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  1. To me this is the pose of a happy man admiringly contemplating his reward for making a good job complete, just like our famous @Onoff and @pocster with a little Teutonic swell from @retiredacademic
  2. Yes my three bed extended semi is around 110 sq/m and perfectly comfortable three beds, two bathrooms, kitchen, utility and living/diner 185 will be a nice big size without too much cleaning area you don’t need😀😃😀
  3. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dont-behave-like-gestapo-over-transphobic-tweets-warns-judge-zc9fpw3k8
  4. look up ‘volunteer advocate’ in your area, I think you would be great and like it too...
  5. Set up nicely wasn’t it😃 Very wet and windy at Murryfield as both teams struggle with tactics...come on Scotland!
  6. A Dr Who fan would get some detailing added to that glass and a nice flashing light for the top🤣 nice big space underneath though
  7. Welcome @Delicatedave no reason why anyone would delete you...😜 you haven’t done anything wrong yet🤣
  8. Welcome Rod, Have you got pictures it’s hard to visualise your set up but sounds intriguing...glass box?
  9. Welcome @Davein63 sounds like a rollercoaster so far...plenty of helpful folk on here so keep posting. We like pictures btw
  10. Smashing blog entry, thanks for sharing
  11. Gather that one outside is mandatory too? Just in case?