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  1. I’d open it up and have a look for a twisted or missing seal, should have a black rubber one and a red washer. The rubber one is tapered and the red one more rigid and helps push the rubber into the right place as you tighten the compression nut. if you un-tighten everything a couple of twists it should give wriggle room to disassemble it
  2. Nice videos there, you need sharp eyes to see the truck that takes away the soil, I thought the digger driver just made a mound and it magically disappeared
  3. Slate roof would look great on that house I’d say. oh and welcome home
  4. Not being funny but maybe you don’t know what’s planned to come next and you are over thinking and getting in a panic heres a back of an envelope sketch that shows one possibility of how it could work i don’t think the trench you see will remain like this, it will all be back filled
  5. Hello @Brix and welcome any nice pictures of your cabin?
  6. @epsilonGreedy post it here and we can critique it for you👀
  7. Whiskey (or any other spirit) boxes/cardboard dunno where you get then but triple layer cardboard and you can fold the tops bombpoof , never fail are uniform size and liftable even when full of heavy things
  8. £125 for four of these job done
  9. Makes sense and boy are they cheap! 600x600 plus wall mount for £40 and a lovely bright light and dimmable ill look into it
  10. Been in for 18 months they have died slowly over that time. I have to get finger out now as one in small room it’s the only light, in the big room I’ve lost three out of 9 and there’s big windows so it’s still bright! is it a fair assumption it’s the ballast that’s gubbed?
  11. Well there’s now 4 of 8 double fittings gone out. Know nothing about how they work and have an electrician apprentice coming on Friday for a look. (He is cheap) @ProDave am I on the right track, oh and @Onoff I have ordered 4 of these and I’m guessing the juice will be getting through, I have tried changing tubes so these might be US and need replaced? The internet photos of the replacement ballasts look to have slightly different spade fittings even though they are the same brand/make and model number is this within the scope of a standard spark to fix? thanks TL
  12. At the hut I have a laptop fan running on a leisure battery powered from one solar panel (draws 0.1amp) 24 hours a day, vents under the floor. Now, given this is a dry toilet this means the smelly stuff is in situ so to speak and there’s no smell whatsoever
  13. Hi Joanna, I was brought up around the corner. Is it worth talking to the digger drivers who are currently working on the new builds across the road? It may be that since they are 'on site' so to speak you might get a homer done on the cheap...worth asking maybe.
  14. Cut a channel with an angle grinder so it drains away? cut several parallel groves a few mm apart and get busy with a mash hammer and a cold chisel to make the channel