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  1. We don’t compost it at all as the other alternative is to burn it. Generally it needs emptied after a couple of months and I store it sealed under the hut then when I have a big garden fire going I pop it on at the end of the night and it turns to ash Its probably 90% sawdust and paper so burns quite well
  2. Ripping out an old kitchen plywood cupboard on a small kitchen wall and repurposing as a wall of box shelves to include a big box for the fridge, wee box for microwave and Alexa. Any clever new devices or tips out there for T joints for 18mm hardwood ply as that’s the plan to construct it from? I mean, instead of a T-halving joint some clever hidden mechanical system to join the shelves when they are in line? plan some LEDs to make it look the dogs, IKEA is ticking boxes Any thoughts folks?
  3. Erm...sometimes even the most expensive projects fall foul of disability regs https://www.galvanizing.org.uk/case-studies/bridge-southbank-marina/ I was involved with a disability access group when this was completed. No consultation was accepted (although offered) from the group and when the bridge was opened, the wheelchair group members immediately pointed out that although the slope was within regs, there were no level breaks If you have to push a big fella in a push wheelchair you soon appreciate that too long a push tires you out on a slope. The level breaks ( from memory every 10m) allow a breathing space This beautiful bridge had to be closed and rectified at mega cost...top tip Ask your local access group (they are common everywhere I believe) for lived life advice if you want a quality opinion
  4. Good suggestion but it’s for a cat although we must keep the ladies happybreeder said house cat or hunter? If we had said hunter she would not have sold, seems they get stolen a lot🙃
  5. These walls hold back garden soil etc, 1964 build not touched since, swmbo wants a ‘ nicer’ finish on the walls. Thinking to render and paint, is it just 3:1 sand/cement? walls only 1m high and fairly solid but blown bricks and wet/ damp at the bottom Whats the best quick bodge here zoom in to see the wall
  6. Welcome I understand that you are in a very expensive area for plots, good luck anyway you never know
  7. Just ordered one, add a set of screwdrivers and get free delivery too😃
  8. Before During Finished! Spot the birdy Now just two more planters and a catio (google it!) to do and I might get my promise👀
  9. I thought sappers blew things up...if I’m correct Joe Bones AKA The Human Fly was the sapper of fame from the Victor. Anyway, welcome @derek I’m sure you will have plenty to contribute unlike me with random reminiscences of childhood comics, BTW Joe Bones and Alf Tupper must have been twins (or had the same cartoonist)
  10. Looks like roof running to the front is what you need...where would the water run off go to? Pretty sure you cannot tap into that soil pipe at the back, is that yours? Fitting roof around the soil pipe looks the trickiest bit but not too difficult
  11. The felt tiles are prone to strong winds so followed the MI’s and put a good bead of adhesive on the bottom edge so no chance of sliding a trim up there. But ordered a couple of rolls of 50mm flash band tape and although footery I can stick this to the underside of the tiles and down onto the inner face of the gutter! Ill report back once it’s dry enough, Scottish weather forecast tonight was next dry day sometime after the weekend, ffs it’s August, rain all week
  12. So, almost finished the felt tiles (just need to get a final bit of trim for the apex) and got the gutter on.looks nice but today it rained and good news is the roof does not leak but sumfink is up with the gutter Profile of how it’s fitted The drips on the board the gutter is fixed to is the problem... Some water (most) is following the blue line but some is following the green line and dripping like fcuk