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  1. Tennentslager

    Zoot's Extension- advice needed.

    Dig trench part fill with concrete and maybe rebar brickie builds block work to appropriate level inner leaf for timber frame and depending on look/style outer leaf for brick work make all nice and flat inside cover in visqueen and more concrete poured inside timber wall plate attached to inner block work and timber frame onto that that is one simple way to describe a straightforward extension with no drainage or other works underneath does that help?
  2. Tennentslager

    Window dramas

    Yep, smashing read this is...
  3. Tennentslager

    A Home Cinema Living Room

    I watched a basketball game in this ‘home’ cinema at my girls dorm, very nice it is too. Id guess the seats and banking and wall lighting cost more than the tech. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/education/article196135589.html
  4. Tennentslager

    Looking to Build and Eco Home on a Budget

    New one for me @Ferdinand and a beauty.
  5. Tennentslager

    upside down and buried

    Americans seem to like a semi basement saw lots on my recent trip to Durham NC. basement windows fairly big, steps to the front porch/deck area and dormers on first floor result, very pretty timber detached houses with three levels and lots of space
  6. Tennentslager

    Dew Point - What is it and why does it matter

    Welcome back old boy @SteamyTea Missed your dodgy innuendo and bad taste jokes😀
  7. Tennentslager

    Steel staircase on the cheap

    Your brave taking this on...but I’m cheering from the sidelines 😀😀
  8. Tennentslager


    Plus 1 slate slabs from B&Q garden area were 6 quid each and I bedded and grouted with black dyed concrete worked great and cheap
  9. Tennentslager

    Save the world, install an LPG tank.

    Steady boys...
  10. Tennentslager

    Finishing the Shell

    Very nice that looks😀
  11. Tennentslager

    Avoiding squatters prior to construction work

    Frame out the window and door reveals on the first floor and coach bolt thick OSB to make it look secure. You could reuse the OSB for summit on the build. Up here the council use metal plate and lots of signs but then again we have no squatters right laws in Scotland. usually if it’s a problem someone sends the boys around PS anyone remember Swampy? A touring environmentalist from Bristol I think who had a big following after living up a tree on the route of the planned M77
  12. Tennentslager

    Building a Passivhaus for life

    Thank you. Lovely browse this morning of your photos All really wonderful, well done it’s fantastic
  13. Tennentslager

    Interflush adapter

    I usually flush at least twice depends on how fast the cistern fills and on how marked the pan is...just saying
  14. Tennentslager

    Slim washand basin

    Sorry @Ferdinand and @Ed Davies ive been at the pub watching the cup semi final (crap game but 2 red cards and 3-0 for Celtic) and saw this narrowest ever loo. would not be out of place in Amsterdam i had to turn sideways to do up ma zip