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  1. Sit further back, show off... Or Move the toilet seat if it's adjustable
  2. For information on hutting see https://www.thousandhuts.org/
  3. The Nissan showroom by the M8 has a fancy car elevator over 6/7 storeys, glass walled to show of the cars so very doable. I returned a hire car in Japan and was shocked to drive it into an elevator and go up to the 8th floor to return it. Locals didn't bat an eyelid...
  4. Not so clever daughter cleaned the inside of the student private rental loo with wire wool and the loo brush and it's all scratched. I spent £8 on the little stick thing when I scratched my new sink with titanium wedding ring but it improved it only very very slightly. She's worried about loosing her three month deposit around $1500. Any tips, yes, she's in USA on full financial scholarship.
  5. Personally I'm not a fan of lining paper, I have it in one bedroom in this house. Only way to get it looking good is to strip the lot and see what's underneath. You might get away with filling and sanding the plaster then repainting. It might need a skim if it's bad. Do it once, do it right and job will be a good one. Everything else is a compromise.
  6. Welcome Dave, we like pictures and plans😀 Traditional or contemporary...
  7. https://www.plumberparts.co.uk/advice/general-plumbing/how-to-install-compression-fittings Two minute video here. Yes you can sand paper the pipe a little but if you get the olive on and some tape it will be fine.
  8. Looks like it wasn't tightened enough and no ptfe tape on it. It's a compression fitting so inspect pipe for damage, inspect the olive and if all is good reassemble with 5 turns of tape and tighten away. One big wrench to hold the body of the tap and another on the nut. Hope that's what your asking...
  9. Welcome Nigel, Nice house. Plenty of help on here for you to DIY the plumbing. What heating system do you have?
  10. tapered edge allows mesh tape plastered in to make the join
  11. Tidy job Jack, it's not going to fall down with that underbuild. 20 years here in disability advocacy but have to say referrals re employment issues are like hen's teeth. Maybe one a year, probably because the employment rate is so so low for folks.