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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the company. With such a broad base of products it's no wonder there are some poor reviews out there although I've seen none regarding the HVAC kit they sell. Here's a link to the spec sheet for the eIQ-12WMINVQC. It is variable speed inverter drive although it only has three speeds H/M/L The indoor noise levels are a bit of a concern: " Sound pressure level (dB/A) 30~40 - Sound power level (dB/A) 40~50 " Sound pressure/power ??? Neither are the lowest figures I've seen but then again this isn't £1000 and it is plug & play which is hugely attractive to me. Cooling load is harder to determine but as I said in the other thread, the location is well-shaded by the main house around mid-day. Frankly, cooling is still a bit of a bonus in my view anyway. The main win is getting heat-on-demand from electricity at significantly lower energy costs when compared with simple I2R heating.
  2. I started another topic to see if anyone had experience of electriq brand AC because I'm seeing quite a few plus points in going down this route. The cost of one unit I found is on par with the UFH I had originally planned. However, I would still like to see a way of estimating the warm-up time for UFH. It's easy enough (I think) to calculate the power going into the floor, but with 50mm fibrous screed plus tiles on top, how to go about estimating the time taken to raise the air temperature in the room by a given amount?
  3. In another topic @JSHarris suggested I look at using air-to-air heating/cooling in our fully glazed extension project. In researching these units I kept landing at Appliances Direct. Apart from their obvious SEO skills I was wondering if there was any experience of their actual service/products. At one point they appear to have set up a brand called electriq offering a wide range of domestic appliances at temptingly low prices. Electriq is then applied to white-label goods as, in the case of HVAC, identical units can be found on the Chinese TCL company website and indeed both electriq and TCL units can be found at appliances direct and their storefront on Amazon I'm looking hard at this 12000BTU unit which has plug & play connections for £550. I think this handily removes the need for vacuum kit for DIY installation 🛠️
  4. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    Just to update: This has now been resolved by employing a second SE who has reviewed the calculations and switched the 203x203 UB for a 100 SHS. This meets with both the steel suppliers and my expectations. The other beams remain as they were. The 6m long 175x100 UB (which some here thought might be inadequate) only has a role in tension as the roof truss system takes 100% of the vertical loading. The beam itself has nothing attached to it above or below.
  5. Interesting. I hadn't considered air-to-air but it does make quite a bit of sense now I've read-up on it. I will confess to being a little sceptical about the running costs. However, seeing a Panasonic 12000 BTU unit costing £850, I must say I'm intrigued. I just can't get a feel for the thermodynamics involved. It claims to be able to extract heat from air at -15C.❄️🤔 I'm currently clinging to the mental model of a fridge transferring heat from its contents to the fins round the back and into the kitchen.
  6. Perhaps I've got entirely the wrong mindset. I really don't know. The primary requirement is to create a comfortable indoor space with uninterrupted views of the garden (which the main house does not at all). I am under no illusion that heating this space for winter use will not be a luxury that has to be paid for - but my energy calcs indicate a cost of less than a pint at the local for a day's use by the whole family, even when freezing outside. Now I'm not a drinker so I'd be thoroughly content with the deal. As for summer heat, the end-gable wall of the house sits between the garden room and the South. In practice the old patio it's being built on was our best retreat from the 33C summer heat last year so I'm really not expecting a problem there. Only the early morning Sun gets to one side which should come in handy making it a cozy breakfast experience. The glazing consists of sliding units on all three elevations so it won't take much to get a through draft anyway. But I'm open minded about all this, and if I've got something fundamentally wrong and someone can show me why, then I'd view it like ProDave does as a seasonal retreat.
  7. I did look into trench heating but the prices were sky-high! Yes, that's one of the drawings submitted by the Architects to BC. There was no feedback r.e. over-glazing. The glazing units are 1.3Wm2/K and there's just under 34m2 of it. 1KW for a 22C differential doesn't strike me as outrageous? This room can be closed-off with the original outside door and the heating cct isolated however there are only a handful of days where it drops below zero here on the South coast (who knows what's to come though)
  8. Here's an extension we're currently building. It's laughingly called a Sunroom but it's longest wall points N.E. The whole thing is floor to ceiling double-glazed, off a beam & block floor with 100mm celotex + screed and capped with a flat warm-roof construction. This is being built as an alternative to the typical bolt-on conservatory that could only be used comfortably for part of the year. Poking the dimensions and materials into online calculators yields a consensus Heat Loss of around 1500W but I'm only only taking that as a very rough guide. The aim is to be able to wander into the room at any time of day, any day of the week. The concern is the warm-up time when we set back the temperature overnight and just how costly this might prove to be if we find it needs to stay on longer. The main reason for choosing UFH over a wall mounted rad in this case is to get heat out to the glazed sides and counter the inevitable cold-pooling of descending air in those regions. One alternative I could think of was to set a perimeter strip of under-tile electric mat in conjunction with a rad (just to offset the cold pooling) but I instinctively shy away from electric heating having already heavily invested in energy saving appliances. Any wisdom to share here?
  9. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    Hi mvincentd, yes there's a mix of fixed and sliding units. I would have been very happy to have a CHS pole in the corner if had been offered it by the SE but this is the reason I asked about the 203 UC here as it's been the only solution on the table.
  10. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    I apologise for all the confusion! I'm having difficulty digitising the drawings in my present situation but here's the sectional views accompanying the previous plan view I posted:
  11. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    Hi @TerryE I get what you're saying here. However there's a great deal to be said for the quality of natural light that results from floor-to-ceiling glazing. This area is to be used as a day-room that will get extensive use all year round. Far better I think than a typical bolt-on conservatory. BTW, I know you from your generous contributions to NodeMCU/LUA. I've lost count of the number of ESP8266's I've embedded with that firmware into various projects over the last few years.
  12. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    Honestly, the only wall sections are on the architects drawings and they have no detail showing how the gable is supposed to be constructed - but this is probably because the attic trusses are yet to be designed by the manufacturer. I only have large format print copies of the drawings so they're not easy to digitise. Here's my best shot at digitising the SE plan that I attempted to boil down into the simplified sketch above:
  13. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    Having a long hard think about this. Your suggestion of creating masonry piers makes a great deal of sense.
  14. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    Gable is entirely timber + cladding. Sorry again for the crappy drawing - the cavity wall stubs are drawn as a single block representing their footprint.
  15. Radian

    OTT Structural Engineering?

    Just to be clear, above this room there is only a 'Room In Roof' formed by prefabricated attic trusses. It's a Chalet bungalow. I hadn't had any concerns about the lateral beams (up until now) but setting those aside for the moment, what do you make of the 203x203x60Kg? I only very roughly sketched the layout to show relevant parts. Cavity walls shown solid.