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  1. This is a pic of my shed cladding, larch sawn board on board.
  2. Stainless timbalok? Not seen them in SS before.
  3. I'd go brushless myself, the control is smoother. in my experience stainless screws are soft and will shear if driven too hard, it seems far better to pilot them properly, especially in hardwoods.
  4. If the stairs are made the traditional way with wedges for the treads and risers it might be worth getting under them with a hammer and seeing if you can knock them in a bit.
  5. I looked into building to passive standard with single skin and EWI thinking it would be cheaper and simpler. But I changed my mind and went for a 300mm full fill cavity instead. EWI to passive thickness was a bit pricey and quite a fiddle to install, also needs more specialist trades when compared to a cavity build which is far more common. I also felt that external block and render was more durable than the thin coat EWI render systems, and far easier to fix things to, like downpipes or overhead cables.
  6. 140mm is the minimum width for a two storey single skin IIRC. But 140 is non standard and costs more so it can be simpler to use a standard 215 block instead.
  7. I welded up some steel to make cabin footings and cast them in concrete. See pics, but this was a flat site and not on rock. On Rock I'd be tempted to use big tyres filled with concrete as the pads and cast in appropriate steel to suit.
  8. I remember trying to clear a blocked pipe with a rodding set and finally resorting to the spade only to find a sqaushed flat pipe like this. Crap stuff!
  9. When the compressor if off the fridge could still have fans running, internally to circulate cold air and externally on overrun to clear the heat from the condenser side. Depends on you fridge i guess.. My washing machine draws 10w to do nothing! Crazy wasteful IMO
  10. Could be that your evaporator coils or fan are clogged up with dust. Try cleaning them to see if the consumption drops
  11. Should work, narrowest toothiest bucket you can get.
  12. That is a lot cheaper than i had expected. I wonder how good a vacuum it will pull? Look forward to hearing from you....
  13. Yes, the port in the LHS in the pic with pink on it. One other point is that there is a maximum length of pipe run for the pregassed units. Mine was 10 or 15m IIRC. Not usually a problem in the domestic situation.
  14. I've fitted a 2.5kw daikin unit, diy. The hole in the wall was an offcut of rainwater downpipe which I foamed around. The copper pipe is soft 1/4" & 3/8" which you need to flare into a cone with a pipe flaring kit. I bought the install kit with the unit to make life easy. This is easy to do IMO. Condensate drain is 20mm flexible pipe. You can hire the vac pump for £100 a week but I chose not to and just bubble tested the fittings. Bought the kit from Saturn sales, very helpful and thorough diy instructions supplied, although they explicitly say that if it is not fitted by an Fgas engineer then the warranty is void on the unit.