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  1. I would begin by installing a water hardner to up the PH. My old house has acidic water from a spring and it destroyed the whole copper pipe system and the water tasted metallic. The limestone prewash made a huge difference.
  2. As said, depends where the windows are exactly . If they are fully within the cavity closer then run the strap fully from inside reveal to outside reveal. The window manufacturer should be able to advise as they may have a preference.
  3. I use a Chromecast Audio which for £30 is a bargain. This outputs optical audio into a DAC and old school amplifier but it can also output analogue audio straight into the amp .
  4. If the water is cooler than the ambient air temp then don't insulate the pipe, better to have free air flow and gather some of the heat from the air. Don't glaze it as that will reduce the amount of light falling on it. Cover the pool. Evaporative heat loss is killer.
  5. Exactly. Right in time for the spring heating season, September heat in February and March!
  6. No doubt about that. Would work well in a country where you don't need heating. Dubai maybe 😉 Your better off in the UK using wind to generate heat in the winter, rather than trying to store summer sun.
  7. It's been tried many many times. And won't work . The time constant of several months just kills it. You can store heat for a week or two, but not months.
  8. I'm using Cavalok closers, 300mm cavity. Got them premade from Subframes. They work . I ordered windows off the drawings and did a lot of double checking. They are not load bearing however so don't sit the windows down on them. I'm going to hang the windows from their sides with metal straps.
  9. The reason for filling the below DPC cavity void is to resist potential soil pressure, it can be a very weak mix concrete. I used compacted type 1 with a concrete capping on a 300mm cavity.
  10. Has the wood swollen in the groove and put pressure on the concrete? Hard to imagine that breaking it...
  11. With a budget of 150k it will be very difficult to do a new build IMO. That would mean entirely your own labour for everything at a guess. 2 storey extension might be feasible though.
  12. The pump price is not only linked to the crude price but also the refinery capacity. We used to import 25% of our refined diesel from Russia and the UK does not have the refinery capacity to up production. Apparently...
  13. Are the 560W panels really 2sqm ? That seems quite amazing , I'd expect them to be more like 2.8sqm.
  14. A DPM can be used as VCL. They are both plastic sheets doing the same job, DPM is a heavier gauge.
  15. You could install a VCL between the joists and the plaster board. Might be worth filling the void with insulation wool as it's so cheap and easy yo do. If you do just take care to uprate any electrical cables, or at least think about that side of it.
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