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  1. That's what I though. Thanks
  2. Just to be clear with regards to sqm. Is that usable intermal sqm or external footprint sqm (I.e including walls)? What's the convention if there is one?
  3. Miek

    Working out a scheme for DHW

    Filsol I believe you are referring to. You can still get their drain back tank direct from the manufacturer. Ive never fitted a drain back ET system, but if sized correctly there shouldn't be a great deal of 'off time' though I can see what you mean about potential overheating. Personally I'm not a fan of the budget ET panels (navitron, Chinese clones etc) and the good ones like the original thermomax are far too expensive.
  4. Miek

    Working out a scheme for DHW

    Not fail safe in the event of a powercut though.
  5. Miek

    Working out a scheme for DHW

    This is precisely why a drain back system is more robust IMO. I've fitted a dozen or so solar thermal systems and not had any issues with the drain back ones (3 in total). The solar twin solution with silicone hoses is a neat solution but prone to blocking up in hard water areas due to it being a direct system. Can be overcome by going indirect but means a twin coil tank is needed.
  6. Miek

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    Hire a strike roller next time
  7. Miek

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    What's your desired floor finish? It's a garden room so thinking maybe waterproof? If not you could batten the floor with packers to get a level, then board it.
  8. You could use a chrome cast audio and a mobile phone. https://www.mymemory.co.uk/google-chromecast-audio.html For £20 you can't beat the value of these things. High quality output too, I use one to stream radio and personal cloud based audio through my hifi. Very easy to use and handy to be able to control everything via a phone.
  9. Miek

    Hot and cold copper pipes

    What's the issue? If its heat loss this would be negligible, the pipes can cross. Bend the pipe to suit the space, or buy a crosover fitting.
  10. Miek

    Fall Arrest / Mansafe

    Is this permanent or just for the build? Latchways is great kit (I use it at work), but Industrial grade expensive! Guarding would be the best option, but that won't be cheap either. How big are the roofs? Anything for fall protection will need to be proper, tested bolts, certs etc..
  11. More important (IMO) is to make sure there are no snots or imperfections between the PIR and the block work creating a void which would allow convective heat loss up through the wall to the roof. The boards need to be tight on to the blocks which is where mineral wool batts have an advantage as they have some give.
  12. Not usual for a heating dominated climate like the UK. In a cooling dominated climate you might want an external VCL to prevent external moisture in the hot humid environment condensing within your walls. I can't see the reason for it in the UK. Happy to be corrected though.
  13. Good point, could be done with a hand file in a vice if you don't have a lathe.
  14. Miek

    Timber cladding, recommendations

    That picture shows some really well thought out details. Looks expensive. No knots in sight, hidden fixings, mitred corners, etc... There isn't one. Ring shanks hold like screws, amazing fixings.
  15. Why use copper? Washing machine hoses are 3/4 bsp female so just get a... 25mm 3/4bsp adapter