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  1. Ronan

    Self build

    Are weather patterns in Ireland are Slightly more changeable Then in Suffolk. We had problems with drainage As the ground is clay. But all storms are doing their job well now.
  2. Ronan

    Self build

    Hi Is there better thermal when using a tile vent compare to normal wall vent?
  3. Ronan

    Self build

    Opportunity for roof tile vent was missed. I'm not keen on boring a hole as this side of house is north facing. Recirculating fans might be the only way to go. MVHR INLET is in a good position above slightly to the right of the cooker. Thanks lads and I will update my progress if you are interested Enjoy what's left of the weekend
  4. Ronan

    Self build

    I have a question, in my kitchen they will be island with a hob on it, have MVHR my dilemma is which sort of extractor fan to put in. There will be a lot of traffic in the house so lots of cooking e.g
  5. Ronan

    Self build

    Plastering is complete. Floor screed is down on top of160mm insulation. Just waiting to get some more money.
  6. Suild build Rostrevor N.Ireland