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  1. Tennentslager

    Hole for undermounted sink

    Sink should have a template with it
  2. Tennentslager

    Sunamp - funny smelling hot water

    Can you not run it for a bit longer...to rule out it’s not just a commissioning thing
  3. Tennentslager

    Cheap plot. Potential?

    Is it not amenity land ie a grassy area that could not be built on or is it a hill or slope? its just TOO cheap for a plot
  4. Tennentslager

    Scottish Building Regs - WC

    Oh I did mine last year... converted the downstairs bedroom extension to a WC and utility room. Im glad I wasn’t as careful as you with my reading as I thought it didn’t need any BC input at all from my cursory glacé at the Scottish regs. glad I did though as an extra downstairs loo is a godsend especially if you have teenagers who shower for 45 minutes minimum
  5. Tennentslager

    Grading crushed rubble

    I think @Onoff and a few scrap bicycle wheels would be all that’s required the drums of various grid spacing and bobs your aunties lover from Wales
  6. Tennentslager

    Grading crushed rubble

    At a project I know they grade bark and have a number of drums made up in different grades or sizes think of a hamster wheel only bigger and made of grid like mesh one bloke shovels it in another turns the wheel and the graded stuff gets bagged and sold this is a project for adults with learning disabilities
  7. Tennentslager

    OH F**K!

    Nothing ventured... time to focus on a better sex life, it’s the new year fella
  8. Tennentslager

    OH F**K!

    Oops...you lost your shirt again 🤪
  9. Tennentslager

    "It's just like Lego!"

    Sorry don’t get it...the external wall is continuous so no leaks there how can an internal wall cause it to leak?
  10. Forum works brilliantly on a phone
  11. Tennentslager

    What are we hoping for on our self-build in 2019?

    Finally finishing my Building Warrant application...work has been too too busy, universal credit and alcohol abuse = destitution, vulnerability and increase in detentions under mental heath act. Frontline social work is grim sometimes so I’m gonna knock a wall down😉😉😉
  12. We want a picture some call it a water stopcock or stopcock T bar ffs how do you take a screenshot on an iPhone... I’m getting ffs frustrated with this new toy
  13. Tennentslager

    "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go"

    Nicely written blog...like your humour and optimistic attitude More power to you I'm guessing you're going to need it...