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  1. Linear meter? So £600? that being the case I could buy materials for say £200 and DIY it for £800...? would you replace like for like ie timber and paint or redo it in upvc? oh and thanks Peter your stock is high on the forum with your wealth of experience and helpful posts
  2. Thinking of replacing the eves and soffits and new gutters so how much roughly would the scaffolding hire and erection cost it’s a standard two storey three bedroom semi Dimensions 8m x 6m Got a flyer through the door offering to strip and replace in upvc for £1295 incl.
  3. It’s an Electra 12Kw office used to be a hairdresser and assume they wanted the hot water and radiator combo as there’s no gas in the building
  4. I have one in my office its 12Kw and I reckon it uses all 12 all the time it’s on. Timer set 8am to 5 pm mon to fri and bills are £350 per month so very very expensive to run
  5. https://www.durhamfoundry.com/architectural-castings/bespoke-iron-castings/ google bespoke cast iron no idea what they might cost but I’ll bet it’s over £300 per unit good luck and let us know how you get on
  6. Thanks @Ferdinand looking at this with the worktop saved away for later it will fit snuggly In this space
  7. Small kitchen, instead of a full refurbishment including knocking out the wall into the dining room, I managed to get the boss to agree to me ripping out an old cupboard to make this So now we have a fridge you don’t need to crawl on the floor to see inside. BTW this is an interim fix, whole thing to be redone next year, maybe year after. This is the old F/F set up. She might keep the under counter freezer, I’d get rid... the new one is small but Brexit! What can I put in here to replace the under counter fridges? The boss does not want a fanny up matching effort of similar cabinets We both would like drawers I like open shelves So forum what will look great, not cost a lot, be design Fantastic and meet the spec, please!
  8. We don’t compost it at all as the other alternative is to burn it. Generally it needs emptied after a couple of months and I store it sealed under the hut then when I have a big garden fire going I pop it on at the end of the night and it turns to ash Its probably 90% sawdust and paper so burns quite well
  9. Ripping out an old kitchen plywood cupboard on a small kitchen wall and repurposing as a wall of box shelves to include a big box for the fridge, wee box for microwave and Alexa. Any clever new devices or tips out there for T joints for 18mm hardwood ply as that’s the plan to construct it from? I mean, instead of a T-halving joint some clever hidden mechanical system to join the shelves when they are in line? plan some LEDs to make it look the dogs, IKEA is ticking boxes Any thoughts folks?
  10. Erm...sometimes even the most expensive projects fall foul of disability regs https://www.galvanizing.org.uk/case-studies/bridge-southbank-marina/ I was involved with a disability access group when this was completed. No consultation was accepted (although offered) from the group and when the bridge was opened, the wheelchair group members immediately pointed out that although the slope was within regs, there were no level breaks If you have to push a big fella in a push wheelchair you soon appreciate that too long a push tires you out on a slope. The level breaks ( from memory every 10m) allow a breathing space This beautiful bridge had to be closed and rectified at mega cost...top tip Ask your local access group (they are common everywhere I believe) for lived life advice if you want a quality opinion
  11. Good suggestion but it’s for a cat although we must keep the ladies happybreeder said house cat or hunter? If we had said hunter she would not have sold, seems they get stolen a lot🙃