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  1. Tennentslager

    Somewhere to Live During the Build

    Love the glimpse of the Christmas tree...you need to make your very own Christmas cards with that picture.🤣🤣
  2. Tennentslager

    Timber Crib Wall

    Feckin Ell...that is Lego! What bloody size are the brickies down there! @Barney12
  3. Tennentslager

    Tiling...many questions

    New jig plate? Use same size as outer holes as the chrome plate will hide it all. Fantastic job so far old boy...
  4. Tennentslager

    Timber Crib Wall

    Sounds interesting, got a picture...
  5. Tennentslager

    DIY building regs drawings

    Now don't all laugh... East Dunbartonshire I'm in. I still have to add the text. Question is, are the drawings suitable?
  6. Tennentslager

    The Build - Things have got very messy!

    Looking really nice Captain...why all those socket holes? What's going on there
  7. Tennentslager

    Getting the neighbours on side...

    . Does anyone have any info on viewing distance (splay?) in a 30mph zone https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/manual-for-streets
  8. Tennentslager

    Just Beginning

    Welcome @Boris planning granted...did you design yourself or architect?
  9. Tennentslager

    Hello from Scotland

    Now don't all laugh... East Dunbartonshire I'm in. I still have to add the text. Question is, are the drawings suitable?
  10. Can't find anything about the height of my Christmas tree above the top of the scaffolding...can I have IP69 lights like doing it and also flashing? BC officer says if you ask me that again I'll come around there and fecking smash your head with hammers Now, I can cope with enthusiastic types but I think she has taken 'advice and guidance' just a tad too far... should I complain to the ombudsmen or just, well, get the lights out annoy the feck out of the whole neighborhood?
  11. Tennentslager

    Hello from Scotland

    Hey @the_r_sole Maybe when I have completed my pen and ink BC drawings for my kitchen/diner wall knock through you could cast an eye...I downloaded DraftIT and QCAD and spent a wet Saturday getting utterly frustrated. Got out my A3 drawing board and now I'm motoring, in a few days I should have something that passes muster as my first attempt was sent back by BC for being a bit lacking...
  12. Tennentslager

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome, nice forum name you got there😀😀😀
  13. Tennentslager

    Vinyl tiling - quick advice needed

    More info needed...what rooms being tiled, what type...you mentioned vinyl, is this just bathroom? New build or renovation, is the sanitary ware fitted? Do you mean to ply and screw on top of floorboard before tiler guy returns, did you ask him what he would recommend...
  14. Tennentslager

    Orbital sander- velcro all sanded off...

    Are the disks not self adhesive...?
  15. @Onoff will make you one for a tasty price...chute, insulated and with an app that differentiates between cheques and junk mail. Easy