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  1. Amazing stuff, almost totally rot proof. Phenolic ply, used for trailer decks.
  2. I've found that pocket doors can be noisy to operate compared to a hinged door which is a consideration for an en-suite. Perhaps there are quiet ones but mine aren't.
  3. You could avoid a submersible pump altogether and just get a pump and pressure tank set (about 750w minimum for good hose output) to lift the water out of the tank ( assuming its below ground?), just needs a foot valve on the suction end to keep the pump primed. I do this to boost the water pressure to my Polytunnel tap which is fed from rainwater from the shed roof into 2 ibc's. Works great ( I have a 1.5kw pump so lots of oomph) Downsides are the pump is noisy and frost protection is necessary Advantages are cost, and easy access to the pump.
  4. Maybe so, but the best place for a sprinkler is in an area where the fire is most likely to start and that is not inside the inner wall. It's cooking, heating, smoking, electrical appliances, candles, etc....
  5. I wonder when the rest of the UK will adopt sprinklers for residential new builds as they do in Wales? Just a matter of time I would have thought.
  6. Miek

    Cost per m2

    Glad I'm too young to remember.
  7. Miek

    Cost per m2

    I remember my first mortgage. The bank said you can borrow 50k but in 25 years you will have repaid 150k. Holy S*+t I thought. Every penny went into paying it off early..
  8. Miek

    EPS Delivery

    Find a local farmer with a tele handler?
  9. I would add. You need a more accurate foundation to build off as the tolerances for a timber frame are much smaller than block for example. You need to be plumb, true and square to with in a few mm, then the timber work will be straight forward and accurate.
  10. the only issue I see is that potentially if water got into the cavity and crossed through the insulation to the inner leaf and ran down it would end up on the inside of the building. This is a remote possibility but better to design for worst case scenarios IMO. I'm not convinced entirely that there is a big issue with the original design, but its a detail which needs to be got right in the first place as it can't easily be altered afterwards .A perimeter french drain seems a good idea regardless.
  11. That's a good point, i hadn't thought of that issue arising.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to explain, much appreciated. Apologies to the OP for jacking this thread