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  1. Tennentslager

    Luxury HMO

    Is that wallpaper in bedroom 5πŸ˜‰
  2. Tennentslager

    New Building in Nottinghamshire

    Welcome Chris πŸ˜€
  3. Tennentslager

    Scale : 1 inch to 6 feet

    Lovely, especially like the watercolor effect on older drawings. Did it get built?
  4. Tennentslager

    Ian Young

    Welcome Ian, Big Phil my childhood friend's dad worked as a brickie until his late 60's, I always thought it was a hard shift and only for the tough of old boots variety. As I recall he still earned more on price rate than anyone and was always his preferred pricing policy... How are the old bones holding up after 40 years in the trade Ian?
  5. Tennentslager

    Luxury HMO

    If your going branded, I'd recommend some Fairly Platinum for a luxury pad.🀣
  6. Tennentslager

    Down the big long lane...

    Wow that's a mathematician's load of geometry going on thereπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ In a good way, like it
  7. Tennentslager

    It's a start.

    Ach I believed you and looked...load of dignitaries posing for publicity shots...and ONE of the front door
  8. Visiting a clients new build today and wondered what this was... Turned the tap on and tried it out...wunderbar the water stops immediately. Neat.
  9. Tennentslager

    The Build - plaster boarding and insulation

    Tidy tidy job Ramius...what's going above/in the apex of the dormers. What's the chance you can have a bit of art work in there... Submarine... Family crest... Initials... Year of bulid is traditional
  10. Tennentslager

    The 2018 Autumn Budget Thread

    Depends on your experience or belief but I'd say that's just the direction of travel between Edinburgh and London... everything I see shows we have better public services in Scotland and for that we pay more tax. For me, I'm happy to pay more but that's my view and I trust our parliament to decide. If I don't I can vote them out. I can't vote out the Westminster parliament because even when Scotland votes one way our bigger neighbours swing the decision. So clearly I want an independent government that I trust or at least is accessible and open to influence.
  11. Tennentslager

    The End Of The Bungalow

    Smashing and interesting post...it's like a new build in reverse. Thanks
  12. Tennentslager

    The 2018 Autumn Budget Thread

    I'm one of those who have never had need to worry about tax rules, accountants, stockbrokers or inheritance liability. Just worked every week since age 16 ( apart from 4 months last year and I can tell you the DWP will treat you like a fraudulent chancer on the make) and paid PAYE automatically. I'm happy to pay more because I work in social care and see the damage of budget cuts. We are all living longer and like it or not old people and associated costs fall on general services which tax pays for. Me, I'm not far off higher rate tax and for sure I'm more likely to reach the threshold if the Scottish Finance Secretary freezes it as it is. If he follows the dobber in Westminster I'll never achieve that aim. Happy to pay...end
  13. Tennentslager

    DIY building regs drawings

    Thanks guys, I'm back on this now and want to get something submitted before Christmas. @the_r_sole I'll pm you. I think I need some words about method...like 'downtakings supported by X acrow props at X centres' I'll post my final drawings here before submitting
  14. Tennentslager

    The Build - Now on notice !

    Yes it's very good...black cardomon pods and a splash of vodka make it special