sheets for the roofing if underneath the reclaimed sheets the actual watertight roofing was one of the materials used for flat roofs? Or could the reclaimed sheets be bonded onto thin plastic corrugated sheets of the same size and profile? I have looked into the options of using Cor-ten steel, however it would be far too expensive.
  8. my intention is to test the motion detection, if it's isn't as good as claimed I will be returning them.
  9. I was planning installing CCTV once we had moved into the house and actually have some money again. However someone tried to break into our house at the weekend (it's about 4 weeks from completion), which has meant I ordered the CCTV on Monday. The important thing for me is that the CCTV has good motion detection and can then alert you immediately on smart phone etc. I was planning on going for 4 of the arlo ultra 4k cameras, however some of the reviews suggested that the motion detection isn't the best. Instead I have gone for 4 of the Ring flood light cams, they will alert you to people in the garden and then you can switch on the flood lights and shout at them (or possibly sound an alarm) with the loudspeaker. I would much rather be able to deter people from breaking into the house in the first place rather than knowing I had CCTV footage of who had broken in stolen/damaged stuff. When ordering what I found a bit odd is that Amazon would only allow me to order one of the cameras (odd considering Amazon own Ring), whereas previously you could buy a 4 pack which saved around 20%. If you go to the ring website you can still buy a 4 pack with the discount.
  10. I had to get our180kg bath up stairs last week. Hired a genie lift for a day to get the bath onto the first floor, then made a trolley with 8 castor wheels from ebay to move it about. If you are physically struggling to to move the tray by your self a trolley is a great way to move heavy objects about. Once in position you could remove the trolley and leave the tray on top of a couple of bits of wood ready for applying the adhesive I was also really impressed with the genie lift, one of those things in life that just works
  11. I will post some photos on Sunday once I have the open plan space looking a bit more finished. Have you used houzz before? I really like it as you can filter photos on lots of different types of criteria.
  12. I am about to start properly installing the kitchen and I'm wondering how to fix the island to the floor. The island is 3100 x 1200 (so two rows of units). The worktop will be 12 porcelain and the end panels will be the same wooden material as the cabinets. I was looking on Youtube and some people recommend fixing a couple of 200-300mm long blocks of wood to the floor and then fixing the blocks to the bottom of the cabinets. Other people suggest same as above but using wood the length of the island, so 2 x 3100mm Other suggestions are no blocks of wood under the cabinets because the end panels are fixed to the floor anyway using angle brackets. Can anyone offer any advice please?
  13. Thanks, this might be an option. Is there a way to calculate the angle of bank you would need based on the height of the soil to retain?
  14. lots of options: ceiling heights floor levels flooring (including rugs) wall colours lighting windows A fireplace/stove and chimney could separate two zones Shelving or a non full height/width wall We have gone for a double height space in the middle of the open plan space which is the dining space (family area to the left, kitchen to the right) Also the boundary of the kitchen is marked by dark grey island and boundary of living room will be marked by dark grey sofa