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  1. Take a few pictures, we like pictures of roofs...will help everyone see what you describe 😉
  2. HETAS is an English thing for fitters although building regulations still apply in Scotland
  3. SWMBO wants me to make something when we decorate the bedroom which is like moving a wall forward 2/300mm leaving a bed alcove which has room for lights and shelves in place of bedside cabinets. She envisages floor to ceiling and the current coving replaced to make good and join with existing. Plasterboard or MDF? The room will be painted out afterwards and a feature wallpaper for the alcove not behind the bed. Cmon the forum, help me out here
  4. Do a test run and see if it butts together...?
  5. Watch it Boris the centimetre police will be along shortly with a fixed penalty notice and the mods will have set up an inquiry.
  6. No it's not the name of a band...can we have a guerilla battalion of sparks who can connect the freezing fuel poor and tap into street lights and mug meters? Of course it's 'illegal' but is it really when we have lashings of energy but it's sold to the highest bidder? @Stones Up the revolution
  7. You've not been to the Gorbals pool 10 years ago at the height of eastern European immigration. The culture of posing (model style) for pics by Polish/Lithuanian young woman in swimsuits was new to the southsiders of Glasgow.
  8. Ach, it burnt down uninsured. But I had 5 great years and sold the plot so now moving on old bean. No point looking back and ruminating ??
  9. I built ma hut off grid and did everything...from planning permission to interior design...wall of maps and wood burner. But there's a sting in the tale...tail?
  10. Can you find another route for the main...cap it in the garden and run it in another way?
  11. Yep that's kinda what was said, he was very nice and not at all pushy
  12. Eventually got a first quote. 11 windows 2 doors plus side windows for one door. U value 1.4 First price £13800 Trade price for tonight only £11700 What you think? Recommended family firm
  13. So the doors were very high? Good spot...the living room door is a tiny bit low as it's original. I had a job getting a big sofa under it. It's a big room, 7m long. The big bedroom to the front is also original but had a skylight above the door so would have been refashioned. All the rest of the doors ( toilet, kitchen, bed 2) are remodeled so would have been made to suit.
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