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  1. I’m with Dave and your local guy who’s done plenty of local work. Crack on and worry not and enjoy the new space
  2. If always put a N/A answer and a comments box in case the selected choice answers do not fit completely. ive completed it good luck!
  3. 49 sq/m 3 bed timber cabin £204 per sq/m features dry toilet, solar lighting and luxury Habitat furniture via Gumtree 😜
  4. Nice and tidy that is...looks like it’s been there for 100 years🤪
  5. Tennentslager


    Top job team
  6. Can’t see the video but there’s been an unseasonable amount of rain today wipers on full speed along the M8 coming back from the borders don't change things for rare events?
  7. Mmm retail, they have a swanky store in my town but as I drive by always looks empty apart from the weekend
  8. Local guy said no not worth his time...so could do with a new saw blade but slowly slowly
  9. Checked all over the internet for blackout solutions and this cassette blind is the fogs gollox I have a skill saw but how to make this cut on a1860 length of 4*2 and keep it accurate? guess it’s a cut from both sides using a table guide
  10. I’m thinking to cut a (say 4*2) to made a triangular prism and bond it to the reveal. the blackout blinds need to be mounted square to the window but this is a tenement flat with deep angled reveals. any other thoughts? Blinds are highly reviewed https://www.blocblinds.co.uk/ I want 100% black as the boy is waking with the light at 5.30!
  11. Very nice look forward to seeing your blog🤪
  12. You’ve made a hole in the ceiling that needs patched so why not make it bigger and check out every joist? its not clear from those pics if there is fresh air below the joist or if the joist is resting on the wall
  13. https://www.scaffolding-direct.co.uk/anti-tamper-fencing-spanner/ £9 job done
  14. Might work if her government actually built houses... They build plenty up here though but it’s a different government
  15. Copy the patented design🤪 https://atkproducts.co.za/product/eezi-roll-tr5-toilet-roll-holder/