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  1. Loads of ways to do it, maybe a picture of where it's going will get you better advice. Re the posts being level, leave them all too high then level and mark then cut the tops. A drawing is better than a thousand words πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
  2. A drawing would help. I'm finding it hard to visualise.
  3. Can you buy small amounts of PE4 for these little 1ft thick jobs?
  4. Use the cladding to make a wee box housing and have it sit in there?
  5. Walk into toilet Turn on tap Sit on pan Whip phone out of back pocket Surf Buildhub Wash hands
  6. Just a guess Dappling...I'm away to do some now with the missus, no questions
  7. Better a land tax, for most folk the land value is the house value. Like a house in a garden... For big land owners they have to pay more, don't pay the government take the land and sell it, but of course self builders of eco friendly homes get first dibs and a 10% discount, no chance of dodging the tax, can't hide land can ye
  8. The night lights on an Emirates 777 has this star constellation rig and it looks fantastic
  9. Saw a nice picture on Lost Glasgow I thought you'd like, soot trails on an old tenement
  10. He posted me a box of lights and fittings he had spare for free at his expense when I was new to the forum some 5 years ago I used them and the lights still shine at the hut One of the good guys he's is, in my camp