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  1. ultramods

    Log Cabin To Mobile Home Regulations Scotland

    @iSelfBuild Have you seen the log cabins at eagle brae? The appear to be at the higher end of the log cabin market https://www.facebook.com/EagleBrae/ What is the price for a log cabin psm and what are you getting for that? i'm also looking into building holiday rentals, I would be going for a design more like this https://www.thehideawayexperience.co.uk/location/angus-dundee/property/the-lovers. I think they may have come from http://www.fireflywood.co.uk/housedesigns.htm
  2. ultramods

    New series of Grand Designs

    Certainly we didn't see how the whole story played out behind the camera. However it was edited to look like the original architect could only offer changes that would provide minimal savings.
  3. ultramods

    New series of Grand Designs

    As a professional architect (software or house) they should know roughly how much it's going to cost or at least know which element s of the build are the most expensive and could be removed or changed.
  4. ultramods

    New series of Grand Designs

    I was "screaming" at the TV get rid of the cantilever and don't build into the hill. You do need to question the original architects motives/mentality/intelligence/sanity.
  5. ultramods

    Pre-App Site Meeting

    Consider adding a few features to your requirements that you wouldn't mind removing if you need to negotiate with the planners....... 2 turrets when you would be happy with just one.
  6. ultramods

    Grand designs

    On a more positive note, it looks like they got quite a lot of house for a build in London with a basement.
  7. Thank you for all the comments, if this wasn't a hypothetical situation I would be passing them onto my friend.
  8. ultramods

    Grand designs

    @epsilonGreedy I'm not doubting that the house is a healthy place to be in, however they will be out of the house 30% of the time. The husband owns a national company so surely doesn't have to live in London.
  9. ultramods

    Possibly starting all over again

    What construction method would you go for this time?
  10. ultramods

    Hey Folks

    Welcome. There are quote a few self builders on this forum from Aberdeenshire.
  11. ultramods

    Grand designs

    I did feel a bit uneasy with tonights episode. If the children has such extreme allergies and asthma surely it would be better to live out of the city. The children can't be inside the house all the time.
  12. wouldn't provide the shared drive or wouldn't take revenge?
  13. Just say I had a friend who bought some land from a developer/business man last year, during the negotiations the developer said that the old derelict house next to the plot (that the developer also owned) would be demolished. My friend was pleased with this as the house is unsightly. The developer said he had applied to the council to get permission to demolish the building because it's in a conservation area and was waiting on a decision. To ensure the house was demolished, if the developer got permission, my friend ensued that this was written into the missives also stating that the planning permission reference would be provided and included in the missives. The planning reference never materialized so my friend did some digging and found out that the developer had asked the council years previously if they could demolish the building but the council said no because it's in a conservation area. He kept pushing the developer for the reference, just before the purchase date the developer then said he couldn't get permission, he was still lying insisting that he had just found out from the council. My friend decided to continue with the purchase and removed the demolition condition from the missives. The sale was concluded October 2017. Part of the sale condition was that my friend would put in a shared drive for his plot and the cottage plot at his expense and then both plots would share ownership of the drive. Now suppose a year later the selling solicitors have now realized that the shared drive has not been included on the title deeds and is now asking friends solicitor to add it. Should my friend add it (if he has a choice)? My friend is an honest and honorable person, however given how the developer was trying to deceive him during the purchase he now wonders if this is karma and that he shouldn't provide the shared drive on his land.
  14. ultramods

    Spreadsheet of build costs

    Likewise PM me your email address
  15. ultramods

    Financing Self Build In Parents Garden

    You certainly have a few options. However if you think you will need funding at a later stage in the build I would arrange the funding before starting, have you never watched grand designs before? It took us months to arrange our self build mortgage, best to start the process ASAP. Also the mortgage affordability calculations will take into account your outgoings during the build, so renting rather than living with your parents may reduce the amount you can borrow, clearly this will all be dependent on your household income so may not be an issue. Also if you will require external funding they will want to know that the house has been build correctly, which will mean they will insist on a professional such as a surveyor or architect signing off each stage of the build, again make sure you have this done from the beginning even if you start of using your own funds. If you don't you will need to pay considerably more for a structural warranty due to the increased risk.