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  1. @Dan Feist Have you looked at lowering the house level to gain some extra ceiling height as 2500 isn't that high for a house of 350 sqm. I will take some photos of our hall tonight as it's 3300mm wide to let you can see the 900mm stair.
  2. In general it really depends on the style of house you are building, for example if you are building a replica Edwardian style house is 2850 going to be high enough - probably not. Also in a room that isn't particularly wide, such as an ensuite, 2850 might make the room proportions look odd as the ceiling is too high. When you see some of the houses on grand designs and see people standing in large open plan areas, some of the ceiling heights must be 4+ metres high, however the room looks in proportion. With my house which is similar height to yours, I have a large-ish open plan area 6 metres x 12 metres, the ceiling height is 2700, which is the max we could get away with in terms of planning (taking the overall height of the house into consideration). I certainly don't think it's too low, however I would have like it to be a bit higher. We do have some double height spaces which do help the space feel more special. On the first floor again the ceiling are at a maximum height that planning would allow of 2400 (taking the overall height of the house into consideration). Ideally I would have liked to have around 2700 in the the larger rooms, and then possibly brought the ceiling height down to 2400 in some of the smaller ensuites. The stair width is 900, I thought it was going to be 1000 wide, however I mis-read the dimensions (it's a cantilevered stair and 10mm is hidden within the supporting wall. If you can I would go for a wider stair than 900. If you haven't done so already visiting some similar sized/styled show/friends + family homes is a good idea to try and appreciate the different dimensions.Take a laser measure long to quickly take some measurements. Another compromise I had to make with our house was the reduce the roof pitch to gain the extra height in the ground floor, this was also done in combination with lowering the foundation level on the plot.
  3. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    I am away this weekend and the next 2 which is why I was trying to get it finished this week. From now on I will take days off work to finish any work or do it on Saturday morning.
  4. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    I do all the cutting in the house, but I have the generator outside (we still don't have electrical supply).
  5. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    I am now planning how best to finish the cladding on the garage as I can't cut the wood before or after work, on a Sunday or after 12 on a Saturday as it's too noisy. So I basically have a 2 hour noise window 10 - 12 on Saturday or I need to take more holidays to do the work during the week.
  6. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    @newhomeexactly that was kind of my point. Every weekend the neighbours will be cutting their grass and using pressure washers. I on the other hand will have a very quiet robo mower, rarely wash the car with a pressure washer and never play the drums.
  7. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    I know they can't do much about it, but I was really hoping to get on with all the neighbours. But really can he complain about noise when literally the whole street can hear the son playing the drums every weekend.
  8. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    Before we started the build we went round each neighbour and introduced ourselves and gave them our mobile number if there were any issues with noise or vans being parked where they shouldn't etc. As I said previously, it was just they way he went about it that I didn't like.
  9. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    TBH other than the hours I was working at I hadn't really thought about not working on holidays etc. I am in the situation that I need to save most of my holidays for childcare, which means I can't take them when ever I want, such as during the week during term time.
  10. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    Just after the confrontation I spoke to another neighbour and asked If they were finding it annoying as another neighbour had complained. He said not at all and what do they expect when you are building a house.
  11. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    I could understand that if I was making noise a lot, but as I said this was a one - off for a few days. They are both at work Monday to Friday when the builders are there.
  12. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    They are both at work during the week and both children are teenagers. They didn't object to the planning application. I just think they are the sort of people that like to complain and enjoy confrontation.
  13. ultramods

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    I kept level headed and restrained but I let him know exactly how disappointed I with the way he was behaving. I also said he was being very pedantic about the noise as there is lot of other noise on the street, but because this was "Construction Noise" he felt that justified complaining. Even although the noise was a one off for a few days. - Not like I have been doing it every week for the last few months. I also said that all the other neighbours have been nice and very supportive as we are building on what was an eye sore on the street. His teenage son cycles his mountain bike up and down the "pedestrian" pavement and does wheelies on the road. Thing I am going to have to educate them on the Highway Code.
  14. Most of my house is being constructed by the joiners and builders during the week during normal hours. I have been doing some work during the evening and weekends, up until the last week the work I have done has been inside and quiet. However last Saturday I hired a nail gun to attach the timber battens to the garage ready for the cladding. I started using the nail gun at 14:30 and finished at 19:30 as I am conscious that we are building in a residential area. Monday night I used the nail gun 17:30 - 19:00. Today I started using it at 15:00 and was only going to need to use it for 1 - 2 hours. However a neighbour (that I hadn't spoken to before) came over to the site with his wife and started complaining about all the noise and that I am breaching council regulations. He said I shouldn't be using it after 7 and shouldn't be working on Sundays or public holiday (such as today). I explained to him that I have also been conscious about noise and try and keep it to a minimum and don't start as early as I could on a Saturday for example. But he kept on complaining. The thing that upset/annoyed me the most was that he could see I was almost finished but still complained in a very confrontational way, having no foresight that it would destroy any future neighbourly relationship that we would have had. One ironic thing was I said to him that I hear one of the neighbours playing a drum kit loudly every weekend, I would never complain about it as I would like to get on with my neighbours and have to accept a certain amount of noise - It is their son playing the drum kit. So my question is if I am putting up the cladding on the house evening or weekends is that classed as construction by the council or is it DIY? I tried calling the council today, however they were closed as it's a bank holiday.
  15. I hope they didn't fly to Portugal for the eco cork insulation jolly.....I mean research.